Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Did I Tell You What I've Been Up To? HAHA (Cont.)

Hey, so the PT Foundation, in association with Ministry of Health, the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC), Aquaria KLCC, join forces with Maya Karin and myself on May 18th (Which was also World Aids Memorial Day) to mark AIDS Memorial Day this year by installing a time capsule at Aquaria KLCC.

The event was organized to commemorate those who have died from AIDS, and acts as a timely reminder for every Malaysian and global citizen to renew the commitment to fight discrimination against People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) and arresting the scourge of HIV/AIDS. Since 2007 alone, 1.2 million people have died of AIDS related diseases.

I’m just glad that I got the opportunity to do the least that I could do. Yeah.. like… Swimming with the sharks. Yeh, coz since wer suppose to install a time capsule in the aquaria. And mind you there were 6 sharks in there. Not to mention the stingrays!!

Haven’t been diving lots since ive got my liscence, and now in with the sharks.
But nevertheless, I was dang excited! Not lots of people have the opportunity, and it was truly an experience. =)

Was asked what is it, a celebrity, I would like to get across regarding Aids, and sexual diseases. Since you guys weren’t there, so I thought I get it down over here.
I personally think that family play an important role in sexual education and sexual knowledge. Its just sad to see schools pushing the responsibility to families and vice versa. Whilst all this is going on, our kids get the info from other sources. And who else to tell us the truth aside from our parents who loves us =)
Yes, parents I know its hard and sometimes embarrassing..but really when you look at it.. Your kid is either gonna get the truth from you, or they’re gonna be told by the peeps out there. Your choice. Seriously, I have asked around, and I still haven’t met anyone who didn’t want to hear it from their parents. Most of the time, the parents just don’t talk about it.
See, we kids love getting Accurate and Reliable information wannn~

Thursday, June 05, 2008

What The Heavens Is Going On With Us Ahh?

Its funny somehow as we age with technology, we tend not wanting to reveal too much about ourselves.
I remember the days where say

“This is my space (i.e my blog), and over here, I say what I want to say, when I want to say it. And if you don’t like it.. SKRUU YEW maaaannn”

*Note: Bitchy Tone Applies Here”

We either have grown older, or more insecure about how people perceive us.
Or some of my mates say, we just don’t like to be known thoroughly, not by people we don’t know.

And as I ponder on this, I’ve got to agree to some extent, that I feel funny and somehow vulnerable when people I haven’t met before, come up to me and SUDDENLY straight away hits off the conversation with

“ Haiyarrr, You ahh, funny laaa, next time ahhh, dun simply put your laptop in the car laaaa??!!
Why you dunno wan mehh? Harrr?!! Harrr? HAHAHA!!”

Seriously, when someone like that come up to you,
I tellll youuuuuuuuuu arrrrrhhh...

It’s kinda hypocritical really.
I mean we’ve gotta agree to some degree, the reason why we blog so much about our emotions or our wants, or our visions on our space (ahem…i.e blogs)
Can’t be solely because we want an output for our emotions.
In some parts of our little ‘self centred’ soul, we want to be empathized, we want to be cared for, and we want attention.

And yes, most of the times, these attentions may somehow be breadcrumbs for the 'yu-kno-hu'
And if its not for you, PLEASE dun simply take ok!??!!

My conclusion:

(i) We are morphing into a very weird generation.
(ii) We are morphing into a very weird generation who wants attention.
(iii) We are morphing into a very weird generation who wants attention from 'yu-kno-hu'.
(iv) If your not the 'yu-kno-hu', you might get yourself baaad treatment and then you go write in your blog, wanting attention from your 'yu-kno-hu'.
(v) And then…when the fella that come to you is not your 'yu-kno-hu', they get baaaad treatment and…
(vi) Like I said, we’re morphing into a very weird generation.

I’m imagining now who of you is going to talk to me after this! haha