Friday, January 27, 2006

Going Home!

Yes, going back to KK later tonight.But at eh meantime,im sitting at my office now, doing nothing, so I guess ill just blog off early, everyone seems to be in a holiday mood already, the traffic was excellent this morning, took us only 6 minutes to get the office! Amaazzzingg!

Been an interesting week, some news from church, EO6 is coming!! Wohoo!!
Yes, we had E03 in 2003, and 3 years later we’re having it again!! We’re expecting 1500 participants this time around, and wer having it in our new church sanctuary!! Yayy!
Well, E06 is basically a youth, College, and Young Adults youth conference, wer having Danny Gugleilmucci, Nick Resce (Again! Wohoo) and Ps. Lee Choo as the conference speaker this time around! Take a look and find out more at

Got myself involved with the Praise and Worship team! Yay, and wer practicing starting next month! Uiseehhh!!

Well went Clubbing for the first time in my life last night. Cindy managed to persuade me! Haha, Yehh. Haha, oh well, coz she was leaving and I wasn’t gonna see her again, and it was the last I did… Enewei, it was Ghetto heaven in Zouk. Went there together with Ah Gan and Ah Fai, who joined us with Cindy, Nadia and her sister, and friends. Carole joined later. Got my first try of tequila shot! It wasn’t really THAT hard to drink. But yeh, it was one experience. Met up with Sarah (wave wave*) , Shon (Yup, the MTV guy ) , Farah, and met up with old seniors from high school. Hahah, she was hoping that I couldn’t recognize her!! Oh well, cant really forget a pretty face wat!!

Acctually did enjoy myself, the music was hip hop all the way. The company and dancing. But if u ask me personally, id still rather find a restaurant and sit down and talk and catch up. Haha, I knw I knw, clubbing is just…well…clubbing, and having fun.
The amount of smoke ishhh, I was practically tearing the whole night! Haha,
But yes, a fun experience!
Yes gurls, I did enjoyed myself! (Pics coming up)


But yeah, heres a video I found… enjoy!
Wong Lee Hom- Kiss Goodbye

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Saw this lying in Jocelyns' i gave it a try..

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Bernard!

  1. In Chinese, the sound 'bernard' means 'bite the wax tadpole'.
  2. It's bad luck to whistle near bernard.
  3. Only one person in two billion will live to be bernard.
  4. You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching bernard.
  5. The word 'samba' means 'to rub bernard'.
  6. Bernard can usually be found in nests built in the webs of large spiders!
  7. Tradition allows women to propose to bernard only during leap years!
  8. Scientists have discovered that bernard can smell the presence of autism in children.
  9. Bernard is the world's smallest mammal!
  10. Ostriches stick their heads in bernard not to hide but to look for water.
I am interested in - do tell me about

i like no.5 !! keke

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Lovely weekend!

Lets see, ive been killing my time nowadays with Desperate Housewives, and at the same time catching up with my Cantonese series! .

And the fact that I have missed my January Acca session, so I guess ill just have to wait for the July wan. So yeah, another half a year to fly by! But personally, I really am a lil bit confused bout how this whole thing is going to be. Im just a lil bit loss now, Ive gotta confess. Lord, I need a direction Lord!! I really need a clearer direction. Had dinner with Cissie, James and Melody last night and was just pouring it out a bit of my frustration, on the whole direction thing, the confusion, the Mum’s issue, with a lot of issues that needs to be decided before any other things to be decided. Sitting there for hours just talking, (not just me of course,..but yeah, most of the time..haha) but enewei, Cissie pointed, “Why not you spend more time hearing HIM this time, coz im hearing a very aggressive and stubborn Bernard speaking right now”

Right at that point, I heard it *kaqing*
She hit it just at the right point! I wasn’t mad, but I came to realize that hey, that is right!
I have been holding on to an “ideal” future soo much that, I have turned into another “Bernard’s Mum” whom I always asked for to seek God first, and not to worry!
AND THE scary thing for me when Cissie said that was, because she acknowledges , like I do, that I can make the things I want happen! (instead of HIS plans)
But Praise GOD for cell Groups! See that’s why everybody should go get a cell!
Yes, Lyn Ee, go to a cell!!
Haha… stubborn me! Haha…
Allrite. Ill loosen my grip.
Lord, here take the steering wheel!

Well, on a lighter note, met up with Amanda in the other day! Haha, yeah, she reached kl on Tuesday, and smsd me, telling me that she was in town, So, yeah, we met up on sat in sungai wang. Came with the parents, we met for the first time. Which was cool.
She’s still coughing a lil, but at least she didn’t sound THAT bad like the last time on the phone. Gotta sleep early and drink more water larr gurl!
Enwei, so we were walking around in sungai wang, and we ate this lil “strawberry sticks”, never tried it, was our first time, but it was really good.! Haha, yeah, its basically Strawberries with coated sugar around it and its poked along with 5 other strawberries like a sate. We shared one..not bad, should go and try again next time.

