Tuesday, December 13, 2005

9 days

Yeap, ill be going back to KK in 9 days time. Whouw!

Last Friday night, the whole cell went for makan in Paris in SS2 , haha, I knw! Haha, cool name eyy for a Chinese restaurant. Chris Wee was there, with the whole cell, well almost all, that Chris only appears when there is food wan!
Dang! You better do sumthing bout it, or you’ll be like ‘that’ for the rest of ur life larr wei! (not that theres anything wrong about it larr kekek)

After dinner went for dessert in Char Chan Teng, then muh phone rang,
* it was a kk number*

Me: “Hello??”
Her: “ Helllooowww “
Me: “ Hiiii……erm….How are you doing?” (No idea who was it)
Her: “Im doing ohkayyyy… *giggle* ”
Me: “ Goooooddd….erm…who is Dis speaaaakinggg??” (Still dunno)
Her: “ Ermmmm…. * hold to think a bit* Dis is your admirer!!”
Me: “OHH? Realllyyy? My admirer arrr? …. Where did I meet you?”( I knew already!)
Me : HAHHAHAH!! Hey gurl, wassup gurl?
Her : “ *giggle giggle* eheh, Hello uncle Bernie .. I saw you on TV larr!”

Haha! Braces called.

The gurl was thinking bout which course to take, and talked bout her passion bout things. Wanted to hear what I had to say. About Marketing and Mass Com, and the possibility of going to China.
I gave her what I thought bout the thing, and got to knw her a lil more of course. But poor gurl had to decide that night war!! The day after that have to submit application form dee!
Gurl !! next time call earler larr! Got me soo gan cheong!! Dang!
Hha, I of course wanted her to come kl larr… haha, but yah, above it all just told her wat I thought bout the possibilities, but allowed her to make her own decision.

The next morning, called her, and see how it went,
So yeap! Shes going to China!!
OH WELL, at least I got a place to hang if I wanna go China now! Hahah
*still think you should come to KL! * kekek

Went to an education fair for my sister, and helped her seach some info bout her colleges that she could get into. Met up with Jackson and went together. Was good seeing him again, and yes, we were fooling around in the exhibition! Haha, yes, put us together, you get two rascals! Kekek SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE! Haha
Met up with Andrea in the LimKokWing counter, haah, talked a bit. Lookin good!

On the way out, two gurls in high school stopped us, asking us whether we can help them put in the details for her in CANTONESE.
We Acted that we couldn’t understand Cantonese , She tried Mandarin, We gave her a blur look!
And explained in ENGLISH that we couldn’t understand her.
Here’s wat happened:

“ MM koi, chen man nei kho mm kho yi zorr har nei dei geh see gan?” (Canto)
(Excuse me, can you guys help me with something?” ) She asked

*Gave a blur look, and continued staring at her. *

“Qing wen ker yi barng wo men tian yi dian dong xi ma?” (Mandarin)
(Can you please help us fill in some details?)

*Continue with the blur look*
And said, “Sorry, we couldn’t understand what you were saying”

“OH!! …OHHkei…. We were wondering ..if you could.. ”
So she went on about giving her details, and that their program has to do with sending information and getting students to England to study.

THEN Jackson started !
“ HARR!! England?? My mum say England very dangerous place!”
The gurls staring at Jackson, but Jackson continued with a serious worry face.

“ Yeah, my mum say Engand very dangerous place!.....there BOOOM! ( he shouted and stretch out both his hands outwards! Hahaha! )
He was talking bout the LONDON BOMBING!!

Hahahaaa!! It was sooo funny!! Shocked the gurls into laughter!
YES, everyone was starring at them!!

I kept in the act… so he hurried filled in the form, and then on the way out, do remember that we were speaking in english all this while, I began talking

“wei, kuai yit dian larr, deng xia ren jia zai deng, jiu shi lorr , zou ba!” MANDARIN
“C’mon, hurry up lets, get a move on, we wouldn’t want ppl to wait for us”

The gurls stared at us… BLURRED! Hahahah!! That was soo fun! Haha

Went to One utama and did some of my Christmas shopping. Got Belinda a Levi’s Jeans, and some lil stuff. Haha. Yeah thought she might be needing one already pray that she can fit it. Dang! IF NOT!! Seesh!!
Met up with Joni, Mart and Shaelin for dinner at the Seafood shop, blue color wan..forgot the name liao.

Sunday was awesome, Darren came and pick me, and we went to church! Wohoo!!
And went for lunch with a whole group, Joe, Sam, Shaelin, Kamen, Gerard.
Then Joni joined us , went to Mid valley, to continue my Christmas shopping, and decided that Calvin Klein EUPHORIA is NOT suitable for my grandma!
Think im going for the Estee Lauder INTUITION!! Yes and thank to JONI, Intuition it is! Coz shes currently using Christian Dior Dune! Haha, chun right my grandma? I think I got it from her! Huiiiseehhh!!

Calvin Klein Euphoria

Estee Lauder Intuition Yahh! Baybehhh!!

The other night, Braces called.
Her: “ Hello, Uncle Bernie? ”
Me: “Yes gurl? How may I help you?”
Her: “The Hotlink ad right, which one is you orr?”
Me “HAHAHA, you didn’t see orr?”
Her: “I did, but I didn’t see your face wan? “
“ erm…..are you the guy in the afro arr?”
Me “ Yup”
Her “HARRRRRRR!!!!!”



Friday, December 09, 2005

Im a raisin!!

Been so busy lately, been working all week till 12 sumthin everyday! Arrr..!! Coz we’ve been having training from 8am to 5pm everyday, and coz the work couldn’t be passed to anyone, so I had to stay back everyday to do it.!! And finally its all done!!

Super sucked up in my work. Well, on the lighter note, im turning into a raisin now! Haha, = DRY but still really sweeet inside! Haha
But thank God, that its all done today, haha! yeap

Bought the HOT magazine the other day, and yeap, there was a report of it ! haha
Not everyday that I get to be on the magazine. Haha, but yeah, at least its there. Justin was there too, when I bought it. And he was all up with the “ Its allrite, Its allrite now” thing!! And *pat pat my back*
Sucker! Hahah

Well at least in the article Aiman thought that I was going to win it! Haha
So, that was comforting! Haha

Well, gonna do my Christmas shopping tomorrow, and then maybe get to watch Narnia tomorrow night. Cindy called and asked that we go clubbing tonight, coz Ching Yi is leaving tomorrow. Dunt think I can make it tonight, I dunt think I can even make it to cell if we are having one that needs us to sit down and talk! Haha
But thank God, wer just chilling and having dinner tonight.
So that’s good.! Haha

Oh well, shall wat Cindy says tonight. At least Joni and Mart is watching it tomorrow.
Well on the brighter note as well, im going to BANGKOK in FEB together with Mum, Belinda and Grandma! Haha, yeah, thanks to AIRASIA, im only paying rm75 for the tickets! Haha Praise God!
Well, besides that, Belinda is staying back in KL, and she wanted to go Singapore, and wanted me to teman her there. Hrmmm *still thinking bout it*

Hahah, it says-

Question- Who did you think was gonna win?

Aiman’s answer- “You know we’re all out there because we are talented and one of my biggest challenges was actually to overcome my own nervousness. I didn’t really care if I lost. It was more important that I felt that I actually did well. But a lot of people have asked me this and I’ve always said that it was going to be Bernard”

WOHOOO!! Thank you Aiman!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Wat bnards' been doing?

Its been a tiring week, haven’t had time to even think bout it! Haha! Even right now, im still in my work, staying back in the office and just finishing the things I wish to do. Things has pretty much beent he same now, that ive gone back to my work, and the post MTV thing has really continued on pretty well, now I wanna concentrate on my work and just get my professional qualification as soon as possible.
Haha, talking of which, need to go and apply for it already.

