Friday, March 18, 2005

whats with the ASTRO thing?

i knw i knw..its been ages!
yea, been super busy with dissertation.
Finally got it done, and passing it up tomolo.

so, decided to tell you guys wat has been going on.
dunt worry, im still in a peice, but yup, a lil more chan, and a lil skinnier, darker eye bags..and yup all the symptoms of " Last year STudent"

lets see, besides being super busy, the other interesting thing was the ASTRO Host audition that i went for!

Kent, and Ah jut ( tan vui chuan, oh, hes the fella that won the ASTRO Talent quest BEST talent, yup from sabah, Tawau!!!)
and he's the one, i borrow guitar and play in my room.
hey jude, its an ovation!!! wohooo!!
and sometimes when my hands gets itchy, go over to his hostel room, and play his keyboard!
awesum! this fella has a recording set in his room!)
hahah, talk about being an artist. by the way, he;s album is coming out.

ENWEI, they asked me to go ahead, at first, thought no larr, im not gonna do it anyway, no way mum is gonna allow it for a career!

then , kent asked me to teman him, then i thought that might as well give it a try, nothing to loose wat.
at least i can see how i fair lar..

so , i was like so wats it about, on the night before th audtion, i decided to go ahead, they needed pics, so we tool it the next day, went to the photo shop, and got it printed!

so the next day, me, Kent and Susan went. ( oh, she'll be coming to kk this hols)
sweet gurl!
enwei, she's there, coz we won tickets to the movies fO.C.
so yup.
thought of going to movies after that.

so anyway, ASTRO was looking for hosts, and check this out. MADARIN /CANTONESE hosts!!
i knw,....
but i thought i just give it a try.
went into Astro, it was kinda cool , the place. anyway. around 200 peeps were dressed up, for the audition. so , we took our no's and waited.. the lady who handled my registration was suprised that i was wearing the same clothes as the photos wan..

enwei, they handed us a peice of mandarin love story with around 8 paragraphs. i quickly took susan aside and ask how to read this..that...this..lerr...
heheh..THANKS susan!

"so heres how it goes, they call you and other 9 peeps no, you guys go in, wait to be called, go into the room, and read.
if the bell rings, stop reading, and listen to instrution. Its either , we ask you to go for the second round, which is in the next room, or we say thank you for coming , please try again next year!"
one of the staff told us.

our no was called, we went it!
i tell you, everyone was super tensed! supernervous!
i was SOOOOOOO nervous..
i mean, c'mon....mandarin LOVE NOVELS??? have you touched those?

ya knw those toilet doors in hotels, that clozes slowly, those like the ones in those offices, yup.
the rate that it was going, just as the door clozes, the person comes out, and one of the staff would say: "thank you for coming, please try again next year!"
and the next person goes in...for 30 seconds..and then out "thank you...."
that was scary, so was i! i mean scared....yup

My turn came, i went in,6 person sitting on the other end of the table, was gettin ready to read,
and then
they asked , "excuse me, have you acted in any movies?, "
(flattered) hhhah, i said no..heheh

So i read, just as i finished the first paragraph, the bell rang, i thought that it was over, then they ask.
"erm..... are you sick today ?"
"no "i replied
"or is your voice like that..deep and husky?" they asked.
" oh i said, its like that, its (ALL) natural...." , ( deep inside, i was like THANK YOU LORD!, i so wanted to say "all")


"oh..okay, (a smile on her face) , why dunt you continue reading the 2nd paragraph"
i finished reading the second paragraph, realized that the door was closed for a really long time now..

i came out, everyone was like looking at me, like ive got a fish on my head
hahah, and then they asked me to get to round 2!
it was acting plus scrip reading. so i thought that this was gonna be easy. this time spent inside was around 15 min a it was boring, was the second last to go in.
so, i had to wait for around 30 minutes...or 45 min...long..
notice that KENT and susan were waiting for me outside.

enewei, my turn came, went in, this time, the room was 5 times bigger than the earlier one. 15 person were inside, the directors were around, sitting at the table, theres a huge distance between myself, and the table.
enwei, the staff asked me to stand on the "x" marker in the middle of the room, i did, they asked me to give a self intro...i did, told them i usaully host in english. asked me of my experience, told them not much jsut some college events, and some inter college hosting events.

