Friday, December 08, 2006

Im Back and Goin

Yeh, sorry for the long absence, was away for my study break.
Yeah, im working and studying at the mo, and its not the smartest thing to do.
My advise, DONT DO IT! (i mean, work and study at the same time)...
Take ur time, finish your study, then work. Coz you will end up working for the rest of ur life anyway.

And oh, dont work/study you dont enjoy. You'll just be wasting ur time.
Yup. more bout that, in January. (If ur wondering why January?...haha...coz i said so) haha

As most of you might have known Hillsongs United came to Malaysia, and our church hosted them. Was Mcing the concert with Ps. Lindy. There was really really a lot of ppl, I have never seen so many young people packed into a sanctuary to worship GOD that craze before.
But it was awesome, the team had fun organizing, and making sure everything was allrite. Thanks to COUZ! 1500 young people! Woohoo!! Praise God!

Had a surprise bday party for Carole the other night. Nadya called and was asking how can we do it for her. Then decided to really suprise her to the max.
So, told Nadya to tell Carole that Jeevs is asking us out for yamcha at mamak, and then got Nad to call all of Carole's classmates to come at 12pm.
Hard part at that night was, Jeevs couldnt make it last minute, coz he needed to fly early next day, and its up to me and Nad, it wasnt hard..UNTIL 11.55pm, when she kept on turning her head to watch MTV.
haha, we needed her to sit in that specific directions, so that she doesnt see the others coming from her behind with the cake.
At last, Nad and myself, managed to do so...and we sang her a Happy Burfday!
Yup she was dang suprised
hahah, HAPPY BLATED 22 gurl.

The cell will be heading to Penang tonight. And yes, im excited bout it!!
Getting fat, and laze around.
wohoooo!! Havent done that for quite some time alrdy.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Room for Rent

Yup, Ive got a Master Bedroom for rent, in Kelana Putri Condo.
RM 500/ mth including water and electricity.
The place is clean, nice, and tidy.
yup, very nice place! haha

If you or any of ur friends are interested, please shoot me a comment below, or mail me at

The past two weeks passed in a flash, cell went ice skating for the first time. Fell twice, and finally, i cant skate. Yup, never ice skate, never roller bladed my entire life. *I knw, some of you might be thinking what did i do when i was a kid? haha, matter a fact, i spent so much time in the pool, i didnt do anything else, besides eating, sleeping, and pretending to be listening to class, and pretending to be concentrating on listening in class, as well as pretending ....
Watched Happy Feet and Bond, Happy Feet was really awesome, and spent nights crying over Korean shows.

Will be taking leave for a week from work.
Yes, i need it.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I've Got Tagged!!

Got tagged. goes haah

Do you have any friends of the opposite sex : Duhhhhh yeahhhhh.

Are you in a relationship : Nup.

Who was the last person you dated : No one

What is the best quality : God Fearing.

Have you ever been cheated on : No (or maybe I don’t care..ORR maybe I still dunno! haha).

Have you ever cheated on someone : Err.. nup.

When was your first serious relationship : Not yet, still yet to be decided. Shaelin says I should start soon wahhh. Im getting old she says. haha

Who with : Hahaha. Nice try.

Have you ever had friends with benefits : I have no idea wat dis means, anyone got any idea?

Do you have a crush : hahaha, no crushes anymore, its more of appreciation and admiration now.

Do you dream about your crush : Again, no crushes, but as for those I admire or appreciate? Haha, yeah.

Is there someone you want to kiss : Err.. now you got me thinking. haha.

Have you ever kept a super secret : Yes, I can fly and I wear weird blue costume yup and a cape. Did I mention bout red underwear and tight spandex blue suit? And gelled hair? Yes, people always mistaken me for a bird!!?? (I knw? I blue bird?! ….SIGH)

Have you ever done something you regret : Yes I have. But we learn from those as well.

Have you ever hurt someone : Yes…. But its for their good! Hahahaha! NO LA! But yes, I have.

Has someone ever hurt you: Yes.They say i deserve it waaa.. haha

Do you care about money : Yup I do.

Were you ever with someone completely opposite of you : Hahaha, no. For those who knw me will think that having another Bernard being with Bernard will be quite crazee.

Do you miss someone : My Mum, my grandma, lil Ryan and yeh etc.keke

What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex : Id say the way they carry themselves. I’m quite allergic to ppl who either talk too loud or too quiet.

Have you ever had a crush on someone that was in a relationship : Err.. yup. Was encouraged to do a "steal" ...BUT didnt at the end haha.

Have you ever kissed a stranger : Nup.

What would be your perfect date : Being with someone who knows the real me, sitting, talking, do normal stuff.

Do you prefer holding hands or making out : hahah, can I have both!? Haha, no la..errr..have to choose ahh.. id say holding hands.

What's the best physical attribute : I’d say the eyes, and smile.

Lost someone : If you Lost someone, then its maybe coz you weren’t really looking closely enough.

How do you feel about long distance relationships : Personally, id say it can work, but id rather not.

Do you want them to be smart : Yup, I wouldn’t want a dumb one, do you? DUHHHHH.

Last one of the opposite sex you talked to : Junee

How many people have you dated since January : None.

Do you care if they share your religion : Yup. Id think that when you don’t share the same, there’s a lot of unnecessary ordeals and things that needs discussion and a lot of problems will occur. And when marriage is on the way, and family, that’s when it really bloats. Don’t wanna compromise this.

Have you ever said I love you and meant it : Yes. To my Mum and Grandma.

Do you believe in love at first sight : Hahah used to when I was 12. But I think that only happened for one day. Haha.

Do you think internet relationships can really work : Hahaha, I think Internet is a great tool to get to knw more ppl. But at the end of the day, just using Internet alone to sustain the relationship?? , Id say go marry the monitor!

