Friday, June 30, 2006

The week passed so quickly!

Took another 2 days to rest. The doc apparently gave me wrong medicine, and has since given me new medicine, and now, they are saying that there is a prob with my nasal area, that is causing flem to go into my lungs and the reason why im coughing so much, is to kick da flem outta my lungs.
Apparently the medicine has really been working and I dun cough as bad anymore.
Talking bout which, taken the two days off to move most of my stuff over to the new place. Got a new mattress for myself and Belinda already. So that when she’s over, everything will be ready.

Went to makan with Carole and Nad on Monday night I think. Went for seafood. Haha, have been eating a lot of seafood after meeting up with her. Carole’s car died down on her on Sunday night. Helped her start up the car, which took forever, dunno wat happened lar, but in the end, it worked. Praise God, followed her all the way back to her place, just in case larr, if anything were to happen along the way, and since it was late at night already. Got home at around 2am that night. Aiyorr. Haha But it was ok. At least shes allrite.

Well, have been having good response for the room. Just got a confirmation just now from a gurl whos just on the way back from Australia by the name of Cynthia. She’s taking up the master room. Haha, hope that shes just as nice in person, as she is online. Well apparently, Ive put up the message of renting out the master room in my msn, and one of my friend told her bout it, and she contacted me from there. Not bad eyy?
Fingers crossed!

Ji Henn was in town the last weekend, so, we decided to hang out a bit with him. And yes, I MET up with LINA in poppey’s really cute gurl! Haha. And yes, met up with some of her cousins. Haha, gurls gets a bit uncontrollable when they are typsie and drunk. So girls, dunt get drunk! Please! Haha
But it was allrite Lindsay and Ling lee. Its ok. Hah, (see told ya I still remember your names! Keke)

Have a Blessed weekend everybody!
God bless


Ji Henn, Carole, Nads, Me

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


It was last saturday that ive got the set of keys to a new place of mine. Picked up BJ and went to Giant to get some of the stuff, and utensils needed to clean up the place. Then an hour later, Carole and Nadya arrived!

Yup, four of us in the beginning 2 hours, then for the rest 4 hours, it was just me and the two gurls. I just wanna thank all of you Bryan, Nadya and Carole for coming over and really helped me out. The whole day, even until now, i still feel soooo greatful. Guess its the fact that i have never asked anyone for any specific favor (hah, usually i just order them to do stuff), haha, but this time, i sincerely asked for help, and they said yes!
haha, i knw you might be wondering what's the big deal, if need help just ask lar! haha, but its just something bout me, that i dont usually ask for help unless i really needed it.
But the better reward over these all is not just the fact that we did a good job cleaning up the place(which they did), but rather, its the whole process of cleaning the house together, something that i will carry for a long time in this memory of mine.

Super impressed and touched especially with both Carole and Nadya. Who kneeled down, and used the T-shirt to clean the wet floor. Carole broke my mop! (i knw!!) , haha, Nadya managed to clean the all the window panes and mopped all the rooms. Carole mopped and scrubbed the whole floor, and even the kitchen. Bryan managed the two bathroom!

haha, no words can really describe how happy i am, and how proud I am for being called your friends!
I love you guys!

Just one of my ways of saying thank you !

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The heat is on

And the pressure continues!! Arrgghhh
Yeah, went and see the doc the other day, doc said theres a possibility of “Bronchitist”, its something like a growth on the lungs. And it causes me to cough endlessly, especially at night.
And to a certain extent ive been coughing badly especially in cold surroundings, not to mention at night.
But the doc did gave me some antibiotics and some tablets, for it. And as of this moment, its pretty strong, and after consuming it, I go pretty dizzy during work.haha
And I don’t like it at all.

Have been also thinking a lot bout the apartment , looking for anyone who wants to rent a room. And Belinda is coming over in 2 weeks time.
Yes, if you are interested in renting a room, or looking for one at Kelana Putri, (its at the Kelana Jaya area) please do let me know. Currently, the master bedroom is available, there is a bath/washroom together with it. We would prefer females! :)

Hoping to settle everything by this Saturday. Have to go and buy the tongs, the brooms. Stick advertisements, buy the mattresses for Belinda…clean up and scrub up the apartment. Arrgghhhhh!!!

