Monday, December 20, 2004

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Bj and 38 klan is coming to town! today!!

las thursday, International Fellowship (i call it) had thier first meeting!
real good.
eventhough peeps were from different churches, but everyone were focused on one thing!
oh, well, its basically a fellowship, where peeps studying from outside Sabah, and we gather togetther, fellowship, Praise God, and learn from each other, and of course , do Word together!
so there was like John, Joni, Pao Lin, Hong Yi, Chris and Justin Yong, Tiffany,
WEE OOI PENG , and myself! (YES, THE DUDE IS BACK!!)

so these are peeps who were frm Perth, Sydney, New zEALAND, Adelaide, mELBORNE, and of course KUALA LUMPUR!!!

it is jsut about a group of us gathering together and fellowship, and Praising God, and having fun together!
we encourage peeps to go back to thier church and make that impactand input.
thats why we meet on weekdays!

Besides, we wanna create UNITY among churches! (ps.Utam ???)
ya knw? dwn with talks against other churches .
shouldnt we rejoice instead because HE/SHE is GOING TO ONE??

anyway, we were doing John Bevere!
about fear of God & Holiness!

its just amazing, coz theres a grp of peep who are really serious about God!
and the fact that i grew up these peeps, makes it more encouraging!
U guys are a blessing!
Keep it up guys!

Yesterday nite's CONNECT Christmas Party was great!
Loads of peeps.
Peeps frm out satation all came back. New friends!
Keep it up!

God Bless ya'all

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Was spending the whole day doing my assingments, then drama practice for christmas day!
decided to help out!
Do pray for receptive Hearts, and also the move of God!

was sharing in Powerhouse on saturday.
about what has happened, in kl, and the BLessings of God!
and encouraging and challenging about our passion for the ministry, and the attitude we carry.

The song "We are the Body" , by Jeremy Camp was amzing!
i found it touching too John!
thanks for the cd By the way!

Fenny was sharing also alot bout character, attitude of our hearts.
was really inspored by her, and her passion!

see guys? its the exhibit of an extraordinary GOD on an ordinary man!

Learnt so much from Fenny, bout how we should see our self as minor, and the ministry as Major!
and about how if not, we robb other's off thier blessing.

about, Giving!
and Leaders role!

i agree with Fenny totally, for me, A large portion of myself, is who i am is also because someoneelse "GAVE" themselves to me, their time, their invistment.
thier passion, thier gifts, teaching me.
and i was and am trully blessed by so many ppl inmy life, who continually to suppsot me, for being there, for beleiving.
for Giving, for all the picking up, and sending.
in kl, in kk.

Peeps, like Emelia, James, A.Elizabeth, Ying FUi, U.weng KOng, A.see Meng, many more!
and its leaders like this that impact lives!
Even as Fenny was sharing bout investing in ppls lives, about Giving.
i wanna encourage all of you ,
that trully,
"It is much more blessed to GIVE than to Receive"

Inpsired also by Lionel, his hunger for the LORD...wohooo!....its contagious baby!!
Keep it going!

By Jane, Her passion!
wohooo!!! she's really expressive now!!!

haha, and my dear brother John!
hheheh, you continue to encourage me wiht your humilty, and truthfullness, and the sweet surrender to Jesus CHirst!
Ur an encouragement! Keep it going!

God BLess

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Off work!!!

yeah, finished my last day of my part time, auditng firm,
work yesterday!!!

yeah, needed it, for the assignments, and dessertation!
now its, all focus on doing that! (and i'm having the time to blogg!)

ppl are coming back, and i need to hustle up and finish my assignments before some of them COme back!

its great to see Jane Lim , Jason Koven back!
havnt seen ron and walt!
beginning to be worry for them!
*sigh*, should call them !
do pray for my friends, ya!

erm..John's coming home...bryan Limus on the 20th...
and my bunch of 38 klan coming on the 20th too.

yeah, wat else, lets see....

wat else have happened.
oh, in church, during worship, and i heard it so distinctly,
yup, and i just released it in the congregation.

and during word, A.Elizabeth, told me.
"Bernard, that was good, that was very distinct, very precise,.......just it."
not realsing what response, i nodded my head!

and amazingly, was reading Jude's blog jsut now, and he felt the same!

Amen! at least we heard it rite from HIM!

Have your way Lord!

heading to the islands, with 38, on the 26th, wondering if anyone wanna join.
it'llb e awesome!
let me knw...before...ern...20th...


blessed hols!