Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Room for Rent

Yup, Ive got a Master Bedroom for rent, in Kelana Putri Condo.
RM 500/ mth including water and electricity.
The place is clean, nice, and tidy.
yup, very nice place! haha

If you or any of ur friends are interested, please shoot me a comment below, or mail me at bnardhiew@gmail.com

The past two weeks passed in a flash, cell went ice skating for the first time. Fell twice, and finally, i cant skate. Yup, never ice skate, never roller bladed my entire life. *I knw, some of you might be thinking what did i do when i was a kid? haha, matter a fact, i spent so much time in the pool, i didnt do anything else, besides eating, sleeping, and pretending to be listening to class, and pretending to be concentrating on listening in class, as well as pretending ....
Watched Happy Feet and Bond, Happy Feet was really awesome, and spent nights crying over Korean shows.

Will be taking leave for a week from work.
Yes, i need it.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I've Got Tagged!!

Got tagged. So...here goes haah

Do you have any friends of the opposite sex : Duhhhhh yeahhhhh.

Are you in a relationship : Nup.

Who was the last person you dated : No one

What is the best quality : God Fearing.

Have you ever been cheated on : No (or maybe I don’t care..ORR maybe I still dunno! haha).

Have you ever cheated on someone : Err.. nup.

When was your first serious relationship : Not yet, still yet to be decided. Shaelin says I should start soon wahhh. Im getting old she says. haha

Who with : Hahaha. Nice try.

Have you ever had friends with benefits : I have no idea wat dis means, anyone got any idea?

Do you have a crush : hahaha, no crushes anymore, its more of appreciation and admiration now.

Do you dream about your crush : Again, no crushes, but as for those I admire or appreciate? Haha, yeah.

Is there someone you want to kiss : Err.. now you got me thinking. haha.

Have you ever kept a super secret : Yes, I can fly and I wear weird blue costume yup and a cape. Did I mention bout red underwear and tight spandex blue suit? And gelled hair? Yes, people always mistaken me for a bird!!?? (I knw? I blue bird?! ….SIGH)

Have you ever done something you regret : Yes I have. But we learn from those as well.

Have you ever hurt someone : Yes…. But its for their good! Hahahaha! NO LA! But yes, I have.

Has someone ever hurt you: Yes.They say i deserve it waaa.. haha

Do you care about money : Yup I do.

Were you ever with someone completely opposite of you : Hahaha, no. For those who knw me will think that having another Bernard being with Bernard will be quite crazee.

Do you miss someone : My Mum, my grandma, lil Ryan and yeh etc.keke

What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex : Id say the way they carry themselves. I’m quite allergic to ppl who either talk too loud or too quiet.

Have you ever had a crush on someone that was in a relationship : Err.. yup. Was encouraged to do a "steal" ...BUT didnt at the end haha.

Have you ever kissed a stranger : Nup.

What would be your perfect date : Being with someone who knows the real me, sitting, talking, do normal stuff.

Do you prefer holding hands or making out : hahah, can I have both!? Haha, no la..errr..have to choose ahh.. id say holding hands.

What's the best physical attribute : I’d say the eyes, and smile.

Lost someone : If you Lost someone, then its maybe coz you weren’t really looking closely enough.

How do you feel about long distance relationships : Personally, id say it can work, but id rather not.

Do you want them to be smart : Yup, I wouldn’t want a dumb one, do you? DUHHHHH.

Last one of the opposite sex you talked to : Junee

How many people have you dated since January : None.

Do you care if they share your religion : Yup. Id think that when you don’t share the same, there’s a lot of unnecessary ordeals and things that needs discussion and a lot of problems will occur. And when marriage is on the way, and family, that’s when it really bloats. Don’t wanna compromise this.

Have you ever said I love you and meant it : Yes. To my Mum and Grandma.

Do you believe in love at first sight : Hahah used to when I was 12. But I think that only happened for one day. Haha.

Do you think internet relationships can really work : Hahaha, I think Internet is a great tool to get to knw more ppl. But at the end of the day, just using Internet alone to sustain the relationship?? , Id say go marry the monitor!

When was the last time you slow danced : Hahah, flew over to KL from KK to attend a college ball. Had no partner, one of the girls invited for a dance. So, I did. Haha, it was kinda weird. Coz i cant dance for nuts.

