Friday, August 26, 2005

im back

haha, yes, im back!!
hha, the trip was a tiring one.
but Thank God , for everything.

so, last friday was kinda nice.
had fun hanging out wiht my team at least, so we were in Eastin Hotel for Buffet.
haha, had fun, getting to knw more ppl whom i work with.
the food was great.
but super expensive but of course paid by company!!

then we went to Rush bar for drinks.
no mum, i didnt get drunk , was literally drinkin coke the whole night.
the night was also "Miss Malaysia earth " night.
so yeap there were gurls in swimming costumes!

haha, saw a friend of mine, in friendster in the competition.
was suprised to see you there larr.
haha, didnt knw you came back.
sumthin happend!
so, my manager told me, "Bernard, you are going to sing a song on stage ok?"
(note* there was a live band)

naturally i said no, declined, and said i dunt want to.
then he kept on asking, and telling, then it was ordering!
(thank God, it wasnt with drinking)
enewei, so then the band leader finished his song...
" okay ladies and gentlmen, we've got a song request, and a request for Mr. Bernard Hiew to come up to the stage and sing us a song!!..."
OR SUMTHING LIKE THAT...BUT MY NAME WAS MENTIONED, and everyone looked at my direction!!

then my manager came, " go Bernard, dunt shame KPMG!!! .. (think he was getting a lil drunk"

so i went up.
no, dunt get stage fright. as some of you might knw already.
but there was a bit gancheong, firstly, because i dunt knw 80% of the people in the pub. (the rest of 20% were from KPMG!! hahah)
and most importantly i didnt knw the lyrics of the song.
anyway they supplied lyrics..and yes, i finished the song!
it was fun.
but a lil paisehhh!!!

no michelle didnt managed to go over to all the places you recommended, but it was really sweet of you to email it over!
Thank YUUUUU!!! , sweet of ya!

enwei, yes.
Was really blessed in this trip.
learnt a lot about my scope of work, and haha, the previllages.
the rooom was so big, for one person, there was a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, then the bedroom.
it was SOOOO BIG i nearly took half an hour to get to the bed, from the door!
no larr but it was really big!
and yes, a person a room!

met up with Jackson, Lifern, Lee jar and Qmo.
sat down the first day for the arsenal-chelsea game!
then another dinner.
had fun coming back together.
i missed that truthful relationship, gathering of people who knws you, who accepts you.
and can just be yourself, and you can talk bout anything.

its not that i couldnt find any here, im sure there are, but wer not that close yet.
and somethings cant be said, and not all things can be said!
oh well.
Praise God!

yes, got myself loads of DVDs and to be precise, half of it are gurlie movies that my sister wanted!
haha, yeah, she wanted those jennifer lopez, romantic comedies.
haha, well, haha, nothing wrong with them.
but haha, well, shes my sister!

so i think im moving tomorrow, have to confirm with James (my cell leader), hes got a car, and hes helping me out.
oh LORD, Bless his fine soul!!! ~

yeah, Thank God, called, the owner yesterday and asked if i could move in on sunday.
i was supposed to move in during 1st sept.
but he said it was allrite!
Thank you Lord!!

and yes dee, met up with Dean, Intan and daughter for dinner the other night.
went to Pelangi mall and had "on the rock "
dinner, im serious, they serve beef, and meat, on this piece of rock, so the idea is they've got small peices of rocks, they heat it up, place the raw meat on top of it, and then, you cook it and then eat it!
yeap, on DA ROCK!
it was kinda new idea for me at least.
and yes, played with thier daughter, and haha, shes so active.
noisy too.
but adorable.
yes dee, i treated her fairly!
dunt worry, she didnt have more fun than wat Dan and Tab had, just the same!
same same treatment!
just the "Turn Around Flip", and "Hair Shovling", and "Whole BODY SHAKING Treatment"!

hahah, yes , she loved it, just as much as your babies!

saw loh sze sze when i went into pelangi mall.
was super suprised to see her.
so, here i was with dean and intan, then just as we arrived, then i noticed this gurl staring at me!
i was like..."why this gurl keep on looking wan"
she just freezed there and literally stared at me!
then i realized!
its loh sze sze.!!
hahah, yeah shes my high school mate.
studying in china now! hahah
yeah, got back for hols.

okay so, the hotel i was staying was pretty notorious, both spiritually and even in the eye.
theres hanky panky business going around.
and yeap, could sense "disturbance" during my stay.
thank you for your prayers.
especailly james! thank you.
everything is fine.
Praise God, all is good!

