Thursday, June 28, 2007

Operation Maison

A close friend of mine told me, whilst we were having Japanese last week.

“Maybe its time you step out of the church scene a lil bit, and take a stroll outside and meet some other people.”

So, I will! =)

Decided to head down to Maison tonite.
Haven’t been down there, its always been Zouk.
All I hear is that its packed, stuffy, and a lot of 17 year old punks!
(I knw!! Haha)
Shall keep my objectivity. See how it goes, and come back with a report.
And hopefully a good time =)

Calling it Operation Maison.
Its like a trip report =)
Hoping to be impressed! Haha

And oh!! did I mention that I’m flying off to Bangkok after that?
Hee hee =)

Friday, June 22, 2007


In my 23 years 8months of existence on mother earth, I have only paid twice for my haircut. Simply coz my mum is a hair stylist, owns a salon, and I had the luxury of getting free haircuts all these times. =)

Most of the time when I tell it to some of my girl friends, they will go.
“Waa, you sister syok laaaaaa”
Matter a fact, she memang syok! Treatment here, treatment there.

But you have no idea that we have to also become guinea pigs for some of my mum and aunt’s style experiments.
I Still remembered there was one time that my mum wanted to try out the Steve Urkel haircut.

*see below with caution*

I Duwan ohhh!! hahaha

Living in Kl now, I no longer have that luxury, but thank God for Airasia, mum get to travel here once in a while, and while she’s here, I get my hair done.
But she aint coming for the next few weeks.

By now, you should know that Im trying to tell you that I need a haircut already!
Hahaha =)

Still remembered the two times that I had to go around scouting for a hair salon and hair stylist, it was hard stuff, firstly it was expensive!
Blardee seventee ova dollars for a hair friggin cut! Wat da!!!
And since I never paid before, paying even 30 seems a lil banyak for me?
How do you gurls do it wan??

Secondly, dunno if they can do it or not wan.
Haha, I mean, with mum and aunt, you get to tell them what you want, and if it doesn’t turn out right, you have the luxury of scolding them! Haha, but its never gone wrong. Thank God. But takkan la I scold the hair sylist right?

Or maybe I can, since I paid! Wuahaha.

So, anyone got any ideas where and what to cut?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Say no to war!...... Pleaaaasee!!!

Got an email from my colleague Kianwei today.

“THE Pentagon once considered the creation of a hormone weapon that would turn enemy soldiers into homosexuals who'd rather make love than war, according to US government documents.

The US air force's Wright Laboratory in Ohio had asked in 1994 for $US7.5 million to develop a bomb containing a powerful aphrodisiac chemical that would cause "homosexual behaviour" to affect discipline and morale in enemy units".

Dats why….say no to war, if not…dieeeee!!
Have a war-free-BLESSED week =)

God Bless peeps

p.s jadi, jangan bom orang lagi k? jika tak, nanti suatu hari you kena bom gay ohhh!! hahaha

Monday, June 04, 2007


A tribute to Monica.
And since i promised *hahaha*

Me - "Hey Mon, u knw when gurls get molested, wat do u next?"
Mon - "Well some people keep it inside"
Mon - "Or you can embarrass them"
Me - "Ohkay...but what happends if a GUY get molested by a gurl?"