Friday, October 29, 2004

going BACK tomolo!!!

yeah!! semester is over!!!
heading back home tomolo!!

yeah, packing now..hahah, baru sekarang start packing.
was having dinner with Shen yeh, Connie, and Jar jar in cafeteria! haha, realised, it is the second time i'm eating in the cafeteria this semester!!
hahah...yeah! the food is terrible there though~
but hehe..had to do so larrr..

after dinner, as usual we sat down and started talking, sharing bout ideas, hahah...ideal time for fellowship!!
yeah, thinking bout it, had loads of oppurtunity to hear people's view, and stand on certain issues!
hahah, and also, an oppurtunity of getting to knw ur frens better!
and of course, at the same time, letting ppl knw who you are, letting ppl see what ur stand is!
yes, Praise God!
hahah, you guys!!!

connie sudeenly wanted to sing! realizing that there are some k-boxes in the cafeteria.
yeah, its like a small room, with doors, inside, chairs, doors, PA system, mikes....
u choose songs, and you start singing... a mini karaoke!
was set up this semester, been there for a month or so...was just laughing at the idea..and ppl doing so...mana tau, ended up singing in there!
hahaha..Funny and ironic!!!
had fun!
Connie can really sing! hahah, all the training in church~
hahah, jar jar and Shen yeh also knw loads of songs!
see? another room of getting to knw my friends better~
hahaha...planning now on next semester's itenary to include a visit to REDBOX, and sing the whole night!!!

gotta go now, start packing!
Pao lin was saying that my blogg entry is too long and no one bothers reading!
hahaha...okok..this time..keeping it short! k?

God bless guys~

Monday, October 25, 2004

~4 cakes this year!!~

first of all.....MU kicked arse !!! woohoo!! 2-0!
but yeah, Nistellroy really did literally "kicked" cole's there!
the atmosphere even at the mamak was awesome!!
match of the whole season so far!!!...
Ferdinand ! my man of the match!! awesome at the back!
but its still to early to say anything about winning the premiership...
but hey, GREAT game for MU!!

anyways, this year's b'day was soo much fun!
hahah, 4 cakes at different times! thanks guys!

yeah, last friday, cell group celebrated for me too! hehehe...they were planning on a suprise also..but hahah, didnt work, didnt work!
but thanks guys! you make me go..."awwwwww"

saturday at FREO's was my last for this year before i head baack home to kk this weekend.
still enjoyed the work, met a mum with 10 month old son, cute the boy!
was chatting with her and apparently both of us felt very comfortable talking to each other.was sitting there for like 10 minutes just chatting with her bout her experience of motherhood, (you can tell that it was her first child).
enewei, yeah, she was really open bout her thoughts, and was sharing with me how different it was to acctually "gone" through the whole experience, that "everything now FOCUSES and EVOLVES around him (the baby) now!"

and i sensed that sincerity in her, wasnt easy, never was, but it was all worth it.
she shared it not with a spirit of tireness but with a spirit of pride!
and it reminded me of how much "pride" and honor we mean to our parents!
how much effort and time and effort, the sacrifices, the love for us!
*its just amazing!*
thank you Lord, for loving us so much more than that!

And ya knw, going through my 21st b'day, i just wanna pay tribute to my mum!
its not about how much i've achieved at 21 years old, but really a reminder and beautiful occasion of celebrating one woman's unconditional LOVE for her son over the last 21 years!
thank you mum!
I love ya! you make me proud!
and i pray that the LORD continue to bless you, and be the FOCUS of ur life! May He grant you wisdom and peace at all times, may you continue to seek Him just as you have thought me to!
I thank God for you, I thank God for placing you in my life, for being there for me, when i needed you the most, and also for being there even when i didnt wanted you around!
Love ya mum!

and of course! all Glory and Praise to my Lord Jesus CHrist!
whoohooo! YOU ROCK!

heheh..thank Joni and Martin for ur present!
yeah, they were so sweet, came all the way to one Utama to gimme my present!
thanks guys!

was spending some time talking to Joni when we were waiting for Martin, going through his practices, yeah, realised we havnt been talking much ever since i got here.
was talking bout how this time when we get back to kk, what roles do we play.
was just sharing that the spirit of complacency is pretty obvious back in home church, and was thinkin of how we can be used by GOD to highlite that.
and about kk inter youth ministries relationships...bout unity and stuff.
about youth ministry, bout how the turnover of youth is so much greater back in sabah, and the fact that if we dunt use that 5 years wisely, we literally LOOSE a whole generation of ppl!
sumthing to think about?

