Friday, September 30, 2005

deng deng deng

Had dinner with melody and her friends outside our house last night. with Lai as well.
it was raining here in the afternoon yesterday, so, the cool breeze was around, which was cool.
then, got to knw melody's housemates!
dunt worry, i behaved!
well, they must be thinking why Melody's church friend gila gila wan?
haha, let me explain, coz, they were awfully quiet, and ppl who knws me would knw that im
Allergic to quiet ppl, and there was like 7 people there, and the only one speaking at fist was only me and melody, and Lai, and
the rest of them were like quiet, starring at thier plates!
well, not to say anything against them larr, but takkan larr, i expect everybody to be GILA FRIENDLY!
so, i took the initiative to break the ice ( its a sickness and common thing if you are in youth ministry or any church ministry
for more than 3 years, especially if you were in leadership positions)
enewei, so, i started asking questions, and hahah, and aske some question, they thought i was this dumb guy,
coz i went into geography, of how to get to kelantan from here, where is terengganu exactly!
but seriously!
peopl from sabah would have no idea!
we knw ITS SOMEWHERE AROUND here! , but where exactly, not a lot of ppl can answer that!

i think i made my point!
so, yeah, the ice broke after 4 minutes.haha, then we went into whats their names. hha, got to show off a lil of my
mandarin writing skills! haha,

well, found out from Lai, that Liverpool drew with Chelsea,
yes Jen, they are not food!
soory! haha
but yeah apparently Liverpool should have won, with that handball, and all.
but seesh, Liverpool is getting strong after getting the "broomstick" over!
haha, peter crouch! haha

enwei, ended the night with going home, and James was supposed to come over to get the guitar i borrowd, but he didnt come, and
called up, saying that hes forgotten.
while waiting, i went through some of the cds that i have, and i decided to watch a lil of my performances we did in high school.haha
haha, thanks to felix, he burnt a copy of our bakat interact 2001 band competition! haha
and WE WON haha
man, the hairstyle i had! ! aouch!! , AND THE SHOES!! ARRRRHhhjj!!
BUT HAHA, i was still cool! haha
Praise you Jesus! hahah

and some of the orientation nights that i emceed , haha, ended laughing at some of the super lame jokes i made! hahah!
it was a weird but yet, really edifying, and kinda fun! haha
you must be thinking, this guy too much larr, but really, go back to your old photo albums, and just sit down and look at them, it will
bring back smiles, and memories.
I bleive, that when we look back whether its accomplishments or failures, the important thing, is what can we learn from it.
it brings forth new solutions, and yeah, remind yourself not to repeat the same mistakes again.
instead of what everybody else says "JUST FORGET BOUT THE PAST, LOOK TOWARDS THE FUTURE!"
weird isnt it?

so, heres today’s deal, im going back at 12pm later, to sleep, then come back to office at 5pm, all the way to 4am! hallelujah!!

da pics!

da pool scene

taking muh pics


on da set!


LEvis ass!

aiman doing his thang!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

oh here are the pics!

As of now, they still havent come back to me on any confirmation of the MTV thingies
so yeap just keep on logging onto here! haha

Thank you all of you who have been giving me words of encouragement and word of reminders!
and yes thanks JOHN CHAM, for promoting for me ya!!

yes, and a lot of you out there as well?!!
well, last night went out with MEI YEE, to watch "flight plan" (7.5 outta10)
met up with Mah, Desmond (from ICSJ) WE first met during the INTIMA conference when i was flown over for the kl trip!
that was cool! haha, but yeah, so we did some cathing up.
poor gurl Mei yee had to wait for me for a total of 45 minutes in the car!! thank yuuu!! so much gurl!
and yes, thank you Amanda for temaning me in da sms!! hahah, for that whole time! haha
yeah, my buttocks is really getting bigger everyday with all the sitting.

