Friday, July 29, 2005

i beleive

" Bernard, you are going to travel to OTHER NATIONS and be an INFLUENCE to many PEOPLE, and people will KNOW YOUR GOD. But you need to keep your heart in OBEDIENCE. "

prophesied by Ps. Nick Resce, eo3, 2003

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

colorful day

last night went back early, so i was in the LRT travelling back.
then i was in the LRT with a bunch of gurls.
after my initial scannings (version spyX9) haha...
confirmed that they were from some college.
well, its an old version, thats why cannot tahu the college.

anyway. yap gotta admit that they were kinda hot.
haha, enewei, so i was in the LRT, and was standing, and you could hear thier constant
laughter...(ya knw how it is when a bunch of college are together?)
i didnt bother, i continued my nap. ( yeah ive been doing that, think i can start a book "HOW TO NNAP for dummiez")

enewei, we came out from the same station, and then as i was on the escalator going down,
they were ahead of me, they stopped, and waited..(my spyX9 gathered that they were looking for me) *dunt worry, i knw wat im talking bout!
and then i went on, since they werent , and then they went onas well, right beside, and behind me.
and then , like the other times, all of them stopped laughing, and was quiet..

and my face looked straight, and then eyeballs to the left, (a skill prior to my spyX9 training**)
the gurl was like literally staring at me.....
sure hope that nothing was on my face. (there was none, i checked afterwards)...
and then you can hear the gurls behind wispering
* go go...ask him...go *

but alas, i kept on focus off them, and walked off.!

but gotta admit it,..its been like that for a couple of months.
i was literally being "checked out" upon!
nothing to shout about really, but its a new experience here.
peeps in Sabah dunt do it like that.
was thinking,
hrmmm..wat would really happened if i did acknowledge and made friends...
oh well.

later at night, went out with Ah Chen, for dinner, he came after work, and we went out for dinner. called up Adrina and told her that i was gonna go out makan, and if i dunt come back by time call the cops!
hahahah... no larr.

well, yeah. had dinner and talked and got to knw him a lil better.
was talking bout my family, church, and he was about his.
and it was great.
Praise God!

and today was allrite, but then in the noon, had to go over to Menara Maxis to do some stuff.
and so i did. thanks to Ah Chen, he came as well.
had lunch over in KLCC, spices of INDIA.
indian food, served over RM 75 for 2 person meal!
crazyyy....Ah chen belanja!
Thanks again!
i tried splitting it into half...but then...he insisted..

haiyarrr...i hate it when ppl insist wan orrr..really! haiiihhhh

and a lil*walking* around.

was reading Deedee's blog, and i read this, thought that i wanna share this with you guys.
-a conersation of dee, a friend, whos also a mum with her 4 yr old daughter...(is she 4??) enwei...

Mommy: Dan, kiss mommy..
Danica: *kiss*

Mommy: Kiss mommy agn..
Danica: *kiss*

Mommy: Kiss mommy agn.
.Danica: *kiss*

Mommy: Dan, kiss mommy..
Danica: Haiyah Mommy! Enough lah!! So many times wan!!

and another one

Danica: Look Mommy, the ball is so biiigg!!
Mommy: Ya, why the ball so big oh??

Danica: Because not small...!

heart warming!

God Bless

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It Came

1208hrs 26th July 2005, Tuesday

Monday, July 25, 2005

Its just a movie!!

well, it wasnt that bad after all. james managed to come and pick me, and we went for cell last
and it was good fellowshipping, and its kinda strange now, knwoing that its a college cell, but last week, 67% of the group were working people!
hahah..well, at least it was allrite.

Then managed to call up carole, and we arranged to meet up in KLCC, with Nadia as well.
we went and watched "The island"
was 'not bad' a movie , i'd say. (7.5 outta 10)
you could recognize Michael Bay's movie str8 away..

for your info. Michael Bay is da dude who directed Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, The Rock, Bad Boys2 AND SOME OTHERS....
you'd easily recognize his movies, coz he always move his camera angle for a scene, from a low angle and it moves horizontally wan, and a lot of slow mo scenes.

its basically about a clone who found out that their clones...
and they escaped, coz they found out that they are merely just 'spare' parts.
and the company that made them continues to chase them.