Enwei, besides the busy working, two weeks ago had the time to meet up with JUSTIN TEE, here in kl, together with MELODY, met up in sungai wang, and catched up a fair bit. It was good, gonna do more when I get back to kk in 2 weeks time! Wohoo!!
Yeah, he’s gonna be back in kk after he’s done with Penang and all.

Well, loads of peeps are already back in KK, so far ive heard, Inessa’s back, Hong Yi’s back, Justin Yongs’ back, Isabel’s back, CINDY HO is back! Haha, yeah, met up with her last weekend, went for movies then with ENOCH and his Hakka speaking friend! Haha, he was funny, not a hakka, but was hangin with ENOCH for so long that he learnt it already. Haha, we were heading to mamak after AEONFLUX (5 outta 10 ) by the way, but she was hot in da movie! Sexy baybehh! But besides that, it was just a lame movie. Anyway, so we were going to makan, and we found a parking space, never have I heard ppl speaking HAKKA for so long!! Enwei, coz the parking space was too small, and couldn’t be parked, SUDDENLY!
“ MAU DI**O “ he shouted

He drove the car up the ledge! Hhahaa
Me and CINDY kept laughing! Haha
Meeting up with CINDY was awesome! Hahah, haven’t had such fun in a long time, haha, to think of it that when we first met at the age of 11, she was such a pain in the arse! Haha, (vice versa) , and now that we are such close friends! Haha amazing! Keke!
And I MISSED the first showing of the the VJ hunt on air!!
Thanks to YI, she managed to get her friend to record it! Thank you YI friend!!

So, wats been happening with me besides the work?
Haha, well, was involved with a TV commercial two weeks ago, yeah, wasn’t allowed to post the pictures up coz it wasn’t on air yet. BUT since its ON AIR now, haha, yes, I can post it up. Yeah, if you’ve been watching a lotta TV nowadays, haha, you might just catch it. It’s the HOTLINK add, yeah. Darren was there too !! (Shaelin’s Bro) haha, thanks for pickin me up and sending me back! Hahah. THANK YUU!!
And yes, met a lot of friends and made new ones, even for several who said that I looked like WILBER PAN! Haha, dang!
Enwei, yes, learnt alotta stuff, from the director and all, had the shoot from the morning 6 sumthing till the next day 4am!! It was craze!! Haha, but still fun!

Here are some of the pics! MY first TV commercial, wanted to share it with you guys!

all i had to do was press!

hahah,i had my right hand MAKED up!! Firsr time in my life!

talk about attention!!

it was a LONG night!! please do excuse us! Haha

During da break!

ohh yeah baybehh!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


One of the morning coming to work this week, was listening to the radio when
It was one of the call-in competitions, so the DJ told the lady on the line that all the answers have the same clue, which is “KING” , and this is what happened…

DJ : “First question, it’s the third part of a Hollywood Trilogy”
Woman : “…..Err…… (for 5 seconds)”
DJ : “(being nice) Its “Lord of the Rings; Return of the …?”
Woman : “ JEDI !!!!”

That made my day!! Haha

Oh, do remember !!

MTVasia VJ Hunt
Time: 6:30pm
Channel: 71 of Astro (MTVasia)
Date: 3rd Dec 2005 (THIS SATURDAY!!!)

Oh, by the way, went out with Justin Tee last weekend, yeah, he’s back, together with Melody, and guess wat, BJ ditched us again!! sucker!!!!
Haha, catching up with him, was nice not enough..but haha, will do more when I get back to KK. Yes, people he’s going there! Haha
Watched Harry Potter, enjoyed it pretty much, even tough a lot of missed out parts, I still enjoyed it. (7 outta 10) On the next day, went and watched Just like Heaven that was sweet (7 outta 10) also! Haha productive week.

God Bless

Monday, November 21, 2005


hahah, now there are some FAQ's and just to tell you guys wat has been happenin.
hahah well, almost all of wats happening!
gotta have some privacy too ya knw! hahah

(1) The REPLAY OF THE MTVasia Malaysia VJ hunt, is going to be on channel 71,Astro, MTVasia on 3rd Dec, 6.30PM! someone please record for me!! anyone??
(2) Im not the new MTVasia VJ! hahah
(3) Im the Viewers' Choice Awards Winner, a.k.a Viewer's choice Vj! (dat means if its only by votes and the people, I WIN!) hhaha,
(4) Yes, im allrite with the result, its the result ive been praying for!
(5) Wanna finish my Professional accounting paper!
(6) Anyone looking for any MC for jobs? weekedns? or any modelling stuff! can gimme a buzz! wuarharhar!

yesterday, Couz was involved with organizing the Ministry Hunt that we had in our church.was fun, didnt have much to do, except just MC and host the whole thing.which was preety relaxed, the whole hunt was situated in Sungai wang, Imbi plaza and also Lot 10! haha, was fun seeing Pastor chew running around town, looking for shops! haha

Lee jar is in town this weekend, for work.so yeah, getting the guys together maybe for a meal. catch up catch up! haha

did this lil thingy! kinda fun!

1. Bernard
2. bnard
3. ah boy! (only my grandma, and my uncles call me that, dunt lemme hear you call me that… it might get ugly)

1. Zero ( Mask of Zero ..haha, that was a corny name..but got myself best actor in that role not bad! Huisehh)
2. I think I was Kevin, for one of the first drama I was involved
3. Zack (as Zacheus )
And a whole lot more I couldn’t recall!! Haha, told ya I am talented! Just forgetful dats all! Keke

1. muh nose
2. muh face
3. erm..my ears..they are the cutest!

1. my thighs (too mascular!! Haiyorr!! ..hah no larr, its just big)
2. my hair ( a lil too dry)
3. erm.. height? No larr, im comfortable with my height, if im taller, gotta worry more! Keke

1. Rats
2. wouldn’t say scare ..but maybe make me cannot sleep…erm..my family’s safety
3. height

1. my cologne
2. music
3. my wallet

1. a ring on my fourth right hand finger. Mum gave it to me! Spesel**
2. Polo Blue
3. a tie!

1. The Killers
2. James Blunt
3. Rod Stewart

1. Duncan Sheik- Half Life
2. The Killers- All these things that ive done
3. Wilber pan- Bu De Bu Ai (kinda fun)

1. God
2. Love
3. Joy
4. the gurl! Hahaa (she aint available!! Haha)

1. I love my mum soo much that I fear that I might just give up what I want!
2. Haha, I kind like a gurl who has a boyfriend! Hahaha! Woops! ( prayin real hard hahah , that should juice ur week up)
3. Ill break them up! haha

1. Smile
2. Eyes!
3. errr…. Character is not physical, then id guess its her dressing!

1. Loves God
2. Confident
3. A people person! Like me ! talking bout compatibility!

Note that Bnard is willing to accomodat and change these if my gf thinks its necesarry! hahah
1. Watching movies
2. Talking and hanging out with friends
3. Reading Woman’s Mag! Wuarharhar!

2. drink water
3. talk to a close friend. Im missing out on that a lot!

1. Being an actor/artiste
2. Own my own cafe/cakehouse/ restaurant
3. Own a Travel Agency

1. The carribean, anywhere islandy, Bali, Hawaii..
2. Europe
3. Australia!!


1. get married and have kids
2. See my grandchildrens get married
3. Been to all major countries in the world!

1. Treat a gurl like princess!
2. Fight
3. Obey your parents!

1. Live my life and acknowledge that I should be treated like a princess! And when I find someone who treats me like that, he is someone special! (well, that’s how they should be)
2. Be the cause of them fighting! keke
3. Obey your parents!

THREE (opposite gender) CELEB CRUSHES:
1. Yang Chern Ling
2. Ling Xi lei whouw!!
3. Kate Hudson! Hooooo

1. John Cham
2. nadddiiiaaa
3. Hong Yi

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My Story

Happy Birthday Braces!
Allrite, exhange presents it shall be! You better give a good one!
called her up just now.