haha, so , just wann wish VANNY a Happy B'day today!!
haha, wat larr, why sms me and tell me ive forgotten "someone's" b'day! i didnt forget larr!
you arr! hahah, yeah, gimme a call alrr, for you b;day present!

enewei, im supposed to stay back on friday night, thats tomolo night for the budget speeck, for you ppl who hav eno idea what kind of budget thingie im talkg bout, haha, ask ur daddy,
well, its a the malaysian federal decisons on the nations tax larr, prices larr price of chicken larr, the price of ur ps2 larr all those larr, and we as a prominent firm in this country is to be giving avice to the country's cabinet on these vital issues, and they couldnt do it without the help of MR.BERNARD HIEW! hahah
im may not be important but im super significant!
theres a difference ya knw? if not there wont be two words!

felt really guud today, coz sam messaged and told me that he wanted to serve when he goes back to kk , and he was telling me taht he wants to sing for church or the youth!
so encouraged! haha, grown eyy?!!
keep serving, coz there where we start to grow!

and this lee jar arrr, wat larr, you want FISH LEONG'S concert, which is on sat, and u ask me to go and get it from you!! ??harrr!!
so brave orr, ask me go and call zi chen again!! hahah
lucky your my president orr, how dare i say no orr!
hahah, and i did call him, mana tahu hes in beijing! haha
but yealarr, will get back to you on the tickets larr!!
tell ur sister dunt do this kinda thing again! so last minute , i aslo pai seh orr!!

thank you jenn, for the reply, sweet of ya!
heart warming! heheh!
and yes, gimme your gmail address larr, the hotmail you have cannot tahan my HEAT! haha

so, here are some of the pics! enjoy!
thanks again!
God bless

Monday, September 26, 2005

MTV baby!


Yeap! Im still alive.
The two days of mtv treatment didn’t blind me!!
Hahah, am kinda insensitive to the camera already.

So, it was two days of Tiring, Interesting, and most importantly FUN filled two days!
Hahha, learnt so much.
Well, it was both days of 8.30 and 7.30 am mornings, and its like 12 hrs straight! Hahaha

And we were cammed the whole time! Talk about being paranoid.
But yeah, so, met up with da rest of da 4 dudes.
To my amazement, the 5 finalist are filled by 3 dudes, and 2 duddetes!
Well, that means 3 guys and 2 gurls!

Lets start off with da gurls.
Deena – Half Chinese, Quarter Saudi, and Quarter Bulgarian. She’s studying speech therapy! She really speaks superproperly!!
Temily- Half Chinese, Half Indian! ( Chindian) and my gosh!! Shes only 15!!!! Haha, it took me 9 guess to nail that!! Haha, and I got it ahead of everybody else, they took around 14 guesses! haha

Da dudes
Naz – The most senior of all of us. Wunt reveal his age, watch him do it when its on air.
Was the previous host of Disney Channel.
We were like this dude! looks familiar. I nearly went and hugged him when he told me, that he was the host of Disney show!!

Aiman – Doesn’t look like a malay at all. He looks like a friend of mine in Australia, Ethan, but enewie, hes super retro, supersmooth, took a semester off, and working as a dance choreographer now with Limkokwing. ( and you knw wat they say with dudes who can dance!~??)

So, yeah, im the only pure bred CHINESE!! Wuha!!!

But we got along really well, just having fun and chit chatting around!
Hahaha, and yes, got some dance moves from Aiman! ( Thank yuuu!!!)

Well, we went to ASTRO first, so, yes, will be featured in october’s I think its going to be on the Astro guide book! Haha

And then there was Berita Harian, then Kosmo mag.
Did interviews.
And the cool thing is we had to change for all these shoots.
Haha, fun!

We had these group of ppl from mtv following us around, telling us what to do.
And yeah. Cool.

