Monday, October 31, 2005

Check your emails!

People check your emails, Yes, if you have been boting online (frequent enuf)
you will be getting an invitation to go over to ZOUK for the MTV ASIA VJ hunt finals in ZOUK this coming 13th November!
yes, currently three of the closest frineds are not going !! and they've won themselves alltogether 6 tickets!
oh wells.

yeap. its definitelly confirmed! haha
im heading up to Penang tonight with Joni and her classmates, or coursemate, whom i have no idea who they are.. but yeah, i guess its gonna be ohkay wan larr.
gonna start socializing and expanding my network circle again!
hahah, havent been doing that for quite a long time.


had a great friday night and saturday.
Fresheis noight was awesome. had a relatively a medium sized group of peeps, around 60 over of us. and the programmes was just sweet.
real fun.
my batt ran down on me, so, we had to take pics from Mr. G's cam, and he still hasnt emailed me the pics! seesh!

then saturday went out and met up with Christine in Mid valley.
we had lunch and watched "wait till ur older"
reallly nice movie.cant help but notice all the make-up on his face.
hahah, he does look like muh daddy when my dad was around 35 haha!
its kinda scary especially when me and belinda was sitting watching "fighter's blue"
and we go like..."seeesh, that looks like dad! "
enewei, the movie was great. really nice movie that would speak to all level of community.
really awesome, about him growing up old, and spoke a lot to how we perceive life, and how we treat those we love.

then we went SHOPPING! haha
had so much fun, there was like 50% discoutn in SEED and haha, got myself a green jacket! haha, sweater really! haha, christine said it was nice, si i bought it!
no larrr!! i thought i needed one buy larr, since it was 50% discount, so it was around RM 52 like that.
haha, then there was a long sleeve working clothes! haha
but christine was great, she said she was having too much woman clothes, and she couldnt look young.. haha, so i was suggesting a lil bit of wat to wear, on wat clothes to go for, wat jeans, and shuz! haha
told her to buy the converse all satar!
and then she tried on some clothes...warrr.. cantik worr! haha
ohkay larr, gurl, you dunt look old larr!

gotta go now! see ya people!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

If i cant go down, then Id go UP lorr!

hahah, yeap.
was planning so hard of giving myself a holiday to Singapore, but it didnt work up too well! haha, then i thought of goin myself.But then i realised that im always going to Singapore alone! seesh, how sad is that! its time like these that i get depressed, times like these that i feel so alone! dunt like that feeling at all.
haha, time like these that i wish i had somone to share my joy with..someone.
haha, sounded so emo.
and i dunt like valentines...haha, dunno larr! ever since high school.haha, not that i dunt appreciate the gifts that were given, haha, i do. flattered really, but hrmmm..just that dunt get that kick, when ur not having someone to share it with.

wats wrong with me today!?? haha
enwei so sorry Cindy, couldnt make it down next week, but january yea? january!!
wohoo, see ya there then!
pss! make sure you dunt tell the marines where i am kay? hah
but yeap, im going TO PENANG on monday with Joni, and her college mates! wohoooo!!!
Penang FOOD!! wohooo!! hope i dunt end up puking like last time!! seesh! hahah

well, went to church last night and did some preperation for tonights Fresheis Night.
haha, our cell was doing gifts! I TELL YOU OUR GIFSTS ARE WAYYY cooll!!
hahah, made coasters, and postcards! designed all of em ourselves!
but we were so busy that we didnt have time to take the pics!! seesh, next entry larr!

haha. just wanna thank all of you FOR DA B'DAY WISHES! those who called and smsed! from AUSSIE, FROM KK, AND SINGAPORE!! hahaha thank you!
hahah, called braces the other day!! warrr, i get calls from everywhere, mana tahu she didnt call! got kinda dissapointed, so, called her up, and scolded her a lil, haha.
then asked her to sing my a burfday song! haha
"its my b'day larr, sing me the b'day 1 2 3 ...GO! "I said without giving time.
" H...H..happy burfday to euuuu, Happi ./.."
awwww.. sweet! haha
smiled the whole day after that! hahah