it was kinda a weird movie for me, i mean, here we are watching this clone running about, seeing it from the clones point of view. inevitablly, in the middle of the show, you'd begin to "feel pity" for the clone, and at some times, wouldnt want them to be caught.
as demonstrated by Carole's constant "words of encouragement" of...
"NOO...." , " oh NOO..."

and its weird, coz we are only shown this clones side of the story, wat happens if we are shown
the maker's side.
yeah, i mean, the maker just created science to provide a health solution to the community, yeap, by breaking some laws..., he sees clones as products, (contrast to some of the viewers)
the show didnt really potray the makers as the bad dude, but
he was the one trying to kill OUR STARRING!!

but just as we begin to pity, and "helping" our clones, then the unthinkable happens, he cost the death of his own host. (that means the clone's real human - erm...the dude who wanted to clone to be clone, and has invested into the makers fund), yeap, there was 2 ewen mcgregors...!

so, he killed his host, in order to survive, and then the story, tunrs where he wants to save the rest of the clones who were in the facility with him, and wants to show them "the truth" .
so, here we are, "you go ewen..." , with a lil more..." no!!!!! "
cheering him on, as he penetrate and avoiding SWAT and NAVY SEALS...and wallla....
liberate the clones!!!
and tadenggg!!!! the clones are FREEE!!!!

so, here my question!! what is this movie trying to imply?
i knw i knw..its merely jsut a movie, but really, wats the sinposis, and might the msg be giving to our world's audience?
pity, and understanding of clones? (if it has already begun)
or the other way round, dunt clone humans...people die wan arrr (if it hasnt)

enwei,...seesh...ITS JUST A MOVIE!!

of course, the movie was not the one i enjoyed the most on sat.
it was merely the fellowship with Carole and Nadia.
had a great time, just catching up, and talking bout stuff!
hahah...yeah, they knw pretty much bout wats going on!! the one 'dude', dat kkeeps calling?
(yes 38club., da 'dude' is STILL CALLING!!! outta patient oledi!!!)

hehe..enewei, spent the whole day in klcc, ate and sat and talk...and then...we walked...and talked...and sat and talked...and sat ...and walked...and talked...
i think you guys get the idea liao!

something is wrong with my phone the other day, and mum couldnt call me, neither could i call her...yeah, so got her worried.
and after taht i called back..she thought i was lying and was avoiding her...
that really got me mad! , i knw i knw..she's worried, and she made conclusions...
that smy point exactly...why make assumptions which you have no idea of, and then accusation?
if you didnt knw....why not ask?
enwei, i swallowed it in, and explained.

i dunt understand it sometimes, i mean, ive never lied to her, and here she is thinking that im lying to her....hrmmmm.
but yeah....sometimes, ...yeah....hrmmm..soemtimes...we need to grow oursleves!

and i quote:
sometimes " its not what's inside that matters, its what you DO that defines you"
- Batman Begins

went to church on sunday, sheep united was incharge of doing greetings..haha
enjoyed myself.
Ps. lee choo came and asked why i couldnt audition for the drama role for christmas, told her that i was going back home SABAH for christmas,
"ohhh...." she acknowledged.
"ohh, then you can also audition for the "Drunk before dawn" play for next year! " she continued.
hahah! aint she sweet**

after chruch was ALONE again. arrghhh..jsut when i thought it was getting better.
hahah, coz it was soo hot, couldnt just gget back home and sleep, ill be toasted alive larr.
so, went over to One Utama, watched Batman Begins.
not bad really. (a 7 outta 10)
not bad.

then after called winnie, who was also working in One Utama, wer working together in FREO'S before.
enewei, yeah, had dinner with her, and caught up with her a lil.

after taht, headed to Cissie's place for dinner. yeah, the cell decided to cook in!
hahah, christopher Chew, John, Chai Leng , and Greg joined us.
had fun. dinner was awesome!