I guess the coolest thing was when we were in TIMES Square, we just go into Levi’s and was given the order to pick up 3 tops and 2 jeans , whichever we want, and yeah, and it will be ours!
So, we DID larr!
Levi’s was sponsor for this whole thing, so yeah, we were to wear levis, but also have to jaga which one we pick.
Haha, Aiman and Naz went for the leather jacket terus, and I went for the limited edition Jeans, hahah, mana tahu, they said cannot !!
Seeshh! , I was just imagining myself in leather jacket and leather pants!

The next day was much more tiring.
Thank you james for the guitar!!
We were suppose to do our profile shoot, and do sumthing**
Secret!! You see it on MTV larr!
They are editing it now, and is planned to be on air on the 3rd of oct!

Sorry JENN, don’t sit there on Tuesday and wait..!!
But it was sweet of you to record it for me!!
Hugzz!! Hahah
Nanti balik, boleh kasih kau makan ngau charp okehh?? Hahaha

And the cool stuff is that, they choose different locations for each of the finalist.
Hahah, mine was in this chinky Chinese restaurant inside Hilton hotel, and Aiman ones was in the club!! Supercool~
And deena in the lounge, and its cool, coz they based it on each of our characteristics!
So, I was asking ANN from mtv why mine was in here,…she looked, and said.

And just to keep you prepared, that I was swimming for a scene.
Haha, they were recording the whole thing. Hope they dunt edit it to like me slow-mo, taking off my swimming trunks, and shaking water off my hair, while taking off my goggles!! Hahah….

*imagine this, me slow mo taking off my levi’s jeans , with “ unchained melody background music” , then slow mo swimming, then me, rising up from water, then from the pool , then the camera zooming to my bod, with water pouring slowly from my face to my chest, to my “ 6 IN 1” abs….and then….*ahem*

Seesh, then ill be definitely skinned by my mum!

But seriously, just to tell you first, they are doing the editing, I DIDN’T, I REPEAT, I DIDN’T suggest the above to them. So IF it comes out like that, please dunt ask me why I did it, coz I just swam okay?? ~




Seesh, I think need to make some calls dee
To find out more…

Show you da pics some other time kay?? Sorry! (have loads of work today)

God Bless

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

more sites!! hahah

well, to begin with Thanks to a lot of ppl who really is helping me promote..hahah
yea, my sincere thanks.

to the some of them that i knw of already, ya can go and check it out at beloww!! :

Jocelyn's -

Jenn's -


Justin Chen's-

(a.k.a THE HINGE)

it was really kind of you guys~
i really appreciate it!

well, heres some good news, got an answer from MTV Asia already, and yes, the sms coting is confirmed, and the dates WILL COMMENCE 3RD OCTOBER TILL THE 22ND OCTOBER!!

well, at least we knw when we can start sms ing right?
and yea, i still havent got the de news about where to sms to...butdunt worry, id get to it.

so, yeap!
lets see, heres the deal.
wer meeting up, yes with the rest of the peeps this weekend, then on sat, wer doing some fitting for Levi's, Interview with HOT magazine. yes, go and get a copy in your local magazine stall.
think its once a fortnight mag. haha,
then its gonna be a shoot on sunday of our profiles, which you guys will see on MTV.
yeah, sumthing like that.

was praying bout stuff yesterday, and yeah, have decided that would obey. Even if it means foolishness in the eyes of men.
i was just seeking, andyeah, i realised, at the end of the day, it aint about me anyway. im just a vessel, wanting to be used by HIM. if it means whatever, then whatever it shall be. whichever bring forth HIM glory the best!

will go into details next.
yeah, but do pray with me on this one.

thanks dee for calling last night!
really it was really guud!
apprecitate it.

and yes, A.E, the blog you wrote!! hahah, so heart warming....i nearly forgotten that one!

love you guys!

Monday, September 19, 2005

im on MTV already??

Eunice called me up just now and told me this...