Took a look at the mtv vj comments box! and i was like WHOUUWW!!
well, thank you for all the wishes! *smiles!! hha*
so garm dong! haha... yeah, thank you soo much all of you for the wishes and the beleif, and also the amount of support! really appreciate it all.ya knw i do! haha
the finals has been confirmed to be on the 13th NOV!!

saw Braces online yesterday! haha,
then she began crying! well more of shouting out of dilemma! haha
so, called her up, and apparently, thers these hair-dressers in kk wanted her to be thier model, and she was worried that she woouldnt look nice!
hahah... gurl, YOU LOOK nice! gurl~ you really do!
just bear in mind larr wat i told you kay? youll be fine.

on a random note, i wanna go back to kk for my dec hols dee!
the islands, ooh, the amount of ppl im going to see, and catch up with!!
i love Decembers! theyre so nice, so warm, so much fun! haha
yay!! the islands, the friends!! yes teh friends!! wohoo...
John, Braces, Belinda, Mum, GRANDMA, Dad, lil ryan!! and get to carry my new cousin Jonas! hahah!! still farny larr his name!! hahah

so, all preped up to go penang makan!! up with some friends as well!! wHOS in Penang!! WHOOO!! ??? WHOOO??!!

more pics taking tonigte! wohoo!!
God Bless

picking up reading again. Hope this time it will be cultivated.

Monday, October 24, 2005

I AM 22 !!!!

Yes, im 22 as of the 23rd october 2005!
yes, coming to think of this, ... man, i think im really getting old.
and was talking to a gurl friend the other day, and we were talking bout how we like it? wether gurls making the first move and all.
and she was of course in the position of wanting guys to make the first move.
and we were talking a lot bout it, and trying to get to knw her, and understand some of the gurls that she might represent, and it turned out to be a really good conversation.

she was saying
that she wants a guy to make the first move, and even though she like the guy so much, she would choose to wait and all.
and the fact that even if she knws the guy likes her, she would have even more reasons to stay still and wait.
and i was asking why so, and she said, she wants a guy to be a a man, and not a wussy, and if he likes me, wether he's shy, or not, he should make the move, coz she wants a man! not a boy, who will be responsible, and have even the slightest courage.
more even so, because she said she wants somebody to take care of me, and if he is determined, serious about it and come and make the first move, he is a man.
and she wanted marry someone to take care of her, and not marry someone to take care of him..
haha, she was saying, if the guy likes you, and is not bold enought to make the first move, then, he might just doesnt love you enough.
hrm....shes got a point as well.

enewei, went for basketball with cell on friday night. was pretty guud, havent been sweating for 3 months, hha, finally, my first sweeat broke! hahah
it was fun time with the whole cell, playing together, wasnt really a competitive game, but great bonding.!!
haha, and so many ppl got injured with thier fingers and all!

was incharge of doing promotions the next day in New song, coz this coming friday is Freshies night, where we invite the new song peeps to join us at couz! haha
yeah, waited soo long for taxi. ended up getting there late.
and the weird thing was chris was doing it already, and then he introduced me to the whole of new song, introed me and promoted the MTV thing, and asked them to vote, haha, even though the voting line has been closed! haha
but it was allrite !
then met up with vanny, jackson, ah gan, for lunch, and with dickson
then spent the few hours with them.
then dinner with jackson, and a new friend.
took them to marmalade in hartamas!
they loved it!!
you guys should go!!
awesome cakes!
Belinda, you'll love it!

thanks chris! hahasunday was great, went church, then MET UP WITH TSOON TING, in one utama, has great time catching up the whole afternoon.
then he joined the cell for dinner, and went for GOAL the movie! haha
ok larr, normal movie, NOT THAT BAD as i expected!
was givent this prezzei, from cell, haha, had to hold it the whole time i was in One utama, everyone was looking. got those children jealousing over me!!
hahah, SOOO HAPPY!! hahah
enewei, haha, had fun with it!
yes, IM 22 !!