So my date with christine went well last saturday.
haha, yeah, on the record, she dated me! hahah
yeah, coz of ditching me the week before.
went for lunch, and then movie, had lots of time talking.
and catching up with her!

guud stuff.
went and watched Bewitched.
the nicole kidman one.
haha, was really a good one.
well, i enjoyed the music, jazz all the way.
and yeah, really a nice moview when your tired, and not much of thinkin required kinda movie!
i'd give it a 8/10 !! (i knw, its kinda gotta take in the factor that i was on a date) hahah...

enwei, lets see wat happens tomorrow!
going to couz later!
see ya!

God Bless

Friday, August 19, 2005


was so encouraged yesterday.
well, there was extra work that needed to be done, hoping that i wouldnt need to come back tomorrow.
haihh, well, if i had to, then maybe just come in during the morning, then in da noon, meet up christine later.

oh well, enwei, met up with Mr. James Lu yesterday around my place last night.
had dinner, well, i think he had his, but he went about to help me buy somestuff and also got some information
about ACCA, CPA , CFP, and CFA.
(ACCA AND cpa are accounting proffesional course and recognition ones from uk, another from australia.)
well, cFP AND CFA are charted financial planner and charted financial assocaition i think*

was wanting to knw more bout the others before making my choice.
he is currently working as a lecturer in INTI College Malaysia.
got to knw him, coz he was MEi Lian's dissertation supervisor.
yeah..then we kept in contact.
a real nice person, my senior from the same high school.yeap, sabahan.
and yes a christian.

so positive, and so encouraging, and yet, humble.
he is a MAster's degree, ACCA, CFP,and hes pretty much well off compared to alot of 30 year old dudes that i knw!
kinda like my role model! haha
and at the same time, he honors GOD!
yeah, hes married! hahaha

enwei, i was telling him that i was afraid that i wouldnt have enough time to cope wiht work and study at the same time, and
it would be difficult.
and the most profound thing came!

"well, bernard, im not saying its easy, but really, when something is IMPORTANT to you, it doesnt matter what, you will make it possible
and you will put your priority first in it!". he replied.

*ta darngg*

yeah and i thought, if this thing is really important to me, and if i want it, it wouldnt MATTER how hard it is.i will DO and excel in it.

but of course, IS IT WHAT I WANT.

PLease pray together with me for direction, this is where mum comes in,
oh, yeah, she called in the middle of my conversation wiht Mr. James.
and i was telling her that i wanted to hear from every expect. before making a decision.
coz she was selling the idea..of "her friend's daughter did ACAEW and she did this and that..."
really at the end of the day, it doesnt matter wat! she keeps on telling me that THAT was the way to go.
i thought it was childish, coz how can you say its the best, when u dont knw bout ALL the other courses first right.

enwei, i didnt start any argument, just told her that we need to evaluate every other option before making any other judgement.
and she , PRAISE GOD, agreed.
and we ended the conversation in a peaceful talk.
yeap, SHE DIDNT SHOUT! hahaha



oh well, lets pray that it will continue to be like this.
but yeah, do pray for direction.

sO, I'll be heading to jb this sunday evening. so if theres anything just gimme a call, or just leave a message.
but i dunt think id be able to access the net for these five days.
haha.. so no blogging i guess.

pray for save journey!

haha, made a commitment within the cellgroup to fast for friday Lunch.
at the meantime praying for Chris, and Jame's walk.
also my direction.
hehe.yeap! no hunger!

and the dinner tonite (yeah, the department dinner in eastin and rush thingy!)
oh well, fingers crossed!
guud time to break fast! hahah

did a lil thingy!

01.Your name
~ bernard

02. Hobbies
~ hanging out with friends, watch movies, dvds

03. Gender
~ male..duhh

04. School
~ erm...dunt have 1 now

05. Height
~ 168cm dats 5 feet 6 *i think

06. Horoscope
~ always knew i was a libra 23rd oct, but yesterday was shown by my colleauge that im a scorpio! wierd

07. Email add
~ got

08. Hair
~ black+strains of wisdoms

09. Eye colour
~ black+ equiped with spyx9

10. status
~ single & available! haha

11. Siblings
~ one other youngers sis, belinda~

12. Last 4 digit of your mobile no
~ 4618

13. When's your Birthday
~ 23/10

*Have you...*
14. Been hurt emotionally
~ well, not that im aware of

15. Kept a secret from anyone
~ yeap, thats..."im NOT gay!!"

16. Been on stage
~ yup

17. Colors
~ black, pink, orange, been liking dark green lately

18. Food
~ italian

19. Number
~ 7

20. Cartoons
~ loved superman! batman..marvel

21. Song
~ jazz, been liking michael bubble lately

22. Movie
~ braveheart, armageddon, seabiscuit, Gladiator..forrest gump

*Right now*
23. Wearing
~ Seed white long sleeeve shirt, with black stripes down. dark gray pants, my fav topshop silver, pink brown and white
sliding stripes tie, a black leather belt, and muh comfy hush puppies leather shuz!

