Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who wanna be a DJ?

This made my day that day :

DJ: “请问,马来西亚所用的钱币是怎么称呼的呢?”
Mr: “哦~块”
DJ: “哈?"
Mr: ”块啦,一块,两块啊!“

Die oh, i tell you if everyday meet ppl like this!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Boom Boom Pau!!

Spending the malay festive season in Kuantan has been quite an interesting experience. There was a lot of "Boom Boom Paus" goin on, but you dont seem to see any police cars around, which we see alot during our cny.

Lots of people have been asking what im doing in Kuantan, was told not to reveal anything, but only a few days ago, the director said it was ok to reveal.
Please forgive me for keeping the lid, but you know la, gotta be professional mah.
Im shooting a CNY movie called 《大日子,Wohoo》, which is scheduled to be in the cinemas nationwide on CNY. duhhhhhh~ 

I really enjoyed myself.
I could still remember dreaming of being a motion movie actor when i was a kid. I remembered watching all the movies, and taking anything that resembles a pistol,chuck it at the side of my pants, and hide behind the corner of the wall, sneaking, spying, on the enemies,and then rush out pointing the gun and shout out " CAI YAN, MOU YUK!!" *POLICE,dont move*

From a boy dreaming, to naively raising my hands in church one find sunday to volunteering to sing solo even though i didnt knw wat was solo, to church dramas, to church mc, church choirs, praise and worship team, to college events, to MTVvj, to astro Tv Host, to billboards,interviews, to events, to invitations to be a recording artitste,and now haha, an actor.

Wow, what a journey.
Thank you Lord for your abundant blessings.
But above all, Thank you Lord, for always being there.
All Glory and Praise to You!

Here are some pics, others coming soon. =)

The Director, The Set

The Scene

The Star Rest

The Star's Crib

The Star's Crib's Morning's View ( hahahaha)

And of course, the Star! hahah

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Its September..Wohooo

Am currently in Kuantan for work.
And look where they put me up ?
A beach resort!! Wohoo!

Duta Sands Resort, not bad for a resort that has been here for the past 15years. Quiet, calm, not too many tourist. And i guess the best thing bout this is, that the whole resort is fully booked by the whole production crew and production talent.

Its kinda like a working holiday kinda thing. Im not complaining. =)

Since there are days that we're working full days, but there are times when we just sit and relax. And thats the time when i get to sit down, and think and think...and kinda think bout wats been going on in my life so far.

And of course, time for bonding with the people around me.
And today, its Mr. JH ( He specifically said not to mention its him) , and i thought this is hilarious.

So, this KL Famous Host friend of mine, hehe, he rarely see beach, he got excited, went down to the beach and started playing with the sands, and the waves. And then after playing around, he layed down on the sand, facing the sun and fell asleep for 30 minutes..

Yup, and he got this.. WOHOO =)