When was the last time you slow danced : Hahah, flew over to KL from KK to attend a college ball. Had no partner, one of the girls invited for a dance. So, I did. Haha, it was kinda weird. Coz i cant dance for nuts.

Does anyone have a crush on you : I think so. Was in church one day, after service when everybody is getting to the lift and moving down, one dude shouted, “Hey Bernard, You’re my fan!! …I mean, I’m Your fan!!!”
-_- !!

Do you want to get married? : Yup!

Have you ever stalked someone: Nope.

Has someone ever stalked you : Don think so… I dunno wo.

Have you ever done the love calculator : Nup.

Would you ever kiss someone in front of your parents : Yes. I’VE GOTTA DO IT after saying “I DO” right??

Have you ever skinny dipped with the opposite sex : Nup.

Have you ever slept in the same bed as the opposite sex : Yes.

Have you ever had sex : Nup

Do you bite when you kiss : Err no, I dun think so. Kiss is Kiss Bite is Bite.

Would you date someone from another state : Hahah, yeah.

Would you date someone older than you : Preferaby no. Its for her own good. (If you really wanna knw ask me next time when you see me! haha) But then if Song Hye Gyo insists, then okla...haihhh..wat to do?

Would you be with someone with glasses : Yeah. But its gotta be cool glasses! HAHA

Have you kissed someone in a restaurant : Yup. All my baby cousins!

Do you care if they drink : Of Course! dunt want her to be kissing the waiter do I? haha

Do you care if they smoke : Yes I do care. Dun like them to smoke at all. Killing yourself is a NO-No, Killing me together?! FORGET IT!

Have you ever been called a tease : Nup. Not that I'm aware of

Have you ever cried over someone who you were just "talking" with> : No. Dunno wat you mean, but No.

Have you ever liked someone from a different country : Yup, Song Hye Gyo and Jessica Alba.

Would you play with their hair : I like playing with them better. But hair? Dunno ahh..never tried. Do you gurls like ur guy to play with ur hair really?? (let me knw *click on comment and start typin) Coz I dun like ppl playing with my hair, but if its someone special, then its alright.

Would you do anything for the person you like: No. Not anything.

Do you miss a past relationship : Nup, never had one. And Im damn proud of it.

What's really important to have in a relationship : God, Compatibility and Communication.

Do you like getting massages : Yup

Would you date someone that doubled popped their collars : Ku tak paham la!

Do you like to cuddle : Yeshhhh!

Who do you tag? : Yup! You! Yes, the one reading and contemplating on X ing this blog! Haha, leave a message, gimme ur blog add, and I'll go check out ur answers. hahaha

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Alice Wong

Had one of the worst weekends ever. Not really worst, but just physically drained.
Had to skip cell on Friday and worked till 12, and continued all the way till Sunday.
Decided to rush and cramp it all in two days coz MUM flew in on Saturday, and I wanna spend some time with her before she heads on to JAPAN for her hair show.

It was great to see Mum again, and as I began to talk with her, and ask her how are things with her, as I listen to her share bout how it is being over in KK alone, about some of her view of things, people, or even just plain procrastination of this and that. I realised that Mum is just great! And GOD is even greater.

Single mother, and the story of how she managed to cope with Bernard Hiew over the past 23 years. Haha.
Those of you who knew me since I was a kid, haha, will know wat im talking bout.
*Lets just say that im not the nicest kid around the block. *
Haha. But God was always there, always there to give her strength to persevere, to hold on, always trusting God, always seeking His Face, always believing, always having faith.

And throughout all these years, the son saw what the mother did, and he learnt.
Thanks mum. Thank you Lord.

On a lighter note,

“Bernard, grandma said she wants to go Japan next year..”
“Ahh, that’s good…*intentionally keep quiet*”
“*Not giving up*, I told grandma that Bernard is saving to bring you to go.”

See what I mean?
Haha, not that I dunt wanna go Japan, its just to expensive now la, and if I wanna go holiday and enjoy, gotta really go and spend all I want la, if go spend lil bit here and lil bit there…haihhh. I’d rather wait another time, when I have more of the greens.
So Hong Kong, Taiwan or China is a better choice at this moment.

Then again, who knows.haha

p.s. Thanks Rachael for accompanying me all the way up to Nilai to pick up Belinda, and also my mum. Appreciate it.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Blessed Hols Peeps

Scenario: Two of my friends defending their preference (Boxers vs Normal Undies)


“Why do you wanna wear undies? You should try boxers dude”
B- “Huh?! Then why do you have to wear boxers? You should wear undies!”
“ Undies are not good for you! It prevents the growth of ur brother la wei! Bodoh!!!
Be a man la! Wear Boxers la!!”
“BODOH!!, when you have your B*lls reaching the floor later, YOU tell me WHOS DA MAN!!!”


To all of you, and some of you who are not in Malaysia, (it’s the Hari Raya and Deepavali public Holiday stretch) all the way till next Thursday.
So, that means….. 5 days holiday!!

Blessed Holidays

Monday, October 16, 2006


Got into a car accident yesterday,
Was raining real hard, and was coming back from college.
Braked. But the car just went straight!

Yup. Im alrite, nothing much, but just financially crippled now!
Ah jut msged from taiwan, and the first thing he asked was
"HAHH!!? your face how? is ur face injured?"
hahahahah!! memang artist yang sejati, hanya pentingkan muka! haha

On a brighter note, was one of the mornings like any other, as I was waiting for the lift to arrive I noticed a gurl looking at me.
After 20 seconds, she was still looking.
The lift came, all of us went in.
Pressed our floors. She stopped looking.

Then she turned around!
“Excuse me, are you SUPERMAN B?” she asked. (YES, she was the ONLY one speaking)
The whole lift looked at me!!