24. Hairstyle
~ my trademark! haha

25. Looking at
~ the monitor (checking whether my typing has improved without looking at keyboard! *and i have**)

26. Thinking of
~ my date tomolo!

27. Listening to
~ the footsteps of tax consultants walking on carpeted floor.
*Do you believe in...*
28. Love
- yes

29. Faith
- i do not beleive in faith, i HAVE faith!

30. Yourself
- yup. maybe too much, when sometimes i should leave it TO HIM, coz HE knws BEST!

31. Ghosts
- nope. BUT EVIL SPIRITS! yes

32. Angels
- yup

*In the last 24hrs...*
33. Worn jeans
- nope

34. Cleaned your room
- nope, haven clean it

35. cried
- No

36. met someone new
- yeap

37. Last person I talk to on the phone
- my mum! yeap she called.and things are allrite now!thanks for prayers!

*Love life*
38. Do you believe in love
- yes

39. Have a secret admirer
- who,someone who admires me? haha..yeah

40. Do you wanna get married
- YESS!!

41. Do you plan on having kids
- YES!! they bring soo much joy!

42. How old you wanna be when you get married
- well, erm...should be around 30 gua..

43. How many kids do you want
- 2!!! one boy and one gurl.
the boys gonna be called cameron, and gurl is going to be chloe~ sweet!
(dunt you dare take my son's name again DEE, youve taken my gurl's!!! )
but i forgive you**

44. Would you have kids before marriage
- NO!

45. Do you have a Crush
- well, ...hrmm...NOPE.

46. What do you want most in a Relationship.
- someone who loves GOD as much as i do!

47. Kiss or hug
- BOTH! sweet*

48. Summer or winter
- prefer summer!

49. Sunny or rainy
- sunny

50. Chocolate or vanilla
- Vanilla

51. Hanging out or chillin
- i like chillin, coz its sounds cooler!haha

52. Music or TV
- if terpaksa..i prefer TV, coz tv also can listen to muusic marr, MTV!!??!!

53. Smile or Laughing
- both!

54. Sleeping or eating
- both

55. Mc Donald's or KFC

56. Silver or gold
- i have none, but much much more i will, in the name of Lord Jesus christ, bangun and walk larr!!

57. Sunset or sunrise
- both

58. On phone or in person
- always prefer in person

59. Diamonds or Pearls
- diamonds

60. Local or international Artist
- i dunt care..doesnt matter much

61. Dunhill or Malboro
- dunhill wallets are the best!! hahah

62. clubbing or live music

63. Johnny depp or Brad Pitt
- Johnny Depp!!

64. angelina Jolie or Kate Hudson
- KATE HUDSON!!! YEAHHH!! (I DIDNT SET THIS QUESTION UP! i swearrr!! haha, finally theres ppl out there who thinks kate's sexy as well! haha)

65. sexy/naughty or kind/plain
- sexy n naughty

66. BMW or Mercedes
- Merce

67. incubus or maroon 5
- maroon 5

68. long haired or bald
- Long.. seesh, who wants a bald gurlfriend??? no offense to anyone out there! ..just personal.

69. pop or rock
- rock.

70. beach or mountain
- beach

71. Pepsi or Coke
- coke

72. nokia or ericsson
- Nokia

73. 311 or hoobastank
- hoobastank wats 311 ? i thought its 911

74. tattoo or piercing
- well, wouldnt do both, but i like seeing tatoos more than piercing.
but if i had to go for go for piercing.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

going to jb

so, its confirmed that i will be heading to jb this weekend!
haha, well, sunday night.
flying over with my manager, and work commence on monday!
hahah, excited!
well, not really, but pray that it would be learning loads of stuff

will be staying in a hotel!
and wer gonna be flying over, coming back to kayelle on thursday evening.
will be having a room to myself!
haha, well, after all its all work.
i think i prefer outstation works better, coz all things are gonna be paid!
oh well, shall see where it goes.

and as a starter, they will be drinking a lot, as i have heard.
dunt knw how to drink.
takkan larr,i follow them to nightclubs and then sit down there..and wait right.
so much for "entertaining" customers!

called Leejar and shes making sure i can go and get my DVD'S!!
thank yuuuu!!

talking bout drinking, the department have decided to throw us a party this coming friday night, giving us a buffet dinner in Eastin Hotel, and then right after , drinks at Rush Pub!
was thinking whether i should go.
it didnt take long for me to decide, since im a junior, takkan larr im gonna play the "unsociable" part.
just pray that i dunt get drunk!

heres some pics to share!