Thank You Cissie for cooking all of it!
it was just awesome!! , havent had "no ajinomoto" soup since i left home!
lovveeed it soooo much!
Bless ya gurl!!
and we spent the rest of the evening playing Bridge. its a game that uses deck cards....and its just too too hard for me to explain, no no...i mean, u wouldnt understand it enewei! !!!!

in the middle of the gaame, received a call,
heres how it went.
"hello, is vun poh there?" (in mandarin)
"yeap, this is me" (in mandarin as well...oh, its all in mandarin after this)
"hey, where are you?"
"in k.jaya, whos this?"
"oh, what ur doing there?"
"whos this?"
"who are you with orrr?"
"your idol larrr."

then i knew. hahah.... zi chen called!
oh, by teh way...he aint my idol.haha, he's just someone i respect!
haha, the fella just got back from taiwan, and was around, haha, got my number from ahjut!
haha...enwei, the rest is confidential hahah.

well, yeah.
was high that he called.
haha, well, at least he remembers the dude that was singing with him in the hostel, sitting on the floor, while everyone else was walking pass by..!!
that was cool. and people in the dorm was that zhang zi chen? ...
and the fella will look the other way, or start counting his toes..!

got the photos liao...cee it larrr


God bless

grad pics


the cool dude on da right is muh dad. looks like me eyy?
mum, and my younger sis, Belinda


we couldnt get enuf of ourselves. haha..

It is done~ harharhar

38 club~ frm left2 right:
ah ganJacksonLee jarShen YehMei LianMe

Friday, July 22, 2005 work tomolo!!

well, at least there aint work tomolo...dunt care wat im gonna do tomolo!!! YES!!! wat SHOULD I DO TOMOLO???... heheh

was just reading susan's blog. yeap, shes in SYDNEY! hahah...could feel her intensity excitement altogether...seesh, nearly cried with it as well. *bonkers*

today's work was alrltie, not too much of a hassle, decided to stay back to blog a lil.
since ther aint no place im going also...
hahah..should really try and find a theme song for "lonesome boys" ..(sounds so dorkyy...yerr)

bought a return ticket from kk for next year, yeap air asia. its only RM19.90 !
yeap, im going back for christmas.
wanted so much to go over to sydney, (now taht susans' there!! hahah, got ziu eng" dee)
hahah, but i guess she'll be coming back for chinese new year as well.
hrrmmm...maybe next year eyyy ? since i only have 7 days holidays this year!!
YES!! at least got money....hahah..can go easier!
okok susan?? ok?

well, mum called the other day, and wanted to discuss something to me...
heres how it went.

" bernard, why in ur camera, got so many pictures taken with gurls wan? "
"ohh, well, because they are my friends larr"
" why MUST take picture wan arr?"
"well, its a ball mum, and yealarr, we wanted to remember the moment, dats why we took pictues"
" then why take with sooo many gurls ?"
" because they ARE MY FRIENDS"

" why must Take with gurls wan mehhhh?"

....and then.......the DISCUSSION began!! ( just louder than normal converstaion mode!!!)

haha, yeah, she was saying that i shouldnt be taking too many pic with lady's ,
when asked why, she figured that it will appear "playboyish"......hrrmmm.....
and would enevitablly will affect my spouse to-be...

i knw its a bit far-streched. hahah, but when i look at it, yeah, she might sound unreasonable...hahah, but yeah, its always great to knw that someone loves me, and cares bout my tinee lil winniiieee lil stuff.
yeah, allrite, alrrite mum, will be careful next time who i take pic with.

in the words of bernard hiew..." Ppl want to take pic with me watttt??!!! "

well, wadda ya think, stop taking pics with my gurl friends?
hrmm....its a fine line....there.
i mean, i dunt hold them when i take pics, i stand up str8, treating them just like how i want other guys to trest my daughters.
but not taking pics with gurls....hrrmmmm...kinda hard one...especially if they wanna take pic with you? and worse!! they are your friends!!!

takkan larr i say, " sorry arrr, my mum dunt want me to take pictures with gurls one orrr!!"

when mum asked, last time, (realize that this topic is kinda hot in my relationship with mamma..hahah)

"why take soooo many pics with gurrls wannn?" she asked (well, plus complaining)

i take a pateint breath and gaze upon her lovely face**...

"Mum, thank God they're gurls!" i said calmly and firmly
she never talked mentioned this topic ever since...well until a few days ago...


well, going bcak liao!
tell me wat ya all think

Love you guys! Love ya mum!

