Monday, December 20, 2004

Apple crumble...anyone? Posted by Hello

International cELL !!! Posted by Hello


Bj and 38 klan is coming to town! today!!

las thursday, International Fellowship (i call it) had thier first meeting!
real good.
eventhough peeps were from different churches, but everyone were focused on one thing!
oh, well, its basically a fellowship, where peeps studying from outside Sabah, and we gather togetther, fellowship, Praise God, and learn from each other, and of course , do Word together!
so there was like John, Joni, Pao Lin, Hong Yi, Chris and Justin Yong, Tiffany,
WEE OOI PENG , and myself! (YES, THE DUDE IS BACK!!)

so these are peeps who were frm Perth, Sydney, New zEALAND, Adelaide, mELBORNE, and of course KUALA LUMPUR!!!

it is jsut about a group of us gathering together and fellowship, and Praising God, and having fun together!
we encourage peeps to go back to thier church and make that impactand input.
thats why we meet on weekdays!

Besides, we wanna create UNITY among churches! (ps.Utam ???)
ya knw? dwn with talks against other churches .
shouldnt we rejoice instead because HE/SHE is GOING TO ONE??

anyway, we were doing John Bevere!
about fear of God & Holiness!

its just amazing, coz theres a grp of peep who are really serious about God!
and the fact that i grew up these peeps, makes it more encouraging!
U guys are a blessing!
Keep it up guys!

Yesterday nite's CONNECT Christmas Party was great!
Loads of peeps.
Peeps frm out satation all came back. New friends!
Keep it up!

God Bless ya'all

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Was spending the whole day doing my assingments, then drama practice for christmas day!
decided to help out!
Do pray for receptive Hearts, and also the move of God!

was sharing in Powerhouse on saturday.
about what has happened, in kl, and the BLessings of God!
and encouraging and challenging about our passion for the ministry, and the attitude we carry.

The song "We are the Body" , by Jeremy Camp was amzing!
i found it touching too John!
thanks for the cd By the way!

Fenny was sharing also alot bout character, attitude of our hearts.
was really inspored by her, and her passion!

see guys? its the exhibit of an extraordinary GOD on an ordinary man!

Learnt so much from Fenny, bout how we should see our self as minor, and the ministry as Major!
and about how if not, we robb other's off thier blessing.

about, Giving!
and Leaders role!

i agree with Fenny totally, for me, A large portion of myself, is who i am is also because someoneelse "GAVE" themselves to me, their time, their invistment.
thier passion, thier gifts, teaching me.
and i was and am trully blessed by so many ppl inmy life, who continually to suppsot me, for being there, for beleiving.
for Giving, for all the picking up, and sending.
in kl, in kk.

Peeps, like Emelia, James, A.Elizabeth, Ying FUi, U.weng KOng, A.see Meng, many more!
and its leaders like this that impact lives!
Even as Fenny was sharing bout investing in ppls lives, about Giving.
i wanna encourage all of you ,
that trully,
"It is much more blessed to GIVE than to Receive"

Inpsired also by Lionel, his hunger for the LORD...wohooo!....its contagious baby!!
Keep it going!

By Jane, Her passion!
wohooo!!! she's really expressive now!!!

haha, and my dear brother John!
hheheh, you continue to encourage me wiht your humilty, and truthfullness, and the sweet surrender to Jesus CHirst!
Ur an encouragement! Keep it going!

God BLess

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Off work!!!

yeah, finished my last day of my part time, auditng firm,
work yesterday!!!

yeah, needed it, for the assignments, and dessertation!
now its, all focus on doing that! (and i'm having the time to blogg!)

ppl are coming back, and i need to hustle up and finish my assignments before some of them COme back!

its great to see Jane Lim , Jason Koven back!
havnt seen ron and walt!
beginning to be worry for them!
*sigh*, should call them !
do pray for my friends, ya!

erm..John's coming home...bryan Limus on the 20th...
and my bunch of 38 klan coming on the 20th too.

yeah, wat else, lets see....

wat else have happened.
oh, in church, during worship, and i heard it so distinctly,
yup, and i just released it in the congregation.

and during word, A.Elizabeth, told me.
"Bernard, that was good, that was very distinct, very precise,.......just it."
not realsing what response, i nodded my head!

and amazingly, was reading Jude's blog jsut now, and he felt the same!

Amen! at least we heard it rite from HIM!

Have your way Lord!

heading to the islands, with 38, on the 26th, wondering if anyone wanna join.
it'llb e awesome!
let me knw...before...ern...20th...


blessed hols!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

....splendid!!! just splendid!!!! Posted by Hello

hahah....awesome hearts!!!! Posted by Hello

yup....they DID it allrite!!! Posted by Hello


it was a straight 3 day of beautiful weather in Bongawan Resort!!
Praise God!
the camp was GREAT!!

57 young souls was gathered for this camp.
A lot of young ones!!!
Praise God!!!

the camp had a great intensity of word, very in-depth....solid FOOD!!
the right stuff at the right time!
was praying before the camp and was praying for a camp this time round that would serve some REAL spiritual food, something solid, no more those "bonding -bonding" camps...its time to get serious!!!
and PRaise God, it happened this time!
GOD's presence was really strong throughout this camp, even in the worship.
awesome time of just feeding!

was helping around in the camp as an advisor!!
hahah, felt really old about being an advisor!!...hahah, but it didnt felt that bad after all...
hahah, the guys treated me just the same as before...
hahah, but there was time when we (the advisors together with Bob, Susan, u.michael, a.Elizabeth ( mistakes this time), u.andy & A. mary) were praying for the camp, and seeking God for His direction, and even praying for these youths!!
it really did touched me!, being there myself in this situation, reminded me that when i was then, someone else was praying for me! someone else was pleading to God on my behalf, someone else was concern and CARED bout my salvation, SOMEONE ELSE LOVED me!!!
and that was just amazing!

and in my heart i wanna be that SOMEBODY, who impacts ppls lives!
it is because of someone else's invested thier lives on mine, that i am who i am today!
and nothing beats impacting lives for JESUS CHRIST!!!

many young ones were in this camp, pre-teens!
was a bit worried that they might be easily distracted , hahah , was also thinking that some of the older ones would just start forming groups of thier own.
haha, praise God.
the age gap groupings didnt really occur. Of course, naturally gettin together was just "unnatural"

but i noticed that the leaders, handled the situation very well!
great job guys!
noticed some of the guys really matured themselves!
Ying really gave me loads of encouragement, seeing her wanting to serve, her passion, she grew!
Gabe, ever postive, ever encouraging. Praie God.
Daniel Yap, the fervent heart of servanthood!
Shen, awesome leadership by example!
Justin, Daniel CHOW, Belinda, Peng!!!
younger ones such as lil Jessica Chen, Ah boy, Matthew Lok, Daniel chen, Andrew Dillon, Aaron Heng!!!
you guys have been a real encouragement!

during free time, you could see AH boy playing football with high school mates, daniel chen was joinging, with the college students, and also the young adults!
in the pool, high school peeps were bonding very well with the pree teens peeps! hahah...lil clement joinging in the fun!!
and young adults such as queenie, finding no problem with her younger roomates!!
wow! that's just amazing! Praise God for that!

learnt a lot in this camp. could feel and knw that God is really doing something!! excited!!!!
and the "hunger" is just sooo strong!!!

ppl, do pray for powerhouse, especially the young ones, that they woudl continue to seek for God, for that great adventure, for that intimate relationship, for knwing HIM personally, as the truest friend, and savior.

Great job Bob and susan!!
...its just the beginning!!!.....
as i always remind myself and others,

"Its not how good we start the race that matters, its how well we END it that counts!...lets end it in style!"

God bless

Thursday, November 11, 2004

learnt sumthing this week

was having dinner with mr. lee
was talking bout lots of stuff and when we came to the area of deciding wether to do ACCA or CPA...

he said this,

" everyone has 24hrs, not more,not less
sometimes we've gotta ask ourselves how come some one else can do it"

found it to be so profound!

hopw it gives you guys some encouragement!

