Monday, September 25, 2006

Nail Puller

It’s been several weeks from the last one, and yes, a busy stretch as well.
Loads of things happened, and to tell you all of em? haha, I’m just too lazy for that. Haha
But here’s one that I learnt a lot and really close to my heart.

I met up with a good friend of mine for dinner, as usual, we started off chatting, (*Chup* I LOVE these dinners where you just sit down with great company and start chatting. *End Chup*) and doing this with this friend of mine has always been a blessing and enjoyable. Not merely because I get to talk, but rather it’s when I get to train myself to listen, and that’s when we really get to know them. The REAL them :) (Of course, this comes with practice *uiseeehhh*)

As we began to talk, catching up with what’s happening to each of our lives, my friend began to open up, people my friend met along the way, happiness, joy, funny stuff, and eventually disappointments and things done. And as my friend went on, tears started to fill my friend’s eyes. My friend stopped talking.
There was a story of the nail puller.
It was Stephen’s birthday, and Stephen's dad instead of a conventional party where everybody comes with boxes of gifts, he wanted to impart wisdom.
He decided to invite all the fathers to come with their sons to the party with a special gift-a tool that served them in their line of work.
After all has given theirs, a father who was a professional home builder handed Stephen a small box, a tool box. Inside that toolbox, Stephen found a nail puller.

The father began to tell the story of how once, while in the middle of building a wall, he discovered that it was crooked. Instead of halting the construction and undoing a little work to fix the wall, he decided to proceed, hoping that the problem would go away as he continued to build. However, the problem only worsened. Eventually with a great loss of materials and time, he had to tear down the nearly completed wall and totally rebuild it.

“Stephen”, the father said, “times will come in life when you realize that you’ve made a mistake. And at that moment, you have 2 choices, to swallow your pride, “pull a few nails” or you can foolishly continue your course, hoping the problem will go away. Most of the time, the problem will only get worse, I’m giving you this tool to remind you this principle. When you realize that you’ve made a mistake, the best thing you can do is tear down that wall and start over.”

I prayed for my friend that night before we parted. My friend was caught off-guarded. But allowed me to :)
So we did. (Thank you)

To my dear friend, and to some of you, whatever situation you may be in, here is a nail puller! :)
It’s time to start over, but this time let HIM be in your blueprint. Coz at the end of the day, He LOVES you, and He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. His plans are always to BLESS YOU and to PROSPER YOU! other words NOTHING TO LOOSE!

God Bless

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Post E06 syndrome?

E06 is over, is it?
Well the event is over, but as for the things that HE showed me, its just the beginning of another journey.

If there was one word to describe it would be excellent.
Didn’t realize that I was sooo involved in this conference until a few days before it when a couple of us were sitting down talking bout it. And the amount of debriefing needed! Haha, from workshop, to the band, to MC and to idol judge! Whouw.
Haha, but praise God, I wasn’t strained at all.
Was truly blessed by HIM, even though the team and myself didn’t really get to sit down to listen to the whole word, there was a spirit so strong. Of excellence in all that we do.

Well, here are some of the things that I gathered, and will work for the rest of the year:

(1) Kindness- Im not the kindest dude on earth. Hahaha, neither am I the meanest. But I hear HIM challenging me to be kinder to people. Like you, yourself : )

(2) Gentle – Again, im not the most gentle dude around. Id wanna be more gental, VERBALLY! *ahem*

And I’d keep the rest to myself! Haha

NOTE: DISCLAIMER- In case that you have not received the treatment that you’ve been expecting?...get used to it and work on your patience, coz GOD is not done with me yet!

God Bless keke

Here are some pics. You just want pics don’t you? Tell you what, if you guys are nice, maybe id put in more in the next post? Waddaya say?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Things about people

"People will forget what you said, people will forget
what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Have a Blessed weekend everybody!