That was it. The secret was out! Hahaha

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What is this Adrian?

Was having dinner in a friend’s place, then her 4 year-old lil brother came to the table and started chatting with me. So, I joined him in the conversation, which turned out to be a really entertaining one.

We chatted for about 10 minutes, when I started to ask him, what is this and what is that as i began pointing, and he began naming them for me.
I was impressed from the moment he initiated the conversation, then as I went on pointing, he began to name them. Until, I pointed at the orange coloured dish on the table.

“What is this Adrian?” I asked
“(Think for a second…or maybe two second) … PAWN” , he hesitated and replied.
“No, that’s not a pawn, try again, you were close.” I encouraged
“(Looked puzzled) … a pawn...” he answered and looked at me, waiting for me to agree.
“No Adrian, that’s not a pawn, it’s PORN”
“PORN” he followed.

It was too late; I just introduced a dish called porn to a four year old kid!
It was actually prawn. Slipped my mouth.
My bad.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Nail Puller

It’s been several weeks from the last one, and yes, a busy stretch as well.
Loads of things happened, and to tell you all of em? haha, I’m just too lazy for that. Haha
But here’s one that I learnt a lot and really close to my heart.

I met up with a good friend of mine for dinner, as usual, we started off chatting, (*Chup* I LOVE these dinners where you just sit down with great company and start chatting. *End Chup*) and doing this with this friend of mine has always been a blessing and enjoyable. Not merely because I get to talk, but rather it’s when I get to train myself to listen, and that’s when we really get to know them. The REAL them :) (Of course, this comes with practice *uiseeehhh*)

As we began to talk, catching up with what’s happening to each of our lives, my friend began to open up, people my friend met along the way, happiness, joy, funny stuff, and eventually disappointments and things done. And as my friend went on, tears started to fill my friend’s eyes. My friend stopped talking.
There was a story of the nail puller.
It was Stephen’s birthday, and Stephen's dad instead of a conventional party where everybody comes with boxes of gifts, he wanted to impart wisdom.
He decided to invite all the fathers to come with their sons to the party with a special gift-a tool that served them in their line of work.
After all has given theirs, a father who was a professional home builder handed Stephen a small box, a tool box. Inside that toolbox, Stephen found a nail puller.

The father began to tell the story of how once, while in the middle of building a wall, he discovered that it was crooked. Instead of halting the construction and undoing a little work to fix the wall, he decided to proceed, hoping that the problem would go away as he continued to build. However, the problem only worsened. Eventually with a great loss of materials and time, he had to tear down the nearly completed wall and totally rebuild it.

“Stephen”, the father said, “times will come in life when you realize that you’ve made a mistake. And at that moment, you have 2 choices, to swallow your pride, “pull a few nails” or you can foolishly continue your course, hoping the problem will go away. Most of the time, the problem will only get worse, I’m giving you this tool to remind you this principle. When you realize that you’ve made a mistake, the best thing you can do is tear down that wall and start over.”

I prayed for my friend that night before we parted. My friend was caught off-guarded. But allowed me to :)
So we did. (Thank you)

To my dear friend, and to some of you, whatever situation you may be in, here is a nail puller! :)
It’s time to start over, but this time let HIM be in your blueprint. Coz at the end of the day, He LOVES you, and He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. His plans are always to BLESS YOU and to PROSPER YOU! other words NOTHING TO LOOSE!

God Bless

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Post E06 syndrome?

E06 is over, is it?
Well the event is over, but as for the things that HE showed me, its just the beginning of another journey.

If there was one word to describe it would be excellent.
Didn’t realize that I was sooo involved in this conference until a few days before it when a couple of us were sitting down talking bout it. And the amount of debriefing needed! Haha, from workshop, to the band, to MC and to idol judge! Whouw.
Haha, but praise God, I wasn’t strained at all.
Was truly blessed by HIM, even though the team and myself didn’t really get to sit down to listen to the whole word, there was a spirit so strong. Of excellence in all that we do.

Well, here are some of the things that I gathered, and will work for the rest of the year:

(1) Kindness- Im not the kindest dude on earth. Hahaha, neither am I the meanest. But I hear HIM challenging me to be kinder to people. Like you, yourself : )

(2) Gentle – Again, im not the most gentle dude around. Id wanna be more gental, VERBALLY! *ahem*

And I’d keep the rest to myself! Haha

NOTE: DISCLAIMER- In case that you have not received the treatment that you’ve been expecting?...get used to it and work on your patience, coz GOD is not done with me yet!

God Bless keke

Here are some pics. You just want pics don’t you? Tell you what, if you guys are nice, maybe id put in more in the next post? Waddaya say?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Things about people

"People will forget what you said, people will forget
what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Have a Blessed weekend everybody!

Monday, August 21, 2006

IMPACT Concert

E06 IMPACT Concert
Date :25th,26th August 2006
Time :7pm
Venue:SIB(KL) Sanctuary
5h Floor Bangunan Lim Chai Yin
No 7 Section 16/11 Jalan Damansara
46350 Petaling Jaya

Tel : 603-7957 2701
Weblink :


Thursday, August 10, 2006

What say you ?

Contentment is not when we get the things we hoped for, instead, it’s when we are thankful for what we already been blessed with.

Are you contented?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This made my day

Hope it made yours too!
God Bless

Thursday, July 20, 2006

What they say, What I say

Someone once told me that if I take too long a time I might just miss out and loose my opportunity.
Ohkay ohkay maybe not just someone…
Maybe a lot of some ONES. Haha

They say I loose out a lot, and always asked me not to let them make the first move.

