Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Love My Family!

So, my lil cousins came over with my Grandma and Uncle the other day.
When the kids saw me, they ran up, with arms wide open.
Gave me their Biggest hug around my butt. Hahaha.

It was just a hug I know. But it was really something.
I guess, I really missed my family.

I took the kids for shopping!
Brought them to a toy store, and told them, they could only choose one.

Poor Jonas. He really had a hard time!

Then we started taking pics, when we found out...

Jonas dunno how to wink..

Like any other Hiew he kept on learning himself, INDEPENDENTLY, on the magical tecnique needed to master the skill of the wink! (*manually*)

Is'nt he just adorable?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update Update

Heys, for some of you who were wondering what have I been busy lately.
I'm hosting a new program!!
"Hotlink Caller Ringtone Chart"
Every Saturday
5pm, Astro AEC 301
Check It Out