Does anyone have a crush on you : I think so. Was in church one day, after service when everybody is getting to the lift and moving down, one dude shouted, “Hey Bernard, You’re my fan!! …I mean, I’m Your fan!!!”
-_- !!

Do you want to get married? : Yup!

Have you ever stalked someone: Nope.

Has someone ever stalked you : Don think so… I dunno wo.

Have you ever done the love calculator : Nup.

Would you ever kiss someone in front of your parents : Yes. I’VE GOTTA DO IT after saying “I DO” right??

Have you ever skinny dipped with the opposite sex : Nup.

Have you ever slept in the same bed as the opposite sex : Yes.

Have you ever had sex : Nup

Do you bite when you kiss : Err no, I dun think so. Kiss is Kiss Bite is Bite.

Would you date someone from another state : Hahah, yeah.

Would you date someone older than you : Preferaby no. Its for her own good. (If you really wanna knw ask me next time when you see me! haha) But then if Song Hye Gyo insists, then okla...haihhh..wat to do?

Would you be with someone with glasses : Yeah. But its gotta be cool glasses! HAHA

Have you kissed someone in a restaurant : Yup. All my baby cousins!

Do you care if they drink : Of Course! dunt want her to be kissing the waiter do I? haha

Do you care if they smoke : Yes I do care. Dun like them to smoke at all. Killing yourself is a NO-No, Killing me together?! FORGET IT!

Have you ever been called a tease : Nup. Not that I'm aware of

Have you ever cried over someone who you were just "talking" with> : No. Dunno wat you mean, but No.

Have you ever liked someone from a different country : Yup, Song Hye Gyo and Jessica Alba.

Would you play with their hair : I like playing with them better. But hair? Dunno ahh..never tried. Do you gurls like ur guy to play with ur hair really?? (let me knw *click on comment and start typin) Coz I dun like ppl playing with my hair, but if its someone special, then its alright.

Would you do anything for the person you like: No. Not anything.

Do you miss a past relationship : Nup, never had one. And Im damn proud of it.

What's really important to have in a relationship : God, Compatibility and Communication.

Do you like getting massages : Yup

Would you date someone that doubled popped their collars : Ku tak paham la!

Do you like to cuddle : Yeshhhh!

Who do you tag? : Yup! You! Yes, the one reading and contemplating on X ing this blog! Haha, leave a message, gimme ur blog add, and I'll go check out ur answers. hahaha

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Alice Wong

Had one of the worst weekends ever. Not really worst, but just physically drained.
Had to skip cell on Friday and worked till 12, and continued all the way till Sunday.
Decided to rush and cramp it all in two days coz MUM flew in on Saturday, and I wanna spend some time with her before she heads on to JAPAN for her hair show.

It was great to see Mum again, and as I began to talk with her, and ask her how are things with her, as I listen to her share bout how it is being over in KK alone, about some of her view of things, people, or even just plain procrastination of this and that. I realised that Mum is just great! And GOD is even greater.

Single mother, and the story of how she managed to cope with Bernard Hiew over the past 23 years. Haha.
Those of you who knew me since I was a kid, haha, will know wat im talking bout.
*Lets just say that im not the nicest kid around the block. *
Haha. But God was always there, always there to give her strength to persevere, to hold on, always trusting God, always seeking His Face, always believing, always having faith.

And throughout all these years, the son saw what the mother did, and he learnt.
Thanks mum. Thank you Lord.

On a lighter note,

“Bernard, grandma said she wants to go Japan next year..”
“Ahh, that’s good…*intentionally keep quiet*”
“*Not giving up*, I told grandma that Bernard is saving to bring you to go.”

See what I mean?
Haha, not that I dunt wanna go Japan, its just to expensive now la, and if I wanna go holiday and enjoy, gotta really go and spend all I want la, if go spend lil bit here and lil bit there…haihhh. I’d rather wait another time, when I have more of the greens.
So Hong Kong, Taiwan or China is a better choice at this moment.

Then again, who knows.haha

p.s. Thanks Rachael for accompanying me all the way up to Nilai to pick up Belinda, and also my mum. Appreciate it.