Im not too much of a ‘gurl take the 1st move kinda guy, but..
I believe however that with patience, it makes it all the more precious.
all the more cherished, and all the more assuring. (at least he’s giving serious thought bout it)
Don’t you think so?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Good Pirates, Bad Pirates

Watched Pirates of the Carribean the other day. I didn’t really enjoyed the show.
No doubt there was a lot of stuff going on, the story was definitely better than the 1st one. But I just didn’t ENJOYED the movie. Hrmm…
Except of course for the excellent acting of Johnny Depp.

But I think I found out why I didn’t really enjoyed the show.
Check this out.
Its basically about a story of a pirate in debt, uses all his ability to betray, lie, and manipulate in order to get away with it.



Thursday, July 13, 2006

Be prepared, Be really prepared!

You've gotta watch this and tell me wat you think?

Friday, July 07, 2006


Muh sister is coming tomorrow!!
Haha, finally, I think shes really excited coming down here.
For me? .. well, im more worried for my mum.
She’s gonna be alone there.
Love you ma.

Talking bout mothers, heres something I found.
Have a BLESSED week everybody!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Managed to watch Superman the other night with Carole and Nads. Was in a super rush, coz I had to move out from the old place, (yeah, still had a lot of stuff in the old place) coming to think of it, it’s amazing how banyak stuff ive got in that small lil room of mine!! Haha, now that ive got the whole apartment!! Worse!! Haha
Lets hope not!

Rushed everything from the old place and moved it to the new place. Skipped COUZ last minute coz of the fact that I couldn’t finish moving the stuff in time. Managed to settle everything by 9 sumthing. Drove to Nads place and picked up the two, and went over to KLCC for the show. Well, its more of a romantic love story rather than an action one. Superman did looked like superman! Haha, yeah, Brandon Routh did a great job potraying the character. Even managed to get both Nads and Carole to go “oohhh…” “hehehe” “awww” , and their endless giggles, throughout the whole show! Haha
It was entertaining watching them gaggling over the character! Haha

Well, the show was not the very best, but it was allrite. Not to fast, not too slow, a lil long, but I don’t mind. Since its SUPERMAN! Haha. A 5.5 outta 10.
Found out a makan place in KL which gives the best porridge! I rarely eat porridge, I mean rarely, even when im sick I will NOT eat porridge, but this porridge is really sumthing. What they put in it? Ahahah, NOTHING! Haha, just warm clean white porridge, and sesame oil! Syok!
Of course with the Roasted pork, Char Seu, and Sour Veg! syok orrrr!!!
And you wouldn’t guess the shop’s name!
Its called RESTORAN KOK KOK! I knw~ haha

England and Brazil crashed out, and you should knw this by now. If you really have NO idea, my Gawsh, Id say your worse than a bimbo! Haha
France played excellent football, England played a lousy game, more importantly they had their wonder boy acted like a 5 year old! Wether or not he kicked Carlvarho on purpose, he still acted like a kid pushing C.ronaldo! Was the red card warrant? Well, the ref confirmed today that it was because of the ‘cracking’ of PORTUGUESE Nuts!
But then if you guys watched the match, it didn’t SEEM that was the case.
Here take a look. Haha

My housemate came yesterday, and her name is Cynthia.
We woke up at 3am and went to watch the ITA vs GER game!
Very good game! I was supporting ITALIA.
I just hope that FRANCE don’t win it. I salute Zidane, but I just don’t like Henry and Viera, no doubt world class player, but they just irk me off with their passion and attitude towards the game. Just watch how he had to throw himself over, COVERING his face, when he had contact with the tiny Puyol! Oh well, don’t wanna elaborate on that. I just don’t like him! Great footballer, not a great player of the game!

Now to some fun stuff, if you’re a Malaysian, and one that knows what is happening around? YES, they found a flying elephant in Melaka!! NO LARRR! Haha
Well, you might have seen or heard bout the case of the MIRI high school gangsta-wannabe case. Right after that, this happened!

(in case you didn’t knw, yeah, there was a star wannabe chick who gave that peace sign in the real video!! Haha..our society today! haihh)

Friday, June 30, 2006

The week passed so quickly!

Took another 2 days to rest. The doc apparently gave me wrong medicine, and has since given me new medicine, and now, they are saying that there is a prob with my nasal area, that is causing flem to go into my lungs and the reason why im coughing so much, is to kick da flem outta my lungs.
Apparently the medicine has really been working and I dun cough as bad anymore.
Talking bout which, taken the two days off to move most of my stuff over to the new place. Got a new mattress for myself and Belinda already. So that when she’s over, everything will be ready.

Went to makan with Carole and Nad on Monday night I think. Went for seafood. Haha, have been eating a lot of seafood after meeting up with her. Carole’s car died down on her on Sunday night. Helped her start up the car, which took forever, dunno wat happened lar, but in the end, it worked. Praise God, followed her all the way back to her place, just in case larr, if anything were to happen along the way, and since it was late at night already. Got home at around 2am that night. Aiyorr. Haha But it was ok. At least shes allrite.

Well, have been having good response for the room. Just got a confirmation just now from a gurl whos just on the way back from Australia by the name of Cynthia. She’s taking up the master room. Haha, hope that shes just as nice in person, as she is online. Well apparently, Ive put up the message of renting out the master room in my msn, and one of my friend told her bout it, and she contacted me from there. Not bad eyy?
Fingers crossed!

Ji Henn was in town the last weekend, so, we decided to hang out a bit with him. And yes, I MET up with LINA in poppey’s really cute gurl! Haha. And yes, met up with some of her cousins. Haha, gurls gets a bit uncontrollable when they are typsie and drunk. So girls, dunt get drunk! Please! Haha
But it was allrite Lindsay and Ling lee. Its ok. Hah, (see told ya I still remember your names! Keke)

Have a Blessed weekend everybody!
God bless


Ji Henn, Carole, Nads, Me

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


It was last saturday that ive got the set of keys to a new place of mine. Picked up BJ and went to Giant to get some of the stuff, and utensils needed to clean up the place. Then an hour later, Carole and Nadya arrived!