GOd bless!!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

forgive all muh hommies father for they aint dunt know wat they do! Posted by Hello

38 klan and some others!! hahah...celebrated muh 21s b'day~ thanks guyz ! Bless ya'all Posted by Hello

with mama~ Posted by Hello

mc baby~ Posted by Hello
mc baby~ Posted by Hello in case you LOVELY ppl wondering..

hahah..yeah, thank you ALL for being sooo sweet and concerned bout my well-being!
yeah, arrived safely, well, a lil later than expected, but Praise God, in one peice!
yes, and the PC was in one peice too!
Thank you Lord!

gotta thank Lee jar for her help in jagaing my bags, while i went to the ladies dorm, and helped Karen take her bag.
oh yeah, Karen sprained her leg in Times square, a day before going back!
Bless you Lee Jar, see, isnt it "always" good to help those who are needy, like me?
yes, see, you get to help ppl, yes, you are noble and kind, yes.
and besides, you made me look good in front of the other ladies!
yes you did! if it wasnt for you who helped me jaga my bag, i would never have the oppurtunity to get into the ladies dorm!
no larr, thanks enewei. *njoy TROY!*

also Desmond for sending me to the airport!
thanks bro!
ur a blessing!

waaaa, karen got first class service all the way!!
hahah, yeah.
was pushing her , she was standing on the trolley, all the way to the departure gate!
hahah, yeah. thought it was soooo cool.
yup, everyone kept thier eyes on her!
plus, we get to get on the plane first before anyone else!!

yeah, started work for the third day dee, in Tan & Associates.
a auditing firm.
there are less ppl now in the store, and yeah,heaps of work to do.
decided, and told a.pat that i would only be able to work a month only.
coz its just too time consuming. with a finance assignment, and dessertation due!
*BIG SIGH* ...oh Lord, gimme the strength, the wisdom and the discipline to finish wat i plan to do oh Lord!

its been three days now...
yeah, and i'm down with flu...
well not down exactly...but yeah, kinda bad one!
pretty annoying!
but its allrite!

got my haircut! YES finally!
yeah, much shorter now!
hahahah, it this short!
but gotta say, the last time perming it was also kinda fun~
smething new~

yeah, this time, mum tried coloring my hair!
hahah, yeah, acctually did it!
trid on green ( well that's wat she told me)
its a new product, wanted me to be a guinee pig!
hahah, dunt mind at all.
it DOESNT look green to me, alil brownish red....a bit....just a slight touch of greenish gray.

yeah, planning the trip now, for the 38 klan. theyre coming over to kk, and yeah, i'm the tour guide...bringing them all the way.
yeah, any suggestions?
planning on island, kudat, mt.k, hot spring...anythin else.

saw ur blog john.
gotta say...aint it unhealthy to keep butterflies in ur stomach?
glad u enjoyed ur time there.
* remember in ALL things , put HIM first!*
doing good bro
cya soon!
God bless!

talked to Bob and susan, last suna after beach football! yes i missed the beach.
will be helping out in the POWERHOUSE CAMP middle of the month!
wohooo! this is gonna be fun!
wat a revolution!
for the first time, powerhouse having its camp! and its not just seperated, its POWERHOUSE as ONE!
wow! This is gonna be awesome!
oh, btw, Powerhouse is a combined group of Ignite (Young adults), Connect ( College cell), and Gear (Sec school)!
Do pray for us, the camp commitee, the participants, and for God to be the centre of it all!!

gotta go sleep now!
its been long!

and oh, my friendster is coming to 500 ppl!!
thank you Lord for friends!
just wanna take this oppurtunity to thank all of you, for being who you are, and also for blessing to me, encouraging me, and being there for me!
God bless all of ya!
( also, just am so proud of this, coz i knw my friends~)

"dunt be friends for numbers sakes!"

profound ey? quote me!

God bless

Friday, October 29, 2004

going BACK tomolo!!!

yeah!! semester is over!!!
heading back home tomolo!!

yeah, packing now..hahah, baru sekarang start packing.
was having dinner with Shen yeh, Connie, and Jar jar in cafeteria! haha, realised, it is the second time i'm eating in the cafeteria this semester!!
hahah...yeah! the food is terrible there though~
but hehe..had to do so larrr..

after dinner, as usual we sat down and started talking, sharing bout ideas, hahah...ideal time for fellowship!!
yeah, thinking bout it, had loads of oppurtunity to hear people's view, and stand on certain issues!
hahah, and also, an oppurtunity of getting to knw ur frens better!
and of course, at the same time, letting ppl knw who you are, letting ppl see what ur stand is!
yes, Praise God!
hahah, you guys!!!

connie sudeenly wanted to sing! realizing that there are some k-boxes in the cafeteria.
yeah, its like a small room, with doors, inside, chairs, doors, PA system, mikes....
u choose songs, and you start singing... a mini karaoke!
was set up this semester, been there for a month or so...was just laughing at the idea..and ppl doing so...mana tau, ended up singing in there!
hahaha..Funny and ironic!!!
had fun!
Connie can really sing! hahah, all the training in church~
hahah, jar jar and Shen yeh also knw loads of songs!
see? another room of getting to knw my friends better~
hahaha...planning now on next semester's itenary to include a visit to REDBOX, and sing the whole night!!!

gotta go now, start packing!
Pao lin was saying that my blogg entry is too long and no one bothers reading!
hahaha...okok..this time..keeping it short! k?

God bless guys~

Monday, October 25, 2004

~4 cakes this year!!~

first of all.....MU kicked arse !!! woohoo!! 2-0!
but yeah, Nistellroy really did literally "kicked" cole's there!
the atmosphere even at the mamak was awesome!!
match of the whole season so far!!!...
Ferdinand ! my man of the match!! awesome at the back!
but its still to early to say anything about winning the premiership...
but hey, GREAT game for MU!!

anyways, this year's b'day was soo much fun!
hahah, 4 cakes at different times! thanks guys!

yeah, last friday, cell group celebrated for me too! hehehe...they were planning on a suprise also..but hahah, didnt work, didnt work!
but thanks guys! you make me go..."awwwwww"

saturday at FREO's was my last for this year before i head baack home to kk this weekend.
still enjoyed the work, met a mum with 10 month old son, cute the boy!
was chatting with her and apparently both of us felt very comfortable talking to each other.was sitting there for like 10 minutes just chatting with her bout her experience of motherhood, (you can tell that it was her first child).
enewei, yeah, she was really open bout her thoughts, and was sharing with me how different it was to acctually "gone" through the whole experience, that "everything now FOCUSES and EVOLVES around him (the baby) now!"

and i sensed that sincerity in her, wasnt easy, never was, but it was all worth it.
she shared it not with a spirit of tireness but with a spirit of pride!
and it reminded me of how much "pride" and honor we mean to our parents!
how much effort and time and effort, the sacrifices, the love for us!
*its just amazing!*
thank you Lord, for loving us so much more than that!

And ya knw, going through my 21st b'day, i just wanna pay tribute to my mum!
its not about how much i've achieved at 21 years old, but really a reminder and beautiful occasion of celebrating one woman's unconditional LOVE for her son over the last 21 years!
thank you mum!
I love ya! you make me proud!
and i pray that the LORD continue to bless you, and be the FOCUS of ur life! May He grant you wisdom and peace at all times, may you continue to seek Him just as you have thought me to!
I thank God for you, I thank God for placing you in my life, for being there for me, when i needed you the most, and also for being there even when i didnt wanted you around!
Love ya mum!

and of course! all Glory and Praise to my Lord Jesus CHrist!
whoohooo! YOU ROCK!

heheh..thank Joni and Martin for ur present!
yeah, they were so sweet, came all the way to one Utama to gimme my present!
thanks guys!

was spending some time talking to Joni when we were waiting for Martin, going through his practices, yeah, realised we havnt been talking much ever since i got here.
was talking bout how this time when we get back to kk, what roles do we play.
was just sharing that the spirit of complacency is pretty obvious back in home church, and was thinkin of how we can be used by GOD to highlite that.
and about kk inter youth ministries relationships...bout unity and stuff.
about youth ministry, bout how the turnover of youth is so much greater back in sabah, and the fact that if we dunt use that 5 years wisely, we literally LOOSE a whole generation of ppl!
sumthing to think about?

didnt get to go to church on sunday, coz u.Vincent needed to head to the airport, and they needed the rest, coz the cuz was having a wedding the night before!
so since i was told that morning itself...haih...terpaksa lerr.

instead of getting back to NIlai so early, decided to give some 'pals' a call, ppl like BJ, Carole , even tsoon ting..shait! all turned me down!
apalarrr!! oh yeah, Jeevaah is seeing someone!!!
yup, some pakistanese gurl~ oooh
hehehe....should meet up someday!