"hey, Eunice here..."
" Hey Eunice, wsup?"
" hey, i saw you on TV!!?? "
and then, continues

Apparently, according to her, its like a bloopers thingy and im on it laughing off!
cant remember i laughed dat much tho..
havent seen it.
anyone seen it??

tell me bout it aight?

haha, wanna thank peeps like Justin Chen and Jocelyn teh haha, for allowing me to be "advertise" in thier bloggs! hahaha
thanks peeps!! luv you gus!!
really appreciate it! hahah

and been having a lot of messages like, "dunt forget us when you become famous nanti arr?"
haha, well, you should knw bernard hiew by now larr! hahah
enewei, i wunt, but i've gotta say this, im superbad with names especially if i havent seen you or havnt talked to you in person allrite.
(jen is different! so is jay jay and Inessa!! haha, coz Inessa and I are related!! )
i dunt care!!
NO no!!! shaddap!

hahah, well, nope, they havnt announced it yet, *i think*
somebody go and check it out for me, coz i DUNT HAVE MTV!!

thank you thank you!
yes, to a lot of people that ive been talking to lately bout this whole MTV thingy,
yes Pastor Chew and Lee CHoo, Ps Lindy,James, Cissie,Dee, Mum, A.Adele n Vincent.
friends.. for your concern and also some very encouraging words!
too many really, there was Jenn, Nad, Cindy, Dland, Stanley, Michelle (oz) , and really a lot of people...erm...vicky from asutralia, Michelle and Angeline form Melb! haha
Nad and Carole!! hahah

Things are confirmed for this weekend already! but id tell you guys bout it later

NOTE: thank you for the response!! really feel the LURVE!! haha, but yeah at the meantime, just keep chekcing up this site kay?? hahah

managed to call my sista Belinda bout it, coz shes been having exams.but i thought id tell her larr, coz it'll be weird and kasihan for her when everybody else knew that his brother is involved with this MTV thingy, and she didnt!!
hahah had a guud talk with her!

she was really excited !
she went like
" OHHHHH~ OH MY !!!! "
" HOLY!!!!....YERRRR!!! HAHAHAH!!! ....YERRR!!! ???!!!"

hahahah!! havnet heard her being so excited bout things for a long time dee!!
hahah, and yeah, love her! haha, miss her already!

God Bless Peeps

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Sorry for taking so long to tell you guys this, but I wanted mum to knw first.
Okay here goes!!
Well, I didn’t blog this in the first place because I didn’t thought it mattered. But enwei, a month ago I was in sungai wang with Ah Jut, Vanny, Kent , Dickxon Stanley etc and in the concourse area we saw Denise Keller?
There was an event going on. YUP,MTV Asia was lookin for a new VJ.
So a gurl worker seeing me snapping some pictures there me to go ahead and try for the audition.

So, I thought that there was nothing to loose, just go up and try larr.
And I went up the stage and I did my thing!
and the thign is i had this rap thingy in my mind, and some beatbox, and a song...
the worst case scenario happend, i forgot to do the beatbox, which i thought was my "special weapn" , and then i the song i wanted to sing was sung by this gurl right before there goes my suprise element, and my lines!!! hahaha
so, i just went up ahead introduced myself alil, and sang the same song..
Yeap that was a month ago….


A month later, 3 days and 15 minutes ago. MTV Asia called me up , ……
*are you feeling thisss??**
They told me that II was chosen to be the finalist , one of the 5 finalist that is going through another thing!!
Yeah, they were choosing 5 finalist around Malaysia for this thing. And yeah, apparently I was blessed, and chosen! Haha

but when i was talking to Anne, from MTV, i was like.." oh? oh..allrtie, sure...okay...ahuh? allrtie..sure"
" worries.."

*acting acting cool saja! haha*
but deep was..."dup dupdupdupdupdupdupdu" dats da heart byu the way!

This is super crazeee!!
I mean, in my mind, it was all over, I mean, it was a month ago.
I really thought there wasn’t goin to be anything.
Coz the last time with Astro, they called me up the day after.
Hahah, and when that call came just now… I was like….’whowwwwW!!!???!!!”