didnt get to go to church on sunday, coz u.Vincent needed to head to the airport, and they needed the rest, coz the cuz was having a wedding the night before!
so since i was told that morning itself...haih...terpaksa lerr.

instead of getting back to NIlai so early, decided to give some 'pals' a call, ppl like BJ, Carole , even tsoon ting..shait! all turned me down!
apalarrr!! oh yeah, Jeevaah is seeing someone!!!
yup, some pakistanese gurl~ oooh
hehehe....should meet up someday!

enewei, ended up in m.valley, walked around, and watched "Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow" , errm...nothing to shout about.
wanted to watch "Ladder49", but decided to go watch with Belinda back home~ so since if i was gonna pay rm10 for a movie, might as well watch something worth...e.g special effects!
heheh...the movie? ....a 5.5 outta 10
good movie to KILL time!

was in MPH bookstore, saw this small kid, say around dan dan's age, erm...4, was walking with the mummy, mummy one hand holding a basket, another the son's hand.
then when they passed a tray,
the son, stopped, reached out his other hand, said loudly "amma" , grabbed a Barney VCD, and placed it into the basket, and continued walking...leaving the mum standing there, looking dumbfound at the vcd the son just handed her!
"HAHA" i laughed, didnt realised how loud i was until i realised there were eyes on me!
but that was a lovely moment, it was just there, there were at least 20 person on that scene, but no one noticed!
warm,cute and lovely....~

God Bless ppl!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

its been a LONG week!

it really has been a long one, seems like days has passed. but nothing much happened, except assignments, assignments and assignments.

was back to work in FREOS smoothies, after a two weeks break. and its still pretty exciting meeting with new people and faces, talking to them, and just getting to know them.
cell group was also great, ad a great time of worship last fri.
awesome presence of GOd, in the house!
leading worship this coming friday, still yet to choose songs! hrm~

saturday was a full day, went working in FREOs, after a two weeks break.
haha, really enjoyed the work. meeting with new faces, new people, getting to knw them..hahah.
it was winnie's last day working there.
hrm...haha, u've been a blessing gurl! always enjoyed myself better when ur around! hahah!
God bless gurl! Jesus Loves ya!

after work, went to Emelia's place to meet the others to finish up the cake that 'WE' baked!
hahah, yeah, it was our church (SIB kl) 's 10th year anniversary!
so our cell group joined the cake baking competition!
i was in charge the "MOST" important part of the cake...heheh....the tying of the ribbon around the cake!
after that, went over to Tmn Bahagia, to pick up mum!
she arrived and decided to stay in kl for a few days before heading to UK on wed!
oh, she's going to UK for a hair show (for all of u who didnt know)

enwei, spent the whole sunday with mum, and a.adele, and u.vincent!
later in the afternoon, went to pur chuch's 10th year anniversary celebration!
whouw, for the first time, all three english services combined in PJ civic centre, and had one service!
the loads of peopl! ~phew! Praise God!
hey, and i learnt that out churchhas 60% single, and young people in our congregation!

mum, met up with Joni, Pao lin, Melissa, A. Inky, A. choi lian, of course also wiht Ps. Chew, and A.Lee choo!
haha, but wat amazed me was that Ps.Chew even remebered my mum's name!
phouw! awesome fella! imagine the no. of names he remembers in the congregation!

later the day, went to Fridays for dinner, had a Jack Daniel's steak!
awesome stuff!
that night, there were a few birhtdays around, i think 4 of them, so the guys of Fridays, went around giving cakes, and sang songs for b'day fellas, rapping around and jsut making it a BIG thing!
then after 10 minutes, one of the waiter came over to our table, out a peice of cake on my seat, and asked,
"you are having your birthday right?", the waiter asked
and i said , " No"
......*silence*......( i think it was 15seconds)

the scene was familiar, there were "SUDDENLY" a lot more waiters around our table!, and yes, they were all looking at me, even those on our table!

hahahahahahah, i laughed!
yes ladies and gentleman, Bernard Hiew EXPEREINCED HIS 1st SUPRISE PARTY!!
and it was one week early! no preperation at all!!!!

they made me stand on my seat, handed me the a pepper "shaker" those huge italians one, and i had to make a speech!
hahah, they sanged me a few songs, and place my cake length away frm me, lit the candles and needed me to blw all the candles on the cake!
that was fun! try it, really sumthing!

really blessed! thanks mum!
Love ya,
yes, u.vincent and a.adele, amma, emmeline, chelsea, and esther!
a real sweet suprise party!
thank you!

