Tuesday, December 13, 2005

9 days

Yeap, ill be going back to KK in 9 days time. Whouw!

Last Friday night, the whole cell went for makan in Paris in SS2 , haha, I knw! Haha, cool name eyy for a Chinese restaurant. Chris Wee was there, with the whole cell, well almost all, that Chris only appears when there is food wan!
Dang! You better do sumthing bout it, or you’ll be like ‘that’ for the rest of ur life larr wei! (not that theres anything wrong about it larr kekek)

After dinner went for dessert in Char Chan Teng, then muh phone rang,
* it was a kk number*

Me: “Hello??”
Her: “ Helllooowww “
Me: “ Hiiii……erm….How are you doing?” (No idea who was it)
Her: “Im doing ohkayyyy… *giggle* ”
Me: “ Goooooddd….erm…who is Dis speaaaakinggg??” (Still dunno)
Her: “ Ermmmm…. * hold to think a bit* Dis is your admirer!!”
Me: “OHH? Realllyyy? My admirer arrr? …. Where did I meet you?”( I knew already!)
Me : HAHHAHAH!! Hey gurl, wassup gurl?
Her : “ *giggle giggle* eheh, Hello uncle Bernie .. I saw you on TV larr!”

Haha! Braces called.

The gurl was thinking bout which course to take, and talked bout her passion bout things. Wanted to hear what I had to say. About Marketing and Mass Com, and the possibility of going to China.
I gave her what I thought bout the thing, and got to knw her a lil more of course. But poor gurl had to decide that night war!! The day after that have to submit application form dee!
Gurl !! next time call earler larr! Got me soo gan cheong!! Dang!
Hha, I of course wanted her to come kl larr… haha, but yah, above it all just told her wat I thought bout the possibilities, but allowed her to make her own decision.

The next morning, called her, and see how it went,
So yeap! Shes going to China!!
OH WELL, at least I got a place to hang if I wanna go China now! Hahah
*still think you should come to KL! * kekek

Went to an education fair for my sister, and helped her seach some info bout her colleges that she could get into. Met up with Jackson and went together. Was good seeing him again, and yes, we were fooling around in the exhibition! Haha, yes, put us together, you get two rascals! Kekek SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE! Haha
Met up with Andrea in the LimKokWing counter, haah, talked a bit. Lookin good!

On the way out, two gurls in high school stopped us, asking us whether we can help them put in the details for her in CANTONESE.
We Acted that we couldn’t understand Cantonese , She tried Mandarin, We gave her a blur look!
And explained in ENGLISH that we couldn’t understand her.
Here’s wat happened:

“ MM koi, chen man nei kho mm kho yi zorr har nei dei geh see gan?” (Canto)
(Excuse me, can you guys help me with something?” ) She asked

*Gave a blur look, and continued staring at her. *

“Qing wen ker yi barng wo men tian yi dian dong xi ma?” (Mandarin)
(Can you please help us fill in some details?)

*Continue with the blur look*
And said, “Sorry, we couldn’t understand what you were saying”

“OH!! …OHHkei…. We were wondering ..if you could.. ”
So she went on about giving her details, and that their program has to do with sending information and getting students to England to study.

THEN Jackson started !
“ HARR!! England?? My mum say England very dangerous place!”
The gurls staring at Jackson, but Jackson continued with a serious worry face.

“ Yeah, my mum say Engand very dangerous place!.....there BOOOM! ( he shouted and stretch out both his hands outwards! Hahaha! )
He was talking bout the LONDON BOMBING!!

Hahahaaa!! It was sooo funny!! Shocked the gurls into laughter!
YES, everyone was starring at them!!