Yup, four of us in the beginning 2 hours, then for the rest 4 hours, it was just me and the two gurls. I just wanna thank all of you Bryan, Nadya and Carole for coming over and really helped me out. The whole day, even until now, i still feel soooo greatful. Guess its the fact that i have never asked anyone for any specific favor (hah, usually i just order them to do stuff), haha, but this time, i sincerely asked for help, and they said yes!
haha, i knw you might be wondering what's the big deal, if need help just ask lar! haha, but its just something bout me, that i dont usually ask for help unless i really needed it.
But the better reward over these all is not just the fact that we did a good job cleaning up the place(which they did), but rather, its the whole process of cleaning the house together, something that i will carry for a long time in this memory of mine.

Super impressed and touched especially with both Carole and Nadya. Who kneeled down, and used the T-shirt to clean the wet floor. Carole broke my mop! (i knw!!) , haha, Nadya managed to clean the all the window panes and mopped all the rooms. Carole mopped and scrubbed the whole floor, and even the kitchen. Bryan managed the two bathroom!

haha, no words can really describe how happy i am, and how proud I am for being called your friends!
I love you guys!

Just one of my ways of saying thank you !

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The heat is on

And the pressure continues!! Arrgghhh
Yeah, went and see the doc the other day, doc said theres a possibility of “Bronchitist”, its something like a growth on the lungs. And it causes me to cough endlessly, especially at night.
And to a certain extent ive been coughing badly especially in cold surroundings, not to mention at night.
But the doc did gave me some antibiotics and some tablets, for it. And as of this moment, its pretty strong, and after consuming it, I go pretty dizzy during work.haha
And I don’t like it at all.

Have been also thinking a lot bout the apartment , looking for anyone who wants to rent a room. And Belinda is coming over in 2 weeks time.
Yes, if you are interested in renting a room, or looking for one at Kelana Putri, (its at the Kelana Jaya area) please do let me know. Currently, the master bedroom is available, there is a bath/washroom together with it. We would prefer females! :)

Hoping to settle everything by this Saturday. Have to go and buy the tongs, the brooms. Stick advertisements, buy the mattresses for Belinda…clean up and scrub up the apartment. Arrgghhhhh!!!

Thank you for all those who volunteered to help. Haha, Yes I will be calling you guys! Wuarharhar
Yes Nadya, im gonna call you REAL soon! Keke

Yes, slept early last night and watch England qualify for the best 16, 2-2 wasn’t the best result. But at least they did play good football, and showed a lot of commitment.
Need to seriously work on defence on set-pieces. And witness how Owen twisted his own knee. *YUCKS* . But Joe Cole’s goal was sublime skill! I would say goal of the tournament thus far.

On another note, as I was walking towards work from the parking this morning, heard someone shouted “BERNARD!”
Looked over, it was Wong Ji Henn, HAHA, the fella just arrived in Kl this morning, chatted a while left my number with him. Are making arrangements to meet up with him this weekend. If I don’t see him tonight. (Nads and Carole, want to make it, but dunt think so larr, after all Im sick larr gurls!)

God Bless

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Im so tired... arrgghhh

Its been a long weekend, and a tiring one. Yes, we did go for our seafood makan with cell on Friday night. It was fun. The wasn’t exceptionally good, but it was more of the company that made the occasion a nice and warm one. Had a great time of bonding with cell members, and yes, it was really fun.haha got to knw Ian, and Ronald much better.

After sending the dudes back, went back home straight , took a quick bath, and went over to ah fai’s house to watch the Holland game. 2-0 was allrite. Wasn’t really convincing, and also Ghana was excellent. Played excellent football. The only promising African in the cup.

Was so packed and stressed out, coz was preparing for my insurance exams. Woke up at 9am Saturday morning for out facilitation course for E06, and then went to One Utama Burger King, to meet up with Jackson, had a great talk with him. Enjoyed it loads, he is currently staying in Seremban and work will start next month and his office will be in Nilai. Haha, was telling me that he would have to eat back those dreadful meals in Nilai. Haha kasihan.
In the midst of talking with Jackson, Tan Vui Chuan (Ah Jut) saw me walked by, saw me, and he joined us for a while in Burger King, haha not bad, got recognized by an artiste! Haha( uisehhh), Managed to talk to him, and catch up a lil with him until he had to go and meet up with his friends.

After 3 hours, Jackson left the place, and as I continued my studying, Guess who popped up. Nadya !! haha, yeah, she was working in One Utama and Carole was working in The Curve that week. Haha, she went blank for a while when I told her that I was studying there! Haha
Oh wel..

Gotta say that my concentration span for my study now hasn’t been as effective as before. Dunno why think im getting old haha. Or maybe I was on medication.
Went for e06 music practice on sat night in our new sanctuary, was a good time of practice. Sunday morning, went and pick up Hilary and Liong Fah to church, stayed back for E06 meting, and then another one at 5pm for music practice.

Was really a tiring weekend. Really exhausted, Oh Lord, gimme strength!
Went to the doc on Sunday night to check up on my coughing, have been having serious coughing especially at night. And its been going on for almost 2 months already, doc gave me some medication that was “supposedly non-strong” type.
But ishhh, im sooo freaggin sleepy everytime after consuming my medication!
It sucks..
And its bothering my effectiveness in work.
Arrhhhhhh…GIMME strength Lord!

Oh, on another note, today is 20062006 cool ey?

Friday, June 16, 2006

There's something bout mamak.

I realized that most of my meals nowadays are eaten in mamaks. Due to the fact that I end work late, and the fact that most of the stores around the time when I have my dinner, are already closed.