enewei, ended up in m.valley, walked around, and watched "Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow" , errm...nothing to shout about.
wanted to watch "Ladder49", but decided to go watch with Belinda back home~ so since if i was gonna pay rm10 for a movie, might as well watch something worth...e.g special effects!
heheh...the movie? ....a 5.5 outta 10
good movie to KILL time!

was in MPH bookstore, saw this small kid, say around dan dan's age, erm...4, was walking with the mummy, mummy one hand holding a basket, another the son's hand.
then when they passed a tray,
the son, stopped, reached out his other hand, said loudly "amma" , grabbed a Barney VCD, and placed it into the basket, and continued walking...leaving the mum standing there, looking dumbfound at the vcd the son just handed her!
"HAHA" i laughed, didnt realised how loud i was until i realised there were eyes on me!
but that was a lovely moment, it was just there, there were at least 20 person on that scene, but no one noticed!
warm,cute and lovely....~

God Bless ppl!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

its been a LONG week!

it really has been a long one, seems like days has passed. but nothing much happened, except assignments, assignments and assignments.

was back to work in FREOS smoothies, after a two weeks break. and its still pretty exciting meeting with new people and faces, talking to them, and just getting to know them.
cell group was also great, ad a great time of worship last fri.
awesome presence of GOd, in the house!
leading worship this coming friday, still yet to choose songs! hrm~

saturday was a full day, went working in FREOs, after a two weeks break.
haha, really enjoyed the work. meeting with new faces, new people, getting to knw them..hahah.
it was winnie's last day working there.
hrm...haha, u've been a blessing gurl! always enjoyed myself better when ur around! hahah!
God bless gurl! Jesus Loves ya!

after work, went to Emelia's place to meet the others to finish up the cake that 'WE' baked!
hahah, yeah, it was our church (SIB kl) 's 10th year anniversary!
so our cell group joined the cake baking competition!
i was in charge the "MOST" important part of the cake...heheh....the tying of the ribbon around the cake!
after that, went over to Tmn Bahagia, to pick up mum!
she arrived and decided to stay in kl for a few days before heading to UK on wed!
oh, she's going to UK for a hair show (for all of u who didnt know)

enwei, spent the whole sunday with mum, and a.adele, and u.vincent!
later in the afternoon, went to pur chuch's 10th year anniversary celebration!
whouw, for the first time, all three english services combined in PJ civic centre, and had one service!
the loads of peopl! ~phew! Praise God!
hey, and i learnt that out churchhas 60% single, and young people in our congregation!

mum, met up with Joni, Pao lin, Melissa, A. Inky, A. choi lian, of course also wiht Ps. Chew, and A.Lee choo!
haha, but wat amazed me was that Ps.Chew even remebered my mum's name!
phouw! awesome fella! imagine the no. of names he remembers in the congregation!

later the day, went to Fridays for dinner, had a Jack Daniel's steak!
awesome stuff!
that night, there were a few birhtdays around, i think 4 of them, so the guys of Fridays, went around giving cakes, and sang songs for b'day fellas, rapping around and jsut making it a BIG thing!
then after 10 minutes, one of the waiter came over to our table, out a peice of cake on my seat, and asked,
"you are having your birthday right?", the waiter asked
and i said , " No"
......*silence*......( i think it was 15seconds)

the scene was familiar, there were "SUDDENLY" a lot more waiters around our table!, and yes, they were all looking at me, even those on our table!

hahahahahahah, i laughed!
yes ladies and gentleman, Bernard Hiew EXPEREINCED HIS 1st SUPRISE PARTY!!
and it was one week early! no preperation at all!!!!

they made me stand on my seat, handed me the a pepper "shaker" those huge italians one, and i had to make a speech!
hahah, they sanged me a few songs, and place my cake length away frm me, lit the candles and needed me to blw all the candles on the cake!
that was fun! try it, really sumthing!

really blessed! thanks mum!
Love ya,
yes, u.vincent and a.adele, amma, emmeline, chelsea, and esther!
a real sweet suprise party!
thank you!

spend the whole of monday with mum, went over to sungai wang, she needed to get sumthing...
haha, had a great time talking with mum.
was talking bout whats gonna happend after i graduate in April, ACCA? CPA?
Australia? Uk?
decided to pray about it, and let the Lord lead!

hahah, and she was asking around wether there was a gurlfriend...hahah, she was so worried, coz, i was taking pics with gurl friends, and facts such as 75% of my cell are gals...hahaha...
and everytime, she calls, theres gurl's voices!
ahahah, and was wondering of any progress wiht a gal....hahahah!
gotta say, this is the first time, she stalking about this so frankly in front of me.
wasnt taken by suprise but a fresh and unfamiliar path that's all.
hahaha...and she was telling me to be better to her!
hahaha, pweeez lar maa!
was telling her that there wasnt anything, and some other stuff (which is onyl between me and my mum!!)
hahaha, and the fact that i'm not attached or interested yet, shouldnt rule out or even make my relationship, or frinedship , with other ppl, for that matter, any more serious than just mere friendship wat!
hahah....dunt worry mum, will let ya knw if anything should happen!


came back right around 2pm, reached college bout 3:30pm, went straight to class.
after that at 7pm, went to have dnner wiht the social board, it was a celebration dinner for the orientation night!
had a gerat time. was really tired too! the fact that i woke up so early that day!
hahah, but the ladies made it all go away!
hahaha, no larrr!
had fun.
even had a cake for me and others for birthdays on oct!
hah.yeah! another 50 ppl celebrating b'day wiht me!
haha...had fun!

came back around 10pn..continued with our group's assignmetn DIscussion!!!

God Bless ppl!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

a week gone~

Didnt get outta college this week.
The whole week of hols has been really greusome!!
assignments everyday, and we finally got everything settled and done just an our ago. (the due date is tomlo)
the group was reall sumthing. really happy with it. not to say that we really did an excellent job *we did by the way* , but the effort everybody put in was just amazing.
the desire of the grp not to jsut get an answer right away, but to analyze everything from every aspect, and just being patient, making sure, double checking, was just nice!
everyone was really into it!
hahah, nicest group of ppl to work with.

enewei, didnt get down to PJ this weekend. was so busy that i've even forgotten to tell adele that i wasnt gpoing down!
sorry again ya!

great news, great news!!
remember the orientation nite i was doing last week?
after the show, everyone in teh organizing commitee had a debrief, they got everybody settled down, right in front of everybody, stanley, one of the advisors said words of appreciation.

"there's a very important person here tonight, without him, this whole night would not have been this successful, over my years of advising social board orientation night, the best mc, Bernard Hiew!!!"
...and he went on....everybody cheered clapped....shouts....
gotta be frank with all of ya, was really happy, felt really appreciated!
he went on braging, and bragging, till a point i was a bit uncomfortable.

but the time when my turn to speak came,
" hahah, i wanna thank all of you for giving me the chance and oppurtunity to learn...." i said,

then i said,
" But i wanna give all glory and praises to my Lord Jesus Christ, because its in him i find myself, its not about me or what i can do, but its all about what HE can do."

now that felt so much BETTER than the first one.
i wouldnt be the person i am today, if it wasnt because of HIM, not because of his love and mercy and grace towards me!
i fell, He picked me up. i cried, He was there.
when i was happy or sad, He was always there!
and i am proud of Him, proud of following HIM.
Because its not about what i can do, but about what an extraordinary God can do through an ordinary fella like me!


oh, another great news,
few days after the show, one of the organizing person of orientation night came up to me, telling me , one of the sponsor wants my number, and was wonadering if i could MC for one of thier charity event in November!!
hahaha, Praise God!
gave them my no, and told them that i would be in kk then.hahah...the balls on thier court.
if they really would need me, flying me can also mahh...hahah
but yeah, we'll see, coz, being home is definitely my first priority!

really thank God for oppurtunities and favors!
really blessed!
jsut like last semester with MAPCU, battle of the bands...and so many more!
thank you Lord!

hahah, yeah! ENGLAND won 2-0 o wales!
Lampard and Beckham!
whow! the beckham goal was excellent, he tried and he tried over and over again, finally on the third time, on left edge of the penelty box, a curling, cross shot towards the right hand corner!
whouw!!! nicely placed! awesome goal!
gotta give credit to owen, was really sumthinng. he was really good. Despite what others say, still england no.1 stricker larrr...(until now)
rooney was excellent, was playing attacking midfield, really hardworking!
smith was great, showing commitment and passion to his game!
solid at the back, ferdinand and campbell was rock!!!
butt played well!
(all the Mu fellas were awesome..was counting all the Mu past and present fellas...
there were Rooney, Smith, Beckham, G.neville, Ferdinand, Butt, adn Giggs 6 of them! whouw!!)

great england!

mummy's coming this saturday!
she's going uk for another hair show!
she's amazing!