God Bless

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

wanna comeee??? to SIPADAN~~

tired day

Reach home about 12am last night....had to iron my clothes after taht...
hahah, ended up in bed at 12:30...and the fan was making sooo much noise...AND....


hehe....never complain.some peeps dun even have fans...(only got aircon) ...keke

went over to watch Fantastic Four on Sunday. was supposed to meet up ah gan over in Mid Valley, but mana tahu, it was raining, and he didnt turn up.
end up watching alone!//.....again!

was in church, sam and chris wee came and pick me up, thank you Lord for em
church was fine, met up with Joni, Andrea, and Shae lin.
(hahah...realized that its allgurls...kekek).... but also with ...with....ermm.....
....erm...... THE OTHERS LARRR!

Fantastic 4 was allrite. realized that the tickets in One utama GSC at least, has a rm2
entertainment tax, so it still adds up to rm10! aitn cheaper than TGV!
hrmm..should find out more bout dat one.
Jessica Alba as usual, and expected was superhot.
hahah, was apparently, and i didnt start the converstaion mind you, sam was talking me bout
Jessica Alba being hot , and he knws i think Kate Hudson was hot.

and we were like, "dunt you think Jennifer Love Hewit is hot too?", he said.
i was like "yup"
"but not as hot as KATE ?" he asked
"nope, Jen is hotter" i replied.
"then....????" , he retaliated.

then i started my speech....!!!

no larr, was just telling him dat there classification of HOTNESS.
and the hotter it is, you gotta handle it with much moer care...
tooo hot might just burn ya!
just like fire~

enewei....since theres uncles and aunties reading this as well. ...
i concluded, the hotness that miss kate Hudson brings forth, is jsut nice to handle~

had a breather day had some time to blog, and also look through some websites bout
wanting to go oVer this end of the year holidays...
mangaed to call stephi (yes, still remember) to join me...still waiting and see....
well, planning to go over after christmas, ...hrmmm...or maybe before...
for a few days...then come back for christmas.
done some research...but still in da midst of considering.

so the basic idea, is we need to get to tAWAu first, then to semporna, then 30km boat ride to da island...

hrmmm...and the fact that you scuba wont make the trip better, its always better to go UNDER!
and since i havent got a liscence yet...dunt think it'll be worth it.
anyone been there? wadda ya think??
or, do they have a traingin class, easy, and fast wan...??
or would scuba just be as nice? A.E, can help me ask U.huan, and see wat he thinks?? ..or uncle Vincent (matthaiuss's dad??)...( his name vincent??)

John?? Hong Yiii?? Peng???? heheh BJ???? (seesh but you cant swim...darn!!!)

check this site find out more

and oh.. a lil teaser.** do you put ur pics...below??
i pressed on the add image icon on top, but the pics would always show up on the beginning of my blog entry....?? how do you write, and paste pic, then continue blogging???

hayarr..anyway...its below larrr! haihhh..

God bless

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

ITS 10:43PM!!!

its 10:43pm...and im still on my work desk!!

supertired...but just finished today's work.
was passed to me, and was asked to do a tax computation for a company, a colleauges work..she couldnt finish hers , so i , without any formal training, had to do it all...without guidancE!!!

THANK GOD for Jun ee and AI ling!! they stayed back to help me!!!


LORD, Bless them oh God!!!

so tired...gotta go home liao..

sorry, been so busy lately, no time, to upload pics...will do so, when im freeer!!

kk was flooding, grandma's shop was wrecked, house wasnt, (if her house was....half of sabah would be gone! ...coz she lives on da mountains!!!) hehehe
enewei, and her pig farm....12 pigs died...poor dudes~
pray for grandma~ love

yeap, leave a msg at the tagger, used it to contact me during work at least, pasal company doesnt allow massenger.
so being the child of GOD, im a goooooooood boyyyy...maaaaa

God bless

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Friday, July 15, 2005

2 weeks!!!