Helping Desmond and Ahjut with thier tables! ...haha,think they really need my help eyy?

dunt ask me!! its not my fault larr!

like the shades? hah, its vanny's cool eyy??

been doing that alot lately!! haha!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


sometimes its difficult to talk to the person who loves you most,
and its frustrating coz they have no idea what your trying to say,
coz they doing all the saying ..or should i say the shouting! ..hehe
oh well,

had an eventful weekend, went to city harvest Malaysia again last saturday with Ah jUT, and Desmond. yup Desmond's second time into the church.
hes not a christian.
but everytime, i get into that church, could just "connect" to the presence straight away.
His presence is sooo evident there!
and i conclude that GOD is there, when There is HUNGER for him.
HRMM was thinking bout wether to settle in city harvest or not.
but then again, i was also thinking, why couldnt we in our church make that difference as well?
i mean, if its the matter, then why not try to change the atmosphere in my local church?


heard this from Keith, skyline's elder who was sharing;

" GOD loves You,
He sends you flower every spring,
Snow every winter,
the sun every morning, and the moon every night,
He could have stayed ANYWHERE in the world, BUT, He chose your Heart!
He listens to you EVERYTIME, EVERYTIME, and He waits for you to call
C'mon man, admit it,

I thoought it was soo sweet.
so many people are longing for that loving relationship, from some source, from movies, from lovers, looking for a guy, a gurl.
but really, human as we are, there's no one on earth that could compare with GOD'S love for us, yes, for you !
And we always look for love and acceptance from the wrong place!
when in fact it all begins with Jesus, and it all ends with Jesus!

No one loves you more than him.

like i always say
" Seek ye first the kingdom of God and ALL the stuff will be added unto ya! "

God BLess

Friday, August 12, 2005

still no date for tomolo! haha

so, the haze is still bad, and yep.
me and Julius (my colleague) went around last night to find our mask.
so we travelled to bangsar, then later to taman tun, then to SS2, and finally we managed to find one, and its not from any pharmacy, it from a chinese medicine shop, yeap a 'yok choi pou"

so, i went in, and asked in canto whether there are any mask for sale,
and i got a no response, and a hand gesturing that there isnt anymore.
but didnt knw for watever reason, i didnt say thank you and turned away to look from another place.( note the other 6 pharmacy we went were all outta stock)
so...i waited for around 3 seconds more, until i heard something really familiar.

" oi, yu mau hiu zao waa, oi mm oi mai orr?" , the fella asked the other
( hey, got mask to sell or not warr, wanna sell?)

it was in HAKKA!!!
straight away, i responded

" heh lorr, mai eat did loi larr, oi kiam loi giu miang worr"
(yalorr, sell some to me larr, use it to save lives wan orr)

" ooii?? ze ga yin orr?? " he replied in laughter
( oii?? kaki lang orrr)

straight away the whole atmosphere changed, the owner smiled, and we engaged into a conversation.
turned out that they were planning on saving it for personal consuimption, and at the end i got the owner to sell me some!

that was funny experience!

was just thinking, if i have a gurlfriend, and then if guys flirt with her, with the way i do it with some friends of mine .
(note, i am very careful of my flirting!! parents advisory needed on this one okay
ada skill punya tahu? )

i asked my self, how would i react.
tell you da truth, i would be damn jealous wan larr!
hahah, its ironic right.
i mean, i knw i can talk, but to be jealous of 'myself' fliriting wiht my gf!!
its just wierd!!

but yeahlarr, guess bcoz da gurl is MINE!!


dunt worry guys, im careful with who i flirt around with.
and dunt tell me that we shouldnt flirt!
everybody flirts!!
thats right! ( its just a matter of how much)

enwei, michelle, i feel kan, ur a lil insecure larr.
not wrong to be, haha, but yeah, i feel ur worries, as much as i would or might feel da same, guess gurls (or maybe you , lets not generalize eyy) wants to feel secure, well, i feel the same as well, but really how many things could i continuing worrying really?
i mean, would worry and wonder make things go away?
well, maybe it does make us knw of our direction, coz without a plan course, well, when trble comes, it aint gonna be pretty.

but it was real good to see it from your side, definitelly we guys and gurls dunt see it da same as you all, and things needed are realy different.

guys are designed to be sight stimulated, gurls are more emotional engineered.
when a guy love da gurl, hes' not engineered to say "i love you" or call everyday
but a gurl need that affirmation!


Thanks dee!
Apparently, theres some dude that went on my msn, and started to chat with it.
And thank God Dee called me bout it.
Seesh…lets hope its not some horny bastard.
Haha, oh well, if YOU are reading this..please dunt do this no more!
*note that im asking yeah!

One thing I like bout blogging is that at least I knw someone is listening.
Well, had a small argument with mum last night.
She wanted to talk, I wasn’t as I was realty tired.
But she rambled on and on…and asking me this and that.
She said that she’s not telling me what I should do.
But just merely suggesting some stuff.
So, taken that it’s a discussion, so I voiced my idea, and she didn’t agree with the idea, and began to ramble, and as I was my turn to answer her quiries…
She doesn’t allow ME TO FINISH! , and she keeps on interrupting and , she raises her voice, and began to shout!
She said that I dunt understand…
My point exactly, the only reason your not understanding is because
She wasn’t listening.