"Have you acted in any movies,or production? " the director asked

This time, i said yes.
"where?" they asked, listening intently

"IN CHURCH" i answered confidently, " thats where i started."

they were amazed! hahah!
In His house I WILL GROW!

Then the director said,
"oklar, you dunneed to act the scrip we gave you! , now, you become a VJ, and its a entertainment show, introducing this new star chen qin yuan..and he's introducing a new album. okay? you do an intro, intro the guest star, 3 questions and wrap up! we give you one minute to prepare.

my heart was pounding FAST! i was like ...WHAT!!???? but had to do it...QUICK!

one minute went by, they said,
" allrite, now look at the camera there, and start"
i started....and ended!
it was a disaster, they were looking at me , shaking thier heads..

haha, i thought that it was over.BUT, then the director said.
"Bernard, dunt be so nervous, cool down, we knw you can do it..just relax, wer gonna give you a second chance, allrite? you take your time, and then wer gonna do this again allrite?"
i said "allrite

they asked me to go outside the room for 3 minutes, and then later come back in.
after 3 minutes, they asked weher i was ready, i said no,"gimme one more minute" they said, allrite, then they asked the last gurl to go in first, (the last gurl)
i quickly went to look for KENT and susan, about what questions can i ask..Kent told me three! THANK YOU KENT!

It was like just for a minute, then the gurl came out, and then i was inside.
so, they said go! , i went for it.
this time it was much cooler, much more confident, took my time and introduced the star..but this time, THERE WAS A TWIST,

"Welcome Ladies and gentleman, welcome to todays' 2354ijn show, lets wlecome our guest for today...ryan!! "
ryan came inside, talked a lil.

"today, ryan your here to tell us about your new album right?" i asked

"yes, im here to introduce my new ablum called "tai tong yut beng" (canto)(realize they changed it ,coz it was a hip hop album before this, wanted to test my reactions )

i was like, wat? but then i quickly continued asking,

"why dunt you tell us what's ur new album about? "

he said: " oh, okay, ......... but i dunno how to say orr"

i was shocked, but thank GOD, i quickly connected " oh, coz chinese new year has just passed, so this album simply wantsfamily to come together, purchase this album and enjoy it togeter right?"

they were impressed, and laughed..

"Yayayay!!! " ryan said..
and then 2 other questions and i wrapped it up!
they liked it!! hahahah
then later, they requested if i could do it in cantonese, coz i was doing it in mandarin.
so i tried...
hahaha!!! they were laughing at my canto! heheh, they said that it sounds wierd! ahahah, coz, got hakka slang!

but they were also suprised with my reactions and calmness on the performance, coz they did the show again, this time, in cantonese,
and ryan was there again trying to make things difficult for me! but it was allrite

hahah, so, i was introducing the show in cantonese, and i introduced him, as he was introducing his album, he was laughing at my canto, so i continued,.

"whats up ryan? wat so funny, why dunt you share with our audience"

still laughing...(he was really laughing at my canto) he said...
" i would like to introduce my album called " hou siu" (canto meaning very funny)

everyone laughed! but i wasnt ...straight away connected, coz you cant be outta words, and the show must go on, not wanting it to cool down, everyone was wondering what can he do this time..

i said " hai larr, hou xiu zou hai ryan geh san juin chap meng , ngo yat siu nei mm siu, ngo mm siu nei yau xei meng xiu, ngo mannei dou dai hai you xiu wa zeh mm oi xiu ga"

well in english...not that funny..but here goes " thats right , hou xiu is ryans new album's name....whe i laugh, you dunt laught, when i dunt laugh, you keep laughing.wei, tell me larr bother, you want to laugh or not wan?"

everyone went ballistic!! they were laughing....then i quickkly went , "allrite we'll come back right after this break"

They liked it, i enjoyed it
they said that they would call me the in a weeks time..they called me the next day.wanting me to go for audtion for the Astro Talent quest!
haha! Prasie God!

after that, we went down to Sungei wang to see ah jut's preformance, yeah, he's in the running to perform in the "10 da singing concert"

had the oppurtunity to meet some local chinese artist,met up also with phoebe, and xiao hei!

Just wanna to Give ALL Glory and Praise to God.
Coz its ALL about HIM

*tell you guys more bout the 2nd and 3rd time audition in Astro!