Tuesday, November 16, 2004

....splendid!!! just splendid!!!! Posted by Hello

hahah....awesome hearts!!!! Posted by Hello

yup....they DID it allrite!!! Posted by Hello


it was a straight 3 day of beautiful weather in Bongawan Resort!!
Praise God!
the camp was GREAT!!

57 young souls was gathered for this camp.
A lot of young ones!!!
Praise God!!!

the camp had a great intensity of word, very in-depth....solid FOOD!!
the right stuff at the right time!
was praying before the camp and was praying for a camp this time round that would serve some REAL spiritual food, something solid, no more those "bonding -bonding" camps...its time to get serious!!!
and PRaise God, it happened this time!
GOD's presence was really strong throughout this camp, even in the worship.
awesome time of just feeding!

was helping around in the camp as an advisor!!
hahah, felt really old about being an advisor!!...hahah, but it didnt felt that bad after all...
hahah, the guys treated me just the same as before...
hahah, but there was time when we (the advisors together with Bob, Susan, u.michael, a.Elizabeth (hahah..no mistakes this time), u.andy & A. mary) were praying for the camp, and seeking God for His direction, and even praying for these youths!!
it really did touched me!, being there myself in this situation, reminded me that when i was then, someone else was praying for me! someone else was pleading to God on my behalf, someone else was concern and CARED bout my salvation, SOMEONE ELSE LOVED me!!!
and that was just amazing!

and in my heart i wanna be that SOMEBODY, who impacts ppls lives!
it is because of someone else's invested thier lives on mine, that i am who i am today!
and nothing beats impacting lives for JESUS CHRIST!!!

many young ones were in this camp, pre-teens!
was a bit worried that they might be easily distracted , hahah , was also thinking that some of the older ones would just start forming groups of thier own.
haha, praise God.
the age gap groupings didnt really occur. Of course, naturally gettin together was just "unnatural"

but i noticed that the leaders, handled the situation very well!
great job guys!
noticed some of the guys really matured themselves!
Ying really gave me loads of encouragement, seeing her wanting to serve, her passion, she grew!
Gabe, ever postive, ever encouraging. Praie God.
Daniel Yap, the fervent heart of servanthood!
Shen, awesome leadership by example!
Justin, Daniel CHOW, Belinda, Peng!!!
younger ones such as lil Jessica Chen, Ah boy, Matthew Lok, Daniel chen, Andrew Dillon, Aaron Heng!!!
you guys have been a real encouragement!

during free time, you could see AH boy playing football with high school mates, daniel chen was joinging, with the college students, and also the young adults!
in the pool, high school peeps were bonding very well with the pree teens peeps! hahah...lil clement joinging in the fun!!
and young adults such as queenie, finding no problem with her younger roomates!!
wow! that's just amazing! Praise God for that!

learnt a lot in this camp. could feel and knw that God is really doing something!!
hahah...so excited!!!!
and the "hunger" is just sooo strong!!!

ppl, do pray for powerhouse, especially the young ones, that they woudl continue to seek for God, for that great adventure, for that intimate relationship, for knwing HIM personally, as the truest friend, and savior.

Great job Bob and susan!!
...its just the beginning!!!.....
as i always remind myself and others,

"Its not how good we start the race that matters, its how well we END it that counts!...lets end it in style!"

God bless

Thursday, November 11, 2004

learnt sumthing this week

was having dinner with mr. lee
was talking bout lots of stuff and when we came to the area of deciding wether to do ACCA or CPA...

he said this,

" everyone has 24hrs, not more,not less
sometimes we've gotta ask ourselves how come some one else can do it"

found it to be so profound!

hopw it gives you guys some encouragement!

GOd bless!!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

forgive all muh hommies father for they aint dunt know wat they do! Posted by Hello

38 klan and some others!! hahah...celebrated muh 21s b'day~ thanks guyz ! Bless ya'all Posted by Hello

with mama~ Posted by Hello

mc baby~ Posted by Hello
mc baby~ Posted by Hello

..safe in sabah...in case you LOVELY ppl wondering..

hahah..yeah, thank you ALL for being sooo sweet and concerned bout my well-being!
yeah, arrived safely, well, a lil later than expected, but Praise God, in one peice!
yes, and the PC was in one peice too!
Thank you Lord!

gotta thank Lee jar for her help in jagaing my bags, while i went to the ladies dorm, and helped Karen take her bag.
oh yeah, Karen sprained her leg in Times square, a day before going back!
Bless you Lee Jar, see, isnt it "always" good to help those who are needy, like me?
yes, see, you get to help ppl, yes, you are noble and kind, yes.
and besides, you made me look good in front of the other ladies!
yes you did! if it wasnt for you who helped me jaga my bag, i would never have the oppurtunity to get into the ladies dorm!
no larr, thanks enewei. *njoy TROY!*

also Desmond for sending me to the airport!
thanks bro!
ur a blessing!

waaaa, karen got first class service all the way!!
hahah, yeah.
was pushing her , she was standing on the trolley, all the way to the departure gate!
hahah, yeah. thought it was soooo cool.
yup, everyone kept thier eyes on her!
plus, we get to get on the plane first before anyone else!!

yeah, started work for the third day dee, in Tan & Associates.
a auditing firm.
there are less ppl now in the store, and yeah,heaps of work to do.
decided, and told a.pat that i would only be able to work a month only.
coz its just too time consuming. with a finance assignment, and dessertation due!
*BIG SIGH* ...oh Lord, gimme the strength, the wisdom and the discipline to finish wat i plan to do oh Lord!

its been three days now...
yeah, and i'm down with flu...
well not down exactly...but yeah, kinda bad one!
pretty annoying!
but its allrite!

got my haircut! YES finally!
yeah, much shorter now!
hahahah, yeah....love it this short!
but gotta say, the last time perming it was also kinda fun~
smething new~

yeah, this time, mum tried coloring my hair!
hahah, yeah, acctually did it!
trid on green ( well that's wat she told me)
its a new product, wanted me to be a guinee pig!
hahah, dunt mind at all.
it DOESNT look green to me, alil brownish red....a bit....just a slight touch of greenish gray.

yeah, planning the trip now, for the 38 klan. theyre coming over to kk, and yeah, i'm the tour guide...bringing them all the way.
yeah, any suggestions?
planning on island, kudat, mt.k, hot spring...anythin else.

saw ur blog john.
gotta say...aint it unhealthy to keep butterflies in ur stomach?
glad u enjoyed ur time there.
* remember in ALL things , put HIM first!*
doing good bro
cya soon!
God bless!

talked to Bob and susan, last suna after beach football! yes i missed the beach.
will be helping out in the POWERHOUSE CAMP middle of the month!
wohooo! this is gonna be fun!
wat a revolution!
for the first time, powerhouse having its camp! and its not just seperated, its POWERHOUSE as ONE!
wow! This is gonna be awesome!
oh, btw, Powerhouse is a combined group of Ignite (Young adults), Connect ( College cell), and Gear (Sec school)!
Do pray for us, the camp commitee, the participants, and for God to be the centre of it all!!

gotta go sleep now!
its been long!

and oh, my friendster is coming to 500 ppl!!
thank you Lord for friends!
just wanna take this oppurtunity to thank all of you, for being who you are, and also for blessing to me, encouraging me, and being there for me!
God bless all of ya!
( also, just am so proud of this, coz i knw my friends~)

"dunt be friends for numbers sakes!"

profound ey? quote me!

God bless