Monday, April 23, 2007

My Letter to My 12 year-old-self

Got this idea from -Sarah- thought that its interesting, so here it is.

If you get a chance to write to yourself when you were 12 years old now, what would you write?

Dear Bernard,

You might be wondering if this is a joke, I know what you might think, but I also know that you would read on even though you thought that this indeed was a joke. How did I know that you might think? Coz I’m you, 12 years ahead.

See, I had this opportunity to write to you today, (which is 12 years ahead when your reading this), and just write bout anything.

Well, for your information, your name is still going to be Bernard Hiew Vun Poh, and yes, you’d get your IC pretty soon, and don’t worry bout the first IC, coz your gonna loose it. But don’t worry bout the second one as well, coz in another 3 years, the government is going to introduce a new ID which is going to be called the MY-card, NOW for that one. PLEASE get mum to cut this hair for you (attached below), coz I realised that more girls started saying that your handsome after getting this hair, instead of the usual cute!! -no thanks needed-

You would most probably be playing basketball very often and your dang proud that you are selected to play for the district. It’s cool. But remember not to loose your cool in the second game, coz during the second game, your team will play badly and you eventually began to scold your team, and that eventually took you off the team. Then again, if you still think they deserve it, scold them more. Since you’re going to be a state and national swimmer in 2 years time. So yeah. Haha

Oh, and about Marie, yes, I know bout Marie. Funny how no one does. Well, just to let you know that when she’s 24, she’s planning to get married. Yup. And mind you, your NOT in the position to marry anyone when your at this age. Don’t worry, your not poor, its just that your really not ready. Well, she wont be the love of your life. So, just be good friends with her =)
(psst. Wait till you get to high school and college and Work! Wohoooo)

You would realise in the next few years, a lot of girls are going to come to you, like Zhang Zing Fern who told you the other day that she likes you.
(Its amazing how gurls get all the guts to say that they like you, when you eventually only do so when your 24. HAHA, yeah, don’t worry, let it be natural bro, coz that’s really a record, and I am proud of you for saying it when you really meant it! Good one bro Haha.).

And mum is going to eventually say no to you now because your gonna have UPSR, she’s gonna ask you to study hard, and think bout it after UPSR. And when you reach high school, you ask her again, she said no, after UEC (yes, your going to Tshung Tsin for high school, there lots of pretty gurls, so yes, get to know as much as you can, DOESN’T MATTER if they are 5 years OLDER OR YOUNGER!! Ask you to KNOW ONLY OK??!!!), then after that, she’s gonna say after PMR, then SPM then College, eventually during college, you stopped asking, and she asked you how come you don’t have a girl friend. Hahaha. But it’s all good. Coz you don’t have one even when your 24! Haha. You might think that what kind of looser your going to turn into, but let me tell you, your not gay when your 24 ok? , go find the meaning from the dictionary, you made the right choices until this far bro, matter a fact, I’m pretty proud of your choices =)

Still find it funny yet amazing why you ask mum for permission. (You’d find out because you love Mum soooo much, so start showing!)

John Cham is going to be your close friend, but for you, you will begin to really interact with different kind of people, you will have lots of friends. But John Cham and Seth Boutin and Bryan Limus is going to be one of the several few Real Blood Brothers of yours. (Yeah, Limus calls our relationship that now) haha. And Tell OFF Seth Boutin when he does Marijuana at 15! Your going to save his life. As well as Tony and Yong Kam Fatt when your 17 ask them to buckle up all the time!!

Yes, so learn how to play chords, make Bj teach you guitar, which you will pick up really fast, but please write the song “FOREVER LOVE” before Lee Hom, coz he’s going to be big in the next 10 years! And oh your gonna be a MAN U FAN, Bet on Man U winning the treble at 1999, score is 2-1 extra time. Bet your mum’s house on it! Your gonna be rich!! Wohoo.
Oh did I mention that you get to have a chance to be a celebrity in Taiwan and also be MTV Asia Vj? Hahahah, exciting right?!!

