Thursday, February 23, 2006

Barca won ~ WUARHARHAR!

Will be updating bout Bangkok in a day or two, coz I was thinking of doing it together with the pics. CozI was using Vanny’s and I dun have her cable. OH yes! Thank you Vanny for lending me the camera for the trip, was really nice of you.

Yes, got back on Monday, morning. And Im dead tired. Yes, I am super tired. Christina was just saying that, “ Wat larr you this, ppl holiday syok syok, you go holiday come back complain tired!!!??” Hahah. But the fact is, I AM!!
Hahah, was telling mum that I dunt think I can keep up with her anymore.! Haha, the sImple fact that she sleeps late, and then she wakes up early around 8 o clock, and wants me to wake up with her, and do nothing in the hotel, besides eating breakfast, and then…NOTHING,…you just practically sit there and wait till its 10am before any shopping malls are open. NOW you knw why Im Tired. Haha, even when I was back in KK, I was telling mum one day
“ya knw Mum, Im more tired when Im back holidaying here in KK, compared to when I was working in KL”

That’s why, after this trip, I think I’ve sorta confirmed that I wanna minimize my trip back to KK, and also minimize the possibility of going vacation with MUM. Haha, not that I dun enjoy it…*maybe I dun* , haha, but yeah, its tiring. And I think Holidaying aint ment to be tiring.
Then again…*oh well*

The orientation night was ok. I thought that it could have been done better. Then again, I gotta salute them for getting everybody together and pulling this event off. It aint easy man! So, my job was easy, I get introduced into the hall, and then take my seat. And check out some chiqs strutting , and some guys walking up and down. And lets see, singing performance, haha, me and one of the lecturer judge, from UK (He looks a bit like Keanu Reeves), pretty hot stuff. We got bored and started playing, and haha, gave flowers to some of the performers. And eventually got the whole judging panel to do it! Haha
Talk bout leadership by example! Keke
There were still some familiar faces. Was surprised when some came up, in the middle of the show, to take pics of me! That was weird. Haha, and some would just be sitting at their side, and they would take up their cams and take?!! Make me feel like some star!! Haha, but really its nothing like that. Haha,

Met up with old friends, took pics. Yes, quite a number of them. Then again, didn’t bring my camera, so, its all with them. Thanks to Kent, he sent the pics over! Hahah
Went back home at around 3am. Packed my stuff for Bangkok the next day, slept till the next day. Woke up , wash up, head to the airport! Uisssehhh

With Kent, Vanny, and Stanley

They were quite amusing really.

Was chatting with Pao Lin , who is already in Perth now, starting her semester there, just now. She was checking out her new University, and she came upon this club booth that was getting members in. This lil thing caught her eyes, so did mine!

Yup, its for the vegetarian club! hahah

ps.My cell leader is gonna bring me go drinking tonight.If anything were to happen, its my cell leaders fault! hahaha! tell you more later
God Bless

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Goin Bangkok with 3 ladies yay!

ohh yes, this is true, im heading there with 3, yes THREE. Staying in the same hotel room, they basically is gonna pay for most of my expenses there! ooohhh yeah!!
Yes, Mum Grandma and Belinda is flying over tonight!

Whilst I will be traveling up to INTI college right after work for their orientation night. What im doing there?
WUARRHARHARHARHAR!!! …no larr, was invited to become one of the judge for their orientation night. *uisehh*
Well, I have no idea what am I judging. But the thought came. “Thou Shalt not judge!”
Oh no!

But enewei, yeah looking forward for the orientation night tonight. Haha, as a judge? Haha, flattered! But I think its gonna be catwalk, talent, performances..and that’s about it.
But what im looking forward to is the MCs for the night. Have MCd it 3 consecutive times for the 3 semestes that I was there. But yeah, looking forward to it.

As for Bangkok? Haha, supppperrr excited bout it! Wuarharhrar….
Haven’t pack anything tho. But I guess that’s what Bangkok is all about, you dunt need to pack stuff to get there, you get there to pack! Looking forward to the makaning, the shopping, ohhh yes LORD, let there be nice nice shirts. Haha

Valentines night was awesome! Couldn’t be any better. Bought myself a plate of Nasi Lemak Ayam, a cup of Limau Ais, and 4 episodes of Desperate Housewives!
Yes, Ive finished the whole of 1st Season, and I tell you, women can be really complicated at A LOT OF TIMES! Haha, then again, its good to knw bout some of these issues even before you get one (wife) of course.

Im wanting to watch SMALLVILLE, anyone??

God Bless peeps!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines everybody.
Ive heard how some of my mates saying that Valentines day have been overrated and stuff like that. Nevertheless, I think everyday should be valentines day, but on Valentines should be celebrated even better than normal days.