God bless folks.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

penang was allright!!

came back from Penang a day ago...
would have to say the trip was a very tiring one for me.
not to say that i didnt enjoy the trip to Penang, but just thought that it could have been better.
nope emelia, no chicks around!!! stop it!! whos telling u all these crapp!!??

had to wake up at 5am to get on the van! Mind you, a van, carrying 11 of us! all the way for a 5 hrs drive all the way there.
yup, didnt get much sleep!
and right when we got there, we had to wait for the competition to start at 2pm!!!
yup! serious dude!
The competition was held in PISA (Penang International Sports Arena), and its basically life saving, much of the same with Swimming Competition, but just with obstacles, and some towing, and relays, baywatch stlye...jsut that its in a pool!
but its allrite.

the competition was attended by groups from all over Malaysia.
Met Jackson Hong, and Jimmy Wong there. yup hahah, it has been years!
(oh, they were my swimming buddies back in kk!!!)
haha, yeah, met my coach too! Johnny WONG (fit as ever!! mind you he's around his fifties dee!!)
yeah, he came with another team from Sabah, the bunch of lifehuards from Sutera Harbour i was working with once, and some from teh Likas pool!

well, my team INTI college did pretty well!
hahahah, well, basically of course we were all swimmers, and that gave a big advantage!
we came in Third overall! (they do not give individual prize for each events...its a point system thingy)
well, considering the fact that INTI college have never gotten any medals in this event!
yup! ah fatt, ur wrong again!
(yes john, i was talking to soh chin fatt! he thought that there aint no chance, and he didnt go!)

hahaha, yes, aunty sook fern, i got to drink Umbera, and ya knw wat?
didnt get to the place near "perangi" mall (is that how u spell it?) the cendol place!!!
arrrr!!! didnt get to eat, cendol, the Laksa, man!!!!!
we gotta go another time ya?

enewei, having a one week hols, and decided that i wanna get my assingments done, and start something solid wiht my dessertation.
need some help and prayers, Have sent an email to Emily Goh ( u. Goh say hoe's & a. sharon's daughter in oz) , yeah, need her in my dessertation...
till now, there still aint no reply!
gonna do something real fast.

hey, John, the plan now is, i;m heading back to kk first , in early nov. YES people, welcome me! yes! welcome me home!!!
daddy is comming back to town!! hahaahah
enwei, yea, and will be in kk, till 27th dec, and after that heading to singapore then...the plan now is to spend new years with kat.
so u coming?
it'll be great! something to look forward too again!!!

yes, ppl, my friends are planning on coming down to kk for christmas! yes, Peng, Jude, Joni, Belinda, I expect all of u to do ur homework, and be the sweetest thing that resemble the culture of fellow "sibian" towards my new mates from INTI here..
hahah, yeah, mum was happy to have them, so am i acctually.
so theres definitely another island trip, poring hot spring! and we'll see ey?

called dee today! wished her happy b'lated b'day!
sorry lerr!!!! so late!
enewei, also Tommy here also...i knw i knw..its two weeks off the time!
but hey, its the heart that counts wat!!!
just wanna tell you guys that u guys have been a blessing to me!
jsut wanna tell you that, you guys are a real blessing!
yes, hugs and kissed to dan and tab too!

went down to the basketball court, and shot some hoops last night!
man , i;ve still got the touch!!!
yes, a.sook fern, a.Elizabeth! tell that to my mum, she has been naggin me to play basketball instead of futsal since forever!
jsut tell, her i lover her, and i REALLY did play basketball yesterday allrite!
thank yuuuu!!!

and college life now is a bit wierd!
there are ppl in the college, that take pics of me while i am sitting down eating my lunch in the cafeteria, and they like take it like spies like that!
i just dunt understand was a bit uncomfortable, but why is it , they cant just come up, and ask for it, instead of sneaking and taking my pic!
yea, was having lunch with the 38 klan the other day, in the college, and opposite us, there was this group of ppl, keep on looking over at us, later did i find out that, they were using the handphone to take my pic!
at first it was allrite...but after half an hour, one of the guy, taking it was just SO OBVIOUS!!!
well, next time, just come and ask for it lerrr!

enewei, gotta go shoot some hoops now!
God bless!

Thursday, September 30, 2004

~I love you baby, if that is quite all rite~

haha, finsihed Mcing the Orientation Night last night!
sold out tickets over 1000 tickets sold out, and yup a lot of illegal entries came along.
the attration really was because WONG YI DA was performing in our show, a singaporean, taiwanese based singer, one of the most promising new singer in the chinese Music Industry this year.(tell u guys more later)

and hahah, yes i'm glad its over! and yes, i personally felt really happy this time bout it. With my performance and also the whole atmosphere of the whole night was much more "relaxing and more warm" as compared to last semester.
( i was also one of the mc for last sem), maybe its all about the first time, and the second time, i was more "adapted" to it .
eneweis, thank all of ya for ur prayers! really do appreciate it.

Enewei, Rachel won teh Ms. INTI crown! hahaha,
was practically supporting her and other sabahan contestents " just a lil" bit more than the rest.
but yaaaa!!! SABAH !!!!! (rachel's sabahan too!)
Mr. INTI was won by Paris, from Hong Kong. (unique huh?)

the night before, we practised till like 3am, yup, dead tired!
then the next day, 3hrs before the show, they called me up and told me one of the mc wouldnt be doing it! and they wondered if i could take up all his parts.
came as a shock, tell ya the truth, was beginning to feel nervous, yup....reeeel nervous.
but told em i would do it.
so that's why guys, to answer all ur questions, i'm on the stage, more often than the other 2 mcs.
by the way, shawn and Nazrine, you guys did awesum!
great job and effort, learnt a lot from u guys. U guys really are blessings!
God bless

there were a lot of times that we had to drag the show, during the intervals of each performances and shows, hahah, yup, all last minute calls.
but praise God for the crowd. The crowd were awesome this semester! they played along, with some , well most of my stuuupid games and jokes! hahaha
really enjoyed them.
there was this one time, after one of the performance, the prog coordinator, told us right before we went out to drag it.
and i told shawn to challenge me to sing a song!
so shawn went:
"so bernard, since u think ur so smart, why dont you sing us a song?",
"do you guys wanna hear bernard sing? " he asked th crowd.
and suddenly, the crowd went " YYEEESSSS!!!!"
seriously, i knew ppl would say yes, but the eagerness and the volume for the crowd was thundering!
hahah....i played on, "u sure you want to hear me sing?", i asked.
"YYYEEESSSS!!!" , this time, they were louder.
i asked and teased them a lil longer, after a while...they were on the bait. (which we wanted)
(Thank God they said yes, if not, i also dunno wat to do!)
"ok larrr, uncle bernard sing u a song"
one of the crowd shouted "hey, dont sing NEGARAKU ok?"
and i went, " This song has a really special meaning me since i was young,...and here it goess.."
...the crowd went silent...
"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Bir...", i sang.
hahahaha, u can guess the reaction of the crowd, they BOOD and laughed! hahaha,
one fella threw a ticket at the stage, i exaggerated the whole scene...*loved that part*
hahah, the sound of laughter of a thousand ppl really is somthing you would enjoyed, it was ...warm!
after that i started singing ,
" youre just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you..."
the audience started clapping to the beat. and before chorus , everyone went,
" ta da ta da ta da da ter, der ta da ta da..." THEN...EVERYONE SANG!
(just in case you have no idea what of the song, its called "cant take my eyes off of you")
hahahah, loved that scence, enjoyed it really much.
and we went on with the show.

the crowd was awesome the whole night, really participative. enjoyed and really thank them for thier input, and reactions...hahah