AHAHAHAHA...cant imagine i've survived in KPMG for 2 weeks liao!!

well, just wanna say thanks to all those who left a message and called me, during my "QUEST DOWN THE LONELY AND PATHETIC PATH" guys were an encouragement!
love ya'all.

now theres stuff to do liao.
so it aint that bad. but have been working late ...yeap..well, compared with the others...still
considered early a bit larr!! to knw my team and unit a lil better, especially those dudes that sit behind me, Jun ee, Julius, and Ailing...
hahah...nice peeps!
havent sensed thier evil side yet...(ya knw?!! those evil corporate side~!!!)
but some of the dudes in the group can be sensed!
"strength evil in them i feel.....hrrrmmmmm"

hahahah, getting one year older today!!
oh , ya about the present you guys gave me, A.Sook Fern, A. See Meng, U.Weng Kong, U.Chin Hoe, U.lee, and A.lee....Belinda didnt bring it over!!!
yup its still in kk!
hahaha...but thanks enewei.whatever that was... am sure its sweet~

oh, since all of ya who didnt knw, last weekend was my convocation.
Grandma, Mum, Dad, Belinda, and cousin Ching Ching came over for 2 days!
had a great time seeing them again!
missed them soooooo...

well, especially had an eventful weekend with dad.
was staying with him, and we talked a lot.
gotto knw wat s going on with him...

JUST GOT A NEWS that im suppose to comeback for work tomorrrow!!!

well, was preparing myself to go and watch Fantastic Four tomorrow, and oh

Thursday, July 07, 2005

4th day and...counting?

yeap, its been officially 4 days working...
hahah. coming back and re-reading what i wrote 3 days ago....hahah...
well, doesnt mean at all that i dunt feel THAT way...
but lets just say that its better now, coz there are more things to do, on my hands... its been working from 8am till 8pm now.

by the time reach ALL kering~
hehe..yup no joke~

yeah, was told by my manager yesterday to assingn some work for me, will be doing some work outside of da firm..will be going with my senior.
(dunt clap just yet...)
then was told to expect to finish work late this 2 months.
told me i joined them at the worst possible time, coz its peak season..

*for those of you who dunt have a company, or have no idea why July August is da busiest month...
well, basically its becoz, usually firms would operate thier business from Jan to December..and the tax ruling is dat, a company, must provide for its set of tax reports to the IRB (Inland Revenue Board a.k.a the the tax dept (for some of you0] dunt worry i understood you guys~ hahah
in 7months time after the closing period. (which i mentioned..was december)

as for some of you, who dunt wanna knw what the *ding dong* that was...dunt worry, thats where i shall make money from you next time!!

so, yeah, and when my boss said late, he ment 12am-3am late!
arrrr!! and was told to be expecting to come back for work during weekends.

then got to knw my senior much better, a christian too, forgot what church she goes too.
hehe..kinda nice gurl~

enwei, which also brings me to my next problem! in that case i really need to get out of k.jaya.
coz if i am gonna work that kinda hours...then i cant go home!!!
and i seriously, dunt want to be those kinda guys who stay in da office 24hrs!
serious! there are peeps like taht!

so, been going around, and will be going around looking for a place.
went to a place in bangsar yesterday.
loved the place, but the price was like...whouwww!!
yeap. still in the midst of deciding.

and the mosquitos in my current place is like crazeeee!
not even RIDSECT can kill them orrr, of Ridsect's competitor is reading this, please be informed that i am more than willing to promote your product, given of course you can halau all the MOSTIKOS away!!
hahah...any way possible, but i personally find it most effecient through television advertisment broadcasting~

mum is having some serious prob with finding a place for her rental!!
do uphold my mum in prayer.
hrmm....yeah, shes pretty down.
make her better ya, all you in kk.
i'm doing it as well.
but ya really does make a difference, when someone cares. Bet she would appreciate it.

lets see...

thanks for some of ya , who msgd and called me...
hehe, felt really appreciated.
heheh.... Love you guys~

well, DAD, MUM, GRANDMA , MY LIL COUZIN, AND BELINDA will be arriving tomolo evening.
gotta get off early tomolo, and get up to nilai before they get here.
sed them to a hotel and stuff, before attending our convocation the next day.
well, looking forward to see family more than the darn paper really.

well, its Really different coming out to work and all alone.
hrm.... hehe, still trying to get used to it.
currently, its all drunking myself with work and tiredness...
and of course a lot of praying.
hahah, well, i knw He's smiling up there, hands folded, saying..
"dunt worry, your allrite...just a lil bump wont kill ya! "

sometimes, you can just look at the bigger picture, and it doesnt seem THAT bad!
well, THank you Lord!
Let me be Teachable as well!

God bless peeps

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

First Day of work!!

First day of work!!!!
Woke up at 6.30am, thank God for a nice housemate, opted to drive me out to Lrt saved up 10 minutes of walking time, and 5litres of sweat!
Hahah…nahh, its not THAT BAD!