spend the whole of monday with mum, went over to sungai wang, she needed to get sumthing...
haha, had a great time talking with mum.
was talking bout whats gonna happend after i graduate in April, ACCA? CPA?
Australia? Uk?
decided to pray about it, and let the Lord lead!

hahah, and she was asking around wether there was a gurlfriend...hahah, she was so worried, coz, i was taking pics with gurl friends, and facts such as 75% of my cell are gals...hahaha...
and everytime, she calls, theres gurl's voices!
ahahah, and was wondering of any progress wiht a gal....hahahah!
gotta say, this is the first time, she stalking about this so frankly in front of me.
wasnt taken by suprise but a fresh and unfamiliar path that's all.
hahaha...and she was telling me to be better to her!
hahaha, pweeez lar maa!
was telling her that there wasnt anything, and some other stuff (which is onyl between me and my mum!!)
hahaha, and the fact that i'm not attached or interested yet, shouldnt rule out or even make my relationship, or frinedship , with other ppl, for that matter, any more serious than just mere friendship wat!
hahah....dunt worry mum, will let ya knw if anything should happen!


came back right around 2pm, reached college bout 3:30pm, went straight to class.
after that at 7pm, went to have dnner wiht the social board, it was a celebration dinner for the orientation night!
had a gerat time. was really tired too! the fact that i woke up so early that day!
hahah, but the ladies made it all go away!
hahaha, no larrr!
had fun.
even had a cake for me and others for birthdays on oct!
hah.yeah! another 50 ppl celebrating b'day wiht me!
haha...had fun!

came back around 10pn..continued with our group's assignmetn DIscussion!!!

God Bless ppl!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

a week gone~

Didnt get outta college this week.
The whole week of hols has been really greusome!!
assignments everyday, and we finally got everything settled and done just an our ago. (the due date is tomlo)
the group was reall sumthing. really happy with it. not to say that we really did an excellent job *we did by the way* , but the effort everybody put in was just amazing.
the desire of the grp not to jsut get an answer right away, but to analyze everything from every aspect, and just being patient, making sure, double checking, was just nice!
everyone was really into it!
hahah, nicest group of ppl to work with.

enewei, didnt get down to PJ this weekend. was so busy that i've even forgotten to tell adele that i wasnt gpoing down!
sorry again ya!

great news, great news!!
remember the orientation nite i was doing last week?
after the show, everyone in teh organizing commitee had a debrief, they got everybody settled down, right in front of everybody, stanley, one of the advisors said words of appreciation.

"there's a very important person here tonight, without him, this whole night would not have been this successful, over my years of advising social board orientation night, the best mc, Bernard Hiew!!!"
...and he went on....everybody cheered clapped....shouts....
gotta be frank with all of ya, was really happy, felt really appreciated!
he went on braging, and bragging, till a point i was a bit uncomfortable.

but the time when my turn to speak came,
" hahah, i wanna thank all of you for giving me the chance and oppurtunity to learn...." i said,

then i said,
" But i wanna give all glory and praises to my Lord Jesus Christ, because its in him i find myself, its not about me or what i can do, but its all about what HE can do."

now that felt so much BETTER than the first one.
i wouldnt be the person i am today, if it wasnt because of HIM, not because of his love and mercy and grace towards me!
i fell, He picked me up. i cried, He was there.
when i was happy or sad, He was always there!
and i am proud of Him, proud of following HIM.
Because its not about what i can do, but about what an extraordinary God can do through an ordinary fella like me!


oh, another great news,
few days after the show, one of the organizing person of orientation night came up to me, telling me , one of the sponsor wants my number, and was wonadering if i could MC for one of thier charity event in November!!
hahaha, Praise God!
gave them my no, and told them that i would be in kk then.hahah...the balls on thier court.
if they really would need me, flying me can also mahh...hahah
but yeah, we'll see, coz, being home is definitely my first priority!

really thank God for oppurtunities and favors!
really blessed!
jsut like last semester with MAPCU, battle of the bands...and so many more!
thank you Lord!

hahah, yeah! ENGLAND won 2-0 o wales!
Lampard and Beckham!
whow! the beckham goal was excellent, he tried and he tried over and over again, finally on the third time, on left edge of the penelty box, a curling, cross shot towards the right hand corner!
whouw!!! nicely placed! awesome goal!
gotta give credit to owen, was really sumthinng. he was really good. Despite what others say, still england no.1 stricker larrr...(until now)
rooney was excellent, was playing attacking midfield, really hardworking!
smith was great, showing commitment and passion to his game!
solid at the back, ferdinand and campbell was rock!!!
butt played well!
(all the Mu fellas were awesome..was counting all the Mu past and present fellas...
there were Rooney, Smith, Beckham, G.neville, Ferdinand, Butt, adn Giggs 6 of them! whouw!!)

great england!

mummy's coming this saturday!
she's going uk for another hair show!
she's amazing!