Besides the Ms INTI and Mr. INTI Award, it was the Wong Yi Da performace that was also the highlight of the show last night.
well, first of all, hehe..he was late, so I had to drag the thingy again. hahaha, wanna thank the crowd for participating in my 10 minutes nonsense jokes, and also 2 volunteer from the crowd for coming up to the stage with me and played! hahah, thanks guys!
well, one of the most promising and talented new comer in the chinese music industry in Asia this year. also the junior of Stephanie Sun yen yup, he's got wat it takes!
thought he was just good at tapes and cds.
BUT whouw!!! His LIVE performace was just as good! really professional!
the crowd enjoyed him did I!
*go n check his songs out*

Really just wanna take this oppurtunity to thank firstly ; My Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, for always being there for me, for shaping me, for guiding me, for loving me, and being the refuge and my defense, my counsellor, and my Dad!
He is the author of my life, my source, in Him i find purpose!
there will be no accomplishment without him.

also, Social Board, for really giving me this oppurtunity again to do this, for beleiving in me, for encouraging me, and allowing me this great oppurtunity again to learn.
and the oppurtunity to work with Professional Mc's of Celebrities (Wong Yi Da), wow...really!Thanks Guys from a humble and yet a greatful heart!

of course my family, My mum. For Loving me! Love ya mum!
you too Belinda!

of course, my friends, from class, not from class, and the crowd, for being patient with me and my crap! hahah, u guys made the night sooo *sweet*

went and watch a movie with the 38 grp today! hahah, "New Police Story" by Jacky Chan. Not bad Not bad.
A 7 outa 10.

ROONEY mania!
the quest continues!

oh, will be heading up to Penang Tomorrow for the Life Saving Competition.
Do pray for safe journey ey?
thanks guys! u guys rock!

God bless

Sunday, September 26, 2004

stop being an arse!

Ps chew was with us on fri night's COUZ service. (COUZ stands for College United Zone in our church SIBKL, and its one of the zones in the Exist District, which is also the young ppl's district consisting of 2 other zones, NewSong, and Young Adults)

enewei, Ps.Chew was sharing wiht us about CHANge. That about change is good and change means growth!

He was sharing that most of us if not all of us jsut dont like change. Reason? well, we just like being comfortable, the things are and stuff.
but its just wierd that we dont realize that wants us to grow continuously, to change to his image more and more. And its just hypocritical for us to sing songs that says we want to do so.
The thing that really captures me with Ps.Chew is that he has such a fatherly spirit and heart, such humility yet coming from deep down inside him.

he was sharing that some ppl that he knows NEVER change! they were the same person they knew 20 odd years ago. and the fact that these ppl never wanted to change, ever stubborn, ever complaining, ever the same problem. its just sad. the fact that the peron, (or myself) just irked me!
"stop being a stubborn arse! "

"God will hear, and afflict them.
Even He who abides from of old.
Because they do not change,
Therefore they do not fear God" Psalms 55:19

Its fundamental truth that when we want to see reults at the end of the day, we need to prepare for it before hand. It may take weeks, months, years. Athletes or non athletes alike. Be it a sports event or non sporting events. Remembered we had to train so freaking long in the pool for a swimming competitionthat is like 7 months away.
well, change is a process. If you want that somebody int he future, you've got to start somewhere, NOW! not then!

If you go for the quick fix, all you will get is relief.
But if you go for Fit fix, you will get results.

its like my dad, have tried numerous times to ask him to stop smoking, he has all the excuses in the world for him to smoke, but yet he never admits that he is addicted,
"just used to it" he says!!!! *sigh*
and he says that he can stop it anytime he wants and he has the ability to do so!!
its just ironic! even a drunk man will tell you that he is not drunk and IS IN CONTROL!!!
it just common 'myth' and a cliche really, ppl to do so.
an my stand? i just dont understand what is the PURPOSE of smoking? I mean , these ppl knw the effects, but its just wierd ya knw?
anewei, i still love u guys! heheh....*sumthing to think about?*

i just loved what Ps.Chew shared:

If you want a better world,
comprised of better nation,
inhabited by better people.
Made up of better cities,
Comprised of better neighbourhood,
illumintaed by better churches,
populated by better families,
Then you'll have to start by being a better person!

saturday work in FREO was fun, met up with winnie, hahah...
crazy as ever!
hey gurl, stop hurting urself like that! theres always ways to settle things without doing so!
God bless ya gurl.

met up with Jeh, and his partne, Ed.
awesum personality! real friendly, definitely a ppl person!
I jsut love the atmosphere of FREO, i think being employed there is jsut a blessing.
With bosses like Jeh and Ed, bosses who loves God to the bone, always encouraging, always edifying, always communicating wiht ppl, and staffs, sharing to me that its more than just monetary work or company goals, its also souls!
always challenging and reminding me that, thier passion of wanting FREO to be, besides making money hehehe, its also about glorifying HIS name in the work place. Be it wiht customers or even staff!
u guys are a real encouragement!
God bless you dudes!

oh, for the first time, in the world! the opposite gender, asked me, for my no!
was in FREO's was accutally serving these 2 customers, gals of course, thought one of them looked exactly like U. John paujik's daughter.started a conversation with them, as i was serving them also.
they sat down.after a while went over and asked them how was the drink, how was everything...(customer services!....that;s the good thing bout FREO, its all about the customers! hahah..more excuses to talk to hot chicks!!!)
enewei, then one of them asked," can i give you a call sometime?"
i was stunned! ...i think i didnt blink for 25 sec! then i, allrite!
*note that guys like me like to play it cool~*
was acctually really flatterd.
just that gurls where i came from aint that *straightforward* , respect that, acctually i was the joker really!

p.s no the above paragraph was not intended to humiliate or make fun of anybody except myself! ahahah, yeah, gurls, in anycase ur reading this, its was ment to share my feelings, no offense ya! (noticed that no names were inserted *wink wink*)

had company dinner with everyone, well almost everyone at chilis, and it was really warming, not to mention the food! we ate like babi hutans!!!
hahaha, enjoyed outselves.
Smalls, Jocelyn, and Phaik wah joined us, met them there!
hahah, there jsut .....a blessing!

Man u WON!!!!!
WOOHOOO!!! 1-0 tottenham!!
like james said, we have a winning 2 games streak!!!
yaaaaaa!!!! hahahahah
(this is called supporters to its inner most! FANS TO THE BONE!!!)
Hasselbank got his faced whacked by John terry from a header! and yup...its was all bloody mary! poor guy!

sunday was cool.
met up with Melinda, yeah, met in friendster, talked a short while!
glad to knw ya! catch up wome more some other times?

met lyn at the church corridoor. saw her the first tiem without her specs and a skirt on!
looked so much better. thought she looked gorgeous! (is taht how u spell it?)
yup gurl, loose the glasses. u looked sweet!
then again, its all about you in the inside that makes a person!

do pray for my emceeing for oreintation nite on wednesday night!
and for my trip to penang this weekend for a life saving competition!

God bless

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


hey MU won!!! whoohoooh!!!!
ferdinand and the defense was SOLID!!!!
and three cheers again for Ronaldo. mmmmaaagiccc!!!!

enewie, mum sed the trip to penang was allright with her.
its all up to me now, wether i wanna go to penang for the life saving competition, all expense paid for, and given allowance/ to represent my college and just do my 'stuff'.
on the other hand, had to choose between going to penang for 2 days, or stay in college and experience INTI college's DAY!!!

the last time i was here didnt count. coz the last College day, i flew over here, to get my
Colours Award. For your info. INTI college award students with 'outstanding' academic and co-curricular activities.
yes, definitely proud of that myself. But really all Praises to my LORD Jesus Christ!
without HIM, there aint nothing bout me that i could boast about!
ENEWEI, eah, so the other time here was just so miserable, didnt knw anyone, except boon yao, and joshua...the rest was like 'whouw' ...JUNGLE!

so yeah, in dilemma right now...
but like John sed, Go penang!!!!
hahah..yeah, guess i'd just head down to Penang and rock the place huh?
"Let the chicks come to papa!!!"

enewei, the news is, i have already decided to be the Mc for the Orientation Night this semester. Just finsidhed our first meeting just now.
really its just another chance for me to learn again! real Blessed wiht the oppurtunity!
they're bringing in wong yi da, to the orietnation for performances, and autograph sessions.
so pray that awill have a great time and experienced!!

