Friday, November 06, 2009

Oops a Daisy

A friend reminded me to update my blog just now.
Only did i realize that I havent been updating this blog since July!!
Terribly sorry bloggies, and all of you who according to her, have been wondering what ive been doing.
So sorry.

You see, i started a fan page on my facebook. yup =)
And some of you who have been on my facebook, would have noticed that i changed my profile name. haha

Well the story is like this.
There has been a lot of people adding my facebook.
But the thing is, I'm just not used to adding people that i dont know, or havent spokent to into my facebook and call them my FRIENDS.
When in actual fact...they're not.
So i changed my profile name , and instead have my Facebook Fan page called BERNARD HIEW

Then you may be asking, wahhh, so 大牌 ah?
Its not that, its just that, i dont see the point of adding until your account exceeds the limit, and you need to open another account, and worse at the end of the day, when people ask you who is "A", all I can say is...
"Errr, i dont know, I dont know him. He's just in my list"
And im sure you wouldnt appreciate being label like that right?
I know I wouldnt. =(

Thats why, I make sure I only add people i do know, or have spoken to, or at least, make an effort in getting to know them. (Be it via facebook, or any other mediums)

But, after talking to other celebrities around, trust me, a lot of ppl have problem with this, and i have to say, Ive heard of interesting ways of how they manage thier account.
But, i think the best way to treat BERNARD's Friends /Fans
(Ahem,...yes i DO have fans ook!!?? SUCK IT!!!) is to start a FAN PAGE!!

So, i started one, by myself. yays!

So, wat do i do to those "friends" who have been sitting on my facebook friend request?
Ahah! i personally msg them one by one asking them to join here:-
(or just search for "Bernard Hiew")

Hee hee.
Yup, so quickly add me there.
Get your brother, your sister, your father, your mother, your aunty, your uncle, your grandpa, your grandpa, your brother's fren, your sister's fren, your father's fren get the idea*
to add me la.

hahaa =)
Yes, ive been busy with work.
And updating my fan page.

*cool huh?* haha