Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Present

Its Valentines today, one of the time of the year when we give gifts to people we love.
And since I Love all of you. Share something that I’ve learnt.

Its funny when we rarely compliment, acknowledge and let others know that we appreciate them in our daily lives, especially to our loved ones. Instead, we fill most of our time today with gossips, rumours, criticism, complaints and accusations.

Let them know.

Uncle’s dad passed away recently, both my sister and myself decided to go over and pay our respect and also be there for the family. And as I was sitting there, just thinking bout it all, and working it through my mind, thinking of how people who attended would feel, how myself, aspiring to be a financial planner is going to be relevant in situation like these..

I realized that when the time when I actually leave this place, besides the fact that I want to leave a good name, a good life, and let my loved ones know that I love them. I want my leaving to not be a burden to all.
I was thinking bout the medical fees cost incurred before that, the cost incurred to do the whole procedure of the ceremony, from the memorial park, to the casket, to the drinks, to the transportation. But most of all, for my family’s financial well being not to be jeopardized, that, they will only have to deal with the loss of the parent / spouse and not have to worry bout anything else.

And then the thought came like a on-charging train. What happens if you leave before you have a family, a wife? What if tomorrow is your time?

And when I thought bout these things, besides spiritual salvation, I realised the importance for an individual’s responsibility to plan for their personal finance. And personally, I believe the earlier you plan, the earlier you get a head-start and the lease time you give yourself to fail. – Inspirational.. I knw :)

Really take your time to digest this post, let me know what you think?
Happy Valentines to you. Hugs

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tribute To A Champion!!

A Tribute To one of my good friend! Your an inspiration, Champion V!!