And it hurts most coz someone who loves you, is not listening.
And out of her love she gets frustrated and dunt understand why she dunt understand!

My answer to that mum is… you need to begin to listening to people. NOT HEARING!
So, I told her that I didn’t wanted to talk, coz it wasn’t a conversation, it was a monologue, and she insisted me to talk. ..BUT SHE DOESN’T ALLOW ME TO TALK!!??

Haihh. So she got frustrated and ended the talk.
Well, year!!
Pray that she understand that its not I dunt wanted to talk.
Really do, why wouldn’t I want to let someone I love know wat I think.
I do.


enwei... gonna go to a modelling company tomorow to do a casting.
haha, yeah..
shall see how it goes!

God BLess peeps

haha, my new mask!!

how cool is that!! took it from a local newpaper.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Its like Kundasang here

In case some of ya dunno where kundasang is, …well, its part of sabah, its da route you will definitely pass when ur on da way up to Kinabalu Park, yeap, theres where you start climbing Mt. Kinabalu from…

Yes, dear 38, its around da place where we stayed the last time you guys came to kay kay..
Haha, well, except for Lee Jar of course!

Enwei, yeap, the haze is really bothering, its freakin mad here. Its like the clouds are like everywhere, and the smell of the air is really BAD!
Serious stuff, peeps are starting to wear mask now.
And I really dunt like it!
Think if it really continues for another 4 days…somebody is really gonna get sick.
Oh, well, dats the thing, I mean, have been receiving some really considerate messages that even my mum wouldn’t send, to tell me to drink more water!
*sweet of you guys*

Well, cant blame it on mum.. dunt think she HAS ANY idea how bad it is..

Oh well, still dunt knw wat to do on Saturday.
Yes, even if theres still haze, im not gonna stay at home!
You can forget bout advising me otherwise, coz there aint nothing left to do now at home.
And until bj actually pass me back my pc, then you can begin to talk some sense to me.
But until then…sorry!

oh Christine ditched me for saturday's date! seesh
but shes moving it to enxt saturday!
haihhh, wat to do..princess like dat wan.
same same like michelle, wat larr, wanna go goldcoast, work and save lorr,
then can spend more marr!!


God Bless peeps!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

its hazy in KL~

yeap, Haze from Indo is really killing my part of town where im staying.
dunno bout the other places around. but in da place that im staying!
its crazyy!
its pics from this morning situation compared to last weekend when i was in KLCC for da PC fair! (yes, i bring my camera wherever! ..well, almost wherever)

Thank God Michelle has snow in Canberra.
and another Michelle from Taiwan is having sunny and hot days there..
here, cant really breath orrr!

here are some pics!
Lord, Let there be RAIN!!!!

oh well, on the brighter note, met up with Katryn yesterday..
oh well, nothing changed bout her, except that she's got red-colored hair now,and yes..hrmm...shes got a boyfriend, ryan already!
haha, da dude is currently working with Maxis. and yes, HE'S 6 foot 2. kinda big!
i mean...HE'S BIG!
haha, well, kinda macho as well.
thought that he was sweet and all, but hrm...oh well, maybe bcoz they've only been together for 3 months..but something seems to be missing.

oh well,
Katryn, hrm...will tell you if you wann knw!
but then again. thought that the whole meeting up with kathryn was sweet.
caught up a lil, and she was consoling me about my LONLINESS!
oh well,
"Seek ye first da kingdom of GOD, and all those STUFF will be added unto ya!!" -my version

So, bryan is going to Phillipines soon, so i'll only get my pc after he comes back, dunt ask me why is he going there, have NOOO idea.
maybe its time for some tagalog lessons.
ya horr?!!
or maybe going for some tagalog speaking chicks from da PPPILLLIIIPPPIN ORRR!!
thanks again bryan!

hrmm...Lucky Michelle! snow!! ..seeshh

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Featuring Marcus's STUFF

First met Marcus when i went over to INTI COLLEGE MALAYSIA for INTI COLLEGE's
inter-college student council meeting. So, Myself,as the President of Student Council of INTI College Sabah brought the whole team over to Nilai for the conference.erm..that was in year 2002. My first time over to INTI College Malaysia.
Marcus was one of da committee memeber for INTI College Subang Jaya.

and the funny thing is, i met him again when i was emceeing for MAPCU (Malaysian Assocation of Private College) sports carnival. He, came back from US, and was there to take some photos of the whole 3 day event.
had a lil chat with him, and got a hold of his friendster and his ...ahah...his masterpeice. Check it out (its also at the side, under MUH LINKOS) haha

and da wierd thingy was i met up with him again a week ago, during the KL Fashion show. remember yesterday's entry, da same time, when i was with nad and carole.

enwei, yeah, got to talk to him, and i went back and check out some ogf his new stuff!
wouldnt mind having him to take some pics for muh wedding!
haha..go and check it out. i enjoyed every part of it. especially the outdorrs, and vacations ones!

check these out, some of the many i like.. (haha, of course if it includes myself!! Haha)

leaving work on time today! meeting up with Katryn later for dinner!
God Bless

Monday, August 08, 2005

mum this is carole and Nadia...(why always ask wan??)