after the meeting met up with Kayti and was chatting with her on the way back. knew her from last year's Orientation Nite. She's basically the si-fu of the catwalk in our college. yup, she teaches and coaches the participants the catwalk moves!
pretty awesum and stressful job i would say.
At first, thought that she was a real 'furious' and garang gurl. saw her scolding some of the ppl...i was like..."stunned"!!!
whouw! .....hard stuff!
but really, after knowing her a lil more, must have been the stress and pressure on her during that time, coz she really aint that bad.

its just so ironic, i mean, we keep on saying that we should not judge a book by its cover, but we'll be amazed the amount of JUDGED covers we've done.
And really, first impression, as much as we hate it, Does count!
oh well!

enewei, the orientation night is on the 29th of Sept.
yup, 7 days away!!!
whouwh!!!! do pray for me ya??!!
thanks guys!

well, was talking with my mum bout my cousin's case.
was just explaining to her that the important thing really now is to make sure he gets out of drugs.
and the fact remains that the only way to start over again, is to get into a rehab centre. No matter how many times u tell others that ur off it. it wouldnt work, unless getting into a rehab centre. Well, at least theres still some credentials as compared to telling others bout urself.
was also explaining to her the fact, that no one would believe in him, even if he says so.
coz, its just plain logic, ask a drunkard wether he's drunk? you'll get the same respond from a drug addict.

do pray for wisdom and strength for my family...
God bless

Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Bundle!!!

had a very interesting sunday 'morning' bundling.
hahah, yeah, that's what Martin calls it.

yeah, after picking me up from work on sat night, he brought me over to downtown to check out the Bundle! , all right, allright, its also known as the pasar malam!
hahah, yeah, but you'll be amazed at what you can find around there.
met up with his friends, they're gonna start with the first street culture mag here in Malaysia!
so in other words, i went shopping with the GURU's of street culture!
go Martin, go guys!! hoo!!

awesome people, they thought me how to 'dig', what to 'dig', and how to really get it.
so this is what i learnt:
(i) check out the brands: yup, its all about the brand, dig for the brand, so these people knw thier stuff, and i heard brands, i'v never knew before, well, stuff like Supreme, X-large, Stussy, and stuff. Most of the brands they go for are brands from america.
(ii) ITS all about the age: the older it is, the better!
(iii) Limited: well, basically also because its old, and in good condition, no one really has these kinda stuff, so being 'limited' makes it all the more precious!

haha...real fun!

went to service, and the word was awesum.
we were continuing on the book of 2John.
and was touching on sins and christians.
was talking bout, we can always come to God and ask for forgiveness, after we've sinned.
but the highlite material really was,
Firstly, Chrisitans do sin, but they cant continue in that sin
secondly., when you do sin, you have to confess and ask God to forgive you
thridly, as John puts it, there is a sin that leads to death!

so, in other words, the popular, 'once saved, always saved' is on the table!
and yes, John was talking to christians, and not non-christians who arent saved.
check it out at 2 John 5:16

"If anyone sees his brother sinning a sin which does not lead to death, he will ask, and He will give him life for those who commit sin not leading to death. There is a sin leading to death. I do not say that he should pray about that."

so at the end of the day....Dont push it!

got confirmation from Kat, i'm 100% allright to head down to singapore at the beginning of nov!
thanks kAT!!
cant wait to see ya!

MU playing Liverpool!
Ferdinand coming back.
forsee a draw though!
hopefully MU wins! that should event he whole premiership!

oh well, we shall see!
God Bless

Saturday, September 18, 2004


hey, wadda u knw? i gotta log on to the net in FREO!
hahah...yeah, woke up today at around 1pm, was talking to Pao lin and A.adele, after cell last night.
yeah, she was staying in Adele's place also last night.

didnt do really much. cell was fine last night.
Belinda was there, and handed all the cd's that she wanted!
yup dee, your 'The day after tomorrow' is with her dee, just get it from her k?

came to work in FREO, met some new ppl.
Jimmy aint working here no more, got a lot of new faces around.
dunt see Jocelyn, Smalls, Phaik Wah, more no more.
heard that Winnie is still around.
work was allright.
was talking to a lot of customers , and found myself, got 'lost' at times, forgeetting some of the ingredients of the sample products...
hahaha, getting old!@

well, acctually my shift has already eneded, waiting for Martin's call.
its puring rain outside, and practically 'stuck' in ONE Utama..hahah...

still waiting...



should conitnue with my 'operation testimonial'

God bless

Friday, September 17, 2004

an early one

you guys would realize that i'm writting this way too early, at 4pm.
well the fact is...i am!
going off to kl later at 5 just thought i write sumthing befor i write again on sunday.

this is how it goes.
usually i leave for kl on fri's so yeah, that y, stay down at kl on sats, and after church on sunday, come on back.
yup yup.

belinda's (my sis for ur info), is in town. well, she's been in kl for almost a week deee acctually.
she's here for a dance conference. think she came with Ying. staying over with A.adele, also emelia i think.
oh Emelia's my cell leader!
hahah, thanks guys for accomodating this dragon, you guys are forever awesum!
God bless!

woke up at 2pm today!
hahah....yeah. had to 'sleep back' all the time i missed for the last one week.
I deserved it! hehehe

had lunch with sze yung, and decided, that i should continue with my "operation testimonial".
cool huh?? hrm
jsut that, i wanted to write sumthign for my friends in the list.(friendster).
and its going pretty well.

enewei, will be starting in FREO Smoothies tomolo at 4pm till 8pm, in one utama, again in ONE UTAMA.
cant wait to meet up with old frens...
kekke (if u guys are still there of course)

God bless

Thursday, September 16, 2004

MU drew!

Went to watch the MU vs Lyon match this morning...hehe, yeah, with tze yung and lee jar.
2 all draw! well, thank GOD for Nistellroy. Two superb finishing.
Real LUCKY!!
again, ronaldo was pretty awesome.
just bad keeping and huge mistakes for Howard!
hahaha....But a 2 all draw, dfinitely a fair result for MU. wouldnt ask for more!
ARSENAL won 1-0 easy the night before, the biggest news is that REAL MADRID loss 3-0 to B.leverkusen!

was super tired after the 8 oclock class, came backat 11 sumthing, hoping to get some sleep. Mana tau, Adrina called and asked me to accompany her to KL. shw wanted to go shopping!
i was like soooo exhausted. told her to give me 2 hrs of nap, then we take off.and we did!
ahahah..went down together in her sister's boyfriend car, ( he was outstation, we drove down), went along with Christina and Sze Yung.
hahaha....quite fun acctually!

Got my God-sister's mail today!! yeeyyy!!!
said i was welcome to singapore to stay over at her place in the coming break at november!
thanks Kat!
yeaah!! but need to confirm some of the details with her.
planning to give singapore a visit, plus just catching up with her.
then planning to fly back to kk right after that.
there is a current plan for a group of my friends from class ( the 38 club), the group that i went to melaka with, to visit kk, at the 'end of th year' break.
mum said it was all right! yeah!!!

Mum called.
my cousin, from pahang went over to kk today, and is sleeping on my bed as i speak!
well the issue is that he's in a tough position right now, so is the family. wunt go into details. But he's involved wiht some loan shark thingy and is down at kk now wiht his dad, dunno wats the plan. and is really stressing my mum out.
so am I!
really need your prayers. Pray that God will give us wisdom to deal wiht the prob.
pray for my mum too.

Pray for my cousin and his family, for peace, for safety, wisdom, most importantly for salvation. think no one can really help except God.

starting work this saturday in Freo's again, in One Utama!
yay!!! its been a while now. was working part time the last semester for only saturdays.
now, continuing it.
Just wanna thank J for always been an encouragement. always reminding me that the work in FREO Smoothies is not just about monetary means, but at the same time, to find the oppurtunity to just tell others of the GOOD NEWS!
you are a role model J!
God bless bro!...and oh, thanks for having back in the team!
will acctually start this sat. 4-8PM.
come check it out ya?
well, Freo is basically like 'boost juice' in Australia. we blend ice wiht fresh fruits, no added preservatives and no added sugar and coloring!
yup, and it taste awsum!
yeah, you can acctually drink that and no need to eat stuff, great energy provider!
hehehe...see once a FREO Smoothies employee, always a FREO Smoothies employee!

really tired now.
need sleep.
Thank You Lord for today!

God bless all of ya!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


It has been raining heavily here for 75% of the day here.
i'm loving it. Just finished washing my clothes, and realised that wow! Thank God Mum really trained my hard when i was younger. All these stuff aint that hard after all.

