Friday, December 08, 2006

Im Back and Goin

Yeh, sorry for the long absence, was away for my study break.
Yeah, im working and studying at the mo, and its not the smartest thing to do.
My advise, DONT DO IT! (i mean, work and study at the same time)...
Take ur time, finish your study, then work. Coz you will end up working for the rest of ur life anyway.

And oh, dont work/study you dont enjoy. You'll just be wasting ur time.
Yup. more bout that, in January. (If ur wondering why January?...haha...coz i said so) haha

As most of you might have known Hillsongs United came to Malaysia, and our church hosted them. Was Mcing the concert with Ps. Lindy. There was really really a lot of ppl, I have never seen so many young people packed into a sanctuary to worship GOD that craze before.
But it was awesome, the team had fun organizing, and making sure everything was allrite. Thanks to COUZ! 1500 young people! Woohoo!! Praise God!

Had a surprise bday party for Carole the other night. Nadya called and was asking how can we do it for her. Then decided to really suprise her to the max.
So, told Nadya to tell Carole that Jeevs is asking us out for yamcha at mamak, and then got Nad to call all of Carole's classmates to come at 12pm.
Hard part at that night was, Jeevs couldnt make it last minute, coz he needed to fly early next day, and its up to me and Nad, it wasnt hard..UNTIL 11.55pm, when she kept on turning her head to watch MTV.
haha, we needed her to sit in that specific directions, so that she doesnt see the others coming from her behind with the cake.
At last, Nad and myself, managed to do so...and we sang her a Happy Burfday!
Yup she was dang suprised
hahah, HAPPY BLATED 22 gurl.

The cell will be heading to Penang tonight. And yes, im excited bout it!!
Getting fat, and laze around.
wohoooo!! Havent done that for quite some time alrdy.