Wednesday, March 28, 2007

90:10 ?

Was reading a chapter of Habitudes by Tim Elmore the other day.
(YES! I CAN read!!)
The chapter was about Character, and that we ought to be made of 90% character and 10% skills.
The book was explaining that it might be the 10% of skills that gets us the job, but it’s the rest of the 90% that keeps us there.

Well, as much as I beg to differ (coz I do not think that the ratio works very well with me).But that’s another story. There was challenge at the end of the chapter where we’re suppose to think of something we dislike doing; being house chores, tidying up the room, iron clothes, help mum cook all that. And choose to actively do it for one week.
It says that percentage of it being cultivated as a habit is really high.
I thought I’d give it a shot, and see how it goes.

So I began thinking, what is it a dislike doing.
I can’t really think of any.
Until last night.

So here it is.
I would go to bed before 12am on weekdays. (Coz weekends happening ma..haha)

Oh, Im suppose to have accountability, and have ppl checking up on me.
I thought blogging bout this would really make me eat my words.
So yup, I give you all permission to keep me on check.
You bug me with sms, call me. Come up to me and ask me.
For some of you who would wanna discuss the ordeal can just gimme a call, or just ask me point blank.
This offer is only for ONLY 1 week OK!!??
But PLEASE dont call me in the middle of the night jusssst to check ahhh.

Lets see how it goes.
Any takers that I cant do it?

Friday, March 23, 2007

What if Adam Never Took The Bite?!!

Most of you know that I when I on my MSN during work, I rarely chat.
When I do, it either means that I’m really free, or Im really busy, and taking time out to let off some steam.

And the following was not one of those days when I’m really free.
Bj got me on one of the worse days.

Wsup bro, you doing good?

Hey…why the hell did Adam took the bite? Imagine if he never did take the bite?


I mean, seriously. If Adam never took the bite, we wouldn’t be working to keep ourselves from surviving.

Right. Blame it on Adam.



Hahaha, but seriously. If Adam never took the bite. We guys wouldn’t have to work like nuts just to get paid nuts and to fill our stomach!
We will be naked running around in the garden, sitting on Simba the lion, and play with Fiffy the dolphin, and catch a bit of horror show watching our clothed wives sit and SCREAM in labour. (coz Eve ate)
I mean, our wives wouldn’t have to work, coz we as man of the house, can provide without working. So, they just have to ask from us. Isnt that easy?

Nevermind.. He shouldn’t have taken the bite!

p.s. Yeah, im blowing off steam now! haha
Dunt worry, work does this to you once in a while. You end up whining and blaming other ppl.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

And now for the top stories of today..

This one made me laughed so long today!!
The expression on his face..PRICELESS.
HSBC SHOULD really use this pic to do thier commercial!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Looking To the Weekend

Was hosting Juwita Suwito’s For Real Album launch the other day.
Was quite a good one.
The gurl can really sing! I mean she can really sing!

Met up with Xandria Ooi, the UVJ winner, chatted after the event.
Check her out here!
Apparently was there for the MTV finals. Yeh.
Like her new bobcut, she looks very sexy in it.

Jaclyn Victor was there as well.
Friendly, down to earth, and very marketing marketing.
Oh well, welcome to the industry 

God, you have always been faithful, always there.
Always. =)

A notty gurl came to my house and took a pic of my Nude pic!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I've Been Thinking

What makes a man a man?
When he means the things he say?
When he takes responsibility and own up?
When he stands for what is right?

But what happens what is right isn’t so straight forward as it seems?
What if making any choice will have a great opportunity cost to pay?
And what if that choice you make is against the person who loves you, and you in return, the most?
What if she doesn’t let you make any?

It’s been a pretty dreadful 2 weeks.
Mum doesn’t wanna let go.
Even after all the information gathered, talked to all the people she talked to.
Still she doesn’t wanna let go.
Am I to obey?
But I thought its all about honouring?

“What is it that I want?” doesn’t seem to be a case at all.
“That’s all I want you to do Bernard” she said.

And I just couldn’t understand why is it so hard to let her know that I really don’t like this at all?
Is it really that hard?

What makes a man a man?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

CNY 07

Ellows got back to KL already. Yup :)
Work started already.
And im sinking :(

It was a short trip for me this time round heading back to KK.
Managed to spend a lot of time with my Grandma, Mum, and family.
Didnt go round catching up with a lot of ppl, considering the fact that i was only in KK for 6 days.

Yup, all the cousins have really grown. most of them are all taller than me.
Good for them. Then again, have always been really comfortable with my height.

There's a lot in my mind right now, a lot to think about.
Sometimes closed eyes and think black doesnt work either :)
Gimme some time ya.