Thursday, January 25, 2007

When guys cry, Sissy or Sexy?

Just a disclaimer, before you read on.
If the following speaks to you one way or another, its definitely not my fault!
Its most probably and definitely your fault.
Yeah, go and cry.

Have a lot of girl friends who tell me story of their exes, their story of their boyfriends, story of their dads, their uncles, their brothers.
And I asked them how often to these guys cry, AND the common answer I get is,
“After they realised that they dump u mistakenly”

They say that there is this period after you guys break-off, and don’t talk much, after several weeks, the sms will come back, the calls, will come and say they miss you.
*at this point, its either the gurl thinks the dude’s a jerk, ask him to wobble off, or they come into this stage I called the “Sarm luen” stage and they get back together*
( We will talk bout this in another post)

Now, the next question is when they cry, do they go
“ *sob* *sob*”

Or do they go

You might wonder.

And surprisingly most guys in this (Mistake dumping phase), will do nutsy things, they would usually go with the second mode of crying.
They will usually do this for …erm….lets see… 5 minutes (heard one did it for 6!! *clap clap*)
5 minutes average because, its tiring…it really is wan.. you try la! They need a break, to breath, drink water, go into the car, blow the air con, adjust their make-up, and hair and toilet break maa !! arhhh and then back to position and continue.
( We can talk bout 21st century Malaysian Dudes Fashion Sense another post as well)

This will also happen for 3 / 4 sets. (Depending on how Bad his mistake was, or how desperate he is)
Then hoh, after that, they will go into the *sob sob* mode, they call you and suddenly they will sound really steady. And then , they’d go.

“Hey baby, haven’t sleep ahh, how are you? What are you doing? Hrmmm”….
And then…
“I…M..M…MISSSSssss youuuu ooooohhhhhhhhhh ….. hurrr hurrr huhrrrrrrr.. DIIIMMM GAAIIII , WO AIII NII WOOOOOO”
*translation = I miss u, *sob* x 3, Why? , I love you woo* Don’t ask me who’s woo!!!

Sometimes it will go on back to the fisrt “DIMMMMM GGAAAIII” stage.
That’s what they usually do wan.

Now, I’m not saying that these guys are all losers, I’ve heard of cases which really did work, and they are really happy now. And its good for them.
This entry is just to prepare you la, just in case it does happen to ur friends. *wink wink*
NOOO La, won’t happen to u wan la!

Now, im just talking bout crying, some nutso, will do crazy things like jump down from 2nd floor wan ohkay. They tell you that they will commit suicide or things like that.
When that really happens, may I warn you to really let somebody else know.
DON’T GO TO HIM/HER alone ahh.
Call their parents or sumthing.
But if you’ve made up ur mind, and he’s still crying outside ur house, call the cops, or release the dogs la.
And shut off ur handphone.

Coz someone tried that when I was in college, yeah, tried committing suicide, the police and ambulance had to come, and another 1 jumped! Yeah from 1st floor . STEWPIT!
I was thinking, soo drama, if really jump, why not jump 4 th floor la!
Ishhh, want attention only! Yeah the dude ended up in the wheel chair, they got back together, and she ended up pushing her around in college.
Oh well. At least im not pushing him.

But of course, that’s just the relationship crying, and a lil exaggerated. haha
The first time I cried, other than when I was caned by my mum. (yeah, I used to get that a lot, but I still LOVE her) was when my Dad was disappointed in me.
No, he didn’t scold me, but when I realised that I disappointed my Dad, and when was talking to me, tears flowed.
The first time watching a movie crying was with my dad as well, BRAVEHEART (oh u should watch that)
Basically I cry when my dad is around! -_-!!

Hahah, personally I think it shows the more humane side of a man when he shed a tear.
And that’s sexy. But cannot wat also cry la, see the flower cry, see the dog so cute..cry! gimme a break!
But to kneel down in front of her house, and cry cry cryyyyyyy…
Now thats just stewpit!

Leave a comment. haha

Friday, January 19, 2007

2006 and 2007

“We all start from growing up as a child being taken care by our parents, and there will come a day when we grow up as parents and the roles change when we begin to take care of them.”

This time, going back to KK was like the same a challenging trip. Hahaha
After living with my mum over the past 23 years, you and I would have thought that I’ve learnt how to handle her already.
Hahah, But nothing prepared me for what I encountered.

I remembered my mother as a very strict, very tidy person. Always teaching and reminding…yes as well as lecturing me on responsibility, about tidiness and cleanliness.
And it shocked me this time when I went back, the house was pretty messy, the car was super dirty. Hahah, and as I began to question mum bout it, she said she was always tired, and didn’t have time to do it.

Realised that she has been using all of her energy on work, spending her hours in the salon, and when she comes back home, she will just eat, bathe, and go to bed.
I realised mum didn’t want to spend so much of her time alone and free. She doesn’t know what to do with it now that both Belinda and myself are no more in the house.
She was using work to avoid being lonely.

And as I began to talk to mum, I realised that I began to sound like someone I used to know very well. My mum. Haha ironic ey? Don’t believe me, try and take a step back and really think about it. Haha. You might find out that we’re very much in the same situation. Hahaha

Going back this time has been a slow, relax time of bonding, observing, relaxing, reflecting time for me. Spent a lot of time thinking out wat has happened and wat is 2007 going to be for me. As till today, we’re still in the midst of praying and thinking through.
Many times I get to frustrated thinking bout these things. That I just wanna shut it up, and don’t think bout it. But after a few days, and as you begin to pick up the pieces and wanting to pile it to the picture we want.. and it all repeats itself again!!!
Lord, I need some help here!!

2006 has been a really challenging year, met a lot of great personalities, some not so great, but it was awesome to have great friends around. Days and Dinners were never the same. SO, I’m looking forward to 2007 with arms wide open!
Lets walk this journey together!
Blessed new year.

Tomorrow SIBKL is launching RESONATE service.
Yup, it’s a Exist district service. The church is going to hold one RESONATE service every two months. It’s a special service by the young, specially for ages round the Young Adults, the College Zone and High school, and anyone who wanna join.
Yup, so its generally LOUDER!! Hahaha

Come join us at SIBkl at 5pm!!
Blessed weekend ya’al!

Meet Vincent, He just won "Sexiest dude" title in Setapak region! A True Champion! Watch out, he's definitely going somewhere!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Monday, January 08, 2007

Back in KL

Hey people.
Just got back to KL after two weeks of good rest.
Went back to KK and this time round, didn’t do as much as I did last year.
Think age is catching up. Haha

Let see, Shaelin was down in KK, and since Joni was busy with DBD, I had to babysit her instead.Speaking of DBD so that took one week away!Went up to Tip of Borneo in Kudat, Tanjong Aru Beach, Manukan Island with the DBD crew, went up to Kundasang look see, look see, and also went white water rafting!! Haha, its been 10 years since I last did it. And it was still fun! Hahah
Shealin was screaming all the way! Hahah funny.

After Shealin left, had time for mum, for close friends, myself and also for the family.
Decided before going back this time around to go and take my scuba diving lessons.
And walla. I got it done! Haha.
Yeah, just like that. Note, its much easier when ur earning ur own money, and doing things you wanna do all these while, makes me so….nice! haha
Coz when ur younger, you just cant ask ur parents to pay for the lessons, its pretty pricey.
Or maybe coz its me, I dunno, I never for anything when I was young, especially from my mum. I remembered that when mum forgotten to give me the weekly allowance, I’d just take my savings and I use them there.(Well, except for circumstance such as paying school fees and bills). Dunno. Weird.

One of the things I felt different going back to KK this time is the driving in KK. I can’t stand the driving in KK. There were several instances and this particular time when I was on the road and there was this dude, driving at 40km/hr, and he was cruising on the right lane.I highlighted the dude, but instead of moving aside, to let us through, he just continued crusing at 40km/hr.
I was furios!! AND THERE were no car on the left lane. Until the motorbike over took him from the left lane. I continued highlighting him and eventually honking him, he remained.
After 5km, he finally moved to the left lane!

Christmas was fine, went around carolling, had turkeys.
Family dinners were sweet. Spent a lot of time talking with grandma, and taking care of Jonas. Ryan has really grown but spoilt as usual. But still sweet! Haha

Met up with Ji Henn, Jeevs, Cindy, and high school mates, as well as primary school mates. Catching up. I love catching up.
Haha. Will be goin back for Chinese new year! Haha so we shall see!

Pics people!

hehe, meet Jonas, my cousin.