But yeah, enwei, so, its like that for everyday larr, I guess for the time being…so its wake up at 6.30am, go brush teeth, take a bath. (yup mum, no hot water,…but I could take it, considering that my room’s kinda warm….hehe)
So, after all pepped up, leave da hse at 7am. Walk walk walk…to lrt station, then it’s a 20 min ride. Then wait a while for da bus to come…then its another 15 min to da office.
So…enewei, back to da story…was in already at about 8am. (work starts at 8:30am)
So, waited, and we had orientation!
Then one by one, all 14 of the new recruits came in….couldnt stand the quitness, and started talking…
Met this dude Zubin, whos ¾ Chinese, and da rest Indian, kinda cool fella, check this out, born in India, grew up everywhere, spent most time in Holland, since 5, been studying in international schools, and was just recently in Britan, for his degree. And yup, hes got a pretty nice british slang!

Enwei, met up with other peeps as well,
Enwei, orientation was almost for the whole day. Which was fine with me.
At the end of it, they took us around da office block. Oh yeah, only KPMG Malaysia, owns the whole office building. Kinda proud bout it too!

Enweei, so as I went into my department, oh, wer given this tag thingy, and ur required to *beep* it for doors to get open. Cool eyy?
Enwei, have a cubical of my own. The whole table was empty, so the whole floor is in da same department, and erm…theres around 70 peeps on this particular floor.
Well, count myself blessed, coz the last person, we dropped off after the tour, when we dropped him into his department, I TELL YOU!!!
For a moment there, was sooo petrified, that my department would be like that as well.
But hahah, NOT SO!
Haha, got a lot of young faces around, still, im still youngest! (happy nya)
So, for the next two hours, was asked to sit around, since my manager wasn’t around and nobody knew wat I was suppose to do…
So I SAT THERE!!! For twoo hrs…
Then picked up a taxation book and started reading… I HAVE NOOO IDEA WAT I WAS READING FOR TWO FREAKING HOURS!!
Hahah… well, maybe just a lil. But im supersure, you would have nooo idea man~

Then went back home. Took was walking, then suddenly began to feel sad.
I mean, wasn’t that I was doing anything hard or stressed out or sumthin..but its just that, .. I dunno. So ate alone, went back to da house. Then there, I opend the door to my room. It was empty! Just my bed, and table, and my bags…and suddenly, I felt sooo alone!
Was REALLY SADDENING. It’s the first time I felt this. I mean, not even when I went to college.
But yeah, suddenly, I was sooooooo sad, and then tears started filling my eyes. Began smsing, told some friends wat was happening, at least somebody knw that I was sad larr.
Haihhh.. it was really confusing. Really pathetic, but at the same time…REALLY SAD!

I guess, it’s the fact dat for the first time, ive gotta really deal with things alone. Even when going over to college, it was never bad,coz I went with friends, and always having friends around. But yea….
But yeah, after all it’s the first day larr, so we shall see wats happening tomolo.
Then vanny called, after getting my sms. Mana tahu, she was crying as well, *kasihan*
Dunt worry gurl, praying for ya!
Dunt give up ya~
(suddenly, I felt that I Wasn’t that BAD after all)
Hehe, now in da midst of planning of how I should fill my time on Saturdays..
Seesh, who am I gonna hang out with arr??!!
Any ideas?

Hehe, then spent some time praying bout my life, for mum, and for vanny as well *wink wink*
Hehe, and yea, was reading that , our life doesn’t end on earth, and the things that we hold on to might not be eternal,
things that we see are not eternal, but things that we don’t see, are”

Ooohhhh, was thinking and praying bout it. And really does make sense to me, it really depends on how a person perceive things. The degree of how much it affects us is only proportionate to how much we ‘hold’ on to it.
Cool eyy?

Oh, yeah, I have officially paid to go for INTIBALL!!
Hahah, went with vanny as my partner (mum, it was last minute! ) hehe,
But this partner also one kind one, keep on walking around da place, dunt event ell me where she is going, so there I was running around the ballroom, looking for the lost partner!
Hahah, but enewei, really enjoyed myself, not bout the program, but with friends, and we took loads of pics.
Mum agreed for me to tailor my blazer. It looked soooo good!
Never felt handsomer!