Monday, August 27, 2007


Yup its my first time being up on a radio station.
Yes, it was really a marvelous experience.

Headed to MYfm to introduce myself and also more importantly our show
21st October 2007, (Sun)(Premier Preview)
6:30pm (Every Sunday)
Channel 19

Had a great time in the studio with the two lively DJ 尹匯雰(Wan Wai Fun) and 陈志康 (Royce).
*They were really really professional, and really good*

Attended the interview with 湯小糠 (Tang Xiao Kang), who wrote the theme song for our show called "到此一遊"

Here are some pics.
Thanks for all who tuned in, and for the encouragement.
God Bless

Monday, August 20, 2007

*Edited Post* Things im seeing alot these days.

Tonight 27.08.07, heading on to MYFM, 7pm interview =)
hee hee.

Have got a lot of people asking about the show.
But sadly, i cant really talk much about it.
Confidential laa.
So i thought i let you in on some of the things im seeing alot these days?
Hang on, its coming soon. =)
Pray for journey mercies and a blessed time of learning and discovering yeh.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Last day Here

Yup, most of you might have known.
Today was my last day of work here in KPMG.
Planning to continue my Professional Paper ACCA full time next year.

The job has been not a hard one to leave, but it has been truly rewarding.
Most of you might be still wondering why I went into accountancy in the first place. Haha
I don’t really blame you all. Haha
But I did. =)

Its been a great experience working here.
Learnt a lot, yup, as a corporate tax consultant. Wohooo.

Enewei, so what are my next plan?
Well, Here it is.
Ive got a call from Astro before I went to Bangkok and yeah…
To cut the long story short….
I’ve gotten an offer to host a TV program with Astro. Haha

They offered me to host a new traveling show, hosting alone, do it my style.
And yes, I’m happy with the offer.
The timing fits, the offer is acceptable. So I signed it.
Oh, did I mention that I’m hosting it in Mandarin??

The show will be on Astro AEC , Channel 19, called "Motorsikal "
Will be aired starting October.
So, yeah, ive signed the contract, and I’m having mandarin lessons, so if your in my car, and you wonder why I’m listening to Chinese radio? Now you know. =)