Happy Bithday Pao lin. You too Chui Lin!!
yeah, sorry for writting it down yesterday...kekek
thanks for always being a blessing! hahah.
For being true and being supportive!
May the Lord Continue to Bless you, in the things that you do, the things you wanna do, and on on the possible things you are going to do!

thanks Bj for helping round with the pic thingy.
i knw what to do dee. But the web page of m setting just wouldnt load completely, dunno wats wrong with the connection here. will try soon. Thanks mate!

And John! hahaha, i wasnt exaggerating when i say i dunt simply add ppl into my Friendster list EVENthough i have 421 friends.
Guys, you see....*ahem*, i'm sorry, but i dunt have the habit of adding new ppl into my list just after they say they wanna be my friends. i do wanna make friends, but by just adding them into your list doesnt necessarily makes them one!
its usually harder for me if i have no idea who the other person is.
i dont see the point of adding ppl into my list all for the sake of no.'s, and at the end of the day, the ppl on your lists are merely just links..nothing more!
wouldnt want that.
Praying for your hands John!

went to our christian fellowhip today. Thanks to Karen, hahah, i acctually have forgotten bout it.
it was the first meeting, not an official one, but just one that gathered all the existing fellowship members, just fiddling around, time of worship, and just a slight introduction.
Alwyn's the president!! yaaaa! Go SABAH!!!
an wer sticking back to the same theme as last semester.
"Touching Heaven Changing Earth"

see, the thing is, every semester they change the theme, and each semester lasts only for 4 months tops. and the thing is, i was just wondering that can we really acheive THREE different OBjective in a year? Is it really necessary? Is it healthy?
hrmm...was talking to alwyn and the others bout it..(didnt knew that He was gonna be president then) , well, at least they've taken it into consideration.
well, had this talk with Ying Fui when i was back in kk, and it was really an eventful time spent. ( well, spending time with him has always been eventful)
this fella is one of the major influence in my life, when i was waaaayyy younger, back in the teenage years! hahah
but really, He really talked to me, spent time with me, got me straighten out. Believed in me, and prayed for me!
enewei, he was challenging me to give more to the campus fellowship, asked me to broaden 'my' prespective.
will do will do!

it is through Ying Fui and other important people in my life, (u.wk & see meng, dee and tom, a.elizabeth, a.nancy, u. David Voon, A.tiok Hwa, u.chin hoe & a.sook fern, U.Foo & Mrs.Foo....etc etc), that make me know that God reallyDO LOVE ME!
sending so many people to help me, to guide me, all these years, teachinng me, disciplining me, makes me just stand in awe!
Thank YOu LORD, for Lovin me, for sending so many people into my life, to bless me, to teach me! Thank you for never leavingme alone, Thank You for shaping me into someone of your image!
really couldnt have gone this far without HIM!
Thank you Lord!

The Life Saving Socerty asked me the other day wether i was interested in joining a team to Penang early next month, to represent the college, to a life saving competition.
told them i will give them a reply soon after i talk to mum.
Met up with them today, and told them i havent talked to my mum.

To my suprise, one of the ladies asked, "why do you have to ask your mum? dunneeed ma!...she wont knw wat."
was pretty shocked by her remark.
Firstly, in my mind, why wouldnt you ask for permission? your not gonna go rob the back right? she said, "your old enough to make you own decision". True, but it doesnt mean that you have the responsibility to make one wihtout consulting your parents. Besides, they're still paying for your school fees...*hrmm~~*
and besides, they deserve to knw where you are! what is to happen to them if sunthing DO go wrong?
call me Paranoid. But lets turn the characters around, if you're the parent. seriously, wouldnt YOU want your children to tell you that they are going to Penang? instead of making you think that they are in the house planting flowers?
*i just dunt understand ppl nowadays*
no offense gurl~

Mum called!
hahah, yeah, talked to her bout the penang trip, she said that it was ok.
asked to go swimming everyday! asked me to stop playing futsal!
arrgghhh!!! hahahah.. mothers!
dunt you just LUURVVEEE them.
told me grandma called and complain how come i never called her!
kekeke..will do will do!
sorry grandma! i still love you!

saw this from Isabel and Nadia's postings.
Farny larrr....
just thought of doing it...kekek

1.Your full name:
Bernard Hiew Vun Poh

2. What friends call you:

3. What your boyfriend/girlfriend calls you:
dunt have one

4. What's a name you once wished you'd rather have?:
always liked my name. but if i had a bro, he could be called benjamin! lurve that name.

5. What is the ugliest name you can think of?:
Ursula (ur mean Nadia!!)

7. If there was a song about you, what would it be called?:
"The lone ranger" hahahaha

8. What would you name your kids?
Guy : Cameron
Gurls: Chloe

9. What would you name a ship you built?:
if...erm.... Alice

10. If you wrote a book, what would it be called?:
"Dating for dating sakes" or..." why do Dogs Bark?"

11. Thrown up in public?:
cant recall

12. Eaten or drank anything spoiled?:
yup..think it was spoilt milk

13. Had a rip in your pants you didn't know about?
dunt think i knew bout it then.

14. Tripped while checking someone out?:
Nope. Usually i just stop walking and stare! kekeke ( mum thought me well)

15. Had to pay for something you broke?:

16. Nearly drowned?:
i was 8 years old. all my family members were in the pool, i was in the baby pool.
got exited. called "uncle Pat ( my uncle Patrick)" , held out my arms to the sky, ran towards him, ( he was inside the pool) ....i sank like titanic!

17. Passed out?:
yup. i was 9, dad brought me to a friends party. they were drinking Xo, some of his dudes asked me to drink it....took some sips.....went doink! ON da ground!!
hahaha...mum wasnt really happy that whole week!

18. Had a crush on somebody:
19. Been stuck in the rain?:
20. Been attacked by an animal?:
there was this cat, my neighbour owned, she came into the house, holding a cat, and threw it on me , it scratched me, freaked me out. i think i started hating cats then. oh, yeah, her too!

21. Caught people kissing?:
well, witness really. didnt knew it was a crime.

22. Fallen asleep while driving?:
yup once...went up the side of the road on jln lintas.

23. Felt attracted to someone of the same sex?
24. Actually slipped on a banana peel?:
i've slipped, but not on those.

25. Made a wish that came true?:
cant remember. dunt realy wish, usually pray for it! HE makes all things possible!

26. Da gal/guy dat u like.. don't like u:
well, too bad for her, she missed her chance!
hahah.. nolarrr...i beleive everybody has the right to say no. just get over it.

27. Somebody was about to steal your car?:
well. you cant acctually send him/her to jail for that. i say, wait till he/she does it,then call the cops..Baru lah she/he kena.

28. You wake up with a billion spiders crawling all over you and your bed?:
reamain calm and say: "you have the right to remain silent, anyhthing you say..."
hahaha..nah, just wake up and just kill all of them!

29. You farted while giving a persuasive speech in class?:
they would never knw that it was me! kekeke

30. The person u like.. farted in front of u:
if i found out that it was her, she aint that smart after all.
coz theres a way of 'superminimize' the detection.

31. You have three wishes?:

1. Evetone i love to come to knw the Lord. ( its the best present i could ever give)
2. To knw HIs specific purpose for my life
3. 10 more wishes

32. The government allowed you to choose one thing to be made illegal and one thing to be legalized?:
Legal: Sharing the Word to Muslims. ( In Malaysia)
Illegal : smoking!

33. Britney Spears was at your front door asking for jumper cables?:
take a pic with her, and ask her what is it that she really wants.