Yeah, just wanted to share this super experience with ya guys!

Well, dunno wats gonna happen next, but they called, and told me that wer suppose to meet up on 23rd , 24th and 25th September to do a magazine shoot, and interview!!
This is really like “outta my mind” kinda thingy!

Talked to mum bout it…she needs time to think bout it.
Hahah, I always do.
Hahah, coz the last time with Astro, she didn’t wanted me to do it…
Haha, and yeah, I chose to obey.
But this time, as I was speaking to her, I was asking her to see the bigger picture.
Heres how I see it, if it was to be true that I do win it,

*(I think its going to be through sms…dats where you guys COME IN!!?? hahah…YEAH, but that’s not the reason why im writing! Haha)*

Then I see this 3 month or longer, to be a learning experience, I mean, I can always come back to this line of my current work. But the thing is I couldn’t get that experience if I weren’t allowd lar..
And more..Please pray with us for direction from HIM. Coz at the end of the day, its HIM I wanna honor.

But yeah, as of now, im just happy to knw that I am one of the f5 finalist that was CHOSEN to be a mtv asiaVJ!!???
The winner apparently will be given a 3 month contract with MTV asia. So, it aint that bad.
Hahah!! How cool is that!???
But yeah, …praying bout it as well.

Wanted to share this with you guys, coz you guys are closer than you guys think!

Here are some pics of dat day..hahah




Tuesday, September 13, 2005

its contagious!

well, sumthin is up.
and yes, i just feel that its really a testing time for me.
just wanna thank you all for realy being there for me, even as i spoke to some of you.

yes, sumthing big came up, and think i wont talk bout it much here, until i tell mum bout it first.
hahah, yes, at this moment, several ppl knws already, just wanna thank all of you ya!
so...diam diam dulu kayy??

enewei, haha, just keep you guys on the hook first.

was just checking on eunice's blog, and found this weird link at:
and this is what my name means..well according to thier freaky defination:

adj. to be in a (sexual) relationship with someone.
"Is it true that Kelly and Jackie are bernard?"

...jsut SO WRONG!!

and did this: kinda fun!
got it from eunice's blog, who apparently got it from somebody else...enwei
Write down 20 names that pop into your mind:
[1] Belinda
[2] Jennifer
[3] Carole
[4] BJ
[5] John Cham
[6] Sam Cham
[7] Hong Yi
[8] James
[9] Cissie
[10] Martin
[11] Joni
[12] Gavin
[13] Pao Lin
[14] Chui Lin
[15] Inessa (i also dunno why)
[16] Vanny
[17] Ah Jut
[18] Desmond
[19] Zi chen
[20] Dickson

(those name came up in around 30 sec!!)
okay here goes:

A.Who is #8 going out with?
going out with Cissie

B.Is #9 a boy or a girl?
a gurl

C.Would #11 and #2 will make a cute couple?
nope.haha, but theyr'e both ...erm..cute..but..NOPE!

D.How about #18 and #4?, they're very MALE! (haha u reading this bj? haha )

E.What grade is #7 in?
think shes doing her 2nd year in university in melbourne

F.When was the last time you talked to #12?
last friday night

G.What is #6's favorite band?
whow...never knew he was into band...erm...maybe erm... Backstreet boys? ..they're a BAND RITE?? hahah !dunno larrr!!

H.Does #1 have any siblings?
Yes. An older brother, heard that he was this hunk! *hahah*

I.Would you ever date #3?
well, yeah! haha, but not at the moment! haha (told ya im honest!)

J.Would you ever date #17?
oh, we are doing dat already! hahaha,NOLARR. hes a dude!

K.Is #16 single?
hahaha, sorry vanny.! technically YES!

L.What's #15's last name?
hahah, its Inessa Ngu De may!