Decided to change the song to go with the season. Haha,

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." – I CORINTHIANS 13:4-7 NIV

Never have celebrated Valentines in my while life before, acctually looking forward to it.Haha, used to despise the day soo much when i was in high school.Well basically it was only during high school when you start to think bout these kinda things. Buts lets keep focus, haha, it just so sucked when everybody seems to be having gifts and giving them, haha.
well, "you could hae just given them to someone wat!" you might say.

hahah, well, why didnt think of that eyy? haha
i still remembered the first time i gave a present to one of the gurls of another class when i was 17. its was freakin scary. haha, it was really scary, it took me three recesses to finally do it.And it was because another gurl threatened that she'll tell me off, in front off the gurl.

oh well, but that was a long time ago.
stop asking!

yes will be going to INTI college tomorrow night, was invited to become the judge of thier orientation night. Have always been the MC, but this time going in as a judge. haha, should be fun. see how it goes.
Yeap going to Bangkok the day after!

God Bless

Friday, February 10, 2006

About Stephi

One of the people i managed to meet up during the Chinese New Year break was Stephi, i remembered seeing her in primary school, was my junior, but she was really outstanding, simply because she has the "Ang Moh" look. haha, of course, being the "cool" guy, i never did gotta knw her.
And several passed, and being in high school, guess what? I saw Stephi in high school again. THIS time....Yup still the cool guy, never did get to talk to her.
Then it was one afternoon, during my final semester, sitting in my room in college, THANK GOD for FRIENDSTER, ive got a message from lovely STEPHI! We became friends and haha, shes super cool! haha

Have a BLESSED Birthday gurl!

Stephi, cute aint she! haha

enewi, the weekends is on, and yes, I excited bout it. Hope i get to watch the old guy Harrison Ford kick some a** in Firrewall.Or some black guy in a mumma's dress!
oh well, shall see!

Valentine's coming everyone! ...together now... ONE TWO THREE!

haha, Laters!
God Bless

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Yes im back in Kl. And yes I dunt update or check my messages especially when I head back there. Haha, well, to make it simple, I just didn’t have time!
Hahahah, no larr, its not that bad, but yeh, maybe coz im just sick of the slow connection back home.

But nevertheless, im back in KL after 9 days of KK! These 9 days seemed a lil long for me, I dunno, maybe coz there were a lot of things to do. Was telling mum that I am actually am more tired when I was in KK than I was in Kl, maybe coz there are more things to do (rush to do) in a limited time. And yeh, also adding the fact that im getting old, and I need to rest more! HEY! ITS MY HOLIDAY ohhkayyy??
Yes, sorry that I didn’t get to meet up some of you, and for those who did! Haha, you should appreciate it! Keke….

Well, besides the house visittings and bountiful amount of dinners, which made me add a lil meat around my chin, I realized that I spent most of my time with none other than my mum. Haha, someone was just telling me the other day that I gotta spend less time with my mum, and gotta start being a man, and stop being always around mum! I THINK ITS BULLISH!! I think the only reason Im spending my time with mum is because I know that its worth investing, and more importantly, she matters to me! And the fact that I dunt get to spend enough time with her, being in KL, only means that I need to spend more time with her! And thank God, Mum was gracious to allow me to spend a lil more time with my friends as well when I was back. But yeh, no offense, but its just that I think family comes first after JC of course!

How did I spend my days there? Wake up ar around 7 ish, send my mum to her saloon, we then go for breakfast, then I start off my part-time no pay Saloon boy job! Yes, my job requires me to service clients of ‘different’ sorts, mostly women. I am experienced and skilled in washing cups, serving warm water, brooming da floor, entertaining and chatting with aunties who are waiting for their turn, or just waiting for her hair to be done, or just waiting for their friends/ aunts to get their’s done (its really quite enduring to look beautiful), proficient in chatting various topics; Hot topics such as “Where are you working?” , “ Do you know my granddaughter” , “Have you met my granddaughter” and etc my work generally starts and 9am ends around 3pm, then is when I usually call up friends to go for lunch! Haha,
Yes I still have a curfew!
What time? Haha, whenever my mum says so! Haha
Oh well…

Managed to talk to mum a lot, and yeh, as for direction for this years has been more or less been ‘drafted’. At least the direction that we are going is aligned. So yeah, that’s pretty good. One of the important things that I wanted to accomplish during this festive break. So *clap clap* haha, yes yes!
Of course, there were house visiting LOADS of em! My mum has 9 bro and sis, so yeh…haha, you can imagine the amount of dinner and lunches we had! Haha!
Here is one I like, as a ‘tradition’ we (mum’s side) take family pics together in A. Jackie’s house, and this year, I felt that we should do sumthing different, so I shouted, “Lets do this…”
And walla…everyone did! Keke)

I love my family! Haha

Overall, I thought that this year’s new year has been a tiring and a sweet one. Managed to see my Ryan and also Dee’s two gurls, also meet up with Peng coz he’s leaving for New Zealand for architecture. So, yeh, that’s good.

Dan & Tab keke

More pics after this!! I promise!
God Bless