And coming to think of it, its kinda sickening. Haha
But its ohkay larr. Not that bad.

But theres something bout Mamaks that I do enjoy.

1. Its cheap! Yes! Its cheap! Hah
If the ones near your house is not cheap, then ….ITS NOT A MAMAK! Haha

2. The BIG HUGE Projector TV. Which makes my football nights soo memorable! Haha better than the one in house.

3. Thirdly, the crowd it brings especially on football nights. Yes and especially during worldcups! You wouldn’t wanna stay at home watching football (unless of course you have a huge group coming together to watch it together) FOOTBALL needs to be watched collectively!

4. The passion it brings outta the REAL person inside. Try watching a game, and when a goal is scored, I tell you, YOU SHOUT!!!

5.You make friends. !! yes!! When you shout together, and walla you realized the grumpy aunty is also an MU FAN, and walla, she help you wash your car every Sunday ! haha

6. Its because all of the above! Wuarharhar

Yes England qualified and won 2-0. Only managed to score the first of the two goals 7 minutes from time. Made everyone so gancheong. Didn’t play really well. Not a very convincing game. But at least they won, if they wanna be serious bout this cup, I reckon they better buck up. If not, forget bout it.

Lets see, last night was an eventful night, went over to Kelana Putri to check out apartments. For those who has yet to knw, Belinda (my sister) is coming over next month to study yeah, Mum thought thats its better that we stay together. Was a bit mad because told them to decide earlier so that theres more time to source for a good place with a good rate. Thanks to people like christine and ah Gan who were so patient and helped me out. Managed to see several and alas last night we have decided on one. Paid the deposit and is going in July!
Thanks so much to people like Cissie, Shinyi, the cell, friends and all of you for your prayers and concern!
But thank God the most for even teaching me this time to trust in Him.Am pretty happy with myself this time around that i didnt Busrt out of frustration for 'some minor' issues! haha

We’re going to have Seafood tonight. Yes, it’s a cell trip. And we’re going to makan! Wuarharhar, I like cell trips, I love my cell.

On another note, get well soon Melody, Jin Yin.
God Bless

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Have been actually watching loads of movies lately, so much so that I can actually forget some of the shows that we are gonna watch.
Its like we just bought the tickets, and when we walk into the cinema hall, you can hear me asking “What movie are we watching again?”
Hahah, yeah, I dun think I have a life. But hahah, oh well, when your working and so stressed out. I think I am qualified not to have one! Haha

My ratings of these films are as of below.

1.M.I.3 – a 6! Wasn’t impressed, too rushy. Thank God for Maggie Q.

2.X men3- 7 was a good trilogy, good ending, and a nasty scene after the ending credits. So sit in for it.

3.Da Vincci Code – 4 sucked! Carole and nad slept through it, can you imagine how bad??!! The book is way better.

4.Poseidon- 5 a “ if got nothing to do” movie

5.Over the Hedge – 7 funny and excellent graphics!

6.The Omen- 5 Wayy too slow, and not a lot of things happening. A bore.

7.Cars – 7.5 Very well developed story, very reflective, and teaches us soo much about life. Funny, a very enjoyable show.

8.16 Blocks – 8 my kinda movie! Think tank, smart and a good twist every now and then!

Yup, go and take a dip!
Keke. And yes last night went and had dinner with James and Cissie, watched out Spain match. Oh yeah, im supporting England, Spain this time. Would wanna watch Argentina get through, Germany too, these teams are great teams to watch.
Hoping that , All these teams to move forward and yes, IT WILL BE A CUP to remember!
I should keep my football comments to myself. But Spain played excellently. The best football ive seen in this whole campaign, clean passing, excellent lobbing, superb distribution, sharp! Much sharper than Germany I say

But alas, tonight lets get through!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Luf me Luf me

I found out how you can effectively love me! Haha
You see, most of you might have witnessed or experienced relationship having trouble communicating, confusion and the issue of "does he/she understand me?", "why he liddat wan?", and sometimes you might catch hearing them whine and just confused with the whole thing. Well, most of the time, its basically because each of us has our own love language. And most of the time, we don’t understand our partner’s love language, and even so, our own!
Went to this link to do the test and guess wat I’ve found out about myself?
There is basically 5 classification of love language, and its common at times that we have a mixture of both, and a lot of people have a mixture of them. But its close to identifying your partner or even urself a lil better.
The 5 are :
(i) Words of Affirmation
(ii) Quality Time
(iii) Receiving Gifts
(iv) Acts of Service
(v) Physical Touch

Did the test and walla

The Five Love Languages

My primary love language is
Quality Time
with a secondary love language being
Acts of Service.

Complete set of results

Quality Time: 11
Acts of Service: 6
Words of Affirmation: 5
Physical Touch: 4
Receiving Gifts: 4

Now you knw, so, LOVE me effectively kay?! Keke

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jay's got a daughter

I dun usually post wat i get from my emails. But this is really sumthin.
Yup, they found Jay Chow's baby girl!
yup, its a girl, and shes singaporean!

p.s in case you dunno how Jay Chow look like..erm..well..Jesus still loves you! hehe

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ive got joy that is down in my heart!

Have been busy with work these two months, which kinda explains why you guys rarely see me on MSN no more during working hours.
Well, its also that I came to discover that its WORKING HOURS! Haha
So, yes, decided to buck up, and yes you now can usually only see me online after working hours.

My aunt called me up last Friday and here is how it went:

A.Jacky: “Hi Bernard, Aunty Jacky here!”
Bnard : “Hi Aunty Jacky, wsup?” (I realize I say wsup a lot! )
A.Jacky: “ Oh, I was wondering if you would like to sleep with someone on Saturday night?”
Bnard : “ *S….I…L…E..N…C…E……* errr….NO!