"hello?" Braces

"Happy Burfday to you...Happy Burfday to you, HAPPY BURFDAY TO BRACES..Happy Burfday too YOUUU!!" Me

" *giggle giggle giggle* " Braces

Ohkay.. now back to my story!

Yes the finals! The night before, went out with Joni and Esther, Chung Yeee, and Kevin, watched CORPSE BRIDE! Pleaaasee dunt watch that movie I beg of you!
Ohkay, maybe the graphics was impressive, but I didn’t enjoy the movie at all. Id give it a 3 outta 10 ! im dead serious!
Then after that adjourned to Kevin’s Dad’s place for dinner, the pub and restaurant was called TITANIC in Taman Tun. Loved the atmosphere there, there was good food and best of all there was a live band there, consisting of 40 year old dudes, palying, and the singing …awesome!!
To make the night only better, Kevin’s dad charges us all RM 4 each for salmon, Steak, and RIBS! That’s crazeeee!!
Thank you Uncle!!
Dad called up that morning and told me that he was in kl!!! So, I quickly called the PR company in charge, yes thanks to SHEENA, I managed to get my dad and his friend, Uncle to get in! Thank You SHEEENA, really appreciate it. Coz I didn’t wanna call my 20 peeps I invited and ask them not to come…thanks Sheena!!

So, the next day, the MTV FINALS DAY!!
Woke up around 10, and headed to Hotel Maya. Met up with Shon firt, and then eventually then Aiman and Temily, was briefed by the MTV crew of what was going to happen, and there was a team ready, that was in charge of taking “BEHIND THE SCENSE” for editing purposes, which will be included in the video that will be presented *as told* on 2nd of DECEMBER on ur ASTRO MTV!

We had our rehearsals, met up with KC Monterro, the MC for the night, also a MTV VJ from manila, kinda a layed back dude. Really easy to talk to, nothing like a STAR STAR. Yeah, felt comfortable. We did our rehearsals, mind you was for the camera’s of our positions, coz there were actually 4 camera shooting the stage at a single time…so yeah, they wanted to adjust the audio, the video and everything. Nothing of the competition details were given. *keke*

So all this time, the “behind the scene” crew were following us around, and we were interacting with the camera and all. After a while, it felt really comfortable with it.. no hiccups, just one shot and got it done.. and so well, that I was almost doing all the talking at once! Haha

Then at around 4 sumthing, we went back to the hotel, and bath, did our make-up and hair. Haha, the room wasn’t as classy as the one in HILTON, but it was definitely nice! Hahah. Yeap. And yes, the camera was around too! Hahah now I cant wait to watch the edited version of it all.

Walked over to ZOUC at 6pm. There were people standing outside waiting already, had eyes looking..haha, but was allrtie with that already. Just smiled and just walked on. Haha.
DAD was one of the earliest there.

Was soo happy that at least someone from my family was there to witness sumthing important. So MDK managed to get them in, and later was invited to sit in the VIP AREA upstairs.!! Haha, my Dad was soo happy with the treatment! And thanks to MDK again!

Later saw my friends coming, thank you for coming really appreciated it!
Ah Gan , Ah Fai, Jackson, Joni, Gavin, James, Cissie, Evelyn, Emelia, Larry, Chris, Angela, Shin Yie , Martin, Pastor Lindy, Nick, Celeste, Vanny, Stanley, Ah Jut , Annabelle, Foo Heng, Christine, Seerena, Ah Kent, Melody, Desmond, Mei Yee and Bf (soory didn’t get to talk to ya) , Joseph, Gavin, Vincent, Nuri, Audrey TOng and frined and all those who prayed! Thank you!

Called mum, before it started.
“Mum, wer gonna start soon.. gonna off my phone soon.” I said
“oh, is it live?” she asked
“No its not. It will be delayed broadcast later” I replied.
“Mum, I wunt do my best! Coz I promised you, I just want you to know that I love you and I LOVE got more! And I want you to knw that I wanna obey you!” eyes began to filled with wetness
“ Good ..son. *siiighh* , lets just leave it to God larr! “ she replied
“I love you Son” she said
“…. I love you too Maa” I answered

Aunty Judy and Aunty Irene called. And asked me to give my best.
I kept quiet, and said thank you.
And I just wanna say sorry to all of you who was expecting my best up there. But I pray that you see that as much as I want my dreams to happen, and to do the most impossible, above all things, I wanna tell you that I choose to HONOR my GOD, who in HIS word asks us to obey your parents! And I chose to fear God above all other things!

So we had to introduced ourselves first, so I did a lil intro *hahah* .was a lil nervous there, especially seeing those 7 letters in LARGE BOARD IN HALF AIR "B E R N A R D" coz I really didn’t prepare that one.. did a lil rap that went like this

“wsup all you ppl in the house tonight,
Oh no, its not recorded, im rapping live
Gimme your ears, why dunt you please,
Coz this is the first time im doing this

Making it here I give praise to God,
Coz he is everything that ive every Got
(then I heard JAMES shout WHOOOHOOO yes I heard you james! )

Too phat’s in da house, everybody clap!
(everyone actually did clap! Which amazed me!!)
Coz those two dudes are 2 fine chaps
Too phat’s in da house, everybody Shout!!!
(put the mic to the audience, …yup EVERYBODY SHOUTEEDDD!! ..it was crazeee)
Coz they just love it when its nice and loud!

I knwww….
They’re dance, they sing, much better than me
That is why they are celebrity!!
They’re cool, they’re smooth, they’re handsum , They’re beautiful,
just like you and me!!
That is why wer all here with MTV!!!
thank you "

that really lifted the standard a bit, and Aiman danced, and had to do a flip over and landed on his back flat on the floor! really got everyones attention! it was either a really bad mistake or it was really a good tactic! hahah

the show went on with us answering some objective questions about the music industry, questions like who was Lindsay LOhan's ex boyfriend, where is kelly clarkson gonna have her next concert, what is Too phat's new movie title,
we got almost almost all correct, and they were having hard time differentiating us, and everybody thought that part was a lil too easy.. (they say!! seesh))

haha, then there was the individual perfomrance part, where we had to pick an envelope and do the challenge inside, the one i picked neede me to choreograph a boyband dance! haha, had fun in that one.. so, Colby came up, the music started and he did his thing, and then i had to choreograph and change the thing.
sorry jocelyn , forgot wat was the song called, but it goes like "toot toot, teet teet ..then waterver watever blah blahh.. then TOOT TOO, TEET TEET"
sumthing like that.
haha, and i did the MAHJONG move! hahah
that was wheneverybody laughed! and i got most of the crowd then!

the last part was to answer a question from one of the panel of judges. i got my question from Bryan, asking me why is important to me. i answerd naturally, becuase i grew up very closed to music, it resonate with my soul really effectively, coming froma church background, singing in church and all, i said that music has the power to connect to pppl effectively.

But Temily didnt have a fun time, Aznil was teasing her a lil bit, but i thought that beinga 15 years old, having to succumb to that amount of pressure was a lil bit too much, but i guess Aznil has got a point there, i mean, if you seriously wanna become a VJ, you'll be facing with judgements and shit talk like that. and if you cant take it, then maybe VJ aint the suitbale thing for you!

enwei, then they announced the VIEWER'S CHOICE AWARD!!
This award is given to the finalist who, in the audience hearts shoudl become thier Vj, accoridng to SMS votes and also online voting.

