Thursday, July 09, 2009

This week, with E神.

Went over to TARC, to do an episode with Eason.
The line was very very long even hours before the show was scheduled to start.

As Royce and myself got ready to shoot with the crowd, there were people calling for RnB!! haha, not bad, we thought nobody's gonna knw who we were pula.
Thank you TARC. Your hospitality and reception was awesome.

Interview with Eason was really fun.
Really down to earth, and could still feel some tiredness from his eyes.
But a real professional.
We did our stuff, and he was really easy goin.

But mana tau, in the episode kena main by ROYCE to go up stage to sing pula.
oh wells.
its all good.

Catch This week's full episode Eason.
Saturday 9pm Astro Aec 301!!