34. You have a time machine?:
go back to when moses parted the red sea! awesum!!!!

35. Find the cure for cancer or the cure for aids?:
cancer! coz Aids can be stopped wiht effect! Abstinence!

36. Have the power to fly, or the power to telepathy?:

37. Have the power to see the future, or the power to record your dreams?:
see the future

38. Be really skinny, or really fat?

39. Be lost in a forest, or stuck in a box?:
hrmm.....Lost in forest. at least i'm not stuck there.

40. Be in a drama movie, or a comedy?:
41. Have your birthday on Christmas Day, or on February 29th?:
42. Live in South Pole or North Pole?:
South..nearer to home! kekek

43. Be on a plane or a train?:

44. Snow board or hang glide:
snowboard, coz i dunt knw wats hang gliding...( anyone?)

45. Be a ninja or a pirate?:

[Dream Guy/Gal]
46. Musician/Athletic:athletic
47. Muscular/Slim: slim
48. Romantic/Humorous: humorous

God Bless

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

tiring lerrrr!!!!

was sitting down the whole afternoon, trying to correct my mistakes.
the deal is, i told everybody bout my blogg, the catch is that, i gave the wrong add....
so i had to go all over my 421 list of friends to tell em that I've got the wrong add, and tell em the right one.
mind you, the copy and paste wasnt the hard part...its the waiting and the pressing of buttons.
it wasnt fun.

then you would also ask, why not just post a bulletin? hahahaha....ya horrr? y didnt i think of that?
kekek guess that's aht happens when we get wiser..*shait*

went and saw the powerhouse blogg site...pretty awesome
thank a.elizabeth for ur constructive proposal! would add one, just as soon as i get used to using this thing..
btw, susan i downloaded the dotPhoto program dee, but have no idea how am i suppose to link the pics there to my blogg
need help!!!

was in our class today when we have to decide on a class rep. was chosen as one.
well, nothing out of the ordinary,( not boasting ...just a fact really), i realised that i have always been a class rep. well for my classes at least. not that i LURRVEEE the job, but it has never been a burdun to me. i mean if i can help why not. and i just dont understand it why is it that someone would not want to do it, besides not being able to due to other circumstance.
oh well~
class was fun today, could acctually feel the bond between students. the fact that the trip to melaka really brok huge chunks of ice!!
hahah, felt really at home...relaxed. not as uptight as last semester

a.elizabeth was asking how come theres nothing bout my studees. hahah, allrite allrite.
for this short semester, i am only taking one subject, YES only one.
its Financial Strategy, really interesting subject. really enjoying it!
so its basically 2hrs a day, 4 days a week classes.
dunt get jealous, coz this paper is a double module paper, it means that i wouldnt have a paper this term on this subject, meaning also that this subject needs 2 semesters to complete. then at the end of the 2nd sem, then SATU KALI sapu everything!!!
told ya it aint that easy!!!

watched "Monster" this morning, yup , the one wiht Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci, YUP the one that Charlize got an oscar for, and Yup!
SHE was good!
its about the story of Aileen Wourno, a prostitute executed last year in Florida after being convicted of murder. WELL, six to be exact.
and the thing is that, she claims to kill out of self defense.
the movie, however, didnt entire support her statement for ALL six murders.
it was quite a powerful movie, really moving. Kinda shake me a lil.
mind you, she was kinda scary!!
hehehe, well, gues its not that easy winnin an oscar anyhow ey?

give it a 6 outta 10
not bad, not bad

gonna go and watch the Arsenal v PSV game later. yup champions league opener.
MU playing Lyon day after tomorrow, and now G.neville is out!
*sigh* what shall we do?
well, we've can put Oshea at left, Heinze and Silvestre at centre, and Brown at right.
thought that Ronaldo did excellet the other day, should at least make it to the pitch. Scholes, Giggs, Keane, even Kleberson.
Smith and Belion starting.
again...its football~
well, as for Arsenal....., hate to admit it, but they look favourites to go through, by slight margin i suppose, hopefull a draw. Dunt see them falter in this one! (dunt mind if they do..kekek)
we'll see.

God bless!

Monday, September 13, 2004

i'm back~
went over to melaka with a group of my friends from college, 11 of us to be exact.
was superblessed, shu jing's dad decided to let us crash his apartment, (they were not using it...)
Praise God for him. Thank you uncle...
yeah, so lodging was settled...and we drove 2 cars down.

ate the most of melaka food! awesum, there was the baba nyonya nasi lemak, then the baba nyonya cendol, superb.....
we headed to the holland village, for seafood. well, coming from sabah, it wasnt really sumthing to shout about, but the guys really enjoyed it! at the end of the day, i was glad that they really enjoyed it....oh, i got the chance to boast 'a bit' bout sabahan seafood! woohooo~~~!!!

the next day was awesum, went over to eat this melaka chicken rice, super famous, in town, the store was "chung wah chop" , but really if u translate should be "chung wah restaurant"
the place was superpacked...ppl was like standing all outside waiting to be seated, in the hot sun...yeah, mind you it was around 1am .....
but it was worth it, id say.
the special thingy bout it is the rice, its size of ping pong balls. Now, i've eaten a lot of those in kl, but the bug thing is that it all started FROM MELAKA!
seriously, you've gotta try the ORIGINAL ones!!! superawesum....
sumthign catched me though, there was this chinese couple with thier son sitting ordering for chicken rice, the rice came...they got a shock, and asked..."wat is this?"...
"can i have normal rice?" they asked....]
kekeke..FARNY LARRR...

in the afternoon,we went over to the Famosa and did our "mtv shot", yeah....hahaha....all the posing and and pics...kekek...
that was fun!
the place was beautiful, just awesome!
dinner was "satay celup", its basically steamboat, but the sauce you boil your food in, is some kind of satay sauce!!! ( told ya the trip was fun!)
the place apparently is the most famous in Melaka.
that was really an eye opener!
u guys going to melaka must try this! (also the chick rice)

after dinner there was the "ji chang jie" (chicken farm street = direct translation)
went over to check out the place there, there were a lot of ppl, especially old folks, they have line dancing...( hahah, tried that once with my family,.....for a while though kekeke...., and joni sucked in it! kekeke, well i wasnt any better, guess that's why most of us decided to drop it...sorry u.edmund)

met erica and azah in one of the cendol shop! hahaha, wat a supersmall world!!
kekeke, u gurls looking gr8! Bless ya!

of course later, me, sze yung and lee jar went to watch the MU vs Bolton game!
2 all draw was really a releif...but seriously, the second goal that Mu gave away was really sumthing u will condemn Silvestre for the rest of his season! sorrry for the fella.
really thought Bolton deserved the win, ( well, being a MU fan, a draw was really lucky)
but the ronaldo left foot shot, after tricking the defense was a superb shot!!!
highlight material!!!!
MU winning the season, still too soon to say, after all.....its football!

the next day, was superfun, went over to famosa city, and crashed the water park...
i think the games was allrite, but going there with a group of crazee accounting, stressed up nutcase was really a thriller! hahaha...
there was this ride, 7 stories high slide.
u need to climb 7 stories up...then sit down cross your hands on your arms, fold ur legs straight, one on another...then weee!!!!
all the way down!!!
the trick is that, besides its 7 stories that, it takes you only 5 seconds for you to get down....SUPERSTEEP!!!!
it starts with a normal slide degree...then ..suddenly...WHOOSH...down u go!
...of course , it ends in a splash, and ur trunks stuck between ur arse!!
but the adrenaline you get from it was like...." WWWHOOOUUUH!!!"
you practically have no time to shout. ( well, basically if you do, you'll be drinking all the splashes of water)
i went for 3 times, and now, my left ass cheek is still hurting. there was this part when ur whole body goes air born, off the board, and ur mind go blank, before u blink again, ur arse hit the board again!

got a good tan these few days..luve it.
hahah, this should make up, all the fun i missed out when i was back in kk!
dont worry mum, i still love you lots!
My mum is awesum, should tell you guys sumtimes, bout my mum's story! she's the best!

was really blessed these three days, the trip to melaka was really a good one. not just about the fun, but also the time spent with my friends here was really sumthing. Good bond!

someone once told me that i'm someone who " likes new things, and forgets the old ones" (friends of course). Well, i dont see it that way, i beleive that everyone is important to me, well, of course depending on the degree of friendship. but knowing more friends was definitely not intended to hurt anyone else. I like making new friends. i love my friends.
but making new friends shouldnt affect the depth of the older one. Matter a fact, if the friendship is built on solid grounds, so what IF we make more friends?
IT's simple really, i just want to be a blessing to others, just the same as others have been a blessing to me.

the thing that caught my eye, this trip down to melaka, was that, i realised there is a big group of older folks living around the place, and the atmosphere of the whole place, while i was there was so serene, and nice~
the sight of old man, cycling on a trishaw, doing taichi on the famosa field, the wet road on "chicken farm street" on a saturday night,...and the things that they do to fil thier time.
there was this huge group of old folks with family, sittin around, watching old folks, one by one, going up the stage to sing thier 'hokkien songs' ...

really was blessed!
God bless