"and the winner is .... BERNARD!!"
i went up, the crowd was WOOOHOOOOOO!!!
WAS HAPPY!! haha, and when asked to say sumthing
" i wanna thank all my yimarr, gu jehh, ah sou..." *crowd laughed!!
"yeah but i waana thank all those who have supported me, in both voting and prayers, my church, my family back home in sabah! my friends who couldnt be here tonight, but who have really supported mt througha ll this"
*sumthign liek taht*
but i remembered saying, i wanna thank My Lord, Jesus Christ, all honor and Glory goes to Him !" (hope they dunt edit that one)

then the annoucnement of winners was on. we were handed each a handphone. and whoever ones ring will eventually becomes the winner.Then Aiman's phone rang!
and He won it!!
we were all suprised bout it! hahah
yeah, and i could felt his excitement when we hugged, man, ive never been hugged that hard before!! hahah
and right before that, he was saying
"shit man, i dunno what i was answering Donita then man!! " and i was ensuring taht all was gonna be allrite.!! hahah
mana tahu!! haha

enwei, the show ended, we took pictures.from the press and all.
and after that, Digi people came over and handed us the prizes. and helped us set up our prizes.
So sorry for those who waited, coz there was an interview later on, and you guys had to wait so long.. but yeah, managed to take pictures with some of the fans, and some ppl asked to take pics.so yeah, hope i get to see those pics! haha

then went up to the vip area for interview with PRESS. My interview took quite a long time. i was wondering why mine was so long, the whole cell was waiting outside. enewei, had a funt ime with the press. got them loving mea nd adoring me for a while! haha
they began asking questions, and its amazing, when you say things, and 7 ppl start writine the things taht you are saying. !! should try it sometime!

they began asking questions like wat do you think of aiman winning?
i said, honestly, it caught me by surpise when they annoucned it. (they paused looked at me, and continuing , only this time writting faster)

so you think that he didnt deserved to win?
i ansered, No, Mtv hd someone in mind and they wre looking for the qualities that they wanted, and Aiman apparently has that MTV factor taht they were looking for. and yes, im allrtie with Aiman winning it, but it just came like a suprise.

so, when they announced you to be the Viewer's choice, who did you think would be possibly winning it?
i said, i thought i was winning it. *they laughed and nodded thier head*
i said, because i thought that i gave a good performance, and i controlled and engaged the crowd really well, wouldnt say that the rest didnt do a good job, but i said i did a very good job in that area especially.

At this time, they began to relax, and was really chatting with me, and asking me questions about my family, where i come from, who am i with now, in kl alone, working? whre do i usually hangout..
began telling them bout church, wanna thank my Lord, jesus christ...(all that once again) , my mum...
and they began saying that i looked familiar, kept on asking me have i ever did any commercials, any video appeared on TV before, one said that i looked like the cameo in the "SEPET" movie.


remembered one asked me if i have a gurlfriend. i said no.
"ohh? so are you single and available?" or "single but not available?"
"im single and available" i answered
"when was your last relationship?" another asked
"i never had a gurlfriend before" i replied.
"WHHHHATTTT? all of them

"yeah" i said.
"you never had a gurlfreind?" "NOPE"
"you never had a gurlfreind?" "NOPE"
"youuuu never had a gurlfreind?" "NOPE"
she stopped for a while..
"you never had a boyfriend?" " nope, that a no too!" hahahah

yeah, hahah..
then they continued with askingme to try other things, like 8tv and all.
**YES IF YOU WANNA CONTACT ME ABOUT ANY OF THOSE JOBS. plese leave me a message, or write sumthing at the tagger at the side! thank you!!

well, what did i win?
haha, i won myself a new NOKIA 6101 handphone, with a new DIGI line, 6month worth talk time, Levi's apparels, free promotion, being able to be on TV, working with MTV, seeing behind the scenes, of a production house of that size, learnt from talking in front of the black box, interviews, handling press, got my friends behind me, a good profile now, contacts, and did i mention new group of fans! ?? hahah
and also a better relationship with mum, and being a friend of THE NEW MTV VJ!!!
hahah, and knw that im really loved, by mum, MY lord, My family, and also bu the public!!! thank youu

Happy with the situation?
yes!! really satisfied!. I thank God for his faithfullness, no doubt i didnt win the VJ thing, but at least i won the people's heart and winnig the poeple's choice award is just as important as winning the VJ thing! i thank all of you who have voted! really appreciate it. like my cell, church friends, sib powerhouse, Bobby and susan, tom and dd, Jenn,JAY JAY, Inessa, Braces, Brace's friend who thought i was cute! everyone that i didnt type out ur name! thank youu!!!

God is faithful! now mum can sleep! ahahaha

God Bless


choreographing baybee ! this is how you do it!

Thanks for coming guys!


Monday, November 14, 2005

Things you never knew...

Yes, firstly, I just wanna give all Praise, all Glory, and Honor to my LORD JESUS CHRIST! For without HIM, I wouldn’t be here today, and certainly wouldn’t be able to do anything without HIM!

Even at this time, I still remember what Pastor Nick Resce prophesied on me at e03, 2003. “ Bernard, you are goinna travel to other nations and be an influence to many, and people will know your GOD. But you need to keep your heard in obedience”

These three months has been one of the most struggling journey for me, both mentally and also spiritually. The amount of prayer involved, seeking Him, and asking for direction was really intense. Asking for God to be in control of it all. Dealing with Mum, dealing with what other thoughts, dealing with MTV, and KPMG, my current work, my thoughts, hers, and also what seemed wise in men’s eyes ..

MY CELL –SHEEP UNITED has been great, always being there for me, praying with me, I just wanna tell you guys that you guys mean a lot to me! Thank YOU so much!

Well, here is the thing. After knowing that I was chosen as one of the TOP 5 of the Malaysian MTV VJ Hunt Finalist. Mum wasn’t really happy, the perfect nightmare has just began for her. She began to worry that if I were to win it the fear of her son, giving up the things she built, and in her eyes, a perfect job.
She didn’t want me to win it, coz she was never thought good bout the whole entertainment business, and she sure dunt want me to get in… (even for the shortest time)
Well, no matter how much you and I disagree with her about this whole thing… I understand!

So, I began talking to her, of how I saw things and all. The struggle began.
Why LORD, let her see that it’s a great opportunity to Glorify YOU!
Let her see too, that MTV is pivotal point of young people of this generation. Let her see too that How THIS CAN GLORIFY YOUR NAME!
Lord, let her see.

After weeks of praying bout it..began talking to Pastor bout it.. and lots of people bout it.. different answers came..different opinions came.
After weeks again, we ended up always rubbing on each others feet about the whole issues, voices were raised, sometimes it always ended up not achieving anything.
Words of disappointments were uttered. Frustrations that she couldn’t see my point, and me not being to see hers as well.
It was dreadful. BUT it was meaningful to me at least.

“ I love you mum, that’s why Im calling and telling you bout this, and its just so HARD, because I know you LOVE me more than anything one, besides God. And its only because I honor God, and I honor you…… and I want to obey you at the end of the day, coz that’s what GOD requires of us. But I need you to see it from my point of view PLEAAASEE, before making this judgement coz it really means sumthing to me.”

Mum allowed me to join the finals.
I signed the contract.
But she still didn’t want me to join MTV. Even if I win, she wanted me to reject the contract.

One and a half month passed. Still praying!
And one day when I was listening to AMAZING by Youth Alive (Adore)! I broke down and wept! The Lord spoke.
“Son, what is it that you want out of all of this?”
“I want this to Glorify Your name!!”
”we get this generation Lord, imagine how you can be evident in their lives LORD, Look at how an influence we can be to this generation..it would speak awesomely of Your name!!”
“that’s very good son! Very good….but…but wHat about obeying ur mum? WOULDNT IT SPEAK VOLUME AS WELL?”
That night was one of the nights that ill remember for the rest of my life.
I chose to surrender “my plans” all to HIM,


The whole 2 weeks was one of the most difficult time ever! All the breaking of what I thought would be best, “my idea” all … in pieces, the potter came!

The finals was around the corner. I was ready, I was preparing to reject MTV even if I won it. Much to my pain, but I decided that I wanna fear God more than men.
I was dead focused.