Then we saw this CUUUTEE lil cocker spaniel puppy, so, I went ahead and pat it a lil. Then the owner PASSED the whole PUPPY to me, into my arms!!
I gotta admit, ive never carried a puppy before…so, I was a bit…”harrr!!”
Told the owner so, but then, the owner larf larf there, say
“Its ohkay wan, its ohkay wann”
Amanda took out her phone and started taking pics.. haha..

Managed to had to get to talk more with Uncle Amanda and Aunty Amanda when we met, while they were busy choosing a digital camera, very cute couple. And a lil more later at night when Uncle asked me to join them for dinner, which was another round of fun together with Uncle’s friend’s family. Not bad, not bad.
So , we were kinda bored and we talked a bit when she told me that her dad does look like Chow Yun Fat!! Haha
So I looked* …. YAH MAN!! Really look a bit like Chow Yun Fatt!! Dang!

So, Im wanting to watch Geisha.. but not alone.. haha, anyone??
God Bless


Told ya gurl that i smell nice!! or maybe coz im sweet~ keke

Friday, January 13, 2006

Pride+ Prejudice Syok Kao Kao!!

Went and watched “Pride and Prejudice” ALONEEE the other night in One Utama, and sitting there ALONEEE, the Carlsberg add came, and it says;

“What is Life without Sharing?”

And I looked around……
DANG!!! Need I stress more??!! Hrmmm??

But yea, the movie was excellent!! Really awesome movie, the built of the tension,
all the way from the beginning, find it really intense, really articulate, and yes, I REALLY enjoyed it! It kinda tops my most favourite Romantic movie list. Ahead of Godzilla and Jurassic Park!!! Hahahah, no larrr… ahead or Par with “You’ve Got Mail” ( yeh, its my favourite)

Yes, go and watch it! Yes, bring SOMEONE please!!! ..haha

On a random note, Its Jun Ee’s b’day today!! HAPPY B’DAY JUN!!
Yeh, shes my senior in my work place, heres how she looks like on a happy work day! Kekek …Wat an inspirtation!

Blessed Weekend!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Blessed Holidays

Hi *waves back with the charming smile*
Well, sorry for taking sooo long!!
Keke, yeah but its NOT MY FAULT BAHHH… really wan…not my fault, I was waiting for both John and my Sis to send me the pics…and they haven’t wat!!!
Not my fault marrr!! (I still duint have the pics yet)

Enewei, my Christmas and new year’s trip back home was a blast!
Awesome! Didn’t really relax that much, was always doing sending mum to work in the morning, then send Belinda to class, then ..some other stuff, then other suff, by 9 every nite, id get sleepy eyes already, .
But I sure did enjoy it all.

Wat did I do? Well, the first 5 days was spent with family, didn’t go out at night, stayed home, with mum and Belinda, family time, with grandma and all. It was good, helped mum out on chirstmas eve in the shop!! Dang that was super tiring!! Yeah, I was holding one of Kimberly’s cousin’s hair for soo long, that I began talking and chatting with mum’s customer..haha, joked a lil, and yeah, was telling her that she was the only gurl that I held the hair for sooo long ( was holding her hair up with both my hands for 20 minutes! Coz mum was putting ‘some’ thing on her hair)

Enwei, the rest of the days was spent with my very good friend, JOHN CHAM would even say best really, (but coz im a guy, and im cool I wunt use the word BEST hahah..lame I knw…but STILL COOL.Beat that!) did a lot of talking with him, got around town, and yes with Sam and tim as well, and waddaya knw, I went to the golf course to watch sam play for 2 friggin days! (he played for 3, I didn’t go the last day, had to help mum do stuff)
Yes, learnt a lil of the game, yes, got a lil tanned. Haha
And yes, it’s a really patient game, really hard and skillful too.

Went to the islands. yes some of you might have gotten my sms to come to the Gaya street Christmas Bazaar. Yes, was so impressed, coz the KK church council got the permission to have a bazaar at gaya street. We had a stage to ourselves where churches from town gathered and took time to present some events, songs, charols, dance. I was helping mum sell her “char yip tarn” and also leung farn there, good crowd good crowd.

Well, the thing I enjoyed about Christmas is that , everyone is back during that season, and for me personally people I love and I care bout come back that time of year too.
People like John, Sam, Tim, Justin yong, Chris Yong, Justin Tee was back!! Timothy who has a girlfriend already also back, Kerry Yong, there’s Bryan LIMUS!!
Hahah, Joshua Ng too!! Haha (didn’t change much that guy)
And yes sorry to those peeps that I didn’t get to meet, id get back to you when I go back again for Chinese new year.

Of course there was catching up with Braces! That was cool.
And Nessa and Jenn, tho we gotta do another round of that…
Didn’t go anywhere outstanding for new year, but we had an excellent time at john’s. We decided to have a small lil party at his place, we had pot bless and everyone cooked a lil something, and we had dinner, a few rounds of TABOOO!! Haha, and yes a few rounds of wine which made my face went red! Haha But yes, it was really a pleasant night. Really warm!

The whole holiday back there was awesome!!
Going back soon for Chinese new year!! Wohoo!!

Oh, yes that’s me in the NEW TMpoint add! Hahah