Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This made my day

Hope it made yours too!
God Bless

Thursday, July 20, 2006

What they say, What I say

Someone once told me that if I take too long a time I might just miss out and loose my opportunity.
Ohkay ohkay maybe not just someone…
Maybe a lot of some ONES. Haha

They say I loose out a lot, and always asked me not to let them make the first move.

Im not too much of a ‘gurl take the 1st move kinda guy, but..
I believe however that with patience, it makes it all the more precious.
all the more cherished, and all the more assuring. (at least he’s giving serious thought bout it)
Don’t you think so?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Good Pirates, Bad Pirates

Watched Pirates of the Carribean the other day. I didn’t really enjoyed the show.
No doubt there was a lot of stuff going on, the story was definitely better than the 1st one. But I just didn’t ENJOYED the movie. Hrmm…
Except of course for the excellent acting of Johnny Depp.

But I think I found out why I didn’t really enjoyed the show.
Check this out.
Its basically about a story of a pirate in debt, uses all his ability to betray, lie, and manipulate in order to get away with it.



Thursday, July 13, 2006

Be prepared, Be really prepared!

You've gotta watch this and tell me wat you think?

Friday, July 07, 2006


Muh sister is coming tomorrow!!
Haha, finally, I think shes really excited coming down here.
For me? .. well, im more worried for my mum.
She’s gonna be alone there.
Love you ma.

Talking bout mothers, heres something I found.
Have a BLESSED week everybody!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Managed to watch Superman the other night with Carole and Nads. Was in a super rush, coz I had to move out from the old place, (yeah, still had a lot of stuff in the old place) coming to think of it, it’s amazing how banyak stuff ive got in that small lil room of mine!! Haha, now that ive got the whole apartment!! Worse!! Haha
Lets hope not!

Rushed everything from the old place and moved it to the new place. Skipped COUZ last minute coz of the fact that I couldn’t finish moving the stuff in time. Managed to settle everything by 9 sumthing. Drove to Nads place and picked up the two, and went over to KLCC for the show. Well, its more of a romantic love story rather than an action one. Superman did looked like superman! Haha, yeah, Brandon Routh did a great job potraying the character. Even managed to get both Nads and Carole to go “oohhh…” “hehehe” “awww” , and their endless giggles, throughout the whole show! Haha
It was entertaining watching them gaggling over the character! Haha

Well, the show was not the very best, but it was allrite. Not to fast, not too slow, a lil long, but I don’t mind. Since its SUPERMAN! Haha. A 5.5 outta 10.
Found out a makan place in KL which gives the best porridge! I rarely eat porridge, I mean rarely, even when im sick I will NOT eat porridge, but this porridge is really sumthing. What they put in it? Ahahah, NOTHING! Haha, just warm clean white porridge, and sesame oil! Syok!
Of course with the Roasted pork, Char Seu, and Sour Veg! syok orrrr!!!
And you wouldn’t guess the shop’s name!
Its called RESTORAN KOK KOK! I knw~ haha

England and Brazil crashed out, and you should knw this by now. If you really have NO idea, my Gawsh, Id say your worse than a bimbo! Haha
France played excellent football, England played a lousy game, more importantly they had their wonder boy acted like a 5 year old! Wether or not he kicked Carlvarho on purpose, he still acted like a kid pushing C.ronaldo! Was the red card warrant? Well, the ref confirmed today that it was because of the ‘cracking’ of PORTUGUESE Nuts!
But then if you guys watched the match, it didn’t SEEM that was the case.
Here take a look. Haha

My housemate came yesterday, and her name is Cynthia.
We woke up at 3am and went to watch the ITA vs GER game!
Very good game! I was supporting ITALIA.
I just hope that FRANCE don’t win it. I salute Zidane, but I just don’t like Henry and Viera, no doubt world class player, but they just irk me off with their passion and attitude towards the game. Just watch how he had to throw himself over, COVERING his face, when he had contact with the tiny Puyol! Oh well, don’t wanna elaborate on that. I just don’t like him! Great footballer, not a great player of the game!

Now to some fun stuff, if you’re a Malaysian, and one that knows what is happening around? YES, they found a flying elephant in Melaka!! NO LARRR! Haha
Well, you might have seen or heard bout the case of the MIRI high school gangsta-wannabe case. Right after that, this happened!

(in case you didn’t knw, yeah, there was a star wannabe chick who gave that peace sign in the real video!! Haha..our society today! haihh)