Friday, January 08, 2010

Woohoo 大日子

Some people say Malaysian movie tak boleh.
Well, I say we never watch, we never know,
We never try, we never improve. So,why not?

Jan 14th 2009
Let you Smiling also kena touch... 让你笑着感动 =)


Amanda said...

totally agree with what u'd said....haha =D
can't wait to watch the movie =)

Joey said...

I saw the movie adv from ASTRO channel! You're dam funny! exspecially your image in the movie. I will definitely go to watch it!

霜子 said...

looking foward to it !!!

Anonymous said...

bernard, no worries.
alots of ppl weeling to go n watch woohoo!
m goin wif abt 10 frenz to support myastro artist and dj!
haha! open your eyes and c the result! sure vry geng wan!

Amanda said...


I'd watched the movie last friday!it's damn touching..haha =D
planned 2 watch it again with my family =)

PS: You're so cute in the movie =p

bnardhiew said...

awww. thanks guys!!
glad you guys really enjoyed it!

hongyi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hongyi said...

uisehhh!!! gonna bring the whole family to watch it and prob not tell them u're in it, let them figure it out.

btw, i showed my mum a music video with wilber pan in it, and told her it was u. she was like, 'wahh!!!' and smiled and stared at the screen for ages. then i told her it wasn't u. hahaha. she fell for it!

bnardhiew said...

jahat la you!!!

okok, thanks!!!
its only showing in growball cinema. go quick and buy it apparently its been full house everday??!!

your gonna be in kk for how much longer?
fb me your no la.

Angie Ong said...

It’s true. Not easy to get the ticket pun. I got the ticket to watch woohoo @ pavilion finally!
Tapi the coconut hairstyle makes ur single eye lips single eyelid more obvious le! Kakaka..

bnardhiew said...

Thanks for the support angie..
oh?? wats the problem with single eyelid?

furrymonkey said...

yeah~~~i watched WOOHOO!!!
you really so kawaii desu ne!!! with the hairstyle and your personalities^^u act like Bruce Lee also!hahahaXD
haha~u look so funny!when watching u eat the rice...and looking at the cute fat boy=P
can i add u in facebook?^^

bnardhiew said...

Thanks furrymonkey.

sure, why dont you add me here?

thanks for the support!
glad you enjoyed the movie =)

wenchin86 said...


bnardhiew said...

Wenchin -

hey thank you for your encouragement! 我会加油的!

YamYam said...

agree wad u say ~
i enjoy with the movie
i like the movie from our country - tiger WooHoo

Jasmin84 said...

Great work..
Great show..
Laugh until i cry..
U're really one of a kind,man..
Keep it up!!! : )

paul smith said...

I agree wid u...

DL3 said...

BlackGargie said...

I bought the DVD! It's absolutely awesome! I actually laughed and cried! Very nice movie!

Casino Types said...

So will not go.

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Anonymous said...

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katie said...

nice blog dear and like ur posts...keep it up good work... will be back again to read ur blog :)

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