Friday, October 20, 2006

Blessed Hols Peeps

Scenario: Two of my friends defending their preference (Boxers vs Normal Undies)


“Why do you wanna wear undies? You should try boxers dude”
B- “Huh?! Then why do you have to wear boxers? You should wear undies!”
“ Undies are not good for you! It prevents the growth of ur brother la wei! Bodoh!!!
Be a man la! Wear Boxers la!!”
“BODOH!!, when you have your B*lls reaching the floor later, YOU tell me WHOS DA MAN!!!”


To all of you, and some of you who are not in Malaysia, (it’s the Hari Raya and Deepavali public Holiday stretch) all the way till next Thursday.
So, that means….. 5 days holiday!!

Blessed Holidays

Monday, October 16, 2006


Got into a car accident yesterday,
Was raining real hard, and was coming back from college.
Braked. But the car just went straight!

Yup. Im alrite, nothing much, but just financially crippled now!
Ah jut msged from taiwan, and the first thing he asked was
"HAHH!!? your face how? is ur face injured?"
hahahahah!! memang artist yang sejati, hanya pentingkan muka! haha

On a brighter note, was one of the mornings like any other, as I was waiting for the lift to arrive I noticed a gurl looking at me.
After 20 seconds, she was still looking.
The lift came, all of us went in.
Pressed our floors. She stopped looking.

Then she turned around!
“Excuse me, are you SUPERMAN B?” she asked. (YES, she was the ONLY one speaking)
The whole lift looked at me!!

That was it. The secret was out! Hahaha

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What is this Adrian?

Was having dinner in a friend’s place, then her 4 year-old lil brother came to the table and started chatting with me. So, I joined him in the conversation, which turned out to be a really entertaining one.

We chatted for about 10 minutes, when I started to ask him, what is this and what is that as i began pointing, and he began naming them for me.
I was impressed from the moment he initiated the conversation, then as I went on pointing, he began to name them. Until, I pointed at the orange coloured dish on the table.

“What is this Adrian?” I asked
“(Think for a second…or maybe two second) … PAWN” , he hesitated and replied.
“No, that’s not a pawn, try again, you were close.” I encouraged
“(Looked puzzled) … a pawn...” he answered and looked at me, waiting for me to agree.
“No Adrian, that’s not a pawn, it’s PORN”
“PORN” he followed.

It was too late; I just introduced a dish called porn to a four year old kid!
It was actually prawn. Slipped my mouth.
My bad.