Thank you for all those who volunteered to help. Haha, Yes I will be calling you guys! Wuarharhar
Yes Nadya, im gonna call you REAL soon! Keke

Yes, slept early last night and watch England qualify for the best 16, 2-2 wasn’t the best result. But at least they did play good football, and showed a lot of commitment.
Need to seriously work on defence on set-pieces. And witness how Owen twisted his own knee. *YUCKS* . But Joe Cole’s goal was sublime skill! I would say goal of the tournament thus far.

On another note, as I was walking towards work from the parking this morning, heard someone shouted “BERNARD!”
Looked over, it was Wong Ji Henn, HAHA, the fella just arrived in Kl this morning, chatted a while left my number with him. Are making arrangements to meet up with him this weekend. If I don’t see him tonight. (Nads and Carole, want to make it, but dunt think so larr, after all Im sick larr gurls!)

God Bless

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Im so tired... arrgghhh

Its been a long weekend, and a tiring one. Yes, we did go for our seafood makan with cell on Friday night. It was fun. The wasn’t exceptionally good, but it was more of the company that made the occasion a nice and warm one. Had a great time of bonding with cell members, and yes, it was really fun.haha got to knw Ian, and Ronald much better.

After sending the dudes back, went back home straight , took a quick bath, and went over to ah fai’s house to watch the Holland game. 2-0 was allrite. Wasn’t really convincing, and also Ghana was excellent. Played excellent football. The only promising African in the cup.

Was so packed and stressed out, coz was preparing for my insurance exams. Woke up at 9am Saturday morning for out facilitation course for E06, and then went to One Utama Burger King, to meet up with Jackson, had a great talk with him. Enjoyed it loads, he is currently staying in Seremban and work will start next month and his office will be in Nilai. Haha, was telling me that he would have to eat back those dreadful meals in Nilai. Haha kasihan.
In the midst of talking with Jackson, Tan Vui Chuan (Ah Jut) saw me walked by, saw me, and he joined us for a while in Burger King, haha not bad, got recognized by an artiste! Haha( uisehhh), Managed to talk to him, and catch up a lil with him until he had to go and meet up with his friends.

After 3 hours, Jackson left the place, and as I continued my studying, Guess who popped up. Nadya !! haha, yeah, she was working in One Utama and Carole was working in The Curve that week. Haha, she went blank for a while when I told her that I was studying there! Haha
Oh wel..

Gotta say that my concentration span for my study now hasn’t been as effective as before. Dunno why think im getting old haha. Or maybe I was on medication.
Went for e06 music practice on sat night in our new sanctuary, was a good time of practice. Sunday morning, went and pick up Hilary and Liong Fah to church, stayed back for E06 meting, and then another one at 5pm for music practice.

Was really a tiring weekend. Really exhausted, Oh Lord, gimme strength!
Went to the doc on Sunday night to check up on my coughing, have been having serious coughing especially at night. And its been going on for almost 2 months already, doc gave me some medication that was “supposedly non-strong” type.
But ishhh, im sooo freaggin sleepy everytime after consuming my medication!
It sucks..
And its bothering my effectiveness in work.
Arrhhhhhh…GIMME strength Lord!

Oh, on another note, today is 20062006 cool ey?

Friday, June 16, 2006

There's something bout mamak.

I realized that most of my meals nowadays are eaten in mamaks. Due to the fact that I end work late, and the fact that most of the stores around the time when I have my dinner, are already closed.

And coming to think of it, its kinda sickening. Haha
But its ohkay larr. Not that bad.

But theres something bout Mamaks that I do enjoy.

1. Its cheap! Yes! Its cheap! Hah
If the ones near your house is not cheap, then ….ITS NOT A MAMAK! Haha

2. The BIG HUGE Projector TV. Which makes my football nights soo memorable! Haha better than the one in house.

3. Thirdly, the crowd it brings especially on football nights. Yes and especially during worldcups! You wouldn’t wanna stay at home watching football (unless of course you have a huge group coming together to watch it together) FOOTBALL needs to be watched collectively!

4. The passion it brings outta the REAL person inside. Try watching a game, and when a goal is scored, I tell you, YOU SHOUT!!!

