Monday, November 10, 2008

CoUZ Talentnite 08!!

Everyone's got talent!!
So, come on and register and stand a chance to win!

Grand Prize: RM500
Audition :15th November 2008
Time:7pm onwards
Location: SIBKL Sanct 2, Level 4, Bangunan Yin, Section 16/11,Jln Damansara

Register now, and stand a chance to win RM500.
Registration opens until 15th November itself!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

It was my Bday and i had three wishes...

...yes, and i still have trouble making up my mind.... hahah =)

There's something fishy about making wishes.
I mean, a wish. A wish!!!
So, what's suppose to happen after we make it?
I mean, its different from a prayer.
Do we need to earn it? Do we need to work for it?
Who decides if we get it?
Or do We eventually get our wishes?
If we do, is it pure coincidence?
If we dont, does it mean that wishes dont work?

A wish. hahaha,
If we beleive it doesnt have any significance , why do we still do it?
But if we do believe in it? What's the logic behind it?

If some of you are annoyed with my post already.
That means, I've got you thinking already.
Because, sometimes we do things for the sake of doing.

Really, why do we do things that we do not believe in; or
are we believing in the things that we do?

*thinking caps on again*