I kept in the act… so he hurried filled in the form, and then on the way out, do remember that we were speaking in english all this while, I began talking

“wei, kuai yit dian larr, deng xia ren jia zai deng, jiu shi lorr , zou ba!” MANDARIN
“C’mon, hurry up lets, get a move on, we wouldn’t want ppl to wait for us”

The gurls stared at us… BLURRED! Hahahah!! That was soo fun! Haha

Went to One utama and did some of my Christmas shopping. Got Belinda a Levi’s Jeans, and some lil stuff. Haha. Yeah thought she might be needing one already pray that she can fit it. Dang! IF NOT!! Seesh!!
Met up with Joni, Mart and Shaelin for dinner at the Seafood shop, blue color wan..forgot the name liao.

Sunday was awesome, Darren came and pick me, and we went to church! Wohoo!!
And went for lunch with a whole group, Joe, Sam, Shaelin, Kamen, Gerard.
Then Joni joined us , went to Mid valley, to continue my Christmas shopping, and decided that Calvin Klein EUPHORIA is NOT suitable for my grandma!
Think im going for the Estee Lauder INTUITION!! Yes and thank to JONI, Intuition it is! Coz shes currently using Christian Dior Dune! Haha, chun right my grandma? I think I got it from her! Huiiiseehhh!!

Calvin Klein Euphoria

Estee Lauder Intuition Yahh! Baybehhh!!

The other night, Braces called.
Her: “ Hello, Uncle Bernie? ”
Me: “Yes gurl? How may I help you?”
Her: “The Hotlink ad right, which one is you orr?”
Me “HAHAHA, you didn’t see orr?”
Her: “I did, but I didn’t see your face wan? “
“ erm…..are you the guy in the afro arr?”
Me “ Yup”
Her “HARRRRRRR!!!!!”



Friday, December 09, 2005

Im a raisin!!

Been so busy lately, been working all week till 12 sumthin everyday! Arrr..!! Coz we’ve been having training from 8am to 5pm everyday, and coz the work couldn’t be passed to anyone, so I had to stay back everyday to do it.!! And finally its all done!!

Super sucked up in my work. Well, on the lighter note, im turning into a raisin now! Haha, = DRY but still really sweeet inside! Haha
But thank God, that its all done today, haha! yeap

Bought the HOT magazine the other day, and yeap, there was a report of it ! haha
Not everyday that I get to be on the magazine. Haha, but yeah, at least its there. Justin was there too, when I bought it. And he was all up with the “ Its allrite, Its allrite now” thing!! And *pat pat my back*
Sucker! Hahah

Well at least in the article Aiman thought that I was going to win it! Haha
So, that was comforting! Haha

Well, gonna do my Christmas shopping tomorrow, and then maybe get to watch Narnia tomorrow night. Cindy called and asked that we go clubbing tonight, coz Ching Yi is leaving tomorrow. Dunt think I can make it tonight, I dunt think I can even make it to cell if we are having one that needs us to sit down and talk! Haha
But thank God, wer just chilling and having dinner tonight.
So that’s good.! Haha

Oh well, shall wat Cindy says tonight. At least Joni and Mart is watching it tomorrow.
Well on the brighter note as well, im going to BANGKOK in FEB together with Mum, Belinda and Grandma! Haha, yeah, thanks to AIRASIA, im only paying rm75 for the tickets! Haha Praise God!
Well, besides that, Belinda is staying back in KL, and she wanted to go Singapore, and wanted me to teman her there. Hrmmm *still thinking bout it*

Hahah, it says-

Question- Who did you think was gonna win?

Aiman’s answer- “You know we’re all out there because we are talented and one of my biggest challenges was actually to overcome my own nervousness. I didn’t really care if I lost. It was more important that I felt that I actually did well. But a lot of people have asked me this and I’ve always said that it was going to be Bernard”

WOHOOO!! Thank you Aiman!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Wat bnards' been doing?

Its been a tiring week, haven’t had time to even think bout it! Haha! Even right now, im still in my work, staying back in the office and just finishing the things I wish to do. Things has pretty much beent he same now, that ive gone back to my work, and the post MTV thing has really continued on pretty well, now I wanna concentrate on my work and just get my professional qualification as soon as possible.
Haha, talking of which, need to go and apply for it already.