I’m still finding and learning what and how is it to love someone.
I’m still finding how I can be a better person for my gf -to be, rather than demanding or hoping how they should be for me. How can I be a blessing to them as much as they are to me.

Even with all these uncertainties that you might face in the future, the same as I may face in mine. I realized that one thing stays the same forever, and I pray that you will hold on to this even if you ignore all those that I’ve written.
Is that you hold on to God and you continue to grow in Him. In all that you do, choose to honor His ways and continue to walk with Him. Then the rest will just come wan. =)

P.S, the 4 digit no for today is 8954. Yesterday’s one was 7041. Yup. Hee Hee

Yours truly,
Bernard Hiew

Told ya! keke

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Decisions Decisions

So, I did not get crucified. *big smile*
Remember around a month ago, when I was challenging myself to do this
–click here-

Apparently, the challenge which was supposed to be one week is coming to one month. And I have to say that it’s been like a habit already. (And yes, the Man U ROMA game was exceptional,besides, technically I DID sleep before 12, and I just woke up at 2am to watch ma!)

But apart from that I get all conscious of time when it’s around 11ish. Haha
Well, just like the book said, it becomes less ‘forced’, and soon, it will become ‘effortless’ and later a habit.
Sure there were times that I wanted to just quit it and forgo the whole deal.
I mean what’s the big deal?
But when I looked at it, it also meant I had a choice to make.

I learnt that even for the things that we do not enjoy doing, but if we press on and keep on doing it, it will soon become a habit.
Note that I did not mention anything bout it being a GOOD or Bad one.
Scary right?
*Got your attention?*

It is undeniable that when a decision is made, and we practice our decision, it naturally becomes an act. When these actions continue over time, it soon becomes a occasional activity, and as it goes on, it soon becomes a habit. Not long, the habit becomes so effortless and with time, it continues to be a lifestyle, soon, it becomes your culture. And 5mg of influence comes along, Poop!! There you go, you get a revolution.

Asked a friend one why she’s smoking, for fun she said.
Weeks later, she told me she wanted to stop smoking,
After months, she told me that she can stop smoking
2 months later, she claimed that she could stop it whenever she wanted.
5 years later, she’s still smoking.
Asked her again why she’s smoking, she said she dunno.

Make a stand for the choices you make.
Ignorance has to stop.
Know Why Your doing What your doing.
Tip, things actually gets REALLY clear and REALLY easy once you start doing that, You might not agree, but maybe that’s coz you haven’t started doing it yet!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hanging By That Moment

I might get crucified for this, but it’s been hanging in my head for sometime already.
So here goes.

Allow me to say that I love churches.
I come from a great one =)
Forever grateful and will not trade it for another.

One of the best things they teach you is about LOVE.
To love the Lord, To love your neighbours, your enemies, as well as the love of the opposite gender. =)
Yes, there’s where we’re going today. Haha
*Pat yourself at the back and say, “Lucky ME…go on! (dun worry, nobody’s lookin)*

It’s great that churches are teaching what LOVE is all about, that true love waits,
teaches us to value our singleness and focus on developing ourselves, making ourselves better for the other person, teaches young people not to conform to society, but to have values, standards and not to be apologetic about it.

But isn’t it also funny that there are still so many single ladies in the church?
And when I say single, I mean, Ready-Ready-single.
Does the church teach us how to go and get the guy, or get the gurl?
I mean seriously, its great that we focus on developing ourselves, and live great standards, but after ALL that is done and the time is ‘right’…what happens?

And funny how the church preaches so passionately bout what true love is and to guard our hearts, but seems to be very quiet about the issues of “what happens next”.
Are we really being relevant?
Coz the last time I checked, there isn’t any ALPHA classes for “How to date”

Go figure and lets discuss =)
Told ya I might get crucified. haaha

Monday, April 09, 2007


This kinda reminded me of my "PORN" experience. HAHA

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Sam post for you! haha

" Its not how good we start the race that matters, its how well we end it that counts. End it well."

Happy Birthday Sam
Have a BLESSED one =)
God Bless