Haha! Yeah, I was shocked! Well, it turned out that my cousin Nicholas who is currently back in Sabah, in the National Service camp, had an interview for the ASEAN Scholarship! Dang proud of my cousin here! Haha, (The only dude in our family to hit 6 feet, and scoring all A’s for his A levels, and still have a heart of a real gentleman!)

Enewei, I did spend my weekend with him last weekend, and was staying opposite Sungai Wang, and brought him around, getting stuff. And yes, met up with Jeh Jeh Nadya and Carole! Haha, well, he blended pretty with all of us.

Went watching DaVincci code with Nad and Carole the other weekend, they ended up sleeping in during the show. Poor gurls working in the morning, and then mana tahu, the show was such a flop. Cant even keep them awake! Dunt worry gurls wasn’t ur fault.
That same week, went to ZOUK with Carole and Nad.. Met Martin there! Haha, and also Miss Rachel!
She was really funny, she introduced me to her boyfriend saying, “ PAN WEI BO ohh!”
And the boyfriend touched my face! Hahah (think he was typsie! Haha)
Talking bout Rachel …haha, saw her appearing in a magazine a day after.! Check out da pic! Haha

Nicholas, Nad, Carole, Me

Carole, Me

Chen Yung, Carole, Me


Hahah, its her again! Keke

Monday, May 22, 2006

Dont cha ?

Dont cha just wanna slap him?
I tell you, best friends or not best friends, if you are here i will slap you so hard that you cant even recognize yourself in the papers !!!

hahah Si Fui Zhai

Friday, May 19, 2006

Kinda cute : )

A little boy goes to his father and asks "Daddy, how was I born?"
The father answers: "Well, son, I guess one day you will need to find
out anyway!

Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo. Then I
set up a date via e-mail with your mom and we met at a cyber-cafe. We
sneaked into a secluded room, where your mother agreed to do a
download from my hard drive.

As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of
us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete
button, nine months later a blessed little Pop-up appeared and
said..............You've Got Male."

Now everybody say "ohhhhhhhhhhh"

Saturday, May 06, 2006

im allrite...Praise God

Was down and out for exactly 4 days. It was bad, woke up on Monday morning, shivering and sweating at the same time. Decided to hop back to bed and try sleep it off for another two hours. Two hours passed, woke up, feel worse. Drag my feet and drove to the clinic. Was amazed by the amount of people waiting there on a Labor’s Day, sat there agonizing waiting for my turn, which came about after 1 and half hours later.
The doc took a look at me, asked me wats goin on (sometimes I feel like just slapping them!! Your da DOC wat?? Shouldn’t you tell me wats goin on??)
Enewei, the fever was really high, was testing if it was dengue, but then it wasn’t.
Gave me a two day mc.
James came and pick me up, dropped me at a.adeles’ house, and I slumbered there for 4 days!!
And all I did was wake up, take a leak in the loo, and then drink my milo, eat my bread, my medication, and then sleep again!! For 4 friggin days.
But alas, im allrite now, feeling better! Haha
Yup !!

Thanks for all those who smsed, called, and prayed! Appreciate it loads!
Praise God !!
God Bless

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kwai Lou

I on my msn, and there was my friend - who occasionally reminds me of her gay friends and elaborates on how her gay friends thinks im "YUMMY" ...
yup,just a background.

so this is what happened!

chin says:
eh wanna kiwi lou tonight?

bnardhiew- says:
errr... why arr

chin says:
feel liiilke it

*i realised* see NOTE below**

bnardhiew- says:
i tot you asked if i wanna knw your kiwi guy fren (who might be also gay)
coz its kiwi lou.. like USA lou, British LOU...

** ITS kiwi Lou, mango Lou = ITS A dessert place in SS2 dat has desserts of kiwi and mango sago ice. which they call kiwi and magno lou! hahahaand i thought kiwi lou as in CANTO, a New Zealand man!

Not my fault ya knw? hahah

Just thought you guys might wonder wats a mango Lou. haha

And thats...well...errr...nvm

Monday, April 17, 2006

Is OK really OK ??

Its been a while since I checkout whats been happening back in Sabah (yes!! My hometown) and thought I visit a close friend’s blog…..*deep breath* my youth zone from our church was having a bazaar, to send peeps to India for a mission trip, and the deal is, if they manage to raise RM 5K, my pastor would dye his hair orange. (and mind you, he is not someone who would wanna dye his hair orange, dats our youth zone theme color). And walla, they managed to raise RM 7K ! yup. He got his hair dyed orange
If your REALLY interested click here! (

Yes, on another note, thank you guys for ur suggestions! Haha, some were sooo kind, and got me pics! Haha, but alas, I did go with something.
Yes, went to MTV asia Voting Party 2006 in Zouk last Saturday, thank you thank you Nor for the ticks! Pray that you’ll be having a great time working with MTV this time! Keke
And also thanks to Sara got extra tickets, which got Gan, and 38 gang to the event as well! Yes, Qmo, Lee Jar, Zi wei, and Li Fern, drove up to kl on Friday for a holiday! Got Gan and also some other friends to come along.
And guess wat? Our 23 yr old li Fern didnt bring her ID and was denied of getting into ZOUK, which made everyones day! But I thought it really made her day a better one! Haha, she was pretty happy about it. Haha

Went together with Christine and Sara, got lost, yup. Coz the Police blocked the road, and thanks to the rain, we arrived in the place an hour late, but the event hadn’t started. Keke Christine (from college) on the other hand was already there with her, yeah, the night ended say around 10:30pm, and since the JB peeps went off coz Li Fern couldn’t get in, we joined them later in Ampang for a meal in a freaky Indian restaurant. Which has loads of corny and sexy kama sutra stuff hanging around the restaurant. Haha
Sara was really excited that night.