"yeap, thats you calling mum! " Dome Cafe Klcc(high school mates)yeap, angels** hehe, (gurls, dunt say i never put gurls pic on OHKAYY??)

can u beleive it??

can u imagine it, this week was the fist that i didnt watch a movie in da cinema! hahah
lets see, met a gurl by the name of Tanya and her friend in One Utama on saturday, was going there to collect my pants from G2000, and was walking around. Then i was in Topshop, met these two lovely gurls, part of me was saying..

"why dunt you just go and make friends larr? make more friends wat"
the other part was saying:
" just leave people alone larrr"

haha, i took the prior one, and approaced them.
and walla* , we ended walking around one utama for a couple of hrs!

well, and got to knw them. i mean, just random!
that was kinda 'new' for me..

in case your reading this tanya, i havent done this, as in walking up to pretty gurls and talk to them. so, you'd knw!
but yea,it was kinda cool getting to knw ya.

enwei, got my 17" TFT flatscreen monitor for rm800, 8m/s from the kl PC fair.haha
met up with carole, Nadia, and saw rachel there as well, they were all working as promoters.well, in *really nice* and fancy costumes!

got a pic of us hangin out the other day in klccup there.
Thank You BJ for taking my pc over! hahah...thank you~~ !!!

oh and oh yess!, mailed Emelia, James, and talked with Cissie bout my "wanna be involveed" thigny with them..
and haaha, so emeelia was suggesting Choir, or Newsong (its our church's youth group), and Cissie was thinking of PROCOM (its the comitee group of the our COUZ Zone;COUZ as in College United Zone) ..and yes, im totally up for PROCOM!
James talked to Ps. Lindy bout it, and yes! wohhooo, im in!

sorry bout Arthur Michelle. hehe, but ur adorable!
hahah... *fat lan charr there* dunt get me wrong, u have all the rite to! haha

oh, yes, Chelsea won!
haha, arsenal was really no match, chelsea was crazy, superfit, and supertight behind, strong in front, especially Drogba, was riding Sanderos like a lil poodle!

supertight passing game! Robben was still solidly crazy, Makalele was solid. Terry awesom behind. Drogba , my man of da match!

Something i learnt on last Friday!

"Do things that matters in ETERNITY"

sometimes, i do things for the sake of doing, and i wonder why do i fill my time with such things, maybe this kinda situation might happen to ya.
but for me, i wanna make myself, think bout what i do today counts for tomorrow.
really, i mean, if God was suppose to come tomolo, and its end of the world, am i ready for Him to say "good job Bernard, my good and faithful servant"

hrrm...i wonder.

as james put it very , i found it profoundly true, and came up with my version:
"Are you going to work like hell to get the diamond, and when you die, that you cant even bring the diamond with ya to da grave? "

God Bless

Friday, August 05, 2005

lets see

hrmm.. michelle was saying i write a lot, well, not onyl michelle says that, but hrmmm
and you would realise there loads of spelling, coz i dunt edit them.
its just straight out.
(maybe also bcoza its too long to edit).haha

well, managed to send in my portion of salary to mum yesterday.
haha. yeah, im doing that now, since im earning a lil.
its not a lot, but its something.

got the news that i will be heading to Johor Bahru on the 22nd August, for a
businees trip. Manager said that its gonna be a 3/4 days thingy.
hope to meet up with dean, Shen Yeh, and Lee jar then.
and probably head down to singapore to meet up with Kat and hui shan.
shall see how it goes.

enjoying ur messages michelle, keep it coming.
and also to peeps like Bj, Auntie Elizabeth, DeeTom, John, and some others to take time to hear me out! you guys!
and of course my mum, who calls everyday! *sweet*

was talking to Michelle, whos in canberra. studying.
awesome gurl.
and she was mentioning that she misses home and all.
and i asked myself whether i missed home.
nope. i dunt. i miss seeing my mum. but i dunt miss being at home.
i guess, never missed home, not even once.
yes i feel lonely, but i dunt miss being in sabah and kk all.
i think im a people guy, i deal with people very well.
and i love being with people.
i like it when im like that, being with people, and making people feel comforatble, and heard.
everybody deserved to be heard, even Jesus heard wat the prostitute had to say!

