Tuesday, March 28, 2006

PD last last week *i think*

Had a wonderful Sunday a week ago, when I joined Fellow Sheep to the church camp on Sunday, which was located in Seremban, in one of the cun cun hotel. There was a group of around 11 of us. Me and Angela decided to see how their cell was doing, so we went ahead joining them. Keke. Well, church camp was allrite, had fun laughing with Ps.Andy.
The dudes a lil crazy.
But enewei, Ps. Benny from Perth, a Singaporean, was pretty fundamental. Stuff he thought was really basics. The way he brought forward the message tho, is how I would like to call it “nice clean cut” !

Gotta admit, I wasn’t really paying attention, due to the fact that I was really tired the night before. Mind you, but I didn’t fall asleep during word, (not like some people whom I duwan to name! haha) , BUT, I didn’t concentrate much.

Except for this one part.
He was talking bout how we the society is teaching us today.

“We buy things, which we do not need, with money which is not ours, to look ok. So that other people will also use the money which is not theirs, to buy things they dunt need, to look just like or a lil better than you… and then you go and… “
Amazing aint it?

And of typical of us Asians with the “How can” “How can” ..like “How can is ur national anthem !”
But alas, this following was really good. Check it out.

“I know that at the end its gonna be ok. But if its not OK, THEN I KNOW that its is still not the end!”

Tried the Seremban ngau larm mee, (beef mee) , wasn’t really good, I reckon. It’s mee, with those sticky sticky sauce.. taste.. weird. Salty..and…that’s about it… nothing more..
Still prefer KKs ngau charp! Still the best! You guys dunno wats beef noodles until you come to kk man!!

But yes, we went on to Port Dickson for our tan. No one was in the beach that day, was just us. So it was fun.haha here are the pics. Had good fun that day! Really good fun. Got to know some people more! Which was guud. Praise God for good fun!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Emelia + Larry's Wedding

Firstly thanks to JUDE LIMUS again, for fixing the prob in my blog. See, thats what you get when you become a good boy, people will help you wan~
Thanks Jude!
(oh, i was told to say this... JUDE is still single, and he doesnt mind going out with older gurls. Wat? how old is he? 12!! )

Enewei, as promised

Friday, March 17, 2006


Yes yes yes, Ive been busy. How did you guess??
Hahah, oh well, yes the whole of the one month has been a busy one.
In work, in church, in cell, and yes also my time.

Have been spending most of my time with James, ha-ha, yes my cell leader! And of course with our cell core. That is good; we ended up talking bout abortion, and the process of pregnancy, this other woman’s difficulty in conceiving, and also discussing about our siblings, how we use to bully them, and also how they are or were getting bullied… etc.
Haha, so edifying eyy? Well, at least we exchange notes ohkay!!!

Was having a frustrating time the other day when I realized that I was competing with a “ handicap player”. Do mind my proficiency in using golf terms, haha.
Well, I was having difficulty with that, and was struggling about obeying God, and honoring the parents , whether to bend the rules a bit. But at the end, it turned out good. Prayed about it. Then it was ok. Decided that , I aint gonna bend the way I play my game, I aint gonna bend it just because there is a competition. But more importantly, is that I choose to HONOR HIM through it all. If he wins, Hallelujah. If not, HALLELUJAHHH!! HAHA

Yes, our cell is heading to KLANG this today!! My cell, is SHEEP United, we BAAA all the while! Haha, and I think im beginning to love this cell of mine more and more each day! Haha, the people there, the need of the cell. Its kinda like a family. Haha, lovely people there! Lovely!
As I was saying Sheep United is my cell, in there, we have loads of people from SaBAAAAAAHH! (im serious) , and tonight, we are going Klang for BAAAAH Kut Teh !!!! and its gonna be fun!!

Hahah, This made my day too!! In case you didn’t know that’s SPIDER LADY Kirsten Dunst! haha

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Random laughters!

Called for a Taxi the other day to go out for a job.
So, the taxi company said,
“Okay, we’ll call you back Sir”
I placed down my phone, and just browsed around.

After one minute, the phone rang. Picked it up and a woman’s voice came,

“ Teck See?” she said
“ Oh, its here...okay..…” i replied(waiting for her to say when..)

*awkward silence*

“Teck See” she said again
“Yeah, ohkay. Is it here already? Where shall i wait?” I asked
“ OH,no, Im looking for Teck See...... HO TECK SEE” she apologetically explained.

This made my day!!
God Bless