But then, I found out something.
I made a mistake. I failed to see one of the terms of the contract that binds me with MTV for 3 months should I win the contest on the spot! When I found out..it was already too late. My mistake.
But you might be asking,wats the big deal anyway? But the issue is …mum thought that the 3 months contract would destroy me!
So I told mum, she for the first time, she really began to panick, and it didn’t help me solbe any problems, I was soo busy trying to settle her down.. and never did we talk bout the issue that I was facing, I don’t want to disobey mum and do this.

Two nights before the finals. Couz night.
So that you wont win, and you wont be tied by them!
I asked, “what happens if I dunt do my best and still win it?”
“Don’t think like that son! Just dunt do your best and then, you wont win it!” she snapped.

It was difficult for me. One of my principles is always do your best in everything that your hands find to do. And Her telling me not to do my best in this was really a struggle. She thought that the fact that it was sin, so doing this not full heartedly would be allrite. But it wasn’t sin to me!! It certainly wasn’t.
BUT THE FACT THAT she was mum. Prayed bout it, talked to James, Pastor Lindy bout it. And I decided that, no matter how irrational mum’s request is.

But I said ,
LORD, I dunno what in the world MUM is thinking, BUT LORD, BECAUSE I Love you! And I love MUM, I choose LORD to trust in you, and I knw Lord that you honor that! And it was a difficult time…it was REALLY difficult, all the breaking of myself..
All breaking…

It was good. It made me soo humble..so broken.
But deep inside, I knew that its in good hands. Coz He is always good! Amen.

So here comes the finals!
Continue tomorrow … daddy is here, and we are going for dinner! Yay!!

thriller eyy??

Friday, November 11, 2005

2 days!!

Thats right! sunday night!
MTV VJ HUNT FINALS in ZOUK. am i excited bout it? haha, well im looking forward to it, but excited, yeah!! but not nervous yet.
Looking for a fun and wonderful expereince.
In case your wondering if its live? Well, you wont be able to watch it on MTV live, you watch the delayed one! Sorry, I didn’t arrange for that to happen!

well, for starters its not like everyday thing for me to end up as top 5 of the whole of Malaysia, so this thing is pretty big!
and yes, on that night, we are going to be judged on our performance, doing wat?
I HAVE NO IDEA, they are only telling us on that day itself, so i guess its all impormptoo thingy.

yeap, the cell is coming, Ps Lindy is coming as well. Ah jut and Desmond they all are comming tooo!! wohoo!!
Jocelyn they all won tickets!!Jackson and Ah Gan is coming too!! yay!
but the disppointint thing is that Limus is not coming, Carole, Nadia, and a lot more are not coming because they can't!
oh wells, ... would definitelly be awesome if they could come, not just to see wether i win or not, but really to expereince this whole thing together with me ya knw, watever the results are. TOP 5 not bad!!

I remembered during the NEW STRAITS TIMES interview we had, when i was asked , "what happens if you don't win, what then?"
i said, "well, if i don't win, i will just go back to my current job, THANK GOD for the whole thing, thank MTV for the prizes (yes, we get them as well!! wohoo), and yeah, i am looking for oppurtunity (if presented) TO DO SOME RANDOM MC JOBS HERE AND THERE (yes, IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MCS FOR YOUR EVENTS... DO CONTACT ME! ) haha, enwei, i said, that and also any offer to do MODELLING SHOTS! haha, yah, i mean, you dont wanna see Amber's face everywhere right? so, its time for some new looks! hahah"

yeah..that is still my statement today! hahah
but really, i just wanna give all GLORY to my LORD JESUS CHRIST, my sviour, my friend, its all about HIM really, wouldnt have been what i am today without HIM!
and yes i LOVE YA MUM!!

went planet shakers yesterday, was allrite.
the band was good, the whole thing flowed very well, but the P.A was pretty bad, maybe its because of the accoustics of the hall .it was huge rectangular, super high ceiling, and super long... loads of young people. Like how angela said it " its when i see them that i realise that I start feeling old!!"
yeah, but most of them were high school and secondary school kids.
haha, met up with a few old friends from college, from church in kk, from skyline, and from ...dunno where!

sorry peeps, had to go after the concert, no time to sit around and catch up! yeah, uncle bernard is getting old and need to get his dinner!! hhah

enwei, you guys have a BLESSED weekend!
God bless

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sunday night is the finals

Yes ppl, im superseerious bout it. check your emails and see wether youve got free tockets. i knw lots of you have been asking how to get tickets, well, firstly, it starts off with voting online, they'd send you an email telling that youve won a apair of tickets. secondly, is by listning to redfm, and answering some of thier questions. haha

enwei, yeap sunday is the finals in ZOUK,and how am i feeling? haha, like usual i guess, i mean, at the end of the day, it really falls down to which one MTV wants.
and to all the question of "so how do you fare yourslef in this competition" hahah, yeap, again, its up to wat MTV wants..i mean, im just gonna be myself, and then let them decide larr.
BUT thanks for the support and the care. and all the jia you's , all the Kambateh, all the "all the best" , all the wishes...haha.thank YOu.rally appreciate it.

For those who have won urself a pair of tickets to the Zouk Finals this sunday, you might be wondering how are thigns going to go on. well, you just be in Zouk on Sunday before 7pm, go to the receiption and tell them that you are coming for the MTV VJ FINALS, and then, you present your ID = YOUR IC to them.
NOW, YOU MAY BE ASKING, what happens if you forgotten wether you put your IC in or wether its the correct one (for security reasons) ? well, i have posted this question to MTV , and they are giving me a confirmation answer tomorrow!)
so wait up allrite!

and yes MAN UNITED WON!! wohoo!! havent seen them so "MAN UNITED"ly for quite a long while! haha, of course Chelsea was really scary in the second half. but yay! WE WON!! hahah

anyway, Karen joined KPMG! hahah, finally i found someone from INTI college to come and join!hahah, yeah!! helping her feel settled and all. haha, really ambitious gurl. farny too.haha enwei, haha, hope you settle down quickly! haha

the rest of Gavin's pics! haha

this is my cell!! we call ourselves SHEEP UNITED

cool one

nice one

acting spastic, check chris out, da fat boy in black on the left!! hahah

spastic take 5! still cannot!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Im back in one peice!!

haha, yeah, came back from Penang in one peice! was really a test of patience for me while being there.yeah. and ya knw wat, i didnt crack up a bit. *so proud of myself* , but thank God I didnt know him that well, if not, he would really have kena from me dee. it was one of the friends i met there, and he was driving us around. and a lotta times he was just being careless driving!
and we did end up in a car accident . Felt soo bad for you gurl!
But yeah not angry at him, but just felt that he could be more responsible and cautious driving a4 others lives in the car ya knw?
oh well, the good news is i sustained it all, and yes, i was really praying hard !

but overall, it was a fun trip, got to knw more peeps, there was Daniel, Kevin, Wan Foong, Aaoron and gf Alice, and Esther and 'chung yee' if dats how you spell it! hahah hey, thank sfor opening the house it was really nice of you! appreciate it loads! but yeah, improvement on the driving yea?
didnt do any shopping or that sort, but a lot of cam whoring, and makaning along the way! and yes, A LOT OF PICS! hahah but since all of them brought cams, so i decided to use mine, so all of it is in thier camera, so im still waiting for them! and the thing i enjoyed the most, making friends, besides the 7 of them, met up with two lovely ladies, Sook Shuen and her sister, nice meeting you gurls and supersorry bout the car thing!

so, it will come! haha dunt worry.
came back on thursday and spend the next 3 days in the house, didnt go out at all.
haha, makan and rested, and slept a lot! which was really gud! i really needed the sleep.haha

Mu won!! haha, last night went out to makan with Martin, Joni, Wan Foong !! notty gurls, called me up and told me to wear nice nice!! thank God, i didnt overdressup! seesh! just a jeans and collared top! and they were in pants and slippers! crap! haha
but thank God, Bnard listen to Braces have to be gentle a bit..if not! you all mati orr! haha, just realized that lately, ive really toned down a lot from the used to be Bernard. well, yeah, still making lame jokes, but its only for the 'cold' and quiet atmosphere.but im gauging it very well now. haha

Mum called the other night, and we talked it was a good talk, pretty long one too.haha, it was for 53 minutes call! hahah, yea..things are more open now with her, and that is guud, and i guess how good or how bad a relatiosnhip can go really does depends on how well we want it to go. and yes in many times, it comes throught he form of effecitve communication.

as a consolation.shaelin brought in the Astro Novemeber issue that covered our story! haha, yeah. so here are some of the pics..