had lunch with angela and cissie (my cell leader) just now, they work opposite my building.
and we were talking bout how im suiting in accounting firm, and that what im doing there.
Grasping the idea that Bernard Hiew is in KPMG?????

yeah, well, was telling them i did it bcoz mum wanted me to.
well, no offense to ma, but, i dunt hate the subject, she wanted something more stable, wanted me to get the professional paper.
so i do it larr, i think... thats its not soo bad after all, you mights say its wasting time, but i guess, its also can be viewed as learning something, and giving myself more options.
i mean, wats the harm if next time if i wanna open up a business and manage my company.this might come in handy wat.
hahah, and we all knw that we cant work for ppl all our lives right.
well, at least thats how i see it.

did this just now..keke.. took a break
- Bernard


- getting to knw my friends better, make fwens, and since working..its been hanging out craving for attention! haha
- yeap, i eat that. italian would be my fav

4.rose colour?
- i like it milk color ones

- yup, been eating alot of those these days...think im lonely *sad*

- love giving it to peeps i love. *snikers*

- eat those too

- yup, and those
-,well, not exactly one..but erm..i like...Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, and Sean Pean

- enjoy watching kate hudson..keke...erm..theres also jessica alba..but she needs a lil more improvement in her acting! haha

- currently lee hom, rod stewart (always)/

12.dim sum dish?
- har gao ~ siu mai ~

13.indian dish?
- lurve it. banana leaf rice..and those desserts! wohoo

14.western food?
- dig that too... notice i love food?

15.type of dessert?
- any that real sweet. lurve apple struudle (cant get a decent one here, had some in aussie!! awessummm)

- lurve it with corroisant, mayonaise, egg, and bacon, sometimes or just tuna with mayo... wohooo

- can eat wan boleh larr, miss my hometown's ngau chap!
kk;s ngau chap is da best!!

- not just plain rice larr. lurve it simple, nice char xiu, succulent xiu pork, an half cooked egg, and choi sam veg..wohoo

19.dream holiday destination?
- currently is BAli, and melbourne.
but bali is more of a dream, melourne is a possibility

--dreaming of--

20.member of the opposite sex?
- yea... it'll be stupidly weird if my dreams are only filled with guys rite (seeshhh)

25.romantic dinner or a walk by the beach?
- i dunt catogarize this as dream coz its possible..but erm... prefer romantic dinner. (i lurve food wat)

26.laying back to watch the stars or a slow dance?
- i would lurve to look at her rather than looking at lights that is far away.

27.getting married?
- yeah...but then again..dunt think its just a 'dream; many kids?
- one boy one gurl would be lovely. 3 maximum.


29.three wishes?
- three more, three more, and three more!
hahaha frens?
- would say John Cham, friends, or bf/gf first?
- since i dunt have a bf/gf. family first!

32.boxers or underwear?
- never did boxers, u dress well when u go out..?
- yeah babehh.... or motor?
- car

35.card games or mahjong?
- i would prefer mahjong, learning it...kinda sophicated game, get to train brain to be faster! try it!

36.honey or sugar?
- i do both

37.aroma of coffee or bakery?
- id say baekry, coz you cant do nothing with the aroma, with the bakery, at least you get to eat it! haha or burger?
- pizza real italian pizza, dunt dig pizza hut, that aint pizza, thats bread with toppings!

39.prefer smell of athlete's foot or someone's fart?
- whouwww.... this is a hard one! ...

40.prefer long hair or short?
- i prefer short hair, but long ones on gurls! ekeke

41.lobster or steak?
- steak

42.chips or baked potato?
- chips

43.half boiled or hard boiled eggs?
- half boiled

44.hotdogs with mustard or chilli sauce?
- chilli

45.rain or sunshine?
- sunshine

46.night or day?
- night

47.durian,smelly tofu or blue cheese?
- durian i lurve it

48.tobasco,wasabe,or hot english mustard? -
- dig tobasco.

49.type of books?
- with words.. hhah. narr..erm.. building character ones.
i spent loads of ime on women's mag as well, i think its because its with the upbringin from my mum and saloon.

50.type of art?
- i prefer photos. science?
- i dunt hate it if u wanna knw. i think science is just a fiction of exploring what GOD can do, and we humans think we KNW it all!
pride bastards abt geography?
- arhar..i like travelling~

- erm... history defines and reminds us of our falls.

54.coke or water?
- water

55.chicken or duck?
- i prefer ducks. thier cuter. or crab?
- do fish. crab is too much work, for both cooking and consuming! try it, im not lying!

57.preferred pet?
- lurve golden retrievers, or...those small terriers, those ones in lady and tramp, the small one with moustache..

58.paperback or hardcover books?
- hardcover

59.books or movies?
- movies

60.fav type of movies?
- i'do any. lurve them. well except for really arty ones like..erm...Big Fish, erm... something more deep dat would move me, erm.. i am sam, Johnny Q, Braveheart, Forrest Gump, but you've got mail was awesome!