Enwei, besides the busy working, two weeks ago had the time to meet up with JUSTIN TEE, here in kl, together with MELODY, met up in sungai wang, and catched up a fair bit. It was good, gonna do more when I get back to kk in 2 weeks time! Wohoo!!
Yeah, he’s gonna be back in kk after he’s done with Penang and all.

Well, loads of peeps are already back in KK, so far ive heard, Inessa’s back, Hong Yi’s back, Justin Yongs’ back, Isabel’s back, CINDY HO is back! Haha, yeah, met up with her last weekend, went for movies then with ENOCH and his Hakka speaking friend! Haha, he was funny, not a hakka, but was hangin with ENOCH for so long that he learnt it already. Haha, we were heading to mamak after AEONFLUX (5 outta 10 ) by the way, but she was hot in da movie! Sexy baybehh! But besides that, it was just a lame movie. Anyway, so we were going to makan, and we found a parking space, never have I heard ppl speaking HAKKA for so long!! Enwei, coz the parking space was too small, and couldn’t be parked, SUDDENLY!
“ MAU DI**O “ he shouted

He drove the car up the ledge! Hhahaa
Me and CINDY kept laughing! Haha
Meeting up with CINDY was awesome! Hahah, haven’t had such fun in a long time, haha, to think of it that when we first met at the age of 11, she was such a pain in the arse! Haha, (vice versa) , and now that we are such close friends! Haha amazing! Keke!
And I MISSED the first showing of the the VJ hunt on air!!
Thanks to YI, she managed to get her friend to record it! Thank you YI friend!!

So, wats been happening with me besides the work?
Haha, well, was involved with a TV commercial two weeks ago, yeah, wasn’t allowed to post the pictures up coz it wasn’t on air yet. BUT since its ON AIR now, haha, yes, I can post it up. Yeah, if you’ve been watching a lotta TV nowadays, haha, you might just catch it. It’s the HOTLINK add, yeah. Darren was there too !! (Shaelin’s Bro) haha, thanks for pickin me up and sending me back! Hahah. THANK YUU!!
And yes, met a lot of friends and made new ones, even for several who said that I looked like WILBER PAN! Haha, dang!
Enwei, yes, learnt alotta stuff, from the director and all, had the shoot from the morning 6 sumthing till the next day 4am!! It was craze!! Haha, but still fun!

Here are some of the pics! MY first TV commercial, wanted to share it with you guys!

all i had to do was press!

hahah,i had my right hand MAKED up!! Firsr time in my life!

talk about attention!!

it was a LONG night!! please do excuse us! Haha

During da break!

ohh yeah baybehh!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


One of the morning coming to work this week, was listening to the radio when
It was one of the call-in competitions, so the DJ told the lady on the line that all the answers have the same clue, which is “KING” , and this is what happened…

DJ : “First question, it’s the third part of a Hollywood Trilogy”
Woman : “…..Err…… (for 5 seconds)”
DJ : “(being nice) Its “Lord of the Rings; Return of the …?”
Woman : “ JEDI !!!!”

That made my day!! Haha

Oh, do remember !!

MTVasia VJ Hunt
Time: 6:30pm
Channel: 71 of Astro (MTVasia)
Date: 3rd Dec 2005 (THIS SATURDAY!!!)

Oh, by the way, went out with Justin Tee last weekend, yeah, he’s back, together with Melody, and guess wat, BJ ditched us again!! sucker!!!!
Haha, catching up with him, was nice not enough..but haha, will do more when I get back to KK. Yes, people he’s going there! Haha
Watched Harry Potter, enjoyed it pretty much, even tough a lot of missed out parts, I still enjoyed it. (7 outta 10) On the next day, went and watched Just like Heaven that was sweet (7 outta 10) also! Haha productive week.

God Bless