Monday, October 31, 2005

Check your emails!

People check your emails, Yes, if you have been boting online (frequent enuf)
you will be getting an invitation to go over to ZOUK for the MTV ASIA VJ hunt finals in ZOUK this coming 13th November!
yes, currently three of the closest frineds are not going !! and they've won themselves alltogether 6 tickets!
oh wells.

yeap. its definitelly confirmed! haha
im heading up to Penang tonight with Joni and her classmates, or coursemate, whom i have no idea who they are.. but yeah, i guess its gonna be ohkay wan larr.
gonna start socializing and expanding my network circle again!
hahah, havent been doing that for quite a long time.


had a great friday night and saturday.
Fresheis noight was awesome. had a relatively a medium sized group of peeps, around 60 over of us. and the programmes was just sweet.
real fun.
my batt ran down on me, so, we had to take pics from Mr. G's cam, and he still hasnt emailed me the pics! seesh!

then saturday went out and met up with Christine in Mid valley.
we had lunch and watched "wait till ur older"
reallly nice movie.cant help but notice all the make-up on his face.
hahah, he does look like muh daddy when my dad was around 35 haha!
its kinda scary especially when me and belinda was sitting watching "fighter's blue"
and we go like..."seeesh, that looks like dad! "
enewei, the movie was great. really nice movie that would speak to all level of community.
really awesome, about him growing up old, and spoke a lot to how we perceive life, and how we treat those we love.

then we went SHOPPING! haha
had so much fun, there was like 50% discoutn in SEED and haha, got myself a green jacket! haha, sweater really! haha, christine said it was nice, si i bought it!
no larrr!! i thought i needed one also...so buy larr, since it was 50% discount, so it was around RM 52 like that.
haha, then there was a long sleeve working clothes! haha
but christine was great, she said she was having too much woman clothes, and she couldnt look young.. haha, so i was suggesting a lil bit of wat to wear, on wat clothes to go for, wat jeans, and shuz! haha
told her to buy the converse all satar!
and then she tried on some clothes...warrr.. cantik worr! haha
ohkay larr, gurl, you dunt look old larr!

gotta go now! see ya people!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

If i cant go down, then Id go UP lorr!

hahah, yeap.
was planning so hard of giving myself a holiday to Singapore, but it didnt work up too well! haha, then i thought of goin myself.But then i realised that im always going to Singapore alone! seesh, how sad is that! its time like these that i get depressed, times like these that i feel so alone! dunt like that feeling at all.
haha, time like these that i wish i had somone to share my joy with..someone.
haha, sounded so emo.
and i dunt like valentines...haha, dunno larr! ever since high school.haha, not that i dunt appreciate the gifts that were given, haha, i do. flattered really, but hrmmm..just that dunt get that kick, when ur not having someone to share it with.

wats wrong with me today!?? haha
enwei so sorry Cindy, couldnt make it down next week, but january yea? january!!
wohoo, see ya there then!
pss! make sure you dunt tell the marines where i am kay? hah
but yeap, im going TO PENANG on monday with Joni, and her college mates! wohoooo!!!
Penang FOOD!! wohooo!! hope i dunt end up puking like last time!! seesh! hahah

well, went to church last night and did some preperation for tonights Fresheis Night.
haha, our cell was doing gifts! I TELL YOU OUR GIFSTS ARE WAYYY cooll!!
hahah, made coasters, and postcards! designed all of em ourselves!
but we were so busy that we didnt have time to take the pics!! seesh, next entry larr!

haha. just wanna thank all of you FOR DA B'DAY WISHES! those who called and smsed! from AUSSIE, FROM KK, AND SINGAPORE!! hahaha thank you!
hahah, called braces the other day!! warrr, i get calls from everywhere, mana tahu she didnt call! got kinda dissapointed, so, called her up, and scolded her a lil, haha.
then asked her to sing my a burfday song! haha
"its my b'day larr, sing me the b'day 1 2 3 ...GO! "I said without giving time.
" H...H..happy burfday to euuuu, Happi ./.."
awwww.. sweet! haha
smiled the whole day after that! hahah

Took a look at the mtv vj comments box! and i was like WHOUUWW!!
well, thank you for all the wishes! *smiles!! hha*
so garm dong! haha... yeah, thank you soo much all of you for the wishes and the beleif, and also the amount of support! really appreciate it all.ya knw i do! haha
the finals has been confirmed to be on the 13th NOV!!

saw Braces online yesterday! haha,
then she began crying! well more of shouting out of dilemma! haha
so, called her up, and apparently, thers these hair-dressers in kk wanted her to be thier model, and she was worried that she woouldnt look nice!
hahah... gurl, YOU LOOK nice! gurl~ you really do!
just bear in mind larr wat i told you kay? youll be fine.

on a random note, i wanna go back to kk for my dec hols dee!
the islands, ooh, the amount of ppl im going to see, and catch up with!!
i love Decembers! theyre so nice, so warm, so much fun! haha
yay!! the islands, the friends!! yes teh friends!! wohoo...
John, Braces, Belinda, Mum, GRANDMA, Dad, lil ryan!! and get to carry my new cousin Jonas! hahah!! still farny larr his name!! hahah

so, all preped up to go penang makan!! wohoo..meet up with some friends as well!! wHOS in Penang!! WHOOO!! ??? WHOOO??!!

more pics taking tonigte! wohoo!!
God Bless

picking up reading again. Hope this time it will be cultivated.

Monday, October 24, 2005

I AM 22 !!!!

Yes, im 22 as of the 23rd october 2005!
yes, coming to think of this, ... man, i think im really getting old.
and was talking to a gurl friend the other day, and we were talking bout how we like it? wether gurls making the first move and all.
and she was of course in the position of wanting guys to make the first move.
and we were talking a lot bout it, and trying to get to knw her, and understand some of the gurls that she might represent, and it turned out to be a really good conversation.

she was saying
that she wants a guy to make the first move, and even though she like the guy so much, she would choose to wait and all.
and the fact that even if she knws the guy likes her, she would have even more reasons to stay still and wait.
and i was asking why so, and she said, she wants a guy to be a a man, and not a wussy, and if he likes me, wether he's shy, or not, he should make the move, coz she wants a man! not a boy, who will be responsible, and have even the slightest courage.
more even so, because she said she wants somebody to take care of me, and if he is determined, serious about it and come and make the first move, he is a man.
and she wanted marry someone to take care of her, and not marry someone to take care of him..
haha, she was saying, if the guy likes you, and is not bold enought to make the first move, then, he might just doesnt love you enough.
hrm....shes got a point as well.

enewei, went for basketball with cell on friday night. was pretty guud, havent been sweating for 3 months, hha, finally, my first sweeat broke! hahah
it was fun time with the whole cell, playing together, wasnt really a competitive game, but great bonding.!!
haha, and so many ppl got injured with thier fingers and all!

was incharge of doing promotions the next day in New song, coz this coming friday is Freshies night, where we invite the new song peeps to join us at couz! haha
yeah, waited soo long for taxi. ended up getting there late.
and the weird thing was chris was doing it already, and then he introduced me to the whole of new song, introed me and promoted the MTV thing, and asked them to vote, haha, even though the voting line has been closed! haha
but it was allrite !
then met up with vanny, jackson, ah gan, for lunch, and with dickson
then spent the few hours with them.
then dinner with jackson, and a new friend.
took them to marmalade in hartamas!
they loved it!!
you guys should go!!
awesome cakes!
Belinda, you'll love it!

thanks chris! hahasunday was great, went church, then MET UP WITH TSOON TING, in one utama, has great time catching up the whole afternoon.
then he joined the cell for dinner, and went for GOAL the movie! haha
ok larr, normal movie, NOT THAT BAD as i expected!
was givent this prezzei, from cell, haha, had to hold it the whole time i was in One utama, everyone was looking. got those children jealousing over me!!
hahah, SOOO HAPPY!! hahah
enewei, haha, had fun with it!
yes, IM 22 !!