Managed to meet up with Aiman (the MTV VJ hunt winner?) haha, yeah, he lost his voice again. Again, He had no idea why.. haha

The night was a blast not because we went to an MTV event, but because I had great friends to share my time with! You guys were amazing! Haha, thank you, I had a great night .

On a different note, if you have time, go and watch “The Producers” , it’s a musical comedy, yes, very broadway. And yes…VERY GAY!! Haha, I enjoyed the movie. Very different! It’s a…. 7/10. Its interesting how we see the change of moral standards, or even the culture of society of today. 10 years ago, it wasn’t ok, now, its allrite and we talk about acceptability, and understanding.. which makes you wonder, what is morality at the end of the day? If its so dependent on what other think its ok, Does it necessary means that its ok? Does OK means that its right? I mean there has gotta be something that is right or wrong? If there isn’t…then…isn’t it something worth think bout?

Do YOU know the truth or do you know whats ok?

da gurl who was happily kicked outta ZOUK! haha

Friday, April 14, 2006

Wart tu wear?

Can’t believe I’m actually blogging bout this, but they say that sharing is caring…
Oh well, since I care for you guys sooo much…

Ahem… I’m heading to a party Saturday night and I have no idea what I should be wearing??!!

Any suggestions?
Drop it here.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I Do

Ive gotta tell admit that one of the moments that makes me nervous , I mean real nervous, its like *you have a worm in ur belly, and u cant seem to sit still* kinda moment? Yup… is when a couple stands in front of the alter, saying their vows to each other in public, in the witnesses of their friends, family and loved ones and God. I reckon that is one of the most romantic thing for a couple.

Having attended two weddings in the period of two months,I realized that what made me excited! Haha, its when they look into each other’s eyes, and the whole world kinda *pause* for each of them to take their time to say those words that bines them together.
Well, some of you reading this might just say that, its just words, and people can just turn their words around and stuff. Oh well, all I have to…well, nothing.
Coz if that’s what you really wanna think, then I guess you better well of thinking that for the rest of ur lives. But until you come to comprehend what true love really means, or better, if you wanna knw wat is it all bout.? Haha, drop me a mail, or better , come to SIB K COUZ to find out! (hahah, mahu advertising juga)

And of course !!! E06 is around the corner, and its only 4 months away!!!
So, yes, sign up for it. Hearing loads of people are signing up for it already. For those who didn’t knw, E03 was the first, E06 is the second!!! Its more dynamic, be prepared to really go DEEP into what you really believe. For more info. Click here

Couz was awesome the other night, loads of peeps came. Felix haha, every improving in his MCing, was really encouraged by him. Always giving his best, and yes, needs encouragement. The word encouragement came up to me several times this week, and I as I was reflecting… hrmmm.. I at most times take people for granted, and I don’t really affirm people that much. Well, initially its just because I feel that I wanna be honest, and if its not up to standard then, she /he should work harder to it.. but really, I came to realize that encouragement is not only needed when they accomplished what they do, but also when they don’t seem to get there. Hahah, be prepared that if I come up to you being all nice, and encouraging you ok. Don’t get startled, I knw it wouldn’t be natural in the first few hundered times , (coz you dunt usually see it..) but haha, gimme some time k? After all, if I always choose not to do it bcoz it isn’t natural, I guess it’ll never be ey?
So yeah. Gimme time.

Was super encouraged last Saturday. Loudrrom (that’ COUZ , Which is the church’s college zone’s, leaders and core) gathered and went ahead and started our E06 ! it was our community, the Prima Selayang kids. And I tell you I was super blessed by it all.
Firstly Prima Selayang is not a foster home, a wattever place you migh have in mind.
It is just a residential area, yes, the residential area is populated by a “lower” income group of people. But yeah, amidst from that, its just a small community in the Selayang area, 20 minutes drive from IKEA. So, we arrived, and there were around 40 kids assembling and waiting to go for their trip. They were having a day trip to PWTC for a education fair, it’s a primary and secondary school education showcasing educational producst, materials, and also activities and games etc.
So, me and Vincent were allocated into one of the groups, consisting of 4 amazing boys. They were just excellent, I have never seen kids with such confidence, and having such leadership skills in my life.
Throughout the trip, I was just suppose to be friends with them, and just hang around with them, encouraging them, interacting with them (yes in Malay, and YESSS, they understood my malay very well !!) Haha, , they had a journal and they were suppose to write whatever they’ve learnt and seen throughout the day. These kids are at an average of 10 years old,, they four kids (Satesh, Aiman, Boy Boy, and Izman) were excellent, they never did complain once, instead, they were treating me so well, and I really did treat them like my friends, they took all the initiative to break all the ice, and started to make me feel welcome, and included in their groupings, and when they take some food, they would take one for me, and asked me are you ok? You want one? And offer me some of the goodies.. tell me what they have been doing and wat events they’ve been to, just to let me feel belong, introduce their friends to me, and Scolding THEIR friends for not shaking my hands! hahah
I was really really encouraged!

E06 music practice was awesome that night, yes after the long day, and had just a great time of practicing, and fellowshipping with the team.And of coruse, MAN U won!! Haha, Chelsea draw keke. And yes, there is a possibility of winnign the title!! Haha, lets pray that Chelsea continue to flop along the way! Hahah

Here are some pics of Nick and Ps. Lindy (our College Zone’s Pastor)’s Wedding!

P.S -In case ur wondering why is there a HAKKA tag? Haha,..
This is wat happened
“Nick and Lindy, Ladies and gentleman, Languages itself cannot fully describe the LOVE that these two have for each other, *pause* …that is why we have decided to bring to you this lovely song …Ladies and gentleman, put your hands together for SHEEP UNITED” (that’s my cell name, and it’s the coolest College cell, you need a cell? Come!! Call me!!haha)