5.You make friends. !! yes!! When you shout together, and walla you realized the grumpy aunty is also an MU FAN, and walla, she help you wash your car every Sunday ! haha

6. Its because all of the above! Wuarharhar

Yes England qualified and won 2-0. Only managed to score the first of the two goals 7 minutes from time. Made everyone so gancheong. Didn’t play really well. Not a very convincing game. But at least they won, if they wanna be serious bout this cup, I reckon they better buck up. If not, forget bout it.

Lets see, last night was an eventful night, went over to Kelana Putri to check out apartments. For those who has yet to knw, Belinda (my sister) is coming over next month to study yeah, Mum thought thats its better that we stay together. Was a bit mad because told them to decide earlier so that theres more time to source for a good place with a good rate. Thanks to people like christine and ah Gan who were so patient and helped me out. Managed to see several and alas last night we have decided on one. Paid the deposit and is going in July!
Thanks so much to people like Cissie, Shinyi, the cell, friends and all of you for your prayers and concern!
But thank God the most for even teaching me this time to trust in Him.Am pretty happy with myself this time around that i didnt Busrt out of frustration for 'some minor' issues! haha

We’re going to have Seafood tonight. Yes, it’s a cell trip. And we’re going to makan! Wuarharhar, I like cell trips, I love my cell.

On another note, get well soon Melody, Jin Yin.
God Bless

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Have been actually watching loads of movies lately, so much so that I can actually forget some of the shows that we are gonna watch.
Its like we just bought the tickets, and when we walk into the cinema hall, you can hear me asking “What movie are we watching again?”
Hahah, yeah, I dun think I have a life. But hahah, oh well, when your working and so stressed out. I think I am qualified not to have one! Haha

My ratings of these films are as of below.

1.M.I.3 – a 6! Wasn’t impressed, too rushy. Thank God for Maggie Q.

2.X men3- 7 was a good trilogy, good ending, and a nasty scene after the ending credits. So sit in for it.

3.Da Vincci Code – 4 sucked! Carole and nad slept through it, can you imagine how bad??!! The book is way better.

4.Poseidon- 5 a “ if got nothing to do” movie

5.Over the Hedge – 7 funny and excellent graphics!

6.The Omen- 5 Wayy too slow, and not a lot of things happening. A bore.

7.Cars – 7.5 Very well developed story, very reflective, and teaches us soo much about life. Funny, a very enjoyable show.

8.16 Blocks – 8 my kinda movie! Think tank, smart and a good twist every now and then!

Yup, go and take a dip!
Keke. And yes last night went and had dinner with James and Cissie, watched out Spain match. Oh yeah, im supporting England, Spain this time. Would wanna watch Argentina get through, Germany too, these teams are great teams to watch.
Hoping that , All these teams to move forward and yes, IT WILL BE A CUP to remember!
I should keep my football comments to myself. But Spain played excellently. The best football ive seen in this whole campaign, clean passing, excellent lobbing, superb distribution, sharp! Much sharper than Germany I say

But alas, tonight lets get through!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Luf me Luf me

I found out how you can effectively love me! Haha
You see, most of you might have witnessed or experienced relationship having trouble communicating, confusion and the issue of "does he/she understand me?", "why he liddat wan?", and sometimes you might catch hearing them whine and just confused with the whole thing. Well, most of the time, its basically because each of us has our own love language. And most of the time, we don’t understand our partner’s love language, and even so, our own!
Went to this link to do the test and guess wat I’ve found out about myself?
There is basically 5 classification of love language, and its common at times that we have a mixture of both, and a lot of people have a mixture of them. But its close to identifying your partner or even urself a lil better.
The 5 are :
(i) Words of Affirmation
(ii) Quality Time
(iii) Receiving Gifts
(iv) Acts of Service
(v) Physical Touch

Did the test and walla

The Five Love Languages

My primary love language is
Quality Time
with a secondary love language being
Acts of Service.

Complete set of results

Quality Time: 11
Acts of Service: 6
Words of Affirmation: 5
Physical Touch: 4
Receiving Gifts: 4

Now you knw, so, LOVE me effectively kay?! Keke

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jay's got a daughter

I dun usually post wat i get from my emails. But this is really sumthin.
Yup, they found Jay Chow's baby girl!
yup, its a girl, and shes singaporean!

p.s in case you dunno how Jay Chow look like..erm..well..Jesus still loves you! hehe