(cell outing at mc dees~ )

Chris wee, James, and Cissie (not concentrating)

Forrest, is dat uuu???

da boys ~

muh present and i had to bring it everywhere in the whole of one utama! haha

temptations~ hhaha

Friday, October 21, 2005

Finals postponed- Voting still going on!!??


yes, due to the death of the Malaysian Prime Minister's wife, the Finals of the MTV VJ HUNT has been delayed. that means..well, ...it just means thats its gonne be delayed!
MTV is still discussing about it at the meantime about the dates of the finals. yeah, and i dunt think i should talk more bout that.

BUT, the weird cool thing is ..THE VOTING IS STILL GOING ON??!!!
yeah, its supposed to end last night..but for some reasons, Hong Yi, Carole told me that the voting is receivable!!??
dunt ask me why, they didnt tell me anything bout it...
so....erm....i guess.... its still votable larr?!! hahaha!!

so keep em coming! haha

thinking of getting a car and a place to stay already.
having discussion with mum.
haha, yeah, things are allrite with us, especailly when we dunt talk bout the MTV stuff! haha
but yeah, Praise God, me and my sister Belinda is getting really guud now.
i guess Joni put it very well, "distant makes the heart fonder!"
haha, love her to bits!
Glad that i can talk to her bout stuff, and she respects and listen as well.
haha, so Praise God for that! haha

Thank you people for all the votes and more importantly the B'DAY WISHES!! haha
thinking of going to singapore this raya holidays!! haha, anyone wanna come along?
3rd till the 6th?
anyone? anyone?

Was talking to carole the other day,when we went for jeevaah's farewell,
well, its not really farewell, but, yeah!! SO HAPPY FOR HIM! all his life he wanted to become a pilot, and parents werent approval of it, at all for many years..
and then, finally, a year ago...the parents allowed and gave him thier blessings!
and its amazing! to see that hes really going for his dream!
Your an encouragement Jeevaah!
enewei, knwn carole long time dee, so i asked her, "Hey,do you feel insecure with me? "
"NO," she replied
then i changed my question, "what if your my gurlfriend..would you feel insecure?"
"Yes!" she replied immediatelly, looking at me, shaking her head in agreement, watching my expression.
i kepp quiet, and thought for a while...
"well, its because, your a nice guy, and a lot of gurls like you..and there will be competition larr" , she reasoned
"But wouldnt the fact that i love you, and choose you as my gurlfriend make any diffeernece?" i asked

"yah, it will...but wat happens if you find someone better than me?" she asked.
then i thought... and i thought...and i thought!

is it me being insecure, or gurls being insecure?

God bless

kimberly, Crole, Jeevs, Me at chilis~

taken by New straights times!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

2 more days!?

hha, yeah, the voting ends tomorrow midnite
and when i saw the guest book on MTV, i went like...whouw!!!
haha, well, thank you thank you all for the overwhelming response! really appreciate it!

well, last friday was fun, received a call from sheena, the personal from the PR company in charge of MTV, who apparently is my senior in high school, called me up and tol me that weve been featured in KOSMO a kl circulted newpaper..
haha, called everyone to get, it, but couldnt get a hold of it..
went to cell, and on the way went all over kelana jaya mamak stall to look for one, indian book shops dunt have, all they had was the china post!! hahha

then after cell, after dropping angela, James decided to bring us along bangsar went to all the stores to look for one , in the middle of the night, and finally found one.
got so exctied seeing two more copies there, haha!
bought all two of them, adn checked for it on teh spot. the two 7/11 workers were like soo curios, and began asking question about wat awas the thing.
haha, then i SAW THE PAGE!!
haha, got so excited, and began showing them and telling them.
hha, they were so suprised..haha, BETUL KAH INI YOU!! ehhhh!! BETUL LARRR!! hhaha

then a daay after, went to one utama, han out with Carene and Sally and other. haha, managed to get some clothes for myself! haha
and did some shopping, had great time talking with sally and carene. got to knw them better! haha
then at night had dinner with Shaelin, Joni, and Mart , watched the MYTH.
jackie chan wan...
but didnt eat at all. mum called, and we talked!

the hard part was that she loves me! wanting her to see it and understand it from here was difficult!

but yeah, gotta go now!
enjoy the pics!

2 more days for voting!! VOTE!!

went all over town to find it in the middle of da night! thanks james!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Even in the midst of all these buzz and MTV stuff, I, myself aint moved soo much by the frenzy of "celebrity thingy" , with the videos on air, people recognizing you on the streets, even in mamaks, starring at you while you eat in cafeterias, when they give a warm smile at you... and im still teaching myself to even smile back, and just learn from this whole package.

But above all of these, i just felt Blessed! The fact that im in this thing really goes back all to HIM! All glory goes back to Jesus Christ!
Couldnt have even made it here, if it wasnt for HIM!
Give all Glory to Jesus!

and yes Justin and all of you who are wondering how come i dunt write down messages in the message box. haha, well, COZ I DUNT WANT TO!
haha, no larr, i felt that it would be best coming from the here! THE MORE RELIABLE SOURCE! haha
so, THANK YOU again for voting and your constant encouragement!
amazed by the number of messages that is coming!
haha! Bless all of you peeps! (yes to all of you in KK, OZ, Shanghai, US, UK too! miss you guys!)

so,we did the inerview with New Straits Times last Friday after work, first time meeting SHON, really crazee guy!!haha, was outta his mind all the time, but once you get a whole of 4 minutes with him, hahah, you can 'sorta' knw when hes gonna start throwing you around~ hahaha
Aiman was fasting, so he was looking pale but he was allrite! hahah thought us how to hang on the bar SIDEWAYS!!! so its like hanging on the window pane sideways with just your hands holding the bars!
TEMILY? HAHAH....bubbly as always, she was really energetic bout it all~
hahah, and i was feeling really corporate, coming out from the office hahah!!
One of the best interviews ive gone to since the start of all of these, really direct interesting questions, it got TEMILY'S and SHON getting thier knives out!
haha, yeah, and the words spoken started from "nice" ones became "got bones " wan! hahah
and i was like...whouw...SHE (the journalist) IS REALLY GUUD!

**you would realize that people talk more and they just cant stop talking, especially when they are nervous!! and especailly coming from VJ-to be's like us!! hahah,
at one point, i was listening to wat were spoken, hahah, it sounded like...
"HUH???" - YOU GET WAT I MEAN? hahah**

cell was good on friday night! haha, were talking bout worship, and we went really DEEP into other stuff, haha EVelyn, first time doing word, was sooo gancheong, when we started posted questions! haha, but it all went really guud!
GUD JOB EVELYN!!! I really enjoyed, and was edified during word!
*clap clap clap*

spent time sleeping on saturday, my eye bags are really getting huge! seesh!
and those panda eyes!! arrrr~ but alas, its all for the family!! haha
woke up, and went music practice for chinese sextion, for some of you who dont knw, commited myself to help out chinese church with playing drums. yeah, thought that since ive got nothing to do, and its once in a month, decided to serve in any capacity i could. Right after, AH JUT = TAN VUI CHUAN called, and invited me to join him at City Harvest Malaysia. so i did, we were early, and we catch up, talked bout his album, how its going, his promotion his tour and all his promotion tour. and yes!GO AND GET HIS NEW ALBUM! WOHOOO
He's going to sabah end of the month, and hes GOING TO TSHUNG TSIN BAYBEHHH!!
and everybody else go get his album okay
Go get it Braces!?? okok? hahaha

Some of the peeps called me up, and told me they've seen me on MTV wohooo!!
Thanks Braces~ :P
Thank your friends for their comments okay? haha
Give your best okay! praying for ya!

For those who havent seen the Video on MTV, DUNT WORRY! I HAVENT SEEN IT EITHER!
well, ive got teh video, but i havent seen myself in the black box yet!
courtesy and thanks to JUDE LIMUS, you can now download the video from MY BLOG! yap!
dunno why is it down there...but, we'll get it sorted out.
have Fun!

Keep the votes coming! Thanks!

God Bless

p.s hers some pics of ah jut, in City Harvest! Pastor Kevin promoted da album! haha, his eyes got wet wet! kekek!

oh, that says TAN VUI CHUAN! haha (that's his name okay?)

da hansum boi!

ah jut ah juttt!! kiss meee kiss meeeeeeeee !!! haha


Friday, October 07, 2005

Keep it coming!

hey really wanna thank all of you !!
really toucheD!!

with the amounts of comments on the MTV guest blog!!
thank you for your support from the bottom of my heart!
am really encouraged!

well, as i told you, that there are two ways of voting haha!
its either through SMS or ONLINE VOTING!
yes online voting is available now!

just go to

this is for the online voting

there are simple instructions there… READ ya ! Haha
register , log in and vote!

apparently my friend told me , you can continue voting online every 5 min!!


deadline 20th oct!
oh, and they are giving like 100pax free tickets to watch the finals in ZOUK in kl on the 22nd oct!

and for the sms

type ‘VJH M1' and send to 33776

Keep it coming!

p.s thank you nadiaaa, Jen, Jay Jay, Ness, Justin Chen, Bob and Susan, Dee Dee, and a lot of you, i did not put in your names....( coz im rushing to an interview with NEW STRAITS TIMES NOW!! ...yeap!! gotta run)


Love you guys!
God Bless

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Hey wsup!
Haha, the voting starts today, well, MTV told me that they are doing the website, and you can apparently vote online, a the link below.. ( check it out )

so, give it some time for them to complete it.!

For sms voting (costs RM1 each msg) – thank you first ya!!
- type ‘VJH(space)M1’ and send to 33776

The finals is gonna be in ZOUK on 22nd OCTober 2005!!
Come ya?? !! haha
We had dinner last night with the whole cell, at this place called MARMALADE , it was SHIN YI’s b’day! Haha
Yeah, it was really a nice place, in hartamas, and it was cozy, and the fellowship was really cool, the laughter and fun…haha
Began to break ice with Leong Fah and Hilary, got to knw them a lil better last night. And poor Melody’s laptop got spoilt, coz of some power surge thingy! And all her assignments in there! *ouch*

and yesterday morning, Sheena called me up, told me that theres gonna be an interview with RED.FM, yeh. ITS 104.9 in kl!
its gonna be aired on monday morning from 7am till 10am time region worr!
so, they called up at around 1am, i was doing my stuff, in the office, when the phone rang and all.
so, everyone else, was out having thier lunch.
well, except for some, ppl like eddie and also suk man, who came back from some place!
enwei, so, i picked up the phone, then it was one person speaking to me telling me to hold on the line. si being the sweet and nice guy, i did! haha
yeah, then suddenly, 4 people started talking, and i just kept quiet...
then , they like introduced themselves, and i just politely said.. "hi!"

then Sheena (working with MDK, spokesperson for MTV in Malaysia, who apparently was my senior in high school in KAYKAY!!! )
HAHA, assured me that shell be listening to the whole interview, and then VJ SERENA started her thing!
she was soo smooth~ really guud, made me felt really comfortable.

it was put into three parts, the first, about wat happens before i went for audition, then Part 2, it was wat i had to do with the audition.
then PART 3 was now, after being selected into the finals, whats going on, the difference and all.
haha, she went asking bout gurls haha!
and bout whether ive been having different treatments from the opposite gender, and whether theres a fan base going on ?
i just laughed it off!!

haha, and they asked also bout mum! haha, yeah
coz apparently they've got me showing off mum's pic ,and my sister's pic! haha

Enewei, so, yeah, ive GOT THE VIDEO that is supposed to be on air this fri, but since its like a private ownership kinda thingy, I am not allowed to exposed the password and all.
But yeah, catch it on MTV ya!!
Oh, the CELL has decided to come for the finals and support!
So sweet of you guys!

God Bless ppl!

One of the pic i like, was during the last orientation nighht i hosted with Mei Seen in da college! haha, angel costume baybee

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

sorry arr~

ahemmm sorry guys!

MTV called and told me that they are delaying the PROFILE VIDEO , and airing it on the 7TH OCTOBER! friday!! (DIS COMING FRI!!!)

and they havnt confirmed with me of the SMS, but i think the SMS will only start after that!!

keep checking here!
still finding out!



Friday, September 30, 2005

deng deng deng

Had dinner with melody and her friends outside our house last night. with Lai as well.
it was raining here in the afternoon yesterday, so, the cool breeze was around, which was cool.
then, got to knw melody's housemates!
dunt worry, i behaved!
well, they must be thinking why Melody's church friend gila gila wan?
haha, let me explain, coz, they were awfully quiet, and ppl who knws me would knw that im
Allergic to quiet ppl, and there was like 7 people there, and the only one speaking at fist was only me and melody, and Lai, and
the rest of them were like quiet, starring at thier plates!
well, not to say anything against them larr, but takkan larr, i expect everybody to be GILA FRIENDLY!
so, i took the initiative to break the ice ( its a sickness and common thing if you are in youth ministry or any church ministry
for more than 3 years, especially if you were in leadership positions)
enewei, so, i started asking questions, and hahah, and aske some question, they thought i was this dumb guy,
coz i went into geography, of how to get to kelantan from here, where is terengganu exactly!
but seriously!
peopl from sabah would have no idea!
we knw ITS SOMEWHERE AROUND here! , but where exactly, not a lot of ppl can answer that!

i think i made my point!
so, yeah, the ice broke after 4 minutes.haha, then we went into whats their names. hha, got to show off a lil of my
mandarin writing skills! haha,

well, found out from Lai, that Liverpool drew with Chelsea,
yes Jen, they are not food!
soory! haha
but yeah apparently Liverpool should have won, with that handball, and all.
but seesh, Liverpool is getting strong after getting the "broomstick" over!
haha, peter crouch! haha

enwei, ended the night with going home, and James was supposed to come over to get the guitar i borrowd, but he didnt come, and
called up, saying that hes forgotten.
while waiting, i went through some of the cds that i have, and i decided to watch a lil of my performances we did in high school.haha
haha, thanks to felix, he burnt a copy of our bakat interact 2001 band competition! haha
and WE WON haha
man, the hairstyle i had! ! aouch!! , AND THE SHOES!! ARRRRHhhjj!!
BUT HAHA, i was still cool! haha
Praise you Jesus! hahah

and some of the orientation nights that i emceed , haha, ended laughing at some of the super lame jokes i made! hahah!
it was a weird but yet, really edifying, and kinda fun! haha
you must be thinking, this guy too much larr, but really, go back to your old photo albums, and just sit down and look at them, it will
bring back smiles, and memories.
I bleive, that when we look back whether its accomplishments or failures, the important thing, is what can we learn from it.
it brings forth new solutions, and yeah, remind yourself not to repeat the same mistakes again.
instead of what everybody else says "JUST FORGET BOUT THE PAST, LOOK TOWARDS THE FUTURE!"
weird isnt it?

so, heres today’s deal, im going back at 12pm later, to sleep, then come back to office at 5pm, all the way to 4am! hallelujah!!

da pics!

da pool scene

taking muh pics


on da set!


LEvis ass!

aiman doing his thang!