Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kwai Lou

I on my msn, and there was my friend - who occasionally reminds me of her gay friends and elaborates on how her gay friends thinks im "YUMMY" ...
yup,just a background.

so this is what happened!

chin says:
eh wanna kiwi lou tonight?

bnardhiew- says:
errr... why arr

chin says:
feel liiilke it

*i realised* see NOTE below**

bnardhiew- says:
i tot you asked if i wanna knw your kiwi guy fren (who might be also gay)
coz its kiwi lou.. like USA lou, British LOU...

** ITS kiwi Lou, mango Lou = ITS A dessert place in SS2 dat has desserts of kiwi and mango sago ice. which they call kiwi and magno lou! hahahaand i thought kiwi lou as in CANTO, a New Zealand man!

Not my fault ya knw? hahah

Just thought you guys might wonder wats a mango Lou. haha

And thats...well...errr...nvm

Monday, April 17, 2006

Is OK really OK ??

Its been a while since I checkout whats been happening back in Sabah (yes!! My hometown) and thought I visit a close friend’s blog…..*deep breath* my youth zone from our church was having a bazaar, to send peeps to India for a mission trip, and the deal is, if they manage to raise RM 5K, my pastor would dye his hair orange. (and mind you, he is not someone who would wanna dye his hair orange, dats our youth zone theme color). And walla, they managed to raise RM 7K ! yup. He got his hair dyed orange
If your REALLY interested click here! (

Yes, on another note, thank you guys for ur suggestions! Haha, some were sooo kind, and got me pics! Haha, but alas, I did go with something.
Yes, went to MTV asia Voting Party 2006 in Zouk last Saturday, thank you thank you Nor for the ticks! Pray that you’ll be having a great time working with MTV this time! Keke
And also thanks to Sara got extra tickets, which got Gan, and 38 gang to the event as well! Yes, Qmo, Lee Jar, Zi wei, and Li Fern, drove up to kl on Friday for a holiday! Got Gan and also some other friends to come along.
And guess wat? Our 23 yr old li Fern didnt bring her ID and was denied of getting into ZOUK, which made everyones day! But I thought it really made her day a better one! Haha, she was pretty happy about it. Haha

Went together with Christine and Sara, got lost, yup. Coz the Police blocked the road, and thanks to the rain, we arrived in the place an hour late, but the event hadn’t started. Keke Christine (from college) on the other hand was already there with her, yeah, the night ended say around 10:30pm, and since the JB peeps went off coz Li Fern couldn’t get in, we joined them later in Ampang for a meal in a freaky Indian restaurant. Which has loads of corny and sexy kama sutra stuff hanging around the restaurant. Haha
Sara was really excited that night.

Managed to meet up with Aiman (the MTV VJ hunt winner?) haha, yeah, he lost his voice again. Again, He had no idea why.. haha

The night was a blast not because we went to an MTV event, but because I had great friends to share my time with! You guys were amazing! Haha, thank you, I had a great night .

On a different note, if you have time, go and watch “The Producers” , it’s a musical comedy, yes, very broadway. And yes…VERY GAY!! Haha, I enjoyed the movie. Very different! It’s a…. 7/10. Its interesting how we see the change of moral standards, or even the culture of society of today. 10 years ago, it wasn’t ok, now, its allrite and we talk about acceptability, and understanding.. which makes you wonder, what is morality at the end of the day? If its so dependent on what other think its ok, Does it necessary means that its ok? Does OK means that its right? I mean there has gotta be something that is right or wrong? If there isn’t…then…isn’t it something worth think bout?

Do YOU know the truth or do you know whats ok?

da gurl who was happily kicked outta ZOUK! haha

Friday, April 14, 2006

Wart tu wear?

Can’t believe I’m actually blogging bout this, but they say that sharing is caring…
Oh well, since I care for you guys sooo much…

Ahem… I’m heading to a party Saturday night and I have no idea what I should be wearing??!!

Any suggestions?
Drop it here.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I Do

Ive gotta tell admit that one of the moments that makes me nervous , I mean real nervous, its like *you have a worm in ur belly, and u cant seem to sit still* kinda moment? Yup… is when a couple stands in front of the alter, saying their vows to each other in public, in the witnesses of their friends, family and loved ones and God. I reckon that is one of the most romantic thing for a couple.