M.What's #5's middle name?
he doesnt have a middle name. Its John Cham Chi Vui ! thats' Full!

N.What's #10's fantasy?
revolutionalize the youth today! making that differencE!

O.Would #14 and #19 make a good couple?
Nope. I knw her too well!

P.What school does #20 go to?
doesnt go to one anymore.

Q.Tell me a random fact about #11?
shes ALL on for GOD!

R.And #1?
shes is having difficulty dealing with mum! praying for you gurl!

S.And #3?
she wants a kid like me! hahaha! AND IM DAMN PROUD OF IT!

T.And #2?
she makes me laugh**

U. Have you ever had a crush on #16?
no Vanny. no crush.

V. Where does #9 live?
kelana putri apartment!

W. What's #4's favorite color?
i think the latest is PINK! hahah

X. Would you makeout with #3?
shes taken. so thats a no

Y. Wat bout #2?
i thought you will never ask! hahah

Z. wat bout #1?

Y. Are no.#5 and #6 best friends?
THEYRE good! they're brothers!!

a. Does #10 have any pets?
poor pet! haha, no! (maybe none anymore!!haha)

b. Is #12 older than you?
yeap, by a year i think

c. Give #13 a hug?
not yet. but haha, duuno larr, i think no gua..

d. Is #15 the sexiest person alive?
hahah.. Inessa...well, sorry gurl, but im sure you are in some areas.

e. Is #14 weird?
Nope. shes the best sister ive met!

f. Have you seen #7 naked?
HOLY ..... nope. sorry yi! (i didnt set the question)

g. What's #3's favorite food?
dunno. the last meal we had together, she said she liked the DOME's pie!
*guud memory*

h. Would #9 kiss #17?
no! hahah

i. Who would u choose, #11 or #13?
id choose 11. coz Pao Lin sometimes remind me of myself. (DUNT ASK)

j. What car is #18 driving?
a nissan. superold car..but hes damn proud of it.

k. Does #10 have a bf/gf?
nope. Not yet.

l. Will u ever fight with #5?
nope. but it really depends on wat he do larr. i might?~~

m. Would u go for a vacation with #16?
oh yes, really fun gurl to be with.

n. Who would u like to be sleeping naked with the next day u wake up hungover, #8 or #12?
ha? noth guys!! ...i think James larr

o. Have u seen #2 drunk b4?

p. What brand of cellphone is #14 using?
Nokia. i think

q. If #2 and #17 fell into the water, who would u rescue 1st?
id say #2. coz i knw #17 can swim pretty well. Not sure bout #2. Dunt worry, i can SwIM!! hahah, imagine i said all that and i couldnt swim! haha

r. If u are to choose someone that u can dump into the sea.. who would u choose? dump #5 , John Cham, coz he can swim the best amongst all of them.

s. When will #5 get married?
when he is ready!

t. Who will win the fight, between #11 and #19?
id say 19!

that was fun!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Things you never knew bout Bernard Hiew??

haha. thought i talk a lil bout myself that you would not knw..haha

(i) Loves Jesus (sure hope you guys knw this already by now!! )
(ii) Blessed!
(iii) only eat either Kellog's Frosties or Coco Crunch
(iv) I am Hakka !!! hahaha
(v) Can play musical instruments!! hahah.... does the bell count??
(vi) Never enjoyed Valentines Day!!
Use to and still have a hard time going through days like
that. U guys might say " its nothing, aiyarr , its like..."
But really, nevr experienced it, so watever you say wouldnt matter enewei!
(viii)If theres any instrument that i can'll be da piano.
(ix) i dunt like washing clothes!! i just dunt!
(x) i need ironing classes!!

that should do it for now!!