(cell outing at mc dees~ )

Chris wee, James, and Cissie (not concentrating)

Forrest, is dat uuu???

da boys ~

muh present and i had to bring it everywhere in the whole of one utama! haha

temptations~ hhaha

Friday, October 21, 2005

Finals postponed- Voting still going on!!??


yes, due to the death of the Malaysian Prime Minister's wife, the Finals of the MTV VJ HUNT has been delayed. that means..well, just means thats its gonne be delayed!
MTV is still discussing about it at the meantime about the dates of the finals. yeah, and i dunt think i should talk more bout that.

BUT, the weird cool thing is ..THE VOTING IS STILL GOING ON??!!!
yeah, its supposed to end last night..but for some reasons, Hong Yi, Carole told me that the voting is receivable!!??
dunt ask me why, they didnt tell me anything bout it...
so....erm....i guess.... its still votable larr?!! hahaha!!

so keep em coming! haha

thinking of getting a car and a place to stay already.
having discussion with mum.
haha, yeah, things are allrite with us, especailly when we dunt talk bout the MTV stuff! haha
but yeah, Praise God, me and my sister Belinda is getting really guud now.
i guess Joni put it very well, "distant makes the heart fonder!"
haha, love her to bits!
Glad that i can talk to her bout stuff, and she respects and listen as well.
haha, so Praise God for that! haha

Thank you people for all the votes and more importantly the B'DAY WISHES!! haha
thinking of going to singapore this raya holidays!! haha, anyone wanna come along?
3rd till the 6th?
anyone? anyone?

Was talking to carole the other day,when we went for jeevaah's farewell,
well, its not really farewell, but, yeah!! SO HAPPY FOR HIM! all his life he wanted to become a pilot, and parents werent approval of it, at all for many years..
and then, finally, a year ago...the parents allowed and gave him thier blessings!
and its amazing! to see that hes really going for his dream!
Your an encouragement Jeevaah!
enewei, knwn carole long time dee, so i asked her, "Hey,do you feel insecure with me? "
"NO," she replied
then i changed my question, "what if your my gurlfriend..would you feel insecure?"
"Yes!" she replied immediatelly, looking at me, shaking her head in agreement, watching my expression.
i kepp quiet, and thought for a while...
"well, its because, your a nice guy, and a lot of gurls like you..and there will be competition larr" , she reasoned
"But wouldnt the fact that i love you, and choose you as my gurlfriend make any diffeernece?" i asked

"yah, it will...but wat happens if you find someone better than me?" she asked.
then i thought... and i thought...and i thought!

is it me being insecure, or gurls being insecure?

God bless

kimberly, Crole, Jeevs, Me at chilis~

taken by New straights times!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

2 more days!?

hha, yeah, the voting ends tomorrow midnite
and when i saw the guest book on MTV, i went like...whouw!!!
haha, well, thank you thank you all for the overwhelming response! really appreciate it!

well, last friday was fun, received a call from sheena, the personal from the PR company in charge of MTV, who apparently is my senior in high school, called me up and tol me that weve been featured in KOSMO a kl circulted newpaper..
haha, called everyone to get, it, but couldnt get a hold of it..
went to cell, and on the way went all over kelana jaya mamak stall to look for one, indian book shops dunt have, all they had was the china post!! hahha

then after cell, after dropping angela, James decided to bring us along bangsar went to all the stores to look for one , in the middle of the night, and finally found one.
got so exctied seeing two more copies there, haha!
bought all two of them, adn checked for it on teh spot. the two 7/11 workers were like soo curios, and began asking question about wat awas the thing.
haha, then i SAW THE PAGE!!
haha, got so excited, and began showing them and telling them.
hha, they were so suprised..haha, BETUL KAH INI YOU!! ehhhh!! BETUL LARRR!! hhaha

then a daay after, went to one utama, han out with Carene and Sally and other. haha, managed to get some clothes for myself! haha
and did some shopping, had great time talking with sally and carene. got to knw them better! haha
then at night had dinner with Shaelin, Joni, and Mart , watched the MYTH.
jackie chan wan...
but didnt eat at all. mum called, and we talked!

the hard part was that she loves me! wanting her to see it and understand it from here was difficult!

but yeah, gotta go now!
enjoy the pics!