Having attended two weddings in the period of two months,I realized that what made me excited! Haha, its when they look into each other’s eyes, and the whole world kinda *pause* for each of them to take their time to say those words that bines them together.
Well, some of you reading this might just say that, its just words, and people can just turn their words around and stuff. Oh well, all I have to…well, nothing.
Coz if that’s what you really wanna think, then I guess you better well of thinking that for the rest of ur lives. But until you come to comprehend what true love really means, or better, if you wanna knw wat is it all bout.? Haha, drop me a mail, or better , come to SIB K COUZ to find out! (hahah, mahu advertising juga)

And of course !!! E06 is around the corner, and its only 4 months away!!!
So, yes, sign up for it. Hearing loads of people are signing up for it already. For those who didn’t knw, E03 was the first, E06 is the second!!! Its more dynamic, be prepared to really go DEEP into what you really believe. For more info. Click here

Couz was awesome the other night, loads of peeps came. Felix haha, every improving in his MCing, was really encouraged by him. Always giving his best, and yes, needs encouragement. The word encouragement came up to me several times this week, and I as I was reflecting… hrmmm.. I at most times take people for granted, and I don’t really affirm people that much. Well, initially its just because I feel that I wanna be honest, and if its not up to standard then, she /he should work harder to it.. but really, I came to realize that encouragement is not only needed when they accomplished what they do, but also when they don’t seem to get there. Hahah, be prepared that if I come up to you being all nice, and encouraging you ok. Don’t get startled, I knw it wouldn’t be natural in the first few hundered times , (coz you dunt usually see it..) but haha, gimme some time k? After all, if I always choose not to do it bcoz it isn’t natural, I guess it’ll never be ey?
So yeah. Gimme time.

Was super encouraged last Saturday. Loudrrom (that’ COUZ , Which is the church’s college zone’s, leaders and core) gathered and went ahead and started our E06 ! it was our community, the Prima Selayang kids. And I tell you I was super blessed by it all.
Firstly Prima Selayang is not a foster home, a wattever place you migh have in mind.
It is just a residential area, yes, the residential area is populated by a “lower” income group of people. But yeah, amidst from that, its just a small community in the Selayang area, 20 minutes drive from IKEA. So, we arrived, and there were around 40 kids assembling and waiting to go for their trip. They were having a day trip to PWTC for a education fair, it’s a primary and secondary school education showcasing educational producst, materials, and also activities and games etc.
So, me and Vincent were allocated into one of the groups, consisting of 4 amazing boys. They were just excellent, I have never seen kids with such confidence, and having such leadership skills in my life.
Throughout the trip, I was just suppose to be friends with them, and just hang around with them, encouraging them, interacting with them (yes in Malay, and YESSS, they understood my malay very well !!) Haha, , they had a journal and they were suppose to write whatever they’ve learnt and seen throughout the day. These kids are at an average of 10 years old,, they four kids (Satesh, Aiman, Boy Boy, and Izman) were excellent, they never did complain once, instead, they were treating me so well, and I really did treat them like my friends, they took all the initiative to break all the ice, and started to make me feel welcome, and included in their groupings, and when they take some food, they would take one for me, and asked me are you ok? You want one? And offer me some of the goodies.. tell me what they have been doing and wat events they’ve been to, just to let me feel belong, introduce their friends to me, and Scolding THEIR friends for not shaking my hands! hahah
I was really really encouraged!

E06 music practice was awesome that night, yes after the long day, and had just a great time of practicing, and fellowshipping with the team.And of coruse, MAN U won!! Haha, Chelsea draw keke. And yes, there is a possibility of winnign the title!! Haha, lets pray that Chelsea continue to flop along the way! Hahah

Here are some pics of Nick and Ps. Lindy (our College Zone’s Pastor)’s Wedding!

P.S -In case ur wondering why is there a HAKKA tag? Haha,..
This is wat happened
“Nick and Lindy, Ladies and gentleman, Languages itself cannot fully describe the LOVE that these two have for each other, *pause* …that is why we have decided to bring to you this lovely song …Ladies and gentleman, put your hands together for SHEEP UNITED” (that’s my cell name, and it’s the coolest College cell, you need a cell? Come!! Call me!!haha)