OH yea. i've got the pics from Shinyi's assignment, the one i modelled for her assignments. ended up very guud, goodness!
i mean, that was when i just woke up.
imagine if i was charged up!! think some ppl might just die there!!
hahah...oh me and my charm~

heres "Some" of the pic
yeah, its for your own guud!! haha *im serious!!*

yeah it was in Black and Whites.. (my first really)
Guud job shin yie! (dunt knw how much you'd score, but i like it!! haha)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thank you Lord!

yeap. just wanted to Praise God for really taking care of me all this while.
ALL THESE WHILE , keeping me with guud friends.. and it was cool.
and especially with this job.

so, i graduated in April, and spent two months holidaying with 38 group, and spent some time back home with mum, which i treasure most now!
without a moment began to search for any job.
just after 2 months, decided to do so, so i made several calls, and sent emails, over to just several companies i had in mind, prayed over it. and waited.
a week later, THE COMPANY im working with now KPMG, called, up and asked me to go for an interview.
went for the interview, in one session, and Praise God, got the job on the spot!!
You may beg to differ, but i choose to Give all Glory to GOD!!
Thank YOu Jesus!

well, life now, is well "more"
hahh, its still late nights, but at least no more weekend works,
so i have some time for myself, and also ...yeah, just myself! (hahha,need to work on that one)

yeah! Thank you Jesus.

came across this just now.
hahah, sumtimes we wonder bout woman, and heres just one of the things, that really does depicts my wonders on the BEST creation HE has made - A WOMAN!!!

"I know I'm not going to understand women. I'll never understand how you
can take boiling hot wax, pour it onto your upper thigh, rip the hair
out by the root, and still be afraid of a spider."

"prepaared" myself, and watched "a lot like love" acted by Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet yesterday night.
Jennifer Pederson and Jasmine was asking me to watch it..
so, i did. was feeling lovey dovey, and i watched the dvd which i bought half a year ago.. only found the right momentum to wach it last nite.
ended up sobbing !!!
NO I DID NOT CRYYYY!!!! ( dunt do it Jen!!)
hahah, ashton's character sounded really familiar to me..
haha, well, not taht im gonna change a lot of things just bcoz of the movie, but it did reminded me to look at the bigger picture!

~wanna "keep my ducks in line/a row" ~
watch the movie...then tell me wat you think?

as i was telling Jennifer, am loving the "IF YOU Leave ME now " song by chicago now!!
asking James to download the song for meee...
now this song will always remind me of you Jen.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

im in starbucks

yeap! im coool!!!
tell me bout it! ~ wohooo

haha, just finished dinner, after work, got out with Martin, and JOni went for dinner in this hongkie place.
then coz JONI wanted to do her work, so we ended up in starbucks.

and talking bout starbucks..i prefer starbucks than cofeebean.
but if your thinking of spending me some cofeebean, its allrite!
wouldnt mind that at all.

ohkay, think i should say hi to Jennifer Pederson!
ohkay,dat should do it.!!

and oh, about ryan's brother, hes name is Jonah, it is yet yo be confimred!!!

and i have to go now. coz joni said so!!

Monday, September 05, 2005

The challenge is on

Heyyyy, so the trip on saturday and sunday was good.
it was just procom and cell leaders meeting together for Couz.
| Procom= Project Commitee | COUZ- College United, its my church's college zone|
so, it was guud, we identified a lot of areas where we were not doing very well in, and at one point, we were really hopeless, but after a while, the energy in the place was awesome, everyone was commited to change it, and the atmosphere changed, we acknowledged our problem, and was commited to see ourselves, in making those changes ourselves.

and it was good, we began searching God's Heart.
and the next day, the rest of Couz interns came along, and we began sharing what we were thinkin, and got them participated, we introduced, our problem,, and very bluntly, and frankly everyone poured out what they thought.
and it was encouraging to see that there were people who cared about college people, and was wanting CHANGE!

so, Pastor Lindy, challenged all of us to hang on for at least 3 months.
coz a lot of times we dunt hold more than 3 months, and all the things, fall back down on her!
so , the challenge is on! 3 months.
i was suprised that SIB Couz at their size has problem that even MEGA Youth had, and it sounded so familiar, and it reminded me of dee and tOM.!!
hahah yes dee, in many times, i saw that SAME passion in Lindy as i saw it in you Dee!
it was encouraging!
so, i participated. and it was good!

so the challenge is on!!