61.fav type of tv shows?
- comedy, erm...friends, joey, Sex and the city
action such as 24, smallville

62.prefer skirts or pants?
- seesh, im definitely going for pants larr, what kidn of question orrr
but i lurve gurls who wears girl~ hehe

63.popcorn or chips?
- chips do u like your eggs done?
- hald boiled, then with toasted bread with kaya.

65.western or eastern breakfast?
- erm dunt really eat breakfast, but i lurve cereals.

66.fav dishes for breakfast?
- erm.. a bowl of cococrunch and fresh milk would make me love you! haha

- ive been eating loads of nasi lemak lately!

- har...well, depends larr

- anything.

70.what type of car?
- i like the Mistubishi air trek turbo. thought that the beetle is kinda cute as well.

71.original or modified?
- original

72.speakers or headphones?
- speakers dunt worry, i can hearmyself REALLY WELL!

73.wanna live in the desert?
- nope about the arctic?
- neither

75.hmm, swamp then?
- this is getting weird

76.mountainous area?
-~ yeap

77.ok, what bout in the savannah?
- wheres that orrr

78.fine, tell me your ideal place to stay then -
- its a place call house! haha, i like airy places, cant stand heat. doesnt need to be air conditioned, but not hot!

79.picky, aren't you?
- i beleive we must knw what we want, if not, you wont have a direction.

80.shall we end this?
- was hoping for some more really.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

The power of TV

Tabitha Wong (*keke...oops) , 26th December 2004,watching "The Incredibles, the cup just wont fall off! Peng (behind), is just as nuts about it!

Found This

Took this when i was in Singapore Deceember 04, Siloso New Year's Beach Party with Kat

Monday, August 01, 2005

i have decided

Have decided that i dunt wanna be just a normal sunday church goer, i wanna be involved in a ministry, dunt get me wrong, ive been serving as much as i could in cells, its just that, i feel that i could and i wanna give more.
all my life, i have grown by the simple way of serving, i believe many of you whom i
grow up with could testify to that.

now, many of you might ask, wats the big deal about serving? why cant you just be a
normal christian, and just go attend service every weekend?
well, theres a thousand reasons why, and also why nots.

but for me, i feel that a person would grow most, is when one humble himeslef.
by serving, i learnt that we submit ourselves, acknowledging that theres sumthign greater above us.
and of course, wats wrong with serving GOD of the universe right?
also, i love the fellowship!
nothing beats serving HIM!

for more info, read up the book 'Purpose Driven Life"


went shopping on saturday with Adrina in one Utama, watched Seven Swords (a 6 outta 10)
tsui hark did an excellent job in its cinematagraphy, but the action scenes really spoilt the whole show (i felt) , the fighting was awesome, but the capturing of the fighting scenes of the camera was really terrible.
i mean, its beginning to look like a western movies!

werstern movies would not be able to captuere the whole fighting of the scene properly wan. its either too close, or, its too far, or the angle of the scene is just weird, but asians seem to master it pretty well.

as for seven swords or "7 BA DOU" as i like calling it (thanks for the inspiration Carole) , the scene capture is too near especially during fighting scenes (which is 70% of da time) so, mind you, you might need panadol after that.
but the scenamatography of the shots were awesom!
really tsui hark style!

go watch it, worth it larr..and PLEASE dunt get front row seats! DUNT!
think you need last row seats to enjoy the 2 hrs!

and the story line is a lil too fast pace,
would be good, if its done in episodes, then again, the asin movie industry aint that awesome after all!

Went shopping with zi chen. yeah, we went Times Square for lunch, then it was IKEA to look see, and went into the curve!
seeshh, it was really beautiful..
just like australia + Singapore style~
da dude is coming out with an album soon, will be heading to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, this weekend.
spent saturday with him as well, went surfin in starbucks...
and to the recording studio to do some recording.

well, after many days spendiing with him, find gim jsut like any person, well, jsut that he has a different line of job, and stuff.. but basically, he's still pretty himan!
hahah. well, gotta admit, i do feel a bit weird walking around tiems square with him, people will go..." LOOk.." and they stop and stare...and we continued talking and walking..

at first it was cool + chun+ weird, but after a while, looks like i coudl handle all that...yeah, and at the end, i didnt bother bout what other people were doing larr!
but its jsut weird larr, having people all looking at you!
i knw i you all wish right?
haha..well, at least i saw the other side of being an artiste.


paid the Deposit of my new place, and im set to move in SEPTEMBER!

oh well,

note that anyone coming to kl from KK? anytime soon? when? need help to get only my pc from my sister, to me!! PWEEEEZZZZZ!!
get to me at the tagger or friendster ok??