God bless folks.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

penang was allright!!

came back from Penang a day ago...
would have to say the trip was a very tiring one for me.
not to say that i didnt enjoy the trip to Penang, but just thought that it could have been better.
nope emelia, no chicks around!!! stop it!! whos telling u all these crapp!!??

had to wake up at 5am to get on the van! Mind you, a van, carrying 11 of us! all the way for a 5 hrs drive all the way there.
yup, didnt get much sleep!
and right when we got there, we had to wait for the competition to start at 2pm!!!
yup! serious dude!
The competition was held in PISA (Penang International Sports Arena), and its basically life saving, much of the same with Swimming Competition, but just with obstacles, and some towing, and relays, baywatch stlye...jsut that its in a pool!
but its allrite.

the competition was attended by groups from all over Malaysia.
Met Jackson Hong, and Jimmy Wong there. yup hahah, it has been years!
(oh, they were my swimming buddies back in kk!!!)
haha, yeah, met my coach too! Johnny WONG (fit as ever!! mind you he's around his fifties dee!!)
yeah, he came with another team from Sabah, the bunch of lifehuards from Sutera Harbour i was working with once, and some from teh Likas pool!

well, my team INTI college did pretty well!
hahahah, well, basically of course we were all swimmers, and that gave a big advantage!
we came in Third overall! (they do not give individual prize for each events...its a point system thingy)
well, considering the fact that INTI college have never gotten any medals in this event!
yup! ah fatt, ur wrong again!
(yes john, i was talking to soh chin fatt! he thought that there aint no chance, and he didnt go!)

hahaha, yes, aunty sook fern, i got to drink Umbera, and ya knw wat?
didnt get to the place near "perangi" mall (is that how u spell it?) the cendol place!!!
arrrr!!! didnt get to eat, cendol, the Laksa, man!!!!!
we gotta go another time ya?

enewei, having a one week hols, and decided that i wanna get my assingments done, and start something solid wiht my dessertation.
need some help and prayers, Have sent an email to Emily Goh ( u. Goh say hoe's & a. sharon's daughter in oz) , yeah, need her in my dessertation...
till now, there still aint no reply!
gonna do something real fast.

hey, John, the plan now is, i;m heading back to kk first , in early nov. YES people, welcome me! yes! welcome me home!!!
daddy is comming back to town!! hahaahah
enwei, yea, and will be in kk, till 27th dec, and after that heading to singapore then...the plan now is to spend new years with kat.
so u coming?
it'll be great! something to look forward too again!!!

yes, ppl, my friends are planning on coming down to kk for christmas! yes, Peng, Jude, Joni, Belinda, I expect all of u to do ur homework, and be the sweetest thing that resemble the culture of fellow "sibian" towards my new mates from INTI here..
hahah, yeah, mum was happy to have them, so am i acctually.
so theres definitely another island trip, poring hot spring! and we'll see ey?

called dee today! wished her happy b'lated b'day!
sorry lerr!!!! so late!
enewei, also Tommy here also...i knw i knw..its two weeks off the time!
but hey, its the heart that counts wat!!!
just wanna tell you guys that u guys have been a blessing to me!
jsut wanna tell you that, you guys are a real blessing!
yes, hugs and kissed to dan and tab too!

went down to the basketball court, and shot some hoops last night!
man , i;ve still got the touch!!!
yes, a.sook fern, a.Elizabeth! tell that to my mum, she has been naggin me to play basketball instead of futsal since forever!
jsut tell, her i lover her, and i REALLY did play basketball yesterday allrite!
thank yuuuu!!!

and college life now is a bit wierd!
there are ppl in the college, that take pics of me while i am sitting down eating my lunch in the cafeteria, and they like take it like spies like that!
i just dunt understand was a bit uncomfortable, but why is it , they cant just come up, and ask for it, instead of sneaking and taking my pic!
yea, was having lunch with the 38 klan the other day, in the college, and opposite us, there was this group of ppl, keep on looking over at us, later did i find out that, they were using the handphone to take my pic!
at first it was allrite...but after half an hour, one of the guy, taking it was just SO OBVIOUS!!!
well, next time, just come and ask for it lerrr!

enewei, gotta go shoot some hoops now!
God bless!