AND OH, CONGRATS to U.Donny, and A.Cat!
for thier BABY BOYYY who has not confirmed his name yet!
YES, this is going to be RYAN's new brother!!
hahaha ...ryan a brother can you imagine this??

for all of you who dunt knw who is ryan, hes my cuz, my favr8 one! hahah
check him out! he's totally adorable!

enwei, u.Donny is still in china now, hahah, was having dinner with him the other day (friday night), a day before he was heading to china, and he was just mentioning that his wife, my aunt, is going to deliver!
hahah, mana tahu, the day he flies to china, the baby come! hahah

so enwei, i have another couzin !! and hes a Boy!!!
hahahaha, boys kick ass!! ...but gurls are just as sweet as well!

was talking to Cissie, Celestine, Shin yie and James on the way down fromthe retreat, yesterdaty and was talking bout my babies name...
it has to start with the LETTER C!
coz. my dad and mum was A ( Anthony & Alice), me and my sis B( Belinda, Bernard)
so, our children will be C
any ideas?

ive got some ideas :
Boy : Cameron, ....Chow kit ?? hahaha!!!
Gurl: Chloe, Chelsea.... cytoplasma ??

c'mon drop some!!

heres ryan!!

Friday, September 02, 2005

fast one

so heres the story, my colleague is wanting to go home now, and is waiting for me!
Bless her Lord!

so, going back tonite, meeting up with my uncle for dinner, and tomolo and sunday going up to someplace near Genting for our College Ministry's leaders meeting!
told ya i was getting involved!
yeap, do Pray for safe journey, and BLESSED PICTURES!!

God Bless peeps!!
(think this is the shortest posting in one year!! hahah)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

i moved!

smile ...heee heee heee

38 club again! hahah, without ah gan, mei lian, and susan!

not bad a pic jo!

joni, dunt use the flash ba!!!

now you see him

now you dunt!


yeap, so that's wat happened the last weekend, spent last saturday morning modelling for shin yie. hahah, enjoyed it, haha, she was doing a photography assignment, and needed a model, i helped her out!
haha, then after that, went to lunch with zi chen and ah jut.

hahah, zi chen was still on me about not going for his album introduction show in sungai wang, the night before.
haha, i told him i couldnt go coz was heading for Couz meeting!
was backup singing!
hahah, matter a fact its kinda cool that i told a star that i couldnt go to his show in sungai wang, and that i had God's work in hand!
stand your ground!

enwei, so, ah jut's album is coming out early this month.
think its on the 10th of september!
aint it great, having lunch with two stars! ahahah,
and i beleive that, when we walk straight with GOD, we'd be having lunches with Leader's of nation, Kings!
make your life count,make every difference for HIM!

enewi, went and got zi zhen's album after that. gotta say, the album was pretty guud.
nice songs.
give it a 8/10
not bad!
then later went to giant to buy air cooler!
hahah, zi zhen insisted to get it for me for my house-warming gift!

then i fell sick during monday, yeah, was feeling cold, took monday off work, stayed at home and did nothing, watched some dvds ! hahah
tuesday was tried going to work..but still a lil wierd, then took a half-day off work!
and can u imagine, went to churchs' overnight prayer meeting.
stayed till 4 am in the morning.
haha, next day woke up around 2pm...haha, did some laundry and went out with martin and joni! haha, went and got some grocieries, and then caught a movie "Dukes of Hazards"
hahah, guud comedy! (8outta 10)
enjoyed it a lot!!


oh 3838 CLUB! ah gan bought a phone dee, can call him already okok??
God Bless