2 more days for voting!! VOTE!!

went all over town to find it in the middle of da night! thanks james!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Even in the midst of all these buzz and MTV stuff, I, myself aint moved soo much by the frenzy of "celebrity thingy" , with the videos on air, people recognizing you on the streets, even in mamaks, starring at you while you eat in cafeterias, when they give a warm smile at you... and im still teaching myself to even smile back, and just learn from this whole package.

But above all of these, i just felt Blessed! The fact that im in this thing really goes back all to HIM! All glory goes back to Jesus Christ!
Couldnt have even made it here, if it wasnt for HIM!
Give all Glory to Jesus!

and yes Justin and all of you who are wondering how come i dunt write down messages in the message box. haha, well, COZ I DUNT WANT TO!
haha, no larr, i felt that it would be best coming from the here! THE MORE RELIABLE SOURCE! haha
so, THANK YOU again for voting and your constant encouragement!
amazed by the number of messages that is coming!
haha! Bless all of you peeps! (yes to all of you in KK, OZ, Shanghai, US, UK too! miss you guys!)

so,we did the inerview with New Straits Times last Friday after work, first time meeting SHON, really crazee guy!!haha, was outta his mind all the time, but once you get a whole of 4 minutes with him, hahah, you can 'sorta' knw when hes gonna start throwing you around~ hahaha
Aiman was fasting, so he was looking pale but he was allrite! hahah thought us how to hang on the bar SIDEWAYS!!! so its like hanging on the window pane sideways with just your hands holding the bars!
TEMILY? HAHAH....bubbly as always, she was really energetic bout it all~
hahah, and i was feeling really corporate, coming out from the office hahah!!
One of the best interviews ive gone to since the start of all of these, really direct interesting questions, it got TEMILY'S and SHON getting thier knives out!
haha, yeah, and the words spoken started from "nice" ones became "got bones " wan! hahah
and i was like...whouw...SHE (the journalist) IS REALLY GUUD!

**you would realize that people talk more and they just cant stop talking, especially when they are nervous!! and especailly coming from VJ-to be's like us!! hahah,
at one point, i was listening to wat were spoken, hahah, it sounded like...
"HUH???" - YOU GET WAT I MEAN? hahah**

cell was good on friday night! haha, were talking bout worship, and we went really DEEP into other stuff, haha EVelyn, first time doing word, was sooo gancheong, when we started posted questions! haha, but it all went really guud!
GUD JOB EVELYN!!! I really enjoyed, and was edified during word!
*clap clap clap*

spent time sleeping on saturday, my eye bags are really getting huge! seesh!
and those panda eyes!! arrrr~ but alas, its all for the family!! haha
woke up, and went music practice for chinese sextion, for some of you who dont knw, commited myself to help out chinese church with playing drums. yeah, thought that since ive got nothing to do, and its once in a month, decided to serve in any capacity i could. Right after, AH JUT = TAN VUI CHUAN called, and invited me to join him at City Harvest Malaysia. so i did, we were early, and we catch up, talked bout his album, how its going, his promotion his tour and all his promotion tour. and yes!GO AND GET HIS NEW ALBUM! WOHOOO
He's going to sabah end of the month, and hes GOING TO TSHUNG TSIN BAYBEHHH!!
and everybody else go get his album okay
Go get it Braces!?? okok? hahaha

Some of the peeps called me up, and told me they've seen me on MTV wohooo!!
Thanks Braces~ :P
Thank your friends for their comments okay? haha
Give your best okay! praying for ya!

For those who havent seen the Video on MTV, DUNT WORRY! I HAVENT SEEN IT EITHER!
well, ive got teh video, but i havent seen myself in the black box yet!
courtesy and thanks to JUDE LIMUS, you can now download the video from MY BLOG! yap!
dunno why is it down there...but, we'll get it sorted out.
have Fun!

Keep the votes coming! Thanks!

