Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So What Happens When A Man Loves A Woman?

I used to think that when a guy likes a girl, that he should own it, be responsible about it, and go up to a girl and tell her literally that he likes her. And THAT would make him a real man. Most girls think that should be the case too.

But then, and as I correlate with today’s fast-moving culture, and the lady’s expectation from movies, novels, or just mere friend’s stories AND from many other sources (shall not comment of women’s source of info..hehe), I come to a stage where I asked myself and to all the ladies and men who are reading..

Does it ever occur to women that maybe a guy might like to have a plan because he’s nervous? He’s not sure that he could just walk up to you and you’d respond if he said ,

“ I like you.” (think bout it for a sec)

I recently came across an interesting fact from a book. (Yes, I do read! *ding* another good point of Mr. Bernard Hiew! Wohoo )

Studies have shown that 60% of human communications are non verbal. That means body language; 30% is your tone. So that means, 90% of what we’re actually saying…is not coming out from our mouth wan!
And yet she’s wondering why he never SAY he like me wannnn~?

So, does it mean he likes you less, or does it mean he means it any lesser if he doesn’t say it (those three words) to you verbally?

Matter a fact, most guys has tried being verbal about it, and then they crash and burn with it. Moreover, most of my girl friends tell me from their personal experience that, they really do not prefer guys that they don’t like to be so direct. They prefer them to be ‘brief’ so that it can be less awkward etc.
But that leaves an interesting question.. How then can it be inconsistent, and isn’t that a lil unfair that she expects it to be otherwise from someone she likes?

If your still reading, I’m assuming that you’re going with my flow, or your just kehpoing HAHA, nah I take that back! Hehe.
But I guess the next possible question is; Then how does it happen? How do you know whether he’s for real, if he doesn’t say it? How do we all know what he even says is going to be true?

Then allow me to ask you this, Is it merely weighted by what he says, or not say? What about his actions? Does his action really speak louder than words? Is he honest? How about his character? Or do you just prefer the word part? Coz we all know players are good with words as well no?

Well, we can’t say for sure. Nothing is certain. But I guess what I can say is that you’ll know. Coz one moment, your super happy with him/her, when he/ she sms you, what he/she says matters than what other says, or even when he/she makes you irritated, you find that the smallest thing he/she does can make you forgive. Then next, you’re wondering how is he/she doing … =)

So ladies?

Do note that I still am in favor, and my hats off to all the guys, who chooses to be verbal about it. I personally think it’s still cool no matter which century we are in. I’m in no way of encouraging guys to not be verbal about it. But, it’s just an observation that I’ve come across, and I thought that it might be a help to all the fellas and all the ladies to understand each other better =) And yes, would like to hear what you all have to say bout it. And we see where we go from there?

Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm NOT going to US laa..

A lot of you have been wondering when I'm leaving for US.
IM NOT la.

Guess most of you have been watching TV ey?
hahah, yeah, went and shoot Ready TO Fly, an all new traveling game show.
The idea of the game is, to collect as much mileage as you can through answering questions, and choosing numbers.
HAHAHA, sounds simple right? Yes, its that simple.
BUT winning it is another thing.

Was invited with other artist friends to shoot the first episode,
Was asked where i would wanna go, if i win the game, told them LA.
Since its free, might as well go all the way to US la.
But yeah, didnt win that far.
Ended up with only Hotel package, and goody bags, and expensive stuff!

STILL BETTER than Anthony's Melaka trip!!

"Ready To Fly"
Saturdays 9:30pm ASTRO WLT311

Check it Out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008