Thursday, June 16, 2005


2 months! wohoo.
sorry guys...was having my finals, and my holidays, and my hometown holidays...then....its now.

enwei, lets get back there...
hrmmm... after my finals, me and a gang of us went up to P.Redang for our first graduation hols.
there was around 30 of us, and it was awesum!
the water was REALLY...yup, and i mean REALLY CLear....its like you can even see Jackson pissing in the sea from 10m out.
hehe....get my drift?
but at the end of da day...SABAH wins hands down!

went to this turtle island place...swam so close to one, went down 20m, was right on top of it, just as i reached out muh hands to grab onto its shell, it turned...and looked... ( yup it was a blurr look) then it quickly paddled away from me.
that was just awesum!
of course, saw a shark swimming at the down under, and 4 barracudas...(they were huge) ya knw? those that killed nemo's mum and bro n sis? yup those~
had a great tan, and awesum time with pals...

Then after, I went down to JB. Hehe, for 2 weeks..before headed back to Kay Kay. Which I had the 38 klan coming over. Well, except for Lee jar, whose mum was arranged for an operation. (which did not happen also…) haihhh..
Went to islands (which beat Redang! ) , to Kinabalu Park, Poring, flew over to sandakan, haha…they loved lil Italy ( my favourite)
Went to loads of places in sandakan too, wohoo, the seafood was awesum, superfresh, and for RM 18 buffet, we ate from 8am till ….hehehe, till the managers face reached da ground! Hahahah

Well, lets see….
After all the fun and stuff, decided to think bout wats gonna happen for the rest of my life, well, we sat down with mamma and kinda lay it down. And was praying bout it a lot.
Talked to several people, which I really respect. Thank you for spending and praying for me, thank you for believing and also explaining stuff to me. Really appreciate it.
Mum need to move out from Hyatt soon, so was also praying for a new place to move to.
So yeah, we needs prayers

Decided to come over to kl and look for a job, so here I am.
Sent several Resumes and had several responses, arranged for several interview sessions with several companies , sent to big 4. and walla got into one! Praise God!

So, now im in da midst of looking for a place to rent.
Praying praying and praying!

The work will be in Damansara Heights. So, all heads down and start prayng for me ya?!

Oh, bout the Astro experience eyy?
Okok…heres what happened.

The second time, I went, it was just down to 4 person. So theres four of us, and the producers wanted us to try our roles in the recording studio, give it a try.
Was in there! Haha,…pretty small room, the lights, the makeup, the cameras…hehe, all looked too familiar, yeap, the one, you would occasionally see on channel 19 Astro.
Hehem enewei, we were given scripts, and tried our parts…
Just like the professionals, they have the mics, 2 cameras in the studio, and they tell ya,
“when this red light comes on, face this camera. When its that one…look at that one…”
“and….5 , 4,3,2…..”
We start.

We changed partners…and stuff..and tried again.
Well, at the end of the day, they came up to me and said,
“Bernard, Your canto sucked! “ (coz my canto got cam the hakka wan)
Hahaha, well, not exactly like that larr, but yeah…that was what they ment.
They asked me to try other shows as well, which I also tried that.
Hehe, then they asked wether I was able to record in April, coz they were starting April.
But I was gonna have my finals in april…which I mustn’t miss…
They even
So I told them I couldn’t … they said they’ll call me larr, after june…

Enewei, remember bout the shi da concert, and I took several pic with z chen?
A day before heading to redang.
I went to Ah jut’s room, coz my hands was itchy ( of piano..if ur wondering! )
Then and there, met z chen, and his manager,
He was recording something over in his room, so I hung around, and we talked.
With both the manager Xue Ping, and zi chen.

Askd bout their experienced, life as an artist, as a manager, their future.. plans…
Was kinda surprised that they were really opened to my questions. They felt relaxed bout it, and so was i…
Got to knw them a lil better.

Enwei, so, im basically doing nothing now, not until July.
At the meantime, looking for room for rent..and planning and praying real harrd for one!

God BLess