God Bless

p.s hers some pics of ah jut, in City Harvest! Pastor Kevin promoted da album! haha, his eyes got wet wet! kekek!

oh, that says TAN VUI CHUAN! haha (that's his name okay?)

da hansum boi!

ah jut ah juttt!! kiss meee kiss meeeeeeeee !!! haha


Friday, October 07, 2005

Keep it coming!

hey really wanna thank all of you !!
really toucheD!!

with the amounts of comments on the MTV guest blog!!
thank you for your support from the bottom of my heart!
am really encouraged!

well, as i told you, that there are two ways of voting haha!
its either through SMS or ONLINE VOTING!
yes online voting is available now!

just go to

this is for the online voting

there are simple instructions there… READ ya ! Haha
register , log in and vote!

apparently my friend told me , you can continue voting online every 5 min!!


deadline 20th oct!
oh, and they are giving like 100pax free tickets to watch the finals in ZOUK in kl on the 22nd oct!

and for the sms

type ‘VJH M1' and send to 33776

Keep it coming!

p.s thank you nadiaaa, Jen, Jay Jay, Ness, Justin Chen, Bob and Susan, Dee Dee, and a lot of you, i did not put in your names....( coz im rushing to an interview with NEW STRAITS TIMES NOW!! ...yeap!! gotta run)


Love you guys!
God Bless

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Hey wsup!
Haha, the voting starts today, well, MTV told me that they are doing the website, and you can apparently vote online, a the link below.. ( check it out )
so, give it some time for them to complete it.!

For sms voting (costs RM1 each msg) – thank you first ya!!
- type ‘VJH(space)M1’ and send to 33776

The finals is gonna be in ZOUK on 22nd OCTober 2005!!
Come ya?? !! haha
We had dinner last night with the whole cell, at this place called MARMALADE , it was SHIN YI’s b’day! Haha
Yeah, it was really a nice place, in hartamas, and it was cozy, and the fellowship was really cool, the laughter and fun…haha
Began to break ice with Leong Fah and Hilary, got to knw them a lil better last night. And poor Melody’s laptop got spoilt, coz of some power surge thingy! And all her assignments in there! *ouch*

and yesterday morning, Sheena called me up, told me that theres gonna be an interview with RED.FM, yeh. ITS 104.9 in kl!
its gonna be aired on monday morning from 7am till 10am time region worr!
so, they called up at around 1am, i was doing my stuff, in the office, when the phone rang and all.
so, everyone else, was out having thier lunch.
well, except for some, ppl like eddie and also suk man, who came back from some place!
enwei, so, i picked up the phone, then it was one person speaking to me telling me to hold on the line. si being the sweet and nice guy, i did! haha
yeah, then suddenly, 4 people started talking, and i just kept quiet...
then , they like introduced themselves, and i just politely said.. "hi!"

then Sheena (working with MDK, spokesperson for MTV in Malaysia, who apparently was my senior in high school in KAYKAY!!! )
HAHA, assured me that shell be listening to the whole interview, and then VJ SERENA started her thing!
she was soo smooth~ really guud, made me felt really comfortable.

it was put into three parts, the first, about wat happens before i went for audition, then Part 2, it was wat i had to do with the audition.
then PART 3 was now, after being selected into the finals, whats going on, the difference and all.
haha, she went asking bout gurls haha!
and bout whether ive been having different treatments from the opposite gender, and whether theres a fan base going on ?
i just laughed it off!!

haha, and they asked also bout mum! haha, yeah
coz apparently they've got me showing off mum's pic ,and my sister's pic! haha

Enewei, so, yeah, ive GOT THE VIDEO that is supposed to be on air this fri, but since its like a private ownership kinda thingy, I am not allowed to exposed the password and all.
But yeah, catch it on MTV ya!!
Oh, the CELL has decided to come for the finals and support!
So sweet of you guys!

God Bless ppl!

One of the pic i like, was during the last orientation nighht i hosted with Mei Seen in da college! haha, angel costume baybee

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

sorry arr~

ahemmm sorry guys!

MTV called and told me that they are delaying the PROFILE VIDEO , and airing it on the 7TH OCTOBER! friday!! (DIS COMING FRI!!!)

and they havnt confirmed with me of the SMS, but i think the SMS will only start after that!!

